Thursday, 2019-04-25

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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift feature/losf: Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master' into merge-master
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timburkegood morning14:56
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notmynamegood morning17:14
notmynametimburke: from the ML posts about the opendev migration, it seems that there are "some" repos that are on and were not migrated to the new opendev site. unfortunately, there are 1820 repos in github, and I can't find a way for either site to give me a single list that I can then diff17:24
notmynametimburke: do you know of any repos that we may care about that were not migrated?17:24
notmynameI checked slogging and libec and pyeclib17:24
notmynamethey all seem to be in opendev, but with an "x" in front of them17:25
notmynamesame with swauth17:25
notmynamebut I'm sure i'm forgetting some repos.17:25
notmynamedo you know of anything?17:25
timburkehrm... that "x" is in place of the "openstack" we might otherwise expect...17:26
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timburkepresumably (at least in part) because they aren't listed as swift team deliverables under
notmynamedo libec and pyeclib look ok for you? I can't seem to fetch from gerrit for them, so I don't know if (1) something is messed up on my end or (2) they were not migrated17:29
timburkefetch fails for me, too -- i see "Project not found: openstack/pyeclib" when fetching from gerrit17:31
timburkepresumably it'll work if i edit .git/config and have it look for x/pyeclib17:32
timburkeconfirmed; and that fetch includes (which isn't present on -- hence all the talk about github mirroring)17:34
timburkelooks like it shouldn't *too* hard to reestablish:
notmynamehmm, but my oriign is set at github, so I can update the gerrit remote (also switch from ssh to https)17:36
claygso this is neat ->
timburkethere's still an open question of whether we want those to be "official" openstack repos, though, or leave them as they are17:36
notmynametimburke: yeah, but will they let us mirror to github/opendev?17:36
claygwho would have thought that boto3 wouldn't like having socket globally patched as soon as you put it in our test suite!17:36
notmynameas they are is ... nowehre?17:36
timburkenotmyname, github/openstack you mean? i *think* so...17:37
notmynameoh, is it still openstack there? not opendev?17:38
timburkeopendev seems taken :-)
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notmynameoh I'll be he's loving this name change ;-)17:39
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timburkeso this is kinda odd... i'm looking at a cluster and seeing occasional exceptions in the log like
timburkebut it's a pretty new swift; i wasn't expecting the traceback since we've got
timburke...does the replicator not pick up a utils.LogAdapter somehow?19:40
timburkei thought it just called out to get_logger() which should always return an adapter logger...19:40
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift master: sharding: better handle get_shard_ranges failures
timburkei'm not sure that ^^^ is a *complete* solution (at the very least, it could use a regression test, though the plumbing for how to do that in isn't terribly obvious to me)20:07
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timburkeit seems weird that says "try to get some shard ranges, but if we can't, whatever" when the *only* caller at knows "hey, the other end should have some shard ranges! i better look for them!"20:09
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notmynametimburke: for my preso next week, what's the best way to measure progress on py3? % of modules ported? test coverage? number of tests? or is it just binary? ;-022:39
timburkenotmyname, personally, i like % of unit tests running under py3 vs py2. add in func tests when we actually have them22:40
timburkei took some notes on it not so long ago... looks like as of rocky (so, 2.19.0) we had something like 18% of unit tests and 24% of unit test files running under py322:41
notmyname6851 tests under py2. 5120 under py322:42
notmynamefrom the output files on
timburkewe've still got the logs for 4427 of 6850 or 65%22:44
timburkeright. still need to fix patchbot. p 64532522:45
patchbot - swift - authors/changelog update for 2.21.0 release (MERGED) - 4 patch sets22:45
timburkeso that's the one for stein22:45
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timburkei bet by hour 4 the s3api patch will at least have jobs started, right?22:46
notmynameso I'll say "about 65%" of unit tests22:48
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patchbotpatch 651893 - swift - py3: port s3api - 4 patch sets22:49
notmynameyay. patchbot knows the new domain now22:49
notmynamep 1234522:49
patchbot - neutron - Update with latest code from openstack-common (sta... (MERGED) - 3 patch sets22:49
timburkeyeah -- there's been a bit more progress since the release, but just getting us up to 457422:49
timburkethanks. i meant to write something for it yesterday after the meeting, but it fell off my radar22:50
timburkeold one still work?
patchbot - swift - authors/changelog update for 2.21.0 release (MERGED) - 4 patch sets22:50
timburkeand i think updating the url for people is the right move22:51
notmynameyes. I totally intended for that to be what happens. not at all a side effect of just adding a regex and changing the checks to "opendev"22:52
notmynametimburke: "close to 65% unit tests, limited success on functional tests, but close to getting them running"22:52
notmynameI thought we already had py3 functests gating?22:52
timburkewe have a patch chain to get us func tests22:53
timburke adds the gating job22:54
patchbotpatch 645856 - swift - Add py37 func test job - 3 patch sets22:54
notmyname673 out of 780 tests22:56
timburkeit sprawls out from there a bit, adding an ec job in, adding a domain-remap-staticweb job in, trying to add a dsvm job in ...22:58
patchbotpatch 645895 - swift - py3: Bring functional/ under test; a... - 2 patch sets22:58
patchbotpatch 647923 - swift - py3: port staticweb and domain_remap func tests - 2 patch sets22:58
patchbotpatch 653548 - swift - py3: add swift-dsvm-functional-py3 job - 2 patch sets22:58
notmynameok, so give me the most optimistic number you can ;-)22:58
notmyname"approaching 100% coverage" ;-)22:58
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timburkethe staticweb change puts it at 315/780 or 40%. i think that's the best i've done?23:11
timburke273? i thought 263 --
timburkemaybe you were looking at a different patchset than me23:13
timburkeer, patch23:13
notmynameI started out by typing somethign that was hundreds off. maybe I made a typo ;-)23:14
notmynamethanks for looking. I've got what I need23:14
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