Monday, 2015-10-12

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openstackgerritEmile Snyder proposed openstack/swift: Fix 'swift-ring-builder write_builder' after you remove a device
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openstackgerritPeter Lisák proposed openstack/swift: swift-ring-builder can't remove a device with zero weight
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openstackgerritPeter Lisák proposed openstack/swift: swift-ring-builder can't remove a device with zero weight
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openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: pep8 fix: assertNotEquals -> assertNotEqual
openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: Enable H234 check (assertEquals is deprecated, use assertEqual)
openstackgerritOndřej Nový proposed openstack/swift: swift-init: SIGKILL daemon after kill_wait period.
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onovyHi, second +2 some please, before it get's into merge conflict again :) thank you08:24
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openstackgerritPrashanth Pai proposed openstack/swift: Make object creation more atomic in Linux
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openstackgerritvenkatesh proposed openstack/swift: remove unused parameters
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janonymouscschwede , onovy: Thanks for the rebase and changes10:28
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hugokuoanyone knows how to make proxy wsgi listen on IPv6 ? The AF_INET6 requires (address, port, flow info, scope id) 4-tuple11:50
hugokuoBut there's only address and port could be configured in proxy-server.conf11:50
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tdasilvaacoles: around?12:50
acolestdasilva: hi12:51
tdasilvaacoles: hi, i'm finishing reviewing patch 209645. do you see any problems merging that? do you have any patches that would create big rebase problem for you?12:52
patchbottdasilva: - pep8 fix: assertEquals -> assertEqual12:52
acolestdasilva: you are a brave man! 3117 changes, phew!12:53
tdasilvaacoles: yeah, my eyes are starting to bleed12:53
acolestdasilva: heh. i anticipate some rebase but it has to happen at some time i guess.12:54
tdasilvaacoles: yeah...that's the problem with these py3 patches I guess...they are just a "tough pill to swallow"12:54
acolestdasilva: yep. the assertEquals one is soft too - its deprecated but doesn't break py3. but hey, now is as good a time as any to take the hit.12:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: minutæ: port ClientException tweaks from swiftclient; dict .pop
openstackgerritPeter Lisák proposed openstack/swift: swift-recon fails with socket.timeout exception
acolestdasilva: thanks for reviewing it!12:57
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tdasilvaacoles: yeah...i'm thinking we should just try to get over with py3 patches.12:57
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acolestdasilva: did you check that in all 3117 cases the arg order is (expected, actual) :P :P12:58
* acoles knows it is not and really is kidding12:59
tdasilvaacoles: of course!!!12:59
tdasilvaself.assertEqual(proc.args, expected_args)12:59
acolesi guess that could be a follow up patch then ;)12:59
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janonymoustdasilva, acoles : m sry for so huge patches14:01
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janonymousacoles: I'll make those changes too :P14:02
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tdasilvajanonymous: no problem, thanks for working on it14:20
onovytdasilva, acoles: if you want to get rit of that py3 patches, and :)14:28
janonymoustdasilva: happy to do these changes :)14:28
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janonymousPlease review +2 ones in these if you get time:,n,z14:29
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openstackgerritPrashanth Pai proposed openstack/swift: Make object creation more atomic in Linux
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Don't ssync data when only a durable is missing
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: pep8 fix: assertEquals -> assertEqual
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notmynamegood morning15:15
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openstackgerritEmile Snyder proposed openstack/swift: Fix 'swift-ring-builder write_builder' after you remove a device
acolesnotmyname: good morning15:22
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notmynameplease continue to add stuff to for what you want to discuss at the summit15:27
acolesnotmyname: i was looking at patch 219991, got confused - you had a -2 on version 4 and an argument that the DLO doc should stay where it is but the SLO doc move to the overview. That didn't happen but now you are +2? So was the consensus in the end to move doc to and link to there?15:28
patchbotacoles: - Moving DLO functionality doc to the middleware code15:28
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notmynameacoles: I think the difference is the UI vs the internal structure15:29
notmynamethe previous patch set was putting everything into the middleware docs. the new one keeps the actual words with the code, but it inlines those words to the large objects overview page (which is where IMO they should be)15:29
notmynamethe difference is the large objects overview vs the huge scrolly middleware page15:30
acolesdarn, gate-swift-docs link has expired, i'll have to build it locally15:30
notmynameinteresting. I didn't know those expired15:31
acolesthink i have seen that before15:31
notmynameone really nice thing about doing hand-curated release notes for every release is that it's really easy to put together the release notes for the openstack release cycle15:36
notmynamethem: "you haven't done this yet! you have 24 hours!!" me: <copy/paste> "done."15:37
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acolesnotmyname: there's a couple of typos in that dlo doc patch, you happy for me to correct and the +A?15:48
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Moving DLO functionality doc to the middleware code
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notmynameopenstack liberty release notes
notmyname(so it's a little more than copy/paste. also have to translate formatting)16:05
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift: Add delete markers to versioned_writes middleware
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Re-organise ssync tests
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: pep8 fix: assertNotEquals -> assertNotEqual
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Enable H234 check (assertEquals is deprecated, use assertEqual)
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ajiangHas anyone seen a container out of sync issue, that the last update (PUT to the DB) was about several days ago and the HEAD to the container still shows 3 different numbers by now?  I have dumped the container db and comparing it manually and they are all different. 2 copies are close, 1 copy has more deltas.17:27
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openstackgerritGreg Lange proposed openstack/swift: Adds read only middleware.
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notmynameglange: interesting :-)17:49
glangesometimes you have to give customers a timeout :)17:50
notmynameglange: like a "you! go sit in a corner!" ;-)17:51
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glangesimmer down17:52
notmynameit's something I've heard mentioned at least a few times. I think it's a good idea17:54
glangewe need it17:55
redboit's more like read/delete only17:57
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notmynameat minimum it looks like something useful when an account is suspended.17:57
glangedon't add more bytes middleware17:57
notmynameyeah :-)17:58
notmynameif I had some image editor software, I'd update
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openstackgerritjanonymous proposed openstack/swift: Python 3 deprecated the logger.warn method in favor of warning
notmynameglange: I totally get the use case you've got for this. it's definitely part of a "cluster full" scenario. I've also heard from people that want a "don't change anything" sort of read-only. ie that would also disallow deletes. so when you call this one "read only", it gets confusing18:06
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glangeyeah, I see what you mean18:07
glangewhat if you could configure if deletes were included or not18:07
tdasilvaglange: the part I didn't understand is how to set the account header. You mentioned: "and can only be set using a direct client to the account nodes"18:07
notmynameglange: yup. I'd be all over that :-)18:08
redboThe name_check middleware still doesn't know about copy destination.  Can we just admit it's never done anything good and get rid of it?18:08
glangetdasilva: you could use swiftly to do that18:08
notmynameglange: are you thinking something like "list of methods to disallow"? or something else?18:08
glangeswiftly -D /v1/AUTH_test post -H "X-Account-Sysmeta-Read-Only:t"18:08
notmynametdasilva: yeah, can't go through the proxy to set it. basically the same as any other sysmeta today18:09
glangenotmyname: maybe, I don't know18:09
glangeor maybe just allow delete to be turned on or off depending if you are responding to a capacity problem or not18:09
onovyhi, somebody to look to please?18:11
notmynameglange: yeah, I could see that working. maybe like a "read_only=true" and a "but_still_allow_delete=false" as the defaults?18:12
ahalea read/write but disallow delete situation isnt impossible to imagine either18:12
onovyclayg, hi, can we talk about please?18:12
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notmynameahale: I haven't come across that one yet18:15
glangeahale: but a write is kind of like a delete if you write an empty file18:15
ahalemy old long dead company many years ago used to make WORM drives/media - write once read many18:16
glangeI also have a write only middleware I'm making18:16
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notmynameahale: oh, yeah. I've definitely seen that. Very Large Customer, so I don't know why I didn't connect that :-)18:17
notmynameglange: yeah, the trick with WORM is the overwrite situation. very tricky18:18
redboI invented this really good compression algorithm for write-only storage18:18
redbo/dev/null is webscale18:19
ajiangis this some known issue  that has been fixed? I am trying to understand the scope of problem and have to address that18:21
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notmynameajiang: containers not getting in sync?18:21
ajiangyeah, sorry, I may have mixed your reply with someone else18:21
ajiangbut, like to get your opinion on the question asked18:22
notmynameajiang: I'd guess you're seeing this with large containers (containers with lots of objects)18:22
ajiangnot very large, only ~200 objects18:23
tdasilvanotmyname: great product, I tried to make a payment but then I get his url: s4/is/a/joke/stop/sending/us/money/readthefineprint.aspx18:25
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notmynameajiang: that's not what I'd expect. if it's only got ~200 objects in it, then I'd also guess it doesn't get a lot of activity (req/sec). unless someone is using it like a queue (ie rapidly putting and deleting objects in that container and only ~200 are actually there)18:30
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openstackgerritjanonymous proposed openstack/swift: Use inplace of itertools.izip/imap/ifilter
ajiangnotmyname:  do you expect to see the created_at in container DB increment chronically if order by row_id?18:35
notmynameajiang: in the objects table or the container_info table?18:36
ajiangnotmyname: objects table18:36
notmynameajiang: yes. new requests end up appending a row to the objects table. they don't update an old row (even deletes). so I'd expect all later rows to be newer than previous rows18:37
ajiangnotmyname: that is what I expect too. But I do see we have ~40 old entries, then some latest entries and some old entries again.18:39
ajiangdon't understand how we can get into that situation18:39
notmynameI haven't looked deeply at container replication in a while, so I don't have an answer for that right now18:40
ajiangnotmyname:  regarding the scenario that you mentioned "rapidly putting and deleting objects", how do  you define rapid? I have seen created_at timestamp are within ~200 seconds and they are not continuous(which should be deleted mixed together)18:41
notmynameajiang: rapid == tens->hundreds per second18:43
ajiangThanks. I definitely don't see that high put/delete rate to this container18:47
ajiangnotmyname: do you think container ring rebalance could play a role in this problem here?  the inconsistency seems start from the time we push out container/account ring after adding more meta data nodes.18:48
notmynameajiang: it wouldn't have anything to do with the object ring operations you're doing. it probably won't help anything if you're pushing out container rings faster than your container replication time.18:52
notmynameajiang: it's possible to run the replication process for a certain drive or partition on a drive. you could explicitly run that for the drives or partition that this container is on to see if you can force it to get up to date18:54
* notmyname needs to go feed lunch to some kids now18:56
claygonovy: i'm not adamently aginst patch 230352 or anything - one time I made swift-init do that and someone pointed out to me the current behavior having the property it did so I abandonded the idea - I didn't put any kind of vote on the change I was just pointing out that it doesn't work that way as some sort of oversight; so I wasn't sure if you had a use-case to change it or if you just thought i'm be more pure/correct from19:06
patchbotclayg: - swift-init return codes19:06
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claygnotmyname: you fixed swift.openstack.org19:25
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ajiangnotmyname: Brian Cline has reported a similar container inconsistent issue last year. , seems no one has looked it since 11/7/201419:29
openstackLaunchpad bug 1390472 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "3-way split brain during NIC outage for dedicated replication network" [Undecided,Incomplete] - Assigned to Brian Cline (briancline)19:29
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notmynameclayg: yeah, looks like fungi restored it. no redirect now, though19:34
claygajiang: i think people looked at it - but didn't have any good ideas - maybe related lp bug #133243919:36
openstackLaunchpad bug 1332439 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Deleted container in deleted account gets unreclaimable after rebalance" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Takashi Kajinami (kajinamit)19:36
ajiangclayg: thanks. I will look into that.19:38
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: py3: Use six.reraise() to reraise an exception
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: py3: Replace with next(gen)
notmynamehrou: after some digging I found all my SMR test results and graphs! (I was worried I had lost them)19:51
*** jmccarthy has joined #openstack-swift19:51
hrounotmyname, That's great, really glad to hear !  I'm curious if they sync up with the results we have (I wager they will)19:53
notmynamehrou: with the general "don't use SMR for swift", yeah ;-)19:53
notmynameI've also got the microbenchmarks19:53
notmynameI'm trying to make all that into a coherent thing today19:54
hrounotmyname:  hrou adds "For the time being lacking any mature SMR suited file systems" yep ! : )19:54
hrounotmyname:  Hey if I can help in any way just let me know !19:54
hrounotmyname, but yea glad we're on the same page regarding the analysis (at least regarding what's available on the market today for swift operators).19:55
hrounotmyname, how's your other EC talk coming along ?19:57
notmynamehrou: haven't started! ;-)20:00
notmynameor rather, I've got some results, and peluse has some results, and I'm sure it will be awesome20:00
hrounotmyname: Its Ok : )  In a similar situation for our other talk (with peluse too !)  Though I think Eran is putting slides together as we speak.20:00
hrounotmyname, yea I think that'll be a great talk that should garner a ton of interest ! (The EC one that is)20:00
glangeI'm interested in this talk:  :)20:05
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*** wbhuber has joined #openstack-swift20:08
notmynameyeah, as long as it's not "Swift doesn't scale", it should be a great talk ;-)20:11
*** Fin1te has joined #openstack-swift20:12
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openstackgerritOndřej Nový proposed openstack/swift: Autodetect systemctl in SAIO and use it on systemd distros
onovyclayg, ^ just fixed your command, thanks for it20:42
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claygonovy: yeah idk, i'm sure either would have worked well enough - I never acctually used anything besides `which` for that kind of test before honestly...20:48
onovyi'm not bash guru too :)20:48
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claygonovy: it's really not a great language - i try to avoid it when I can :P20:49
onovyme too!20:49
onovyexactly i'm not sure if x"`aaa`" == x"file" should be used20:49
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onovyand why there needs to be " and somewhere else should not be, and so on20:50
*** janonymous_ has quit IRC20:52
claygonovy: yeah idk, which has the nice property of providing non-zero exit code for command not found so you don't have to mess with the equality shiz - I'm really not sure how much not wanting to rely on the core util is a problem...20:53
onovytype is buildin20:54
onovyand because "#!/bin/bash20:54
onovytype will always be there :)20:54
claygi 'spose20:54
*** zhill has joined #openstack-swift20:55
onovy11pm here, good night20:59
claygwait... so do we use assertEqual or assertEquals now?21:07
notmynameclayg: didn't I see your name on the email about enforcing one of those?21:09
claygdoens't sound like m21:10
claygsomewhere along the way I probably said something like 'wtf are we doing is there even a rule to enforce this' - but then I think there like *was* a rule to enforce it - so yay!21:10
claygbut I can't remember which one :'(21:10
claygoh well - pep8 will tell me i 'spose21:10
notmynameclayg: you approved this very morning21:11
claygnotmyname: well - tests passed21:11
claygnotmyname: oh - and acoles_ put a +2 on it - I'll +A anything with a +2 from acoles21:11
notmynameship it!21:11
claygok, so no s21:12
claygno s21:12
claygno s21:12
claygI think i've got it21:12
claygit's a new world!21:12
claygi can barely contain my excitment for having a code base that *finally* has some consistency about the stuff that *matters*!21:12
notmynameclayg: meh, first couple of weeks after a major openstack release seems to be a good time to get stuff like that reviewed21:16
claygnotmyname: hell yeah!21:17
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
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notmynamemattoliverau: hello!21:26
*** nadeem has quit IRC21:31
aerwin3_morning mattoliverau:21:31
*** nadeem has joined #openstack-swift21:32
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Add __bool__ for classes that implement __nonzero__
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torgomatichooray, everything's got merge conflicts!22:34
*** wbhuber_ has joined #openstack-swift22:36
*** wbhuber_ has quit IRC22:36
timburkeit seemed to have been because of that last one, but i don't understand why. i didn't touch swift/common/ at all; i doubt the other patches did either :(22:37
torgomaticcould just have been delays in the merge-check gate thingy22:37
mattoliverauA bunch of py3 patches merged over the weekend.. so could be related to that22:39
*** wbhuber has quit IRC22:40
*** briancurtin has joined #openstack-swift22:41
timburketorgomatic: no, don't think so... have a look at patch 214922 if you like. merge conflict earlier this morning, resolved, new patchset uploaded. then it breaks again. but looking at `git diff 1d0d16e 5c24ffc --name-only` (first is patchset 4's parent, second is tip of master) there's no overlap22:42
patchbottimburke: - Add delete markers to versioned_writes middleware22:42
torgomatichuh... must be something weird in the merge-conflict checker then?22:43
* torgomatic has no idea22:43
timburkemust be. weird...22:43
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torgomaticapparently cinder's tests were broken by the new webob release23:17
torgomaticmostly this makes me happy that swift is no longer saddled with webob23:18
torgomatic#success Swift has been WebOb-free for more than 3 years; thanks redbo and commit 5e3e9a8823:19
openstackstatustorgomatic: Added success to Success page23:19
notmynametorgomatic: and it seems nova is blocked by a recent release of oslo.messaging (and the webob one too). (from the ML just now)23:22
torgomatichell is other peoples' code23:22
torgomatic(note: your own code from more than a year ago also counts as other peoples' code)23:23
redbohah.. I'm not necessarily proud of that.  But we were at a point where we needed one version of webob for unit tests, another version for functional tests, and neither of those worked with the then-current version of webob.23:26
torgomaticeh, I like it23:27
openstackgerritSamuel Merritt proposed openstack/swift: Improve SLO PUT error checking
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