Friday, 2018-11-23

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admin6Hi team, I’d like to reduce the number of zone of my EC cluster from 6 to 4 zones. I’m still not shure how to process and if that’s fully supported by swift. I can’t find much experience like this on the web. Can I gradually reduce the weight of the available storage in one zone while incresing the other zones, unitl there is no more nodes in the zone ?12:52
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DHEunfortunately there isn't really a "set zone" command in the ring builder... that would be ideal because the rebalancer would be much more gentle on the data availability13:43
admin6DHE: You’r right, my question is more "will swift run correctly with zones with huge difference of size"? However this is not a very common usage to reduce the number of zones so it may not be usefull to have a "set zone" command.13:53
DHEI'm more concerned that if you uproot all the servers in an EC cluster, it won't be able to find enough replicas to do the needed data reconstruction13:57
DHEif you could do it gracefully then the ring builder will move partitions 1 server at a time per day (or whatever your settings are) giving the system the chance to move data around with minimal hassle13:58
admin6DHE: ok, thanks. I plan to do it gradually to give enough time for the replica to be moved.14:07
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openstackgerritPete Zaitcev proposed openstack/swift master: py3: Port the acl, account_quotas, cname_lookup, container_sync
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