Monday, 2016-05-02

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MooingLemurI'm familiar with that DFW-SYD flight.  :)00:11
MooingLemurI haven't taken it yet, but one of my friends took it a few years ago when it was still on a 747 and stopped over in BNE (good for him since it was his intended destination anyway)00:11
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jrichli_clayg: :-) glad you watched.  I liked the moon walking animation in your beyond CRUD talk!04:40
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nttHi, I have a swift cluster in production with 1 zone and 4 devices. Listing /srv/node/sd${d}1/accounts (with ${d} in b,c,d,e), I have 114 folders but I have only 78 users in swift. How is this possible?06:33
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/swift: Add process level concurrency to container sync
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/swift: Add thread level concurrency to container sync
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openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: Respect check_mount setting in recons disk_usage
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revitIs there a way to limit the rate objects are placed in a container? for example I have a container and I want to put 10,000 objects in it but the rate should be 3 objects per second. Thanks09:34
ahaleyeah kinda, you would have to use account specific headers
revitahale: Thanks! I'll have a look.09:36
ahaleotherwise its probs easier to rate limit on client if its just a one off thing you control both sides of, i dunno.. :)09:36
nttHi, I'm trying to use swift-ring-builder account.builder pretend_min_part_hours_passed . The command works without errors, but next I try to do a rebalance and it responds with "No partitions could be reassigned. Either none need to be or none can be due to min_part_hours [1].". Someone can help me please09:39
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/swift: Add process level concurrency to container sync
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-swiftclient: Identify segments uploaded via swiftclient
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admin6Hi there. Is that a normal bahavior to have lot of STDERR logged by the object-replicators after a ring rebalance?  (I’m using swift 2.7)12:41
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revitI am trying to use range limit for limiting the number of reuqest per seconds for a given account. I set account_blacklist with the account name and account_ratelimit = 5 but I only get response of 497 with no successful puts. I appreciate help with that -- what parameter should I set in addition to enable the limit for that account? Thanks.14:55
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openstackgerritoshritf proposed openstack/swift: Fix container info - add x-container-sync-to header
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claygrevit: blacklist is just for shutting off a specific account :\15:19
claygmaybe you can whitelist the accounts you don't want to ratelimit?15:19
claygahale: the idea with patch 311226 is that you can pretend_min_part_hours_locked *all* the parts then over a series of rebalance's "pretend_min_part_hours 1%" or something so that only a small amount of parts get "fixed" each crank15:21
patchbotclayg: - swift - Pretend *some* parts min_part_hours_passed15:21
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revitclang: I meant that in the account in the blacklist it seems that I only get 497 while for that account I wanted to get some puts also according to the rate...15:22
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revitclayg: I meant that in the account in the blacklist it seems that I only get 497 while for that account I wanted to get some puts also according to the rate...15:25
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timburkegood morning15:39
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openstackgerritDavid Goetz proposed openstack/swift: go: shuffle GetNodes
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notmynamegood morning, world15:45
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: go: ObjectEngine abstraction layer
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openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: Pretend *some* parts min_part_hours_passed
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: go: end-user client
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notmynameanyone know dukhlov_? he was asking about doing another swift release (to include patch 303401)17:22
patchbotnotmyname: - swift - Adds eventlet monkey patching of select module if ... (MERGED)17:22
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claygrevit left :'(17:46
claygare the docs on blacklist not clear?  I feel like what I understand they do are not what revit thought they do...17:46
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claygredbo: rofl!  cloudfuse ->
redboclayg: it won't die17:49
redbono matter how much I neglect it17:49
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claygredbo: it's interesting they said "basically it didn't work - but we *improved* it and had some success" - but i'm not sure where the improvements are?17:52
redboNo idea!  There are more forks than I'm willing to sift through.17:56
clayghrmm... yeah acctually the account-specific-ratelimiting docs aren't that clear?
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brianclineheh, we get customer tickets every once in a blue moon about help with cloudfuse18:21
openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift: Pretend *some* parts min_part_hours_passed
jrichli_notmyname: dukhlov_ is from Mirantis according to stackalytics.  thats all i got18:37
ahaleclayg: i like that change, apart from how it reminds me i still need to make some more scripts for looking at rings18:39
claygmuwhahahah ;)18:41
jrichli_clayg: revit might be from ibm haifa - i know a Revital that has been working with swift there.  i can find out and follow up if there may be some clarifying to do18:42
claygjrichli_: i should probably just file a bug that the docs on ratelimiting are bad - then the next person to spend a little bit of time remidning themselves how all that stuff works can write it down with more clear docs18:43
jrichli_sounds good18:43
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NMHi guys!19:16
NMI was reading about read_affinity ( After a few tries I found that I also need the set the paramater "sorting_method".  Is that right?19:16
notmynamehummingbird plan email has been sent to the ML
notmynameNM: correct. set sorting_method to "affinity" then set the read/write affinity settings to what you want19:20
notmynameNM: IMO read affinity is good and write affinity is probably not what you want19:20
openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift: Allow concurrent bulk deletes
NMnotmyname: do you think it's a good idea to have this info on admin_guide/(read|write)-affinity section?19:22
notmynameNM: yep19:25
tdasilvanotmyname: nice email!! thanks19:25
notmynametdasilva: whew! ;-)19:25
notmynametdasilva: I'm working on the other email now. the one about killing specs. it's harder to write19:27
tdasilvanotmyname: hehe, i'd expect the opposite19:28
tdasilvanotmyname: in fact, I was looking for the etherpad for the wed discussions and could only find the ops session. was there an etherpad for the community session?19:28
mmotianiclayg: I liked the document on Review Guidelines available on your github. I read this and find it very useful. Thanks for creating this document.19:38
jrichli_I am thinking that killing specs without replacing with some other process will lead to having no history.  if a feature doesn't get worked right away, then the next time it is looked at, no lessons can be learned from before.  the work is lost19:39
notmynamemmotiani: it's upstream now :-)
notmynamemmotiani: and, yes, kudos to clayg for jumping in and helping teach us all how it's done! :-)19:40
notmynamejrichli_: specifically, you're worried about the history of the discussions, right?19:40
mmotianinotmyname: Yeah, I appreciate clayg for that :-)19:41
jrichli_and of the  more formal write-ups of rational19:41
jrichli_if somebody makes a powerpoint today, how will we find it tomorrow?  what if they dont have it somewhere that will persist?19:41
notmynameah, so someone links to a document somewhere, and then that doc disappears?19:42
jrichli_stranger things have happened :-)19:42
notmynameyeah, of course19:42
jrichli_the docs are no longer under our control this way19:42
notmynameand that's probably the biggest risk with the new plan. we aren't in control of hosting the docs19:42
notmynameso what we need is a swift cluster somewhere so that the docs can be uploaded there ;-)19:43
brianclinehow about Google Wave? ;-)19:43
jrichli_lol.  or i suppose we could just have a design repo with no build19:43
notmynameyour right, and I'm a little worried about it. but I think that's going to have to be up to all of us at first to ask people to put somethign somewhere that isn't likely to disappear.19:44
jrichli_ok.  the ohter thing is searching and finding these docs.  will we have a cumulated list of links somewhere?19:45
notmynameyes. definitely19:45
notmynameI'm thinking of re-using the page19:45
jrichli_can we have a timestamp with these links too?19:45
pdardeaujrichli_: notmyname: good points. revision history is another idea to consider19:46
jrichli_cause some things get re-worked a few times.  you can find wikis from 2 years ago, or 2 weeks ago19:46
brianclineare other projects doing anything interesting for specs alternatives?19:46
notmynamenot that I'm aware of19:48
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notmynameone possibility for history and timestamps might be using the wiki. and we'll have a few that will be the wiki anyway, so there will be some initial momentum to prefer that19:55
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notmynameI'm not proposing that as the ultimate answer, just that it's something that may suffice for some requirements19:56
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jrichli_ok.  I dont want to add lots of work or process, of course.  nobody likes that :-)  I would be happy if i can tell the difference between the latest ideas out there and the collection of old stuff.19:57
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brianclineputting a spec on an etherpad might be another possibility? it's not great for diffs though (for starters)19:59
notmynamebriancline: yep. definitely something that was brought up. I'm not a big fan of etherpads because it's impossible to see who said what. but if it works for what you're doing, I'm ok with that19:59
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notmynamejrichli: I think that's a great point20:00
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brianclinenotmyname: yeah, that's really annoying. i wish it were integrated with openstack ids20:02
notmynamejrichli: I'm imagining a curated list on the ideas wiki page. anyone can add stuff, of course, and perhaps even using the auto-indexing wiki functionality. but still definitely something that needs to be curated (like the priority reviews page)20:02
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jrichlicurated is good:  I expect we will focus a lot on how the latest stuff should be presented.  Just wanted to also say I would vote for the old stuff still being there in an archive section or page somewhere too.20:05
notmynamejrichli: yeah, I think we're in agreement there20:05
jrichliok.  hopefully i will have something to put on there soon for symlinks :-)  I guess i will just use the swift ideas page if nothing else has been announced by then20:07
notmynamegotta run off to a new employee onboarding. be back later20:09
notmynamethanks for the input20:09
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-swiftclient: Add tests for thread option validation
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claygfor the love of everything can we please have an upstream liberasure release to kill the annoying warnings?!21:14
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timurand pyeclib :(21:23
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift: Allow concurrent bulk deletes
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openstackgerritJoel Wright proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: Add copy object method
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ober37Does anyone know if this is being actively worked?
notmynameober37: looks like it was created by acoles_ and last updated 2 years guess would be no22:32
ober37notmyname: OK.    Is there still interest in working out a method for determining keystone domain / project ownership?   If so, we may assign someone to work on this.22:34
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notmynameober37: it's not something I've thought about recently. I don't have any customers asking for that AFAIK, and I haven't heard anyone else talking about it either. if you've got a use case (ie customer) looking for it, great! feel free to dig in to it22:40
notmynameober37: also, we should check with acoles_ too22:40
zaitcevSo, who's doing what in the hummbingbird revitalization project?22:41
zaitcevthat'd be Clay, right22:41
notmynamedon't know yet what that list is, much less who works on a specific part22:41
notmynamefirst off, I want to work with dfg_ and redbo et al to get the minimum docs+tests ready so others can start to dig in22:42
notmynamethen we'll need to come up with the list of the minimum bar we feel is necessary22:42
notmynameall of that needs to happen while the feature/crypto branch is being merged22:43
zaitcevBah, I believe in Alasdair22:43
notmynamethen we can start pulling off the todos for hummingbird22:43
zaitcevIt's as good as done.22:43
ober37notmyname: thanks, that sounds good.   We have had some internal proposals around this and there were a number of solid thoughts in acoles_ writeup.22:44
ober37notmyname: Will do (on the follow up with acoles_)22:44
notmynamezaitcev: so if you want to dig in now to help out on hummingbird, the best thing would probably be to get a dev environment set up and document how to do it22:44
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zaitcevWell, maybe not the interface to Barbician. I heard from Cinder people that it's a basket of problems for their encryption too.22:44
zaitcevnotmyname: I see.22:44
notmynameclayg: that wiki link above looks a lot like what's been discussed for new specs (
ober37notmyname: I think you mentioned documenting the "why" side of things, I think that wiki link does an excellent job of that22:46
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Elray02hello hello22:56
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Elray02all ok?22:57
notmynamehello mattoliverau22:58
mattoliverauElray02: yup, if your asking me :)22:58
mattoliveraunotmyname: o/22:59
Elray02this is a free chat rihgt?23:00
notmynameElray02: depends what you mean. this channel is about the openstack swift object storage system. that's what we're all here for. but there's no restrictions on who can chat (as long as people are being good, etc)23:01
mattoliverauElray02: yeah, what notmyname said, but was just asking if you were talking to me. in which case I answered :) and Welcome to the Openstack Swift channel.23:03
Elray02ok :)23:04
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