Friday, 2019-02-22

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-swiftclient master: Update hacking version
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift master: py3: port some more middleware tests
zaitcevSo, this went in, but versioned writes didn't.05:56
mattoliverauversion writes needed another recheck :(06:30
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kota_alecuyer: sorry I couldn't make my time about LOSF today but you seems to find the newer grpcio would work with eventlet.11:13
kota_if the newer (and lower from 1.15.0) is fine, we may change the patch to set just lower requirement of grpcio in requirements.txt rather than mangle the constarints settings.11:14
kota_i.e. `grpcio >= <enough version to able to run>` is easier.11:15
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alecuyerkota_: no worries. It does seem to work with 1.15.0 and i'm running git bisect to find where it started working, but that takes some time12:09
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guimalufhi folks, I've a production cluster running swift and keystone at kilo version. My ring is splited in two regions with 4 nodes each. One of our regions is completely off and we found that one file is lost cause all the three copies are in the same region, the one is out... why is this happen? swift should not put a file within the same region, I always trust in that premise... my storage nodes are far away from been full... I12:39
guimalufwoudl appreciate if someone could shed light in the subject12:39
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guimalufchecking dispersion report I realize that 189 objects are lost12:51
alecuyerguimaluf: I am not familiar with multi region, but are you using write affinity ? (I understand this will make copies to other regions asynchronously)12:57
DHEunfortunately it's not a guarantee, just a best effort. maybe the ring needed periodic rebalancing, or the regions were not well balanced in terms of [sum of] device weights13:11
DHEthere is a way to make a guarantee in the current version, but it's an app marked as "experimental" and you'll always have exactly the same number of copies of an object in each region13:11
guimalufthank you DHE and alecuyer. now, how can I investigate which objects or partitions were affected?13:23
guimalufcan I namely the partitions that are within the same region?13:23
guimalufI imagine that is impossible to figure out which or how many files were there, right?13:24
DHEhow many zones per region?13:25
guimalufr1z{1..4} and r2z113:26
guimalufzones were servers, that's why when I add r2 I set up only z113:26
DHEand r1 is down?13:26
guimalufr2 was deleted13:27
guimalufnot down :/ removed... blown up13:27
DHEoh... that's not expected...13:27
guimalufyes... :/ that's why I'm a little bit in dispair13:28
guimalufI've never realize that 0.58 dispersion could do this kind of thing...13:29
DHEwell, the report command you want is probably: swift-ring-builder [filename.builder] dispersion --verbose13:29
guimalufnow I need to know how many objects were affected..13:29
guimalufI did this already13:29
guimalufI know that 189 partitions were at r213:29
guimalufswift-ring-builder /etc/swift/object.builder list_parts r2 | grep '3$'13:32
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guimalufhow can I find more info about partition? which server/device/zone its store?13:35
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notmynamegood morning16:28
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alecuyerkota_: It seems that the introduction of a background python poller thread broke grpc client with gevent (8f7bc54ff2256179ede6d4a6d1a8792b7820fc28). Per the comments, this was a "temporary workaround". This was removed in a75712a71f01c06d7e5868a75cb62b26d775e5df , as the thread is now in C core. With that patch, it does not hang anymore.   Im not done yet but I wanted to tell you what I found for now.  Ill put more info on the g17:08
alecuyeroogle drive doc17:08
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timburkemattoliverau, huh. well there goes my theory -- landed in 3.5.3 ...17:41
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* zaitcev is cheering for versioned writes19:50
zaitcevI'm asking myself if we want to make probe tests more tolerant in some ways.19:50
zaitcevIf I become the PTL, I'll need to sit down with the infra guys and study how all that machinery works, what are problems.19:51
zaitcevMaybe it's not just the sponsor money that contributes to this.19:51
zaitcever, the lack of19:51
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift master: Make test_multiphase_put_drains_extra_commit_junk_disconnect less flakey
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift master: py3: port the container
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift master: py3: port versioned_writes
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