Friday, 2016-10-14

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kota_good morning00:56
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kota_dmorita: ping00:56
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charzkota_: morning01:10
charznotmyname: thx for the review. :)01:10
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zhengyinkota_,charz,mattoliverau:good morning01:17
charzzhengyin: o/01:22
kota_zhengyin, charz: morning01:28
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tdasilvanotmyname: nice, had not noticed dashboard was back up01:53
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openstackgerritiswarya vakati proposed openstack/swift: Drop - it's not needed by pbr
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* kota_ got a bloody nose so is going to be back home early and take a rest07:47
kota_acoles: I finished to review the patch 385609 and i think it can land as it is. Thank you for your great work.07:48
patchbot - swift - Prevent ssync writing bad fragment data to diskfile07:48
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acoleskota_: thanks. have a good rest!08:30
acolesnotmyname: other cores: kota has +2 on patch 385609 which fixes the critical bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1624088 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "EC missing durable can prevent reconstruction" [High,Confirmed]08:32
patchbot - swift - Prevent ssync writing bad fragment data to diskfile08:32
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acolesargh, wrong bug, this is the critical bug the patch fixes
openstackLaunchpad bug 1631144 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Swift Erasure Coding : Error when decoding fragment" [Critical,Confirmed]08:34
acolesadmin6: fyi ^^08:35
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admin6acoles: Thanks. :-) Correct me if I’m wrong, this patch prevent ssync to write a bad fragment, so I would not have "new" corrupted fragments. but does it help when a client is getting the error when trying to get an object?08:40
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acolesadmin6: no I'm afraid not and unfortunately the corrupt fragments will not be detected by the auditor so will need to be manually removed :/ They should then be rebuilt ok (once the patch has been applied!). There has been a suggestion (by timburke I think) for a way the auditor might be able to detect these frags but no patch for that yet, although should be investigated.08:43
acolesadmin6: btw I am expecting the patch to be backported once it merges.08:44
admin6acoles: thanks, I haven’t plan to upgrade from v2.7 in the next monthes so I’d be happy to have it backported to this version :-)08:48
acolesadmin6: yeah we should backport to Mitaka (2.7) I think08:49
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kota_acoles: fyi, at least back porting to Newton seemed no problem (no conflict and all unit tests passed)  in my local09:14
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acoleskota_: I just cherry-picked it onto Mitaka with no conflicts09:31
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acoleshmmm, one unit test failure, to do with the logger assertions09:34
acolesjoeljwright: ! good holiday?09:35
joeljwrightacoles: hey! yeah the holiday was good, but the jetlag is killing me now09:35
acolesjoeljwright: blackpool next year then ;)09:36
joeljwrightmaybe Devon ;)09:37
acolesjoeljwright: actually skegness is closer to you :O09:37
joeljwrightWe managed to get the one week of good weather in SF09:37
joeljwrightso we did well09:37
joeljwright32+ degrees for 3 days09:37
acoleswow, when we were there in August it didn't get above low 20's and mornings were pretty cold09:38
acoleswhich was ok cos it just felt like a nice summer for us!09:38
joeljwrightcycled the golden gate bridge in blazing sunshine :)09:39
joeljwrightwe had the cold weather in Lake Tahoe09:39
joeljwrightthe temperature dropped from ~25 to ~5 degrees while we were driving, then started snowing :D09:40
acoleshehe, then you start to feel a bit silly in driving shorts and flip flops? :)09:41
joeljwrightnow I'm just fighting jetlag and other requests to try to get things finished on an SLO update before Barcelona09:41
joeljwrightyeah, I did feel a bit silly when we arrived at the hotel09:41
joeljwrightno-one else was in shorts/t-shirt/flip flops :D09:42
acolesyou have a *whole week* before Barcelona! :P which reminds me, I have slides to make...09:42
joeljwrightgood luck!09:42
joeljwrightthe etherpad discussion on encryption looks like it could use 2 or 3 days!09:43
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joeljwrightfair comment09:48
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sur_Hii all, I deployed openstack swift (mitaka) i am able to upload and download objects succesfully. But while sending parallel 20 requests to upload 5.1GB objects through swift cli12:05
sur_I am getting 503 service unavialable for some requests12:05
sur_please some one help why it is giving this error?12:05
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openstackgerritCheng Li proposed openstack/swift: change account_autocreate to default to true
acolessur_: by default swift has a max object size of 5GiB, but I'd expect a 413 response if you had exceeded that. With a typical 3 way replica policy swift will internally be storing 3 copies of each of the 20 objects so if this is a small dev/test system is it possible you are filling your storage nodes? check your proxy server logs for any warnings.12:28
* acoles afk, lunch12:28
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tdasilvagood morning13:23
acolestdasilva: good morning. fyi I have not had chance yet to look at patch 376630.13:24
patchbot - swift - EC: reconstruct using non-durable fragments13:24
tdasilvaacoles: ok, no worries, thanks for the heads up13:25
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notmynamegood morning16:21
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zaitcevmorning, morning16:23
zaitcevThere's a Russian joke like that. They have a folk hero, Lt. Rzevsky, who's habitualy foul-mouthed. So, one morning Rzevsky exits his tent, stretches, and says: "what a beautiful sunrise!" "..uck ..uck ...uck..." replied echo out of habit.16:26
notmynameFYI change in voting schedules has been proposed by the TC just something to know about16:28
patchbotpatch 385951 - governance - Adjust TC and PTL election timeframes16:28
zaitcevI missed the Wednesday meeting, did we talk about reducing idle load on the cluster?16:28
zaitcevoh, about that16:28
zaitcevwhen do we have the next technical meeting in-person? Usually it's the hackathon, but now all the shedules are confusing and I'm completely lost.16:28
notmynameas a swift team?16:29
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notmynamethere's the summit of course16:29
zaitcevYes, just the Swift. Not the whole OpenStack.16:29
notmynameand then there's the PTG in february in atlanta (instead of a hackathon organized by ourselves)16:29
notmynameso the next in-person meetings currently planned for swift people are: barcelona, PTG in atlanta, and summit in boston16:30
zaitcevI see, thanks.16:30
notmynamedepending on how the PTG goes, we can figure out what we will do between boston and sydney summits16:31
zaitcevOh, cool. Now that I know that I can find
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notmynamenote that the first PTG in atlanta is also scheduled for a week where the monday is a US federal holiday. that could negatively affect attendance (makes it extra hard if you've got kids and/or a working partner to coordinate schedules with)16:32
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zaitcevA holiday in February?16:34
notmynamepresidents day16:34
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notmynamehere's the situation i know of: swift dev gets off from work, but it's when the PTG happens. so swift dev flys out on sunday. also dev's childcare is off on monday. however, dev's wife isn't, so going to the PTG means either finding a full day of extra childcar or getting spouse to take off. and effectively the swift dev loses the day off from work16:37
notmynamemakes the swift dev not want to attend the ptg16:38
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tdasilvanotmyname: about the PTG, i'm confused on one thing...i saw some emails talking about horizontal vs vertical meetings16:45
tdasilvais that expectation that on monday, tuesday we would not have swift only meetings or rooms available to us???16:45
notmynameas a side note, I kinda want to make that "horizontal" vs "vertical" distinction the next hill I die on in openstack ;-)16:47
notmynamebecause the way it's currently talked about (at least by some of the more vocal members of the TC), you don't get any credit for "cross-project" work (ie two or more projects working together) unless it's as part of oslo or infra or docs16:48
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tdasilvahopefully there will be some clarification on that in the MLs?? when they come out with the schedule16:49
notmynametdasilva: oh, yeah, I think that's pretty clear so far (at least to me). it's what you said. swift will get a room for 2 or 3 days at the end of the week16:51
tdasilvanotmyname: i meant to say clarification on what is meant by horizontal...hopefully there would be lots of conversation on other cross-project besides oslo, infra and docs16:53
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notmynametdasilva: oh, right. "someone" should probably raise that. TBH I think those that are organizing the event assume that everyone knows all the definitions of the words being used16:53
tdasilvanotmyname: but interesting that it seems like face-time meetings are just decreasing even further from what was typically 4 days (midcycle meetup) to now 3 days??16:54
notmyname*hint*hint* ;-)16:54
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notmynametdasilva: yes16:54
notmynametdasilva: you may remember that there was a lot of concern about the PTG causing less face to face time when it was first proposed. however, it was done to ensure that those people who wanted to go to lots of midcycles could reduce their travel requirments16:55
acolesnow they'll just have be in two rooms at once ;)16:56
tdasilvalooking at the bright side of things, maybe we will have more opportunities to talk to barbican, searchlight, ceilometer, tripleo, osas folks16:57
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tdasilvaand hopefuly that would be considered cross-project ;)16:57
pdardeaunotmyname: can you elaborate on credit for cross-project work?16:58
notmynametdasilva: well, we've been working with all or most of those projects in the past, and you know that swift keeps getting criticized for not doing cross-project stuff. so I'll le you figure out what the result will be ;-)16:58
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zaitcevSo in other words, "cross-project" is a newspeak word for "adopt Oslo or die"?17:01
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notmynamedepends on who you talk to and how salty they are feeling about openstack ;-)17:02
acolesFWIW I have been to several cross-project sessions at each of recent summits, and in some cases contributed (usually to correct the misconception that swift or swiftclient  doesn't work with keystone v3). No idea how anyone is measuring participation though other than subjectively. Maybe they should have sign-in sheets at the sessions?17:02
zaitcevMaybe you can carry an RFID tag17:02
notmynameacoles: well you've hit on it right there. it's perception, and that counts more than reality sometimes17:02
acoleszaitcev: well now you mention it we do carry barcodes around our necks17:03
acolesat the summit I mean, not in general ;)17:03
acolesnotmyname: that's how I perceive it to be17:03
notmynameintel's IDF converence has rfid badges that you scan before going in to any talk. you get a personalized survey after it's over. it's an interesting system to track who is going to what17:04
acolesuntil people swap them around at each break to thwart the spies17:05
acoleslike the paranoid do with their supermarket loyalty cards17:05
notmynamecan't let the grocer track you!17:06
zaitcevI remember how our Intel rep gave me her badge for IDF. Her name was Diane. I didn't have the nerve to go full drag though.17:07
zaitcevIt was back when people thought that Infiniband would be what PCIe became later, so I worked on it and wanted to know what's up. Later it turned out that Intel's implementation was a crock of refuse, so bad that it buried the whole thing until Mellanox came along.17:09
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zaitcevSo, going to any lengths to get an IDF badge was actually pointless.17:10
zaitcev(unless we talk about the real "IDF" wink wink)17:10
notmynameoooo. super secret IDF. I don't know about that one17:11
notmynameto me, IDF is a few blocks away, has cool gadgets, and some people from intel that I know presenting. so for the past 2 years, I got a ticket from them and had fun :-)17:11
stevemarnotmyname: *scrolls back to read PTG comments*17:13
stevemarnotmyname: its the first one, i expect hiccups, but generally i'm in favor of getting all the devs together in one spot17:13
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stevemarnotmyname: its 5 days though, 20-24 (maybe you won't get a room for all of those days), but i suspect hallway space will be available?17:14
notmynamestevemar: I get the goal of getting people together. and I'll be at the PTG and encourage other to go. I've not been convinced it's a better system than what it's replacing.17:14
stevemarvalid concern17:15
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notmynamestevemar: I'm afraid it was designed to optimize for 50 people instead of the 500 active contributors, and those choices are negatively affecting many in the community (as we've seen this week on the ML)17:17
claygtdasilva: I claim that "two program team silos working together to achieve something for the ecosystem of openstack operators and users" != "memebers of an openstack program community working on horizontal not program related efforts that benifity the ecosystem of Openstack producers (developers, doc authors, testers)"17:17
clayg... but they've both called "cross project work/effort" and it can be confusing to understand the meaning intention in lots of conversations17:17
*** links has joined #openstack-swift17:18
notmynameclayg: well said17:18
claygnotmyname: poorly spelt17:18
pdardeauclayg: patchbot thanks you for keenly closing your quotes and parens ;-)17:19
stevemarnotmyname: my beef with it is, right now it definitely favors NA contributors and leaves the APAC and EU folks out in the cold17:20
tdasilvaclayg: yeah, i understand what you are saying, i would add that they are also both important, but yeah, i guess it would be nice to make a distinction between them17:20
stevemarthough i believe they are looking for non-US locations for the PTG when the time is right17:20
claygtdasilva: i just wish they had different names17:21
claygI think everyone would agree they're both important17:21
tdasilvaclayg: yeah...that's what i'm trying come up with...17:21
tdasilvacross-project in my mind is more like your first definition "two program team silos working together to achieve something for the ecosystem of openstack operators and users"17:22
clayghow about cross-project and "across-projects" ;)17:22
tdasilvaand maybe "common projects"17:22
notmynamejust lost power. seems that my old UPC isn't doing much. currently tethering on the phone17:23
zaitcevGetting U.S. visa is a difficult and perilous process for many countries.17:23
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tdasilvazaitcev: tell me about it17:23
* clayg avoids november armegeddon joke17:23
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claygmattoliverau: notmyname: torgomatic (?) anyone else that does saio's manually - you should definately check out patch 38612217:29
patchbot - swift - SAIO install bash scripts for a novice install17:29
claygi'll probably stick with vsaio - but those bash scripts worked flawlessly OMM!17:30
notmynameyup. when I saw ntata propose that yesterday, I was happy17:30
*** tqtran has joined #openstack-swift17:30
notmynameclayg: great to know!17:30
claygand by manually I guess I mean has your own set of probably less documented bash scripts that do basically what ntata's project does17:31
*** chsc has joined #openstack-swift17:32
claygyour power is out at home?17:34
claygnotmyname: ^17:34
notmynameclayg: yours?17:34
clayg... this is *not* that much rain :\17:34
claygno we're fine17:35
notmynameno kidding17:35
notmynamepower's back on and internet is restored17:40
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claygmattoliverau: tdasilva: nice work mergig #d change!17:57
claygnotmyname: just reminded me that went in - I need to famailiarize myself with it!  good stuff!17:58
tdasilvaclayg: acoles did the hard work18:00
*** acoles is now known as acoles_18:00
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Apply bash error handling consistently in all bash scripts
notmynamejrichli: what's an IP whitelisting feature?18:06
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jrichlinotmyname: the whitelist would be an alternative way to grant/deny access based upon IP on the incoming request18:50
jrichlimaybe introduce a method (possibly extend ACLs or add a policy concept) where we can whitelist or blacklist requests from specific source IP addresses (or subnets / etc).18:50
jrichliWe have customers in the cloud that want to place this layer of protection on their containers for security compliance purposes (e.g. I have these containers or accounts and the only people that should be able to access them are those from IP 10.10.X.X) or whatever...18:50
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jrichlii'll add this to the etherpad18:51
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notmynamejrichli: hmm...interesting18:55
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: SAIO install bash scripts for a novice install
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notmynamemattoliverau: happy saturday20:20
notmynamemattoliverau: oh yeah, you drove yesterday so you're working today20:20
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mattoliveraunotmyname: yup20:21
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notmynamemattoliverau: still around?21:55
notmynameso I think I have something kinda interesting21:58
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openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Unify docs trees
notmynamemattoliverau: is asettle still around?22:05
mattoliveraunotmyname: sorry went out for a coffee.. no coffee machine at the inlaws. asettle is in the UK now. So proably asleep22:42
notmynamebut she's around in general, right? like still doing doc things?22:43
*** chsc has joined #openstack-swift22:43
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notmynameclayg: yay! thanks for reviewing the ec bad frags patch. and getting it landed22:43
mattoliveraunotmyname: oh yeah, still openstack docs, doing the same role, just working from London now.22:43
*** lcurtis has quit IRC22:43
notmynamemattoliverau: right22:43
mattoliverauSo happy to voluntold her to do more things if you like ;)22:44
mattoliverauI guess that should be voluntell :P22:44
notmynamemattoliverau: heh. I added her as a reviewer on that docs refactor I submitted22:44
mattoliveraunice :)22:44
notmynametotally not a priority thing, just something IMO that's an improvement, and hopefully should help adoption of deployers, contributors, and app devs long-term22:45
notmyname(ie unified docs more easy to manage in our repo are better)22:45
mattoliverausigh sometimes debugging a swift cluster can be hard. I have an intermittent problem when syncing pivot ranges.. and am struggling to find it.... but now I'm cafenated, hopefully it'll be more ovbous. More import q; q(..) !22:46
notmynameplease say something if you need any help22:47
claygoh thank *god* Oct 14 22:44:55 saio liberasurecode[20663]: Invalid fragment, illegal magic value22:48
claygkevin and tushar are smart22:49
mattoliveraunotmyname: thanks man, will do. But it's ok. Want to get this thing running as it is pre summit. Really want to know how much better it works on a really large container, cause that'll be cool to compare in Barca22:49
claygso we can extend/enhance to the ec auditor to easily detect and quarantine the ondisk datafiles with the ssync protocol data in them22:49
mattoliverauclayg: yay?? I don't have context so assume its a good thing :)22:49
notmynameclayg: oh, that's interesting22:49
mattoliverauoh cool22:49
claygit'll be the slow read all the byte auditor - but no extra io to throw out the junk data frags22:49
claygand no really guess work22:50
notmynamevery nice22:50
claygwe can have 100% confidence we're throwing out data that would blow up anyway regardless22:50
notmynameso now that patch 385609 is landed, I'd like to tag a release and work on backporting it22:50
patchbot - swift - Prevent ssync writing bad fragment data to diskfile22:50
claygyeah i'm *really* happy about that22:50
claygnotmyname: yeah... need to get started on that - thanks22:51
claygi'm going to open a bug for the auditors thos22:51
notmynameclayg: acoles_ hinted that it applies cleanly to stable branches, so that's good22:51
notmynameah, thanks22:51
notmynamemark them "high" please (but I'm sure you were already going to do that)22:51
claygnotmyname: i hate to say it - but while it super usefult to stop the bleeding folks actively using ec are going to very much want the auditor fix as well22:52
notmynameclayg: so wait for those before a release?22:52
notmynameTBH I don't know if we could get a release before barca anyway. don't know if we'd get permission (and yes that annoys me too)22:53
notmynamebut I'm also happy with doing a 2.11.0 with this one and a 2.11.1 with the auditor fixes22:53
mattoliverauthen we'd just have to release at summit ;)22:53
notmynameif we get the auditor stuff landed early next week, then let's bundle it into one release. if it takes longer, let's go ahead and release with the fix and get the auditors tagged during or right after the summit22:56
notmynameclayg: does that work for you?22:56
claygok, maybe acoles_ or kota_ can comment on lp bug #163364723:10
openstackLaunchpad bug 1633647 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "bad fragment data not detected in audit" [High,New]
claygnot sure exactly what will need to happen to write a fix for that23:10
clayg.. and get it landed23:10
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Prevent ssync writing bad fragment data to diskfile
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