Wednesday, 2018-07-18

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openstackgerritMatthew Oliver proposed openstack/swift master: Add fallocate_reserve to account and container servers.
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notmynamegood morning14:43
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claygmattoliverau: thanks!15:24
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notmynameclayg: our conversation is right at the top of
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notmynameswift meeting time in #openstack-meeting21:00
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mattoliverauzaitcev: i had similar revelations re probe tests with sharding. There are things that we could only test properly there, which may not be as "proper" as we'd like if there a little flakey :p21:23
zaitcevmattoliverau: probe tests are a little unstable for me too. Maybe the slowness of my VMs.21:24
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openstackgerritPete Zaitcev proposed openstack/swift master: Replace MIME with PUT+POST for EC and Encryption
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mattoliveraumorning again23:43
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