Monday, 2016-05-16

kota_good morning00:12
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kota_mattoliverau: morning00:26
mattoliveraukota_: morning00:26
kota_thanks mattolivearu to kick my small patch :)00:36
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mattoliveraukota_: no worries, it was a very easy review ;)00:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Import BrainSpliter directly in expirer probe
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jrichlimattoliverau: did you find out why the saio is not ok with the 1% default?  If not, is there anything I can help test for that - like what sort of test.conf changes should I try?02:04
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mattoliveraujrichli: not yet, started looking at it. but was the weekend so got distracted. I was playing with changing the max_file_size constraint in the test.conf. But I'll continue looking today, once meetings are over :)02:06
jrichlimattoliverau: ok.  let me know if you want me to run something.02:08
jrichlihope you had a good weekend :-)02:08
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mattoliveraujrichli: will do, and yup i did. Planning on the move to the beach house, so busy but exciting :)02:10
mattoliveraujrichli: Enjoying your weekend?02:10
jrichlimattoliverau: ah yes - beach house!  That sounds really great.  My weekend was good, I suppose.  Pretty typical :-)02:11
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notmynamehellow world03:29
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mahaticgood morning03:31
mahaticnotmyname: hello03:31
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mattoliveraunotmyname, mahatic: o/03:58
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openstackgerritMohit Motiani proposed openstack/swift: Updating help of swift-init:
openstackgerritMohit Motiani proposed openstack/swift: Updating --help of swift-init:
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Clean up fallocate tests a little
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift: Fix probe failure and small things
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openstackgerritAndy McCrae proposed openstack/swift: [Docs] Document prevention of disk full scenarios
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rvasiletshi I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong I have installed dependences from Additionally install tox. Install requirements and test-requirements. But my tox -r pep8 not working. The error is
ahalelooks like you need to install python-dev09:25
ahaleand probably some kind of pip / setuptools stuff09:26
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rvasiletspython-dev already installed09:28
rvasiletsahale, ^09:29
rvasiletssetup tools too)09:30
ahalehm not sure then :(09:30
rvasiletsthis is the same behaviour for me at working machine and at home)09:31
ahalethis line looked kinda suspicious- L27 c/_cffi_backend.c:2:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory09:31
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rvasiletsits strange09:33
rvasiletsBut I have python)09:33
rvasiletsand googled this error09:33
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rvasiletsI found that people solved by installing python-dev or libffi-dev09:34
rvasiletsBut I have them already(09:34
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openstackgerritMahati Chamarthy proposed openstack/swift: crypto - Add "disable_encryption" config option
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openstackgerritAndy McCrae proposed openstack/swift: [Docs] Document prevention of disk full scenarios
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: crypto - Don't encrypt zero size object etags
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openstackgerritvenkatamahesh proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: Migrated contributing file from .md to .rst
openstackgerritvenkatamahesh proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: Migrated contributing file from .md to .rst
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openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed openstack/swift: Adds migrated API reference files
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CaioBrentanohi all!13:53
CaioBrentanomlocate.db on my object server is getting huge. Is there any downside to swift if I add objects path to prunepath  in /etc/updatedb.conf ?13:54
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ahaleno downside to swift at all - probably make it all a bit better than when having mlocate indexing disks too. we just dont run it at all13:56
CaioBrentanothanks ahale!13:56
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: crypto - make_crypto meta a property of CryptoContext
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sgundur1rvasilets: hi, were u able to resolve the tox errors ?14:24
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sgundur1rvasilets: pls check the owner for the swift.egg-info ;14:26
wadehollerhi folks; trying to learn something and help out openstack-ansible; should I be concerned with the following error in object-error.log: "object-replicator: Can't find itself with port 6000 in ring file, not replicating"14:27
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glangewadeholler: I don't know why, but I can't find that error message anywhere in the current swift codebase14:35
wadehollerglange: I find it here - line 650 I think.14:36
glangeah, I had stale code14:39
ahaleoO that code looks weird :) does that mean no replication on a device thats had all its paritions removed in a rebalance and is trying to drain data14:41
glangeit might, it's a little hard to follow14:42
glangewell, it just prints the error message and keeps going, right?14:44
ahaleoh yeah, nm :)14:45
glangebut it's not telling the truth, I think? because it does actually replicate?14:47
wadehollerglange: I have verified that an object that I uploaded has been replicated to 3 different nodes per the policy.  So yes I think.  I don't know what db replication is and obviously very new at swift14:50
rvasiletssgundur1, Looks like I need to do extra step to install swift but I was hope that I could run units without doing the whole manual
glangeaccounts and containers have dbs - the container db has the listing for its objects - the account db has a list of all it containers14:51
glangethis replciation is a replcation of one of those db types14:51
glangewadeholler: I can't find where logger.error() is - if that doesn't throw an exception, it looks like to me your db will be replicated despite the error message (and that is how it should work)14:52
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glangewadeholler: probably we want it to work that way14:53
wadehollerglange: ok.  so safely ignore this.  understood and thank you very much14:53
glangewadeholler: basically what it is saying is your server/device isn't in the ring14:53
redboIf find_local is false, then it won't be replicating anything.14:53
redboThere's no way for find_local to be false and dirs to be populated14:54
glangeredbo: because error() throws an exception or because something that happens furhter down in the code?14:54
redbobecause the "dirs" array that is what it's replicating gets filled in after find_local is set to true14:54
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sgundur1rvasilets: the swift.egg-info was owned by root in my case, after changing to swift user it worked for me and also to install I generally use the comd - $ sudo python develop14:55
glangeredbo: so he needs to add his device/server to the ring?14:55
redboLooks like it14:55
glangewadeholler: ^^14:55
wadehollerredbo: glange:  thank you; will investigate how to do that.14:57
glangewadeholler: and this is either the account or container ring14:57
glangebecause only those are subject to db replicaiton14:57
rvasiletssgundur1, The same is for develop but I have deleted ;python_versions..14:58
rvasiletsfrom requirements14:58
rvasiletsand sudo python develop work14:58
ahaleglange: yeah but the error log line did say object-repli14:58
rvasiletssgundur1, After egg was generated I can find there owner field14:59
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glangeahale: yeah, that's confusing15:00
glangeswift/common/            self.logger.error("Can't find itself %s with port %s in ring "15:00
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glangethat's the only place I find that error message in the current code base15:00
sgundur1rvasilets: ok, so r u trying to run unittests now ?15:01
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rvasiletssgundur1, result is the same15:03
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rvasiletsI want to run at least units) Deploy will be later15:04
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notmynameFYI i've updated patch 31226715:46
patchbotnotmyname: - governance - add golang as an approved language15:46
acolesmahatic: jrichli: I managed to workaround some of the failing probe tests (patch 316924) without needing any client generated override flag.15:47
patchbotacoles: - swift (feature/crypto) - crypto - make some probe tests compatible with crypto15:47
acolescontainer sync tests will still fail of course, as expected.15:48
acolesmahatic: jrichli: if this approach ^^ works then imho it is better that having an override header that *any* client could use to disable crypto - I'm not sure we want that.15:48
jrichlithe container sync tests succeed if you add crypto to the internal-client pipeline.15:48
jrichlior they did before we added byok15:49
acolesjrichli: yeah, that makes sense.15:49
jrichliok, good.  wanted to be sure we didn15:49
jrichlit regress15:49
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jrichlithanks, will take a look.  sounds good!15:49
acolesjrichli: but then with our current keymaster you'd need the root secret in a file on your container server which is where the db's are with etags at rest :/15:50
acolesjrichli: I didn't try the sync tests with internal client modified - can you do that easily with patch 316924 - I didn't touch those tests so should be ok15:50
patchbotacoles: - swift (feature/crypto) - crypto - make some probe tests compatible with crypto15:50
jrichliacoles: yes, we talked about that in tokyo.  IIRC, it was said that the proxy  config on container servers would be on a separate drive  - we need to spell out the need for that i guess15:51
jrichlii mean, the need for the separation15:51
jrichliacoles: yes, i will try that15:52
acolesjrichli: yes re separation.15:52
jrichliacoles: i will also make a note on docs review about separation and container sync15:52
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acolesjrichli: ok thanks, IIRC I put something in doc about separation, but not for sync15:55
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jrichliacoles: oh, really?  i just put some comments there.  mentioned on adding container-sync and internal-client pipeline, and the need for separation.15:57
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openstackgerritMohit Motiani proposed openstack/swift: Add description of server options (all, main, rest) for swift-init help
acolesjrichli: - like I said, "something" ;)16:10
patchbotacoles: patch 312096 - swift (feature/crypto) - crypto - add overview doc (WIP)16:10
acolescuold be beefed up16:10
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jrichliah, i see.  thx!16:11
ober37If someone has time for a 1-liner review, it would be appreciated.
patchbotober37: patch 316303 - swift - Bypass Account Mgmt Functional Cases When Disabled16:17
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acolesjrichli: the patch to allow MAXHEADERS to be varied says the 100 limit is for python 2.7.9 on, patch 195940, which may explain why its not an issue for me (I am on 2.7.6)16:40
patchbotacoles: - swift - Increase httplib._MAXHEADERS (MERGED)16:41
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acolesjrichli:  but where the tox-func job fails I see python2.7.6 in the job logs??16:41
jrichliacoles: oh, ok thx.  as for the tox-func job, I had changed to override it in conf - and it still failed on top of that.16:42
acolesjrichli: yeah, i don't understand that failure16:43
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jrichliacoles: I am seeing 3 probetest errors with patch 31692416:43
patchbotjrichli: - swift (feature/crypto) - crypto - make some probe tests compatible with crypto16:43
jrichlijust now looking into that16:43
acolesjrichli: unless something about the in process setup faisl to set the max headers?16:44
jrichliwith this patch, i am getting the "too many open files" error from test_*_reload (test.probe.test_wsgi_servers.TestWSGIServerProcessHandling)16:45
jrichliI think notmyname ran into something similar with probetests recently16:46
acoleswell then it's not my fault ;P16:46
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jrichliacoles: if i am right :-) his too many open files could have been something different16:47
jrichliacoles: if the limit is now 100, should our max test not change to be testing that limit instead of 90?16:48
timburkegood morning16:48
jrichliacoles: my understanding is that we will always be over the limit in the test against the max - by doubling the headers with crypto-meta.  the extra header count default is still 0.16:50
notmynamegood morning16:50
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acolesjrichli: you confused me there, your patch increases the limit16:51
jrichliright, i dont know why the functest fails on the patch.  but just going back to not understanding why we no longer need to set the extra header count in configs - technically, that number is added ot the MAX that comes from bufferedhttp16:54
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jrichliacoles: actually, the 90 for MAX_META_COUNT is set in constraints.py16:55
acolesjrichli: why do you say "we no longer need to set the extra header count in configs"? Doesn't your patch show that we do? at least for gate-dsvm-swift-functional?16:57
jrichliwhen you say that the max is 100 for a certain version of python, how is that related to the "MAX_META_COUNT + 32 + max(EXTRA_HEADER_COUNT, 0)" calculation?16:57
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jrichliacoles: locally, neither you or I need to set that value anymore.  sitll donno what's up with the gate test16:57
*** nadeem has joined #openstack-swift16:57
acoles"anymore" - I never have, but like I said I am on 2.7.6 and the patch for extra headers etc said its an issue with >=2.7.916:58
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acolesjrichli: httplib in python 2.7.6 imposes a limit of 100 headers but swift is able to increase that limit (and does since 100 would not be enough for max user metadata plus other headers)16:59
jrichliacoles: I have to assume that we have no tests right now that test using the maximum which ends up being used.  because crypto doubles the usage, and it that should result in a failure for a test that goes to the upper bound.17:01
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mmotianijrichli: My func tests are still failing after changing fallocate_reserve to 017:04
acolesjrichli: ?? this failed and then you increased the extra header count and it passed17:04
mmotianitimburke: df ouput looks like this:
acolesjrichli: the mystery is why tox -e func failed on your 3rd patchset where you do have extra header count17:05
jrichliacoles: but you have never had to change the extra header count.  and i have tried locally and no longer need to do that.  the functest gates have been a bit weird wrt config lately, IMO, so I dont trust yet that I know what is happening there.17:06
acolesjrichli: what python version are you using?17:06
acolesso that explains why the test does not fail on your machine17:07
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jrichlimmotiani: when i tested, i changed the default used in the code: and daemon.py17:07
* jrichli is leaving for lunch - brb17:07
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mmotianijrichli: Yes, I changed them only.17:09
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Add Encryption to the default pipeline
*** eranrom has joined #openstack-swift17:55
acolesjrichli: ^^ that might sort out tox -e func on jenkins but since I cannot reproduce easily locally we'll have to wait to see. The httplib._MAXHEADERS had been set with 122 before the in process setup applied the extra_header_count in swift.conf-sample to the test swift.conf.17:56
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acolesjrichli: away now17:56
jrichliacoles: thx! looking now17:56
*** acoles is now known as acoles_17:57
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pdardeaujrichli: mmotiani: i started with fresh vsaio and had 22 functional tests fail. changed out the 2 occurrences of fallocate_reserve from 1% to 0 and now all functional tests pass18:29
mmotianipdardeau: jrichli: Yup, works fine for me too. thanks!18:45
mmotianiIs anyone working on a patch for removing error 503 from func test?18:46
openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift: Use the same key for memcache and env['swift.infocache']
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pdardeaummotiani: maybe propose one if you'd like19:05
*** sams-gleb has quit IRC19:09
mmotianipdardeau, yes, I will do that now19:14
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openstackgerritMohit Motiani proposed openstack/swift: Revert fallocate_reserve to fix the functional tests
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jrichlimmotiani: mattoliverau was looking into possible changes to test.conf file for this.  You can get some information on that from scrollback.19:49
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openstackgerritThiago da Silva proposed openstack/swift: remove double checks on account/container info
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notmynamejrichli: what do you think of this?
jrichlinotmyname: thanks, good call!20:45
jrichliwill add20:45
notmynameI kinda wish we could add that for the hash prefix and suffix in swift.conf too, but it's probably too late20:45
timburkenotmyname: might still be worth printing a giant warning, even if we can't raise ValueError20:46
jrichlinotmyname: but .. how will things run in automated tests?20:46
notmynametimburke: "You made a terrible mistake and there's nothing you can do about it now"  <-- doesn't seem like a good warning20:47
jrichlifor automated tests, if it always gets a modified config, you can do this.  but if it uses the sample ... we cant error20:48
timburkenotmyname: if you're still in POC, you can still fix it20:48
notmynamejrichli: hmmm...cause that's what's used for comparing the crypto output and key derivation, right?20:48
notmynametimburke: how about a friendly "RTFM n00b!"20:49
jrichliwell, this says error if the default config value (the one in our sample) is not overriden, right?20:49
notmynamejrichli: right20:49
notmynamejrichli: so if it's set, it better not be set to the example given in the sample config file20:49
jrichlibut sometimes our tests are setup to use the values from the sample.20:50
jrichlithen those types of tests will always fail with crypto20:50
notmynamejrichli: what about a warning?20:50
jrichlii'll go with that!20:50
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Make info caching work across subrequests
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift: Make get_info requests useful with recheck_*_existence == 0
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notmynameredbo: what would it take to move your golang tests from your jenkins server into the -infra servers? or reworded: I'd like to help get those moved over and if you can give me the script you run on your server, I can start working on that21:21
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redbonotmyname: I don't know how the infra servers work.  If we already know how to get swift running, and we can get go on there swift, it shouldn't be too hard.22:09
notmynameI know a little about how the infra servers work. I just don't know what to run on them :-)22:09
notmynametogether, we will overcome!22:09
redbonotmyname: these are my dockerfile and the test script I use.
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notmynameredbo: perfect, thanks.22:11
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mattoliveraujrichli: I know what is causing it. The max_file_size test makes a few requests with content_length of max_file_size +/- some size for bounds testing, but then doesn't send anything and timesout. It works great, execpt when you have fallocate_reserve on, in which case the fallocate syscall is made based on the length (content_length) in the request. This means the bytes are temp reserved while the request timesout. So22:34
mattoliverau you either need to change the max_file_size of your SAIO swift.conf to something smaller (And that depends on your xfs loopback or partitions (say to a 3rd). Or turn off fallocate_reserve. I'll change the SAIO's object-servers to have it turned off and add a note about this to the saio documentation.22:34
mattoliveraunotmyname: ^22:34
mattoliverauoh and good morning22:35
openstackgerritBrian Ober proposed openstack/swift: Storage Account Object Count Quota Support
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tdasilvamattoliverau: o/22:44
openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift: Make get_info requests useful with recheck_*_existence == 0
notmynamemattoliverau: I only vaguely remember the details of what you were looking in to22:47
mattoliveraunotmyname: lol, nps, Let me put together a SAIO doc update then you'll understand :)22:49
notmynamemattoliverau: I mean, I kinda understand what you just said (small drive + large max_obj_size + some buffering = 507 error)22:50
notmynamedrive size < 2*max_obj_size < (drive size + fallocate_reserve size)22:51
notmyname(2*max_obj_size) < (drive size - fallocate_reserve size)22:51
mattoliverauYeah, something like that :)22:55
openstackgerritDavid Goetz proposed openstack/swift: go: have replicateDevice go routine loop per device
mattoliverauwe already have disable_fallocate in the saio configs. So I'll confirm it's actually working and then make a doc update to warn peeps.22:55
mattoliverauits like: if free < fallocate_reserve: 507 else fallocate(). Where free == drive_free_space - content-length. Cause we are making sure of the state post the object is put down. In the test one of the replicas causes the 507, cause the first one has fallocated an amount albeit only temporary.22:58
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Fix up get_account_info and get_container_info

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