Monday, 2019-07-08

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timburkegood morning15:37
rledisezgood morning15:39
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timburkerledisez \o/15:51
timburkehow's canada?15:51
rledisezit's very warm currently :D15:54
rledisezbut everything is going well for now, not so many "surprises"15:54
timburkegood to hear :-)15:55
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DHEthe correct spelling of "very warm" is "hot"16:12
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zigoHi there!16:25
zigotimburke: (and everyone else) what's the current status regarding Py3 support?16:26
* zigo is about to assault heavily on Py2 support in Debian Sid/Bullseye as Buster was released last saturday.16:26
timburkezigo, two more patches and i'll start working on tagging a release with "experimental" support. p 662546 and p 65354816:28
patchbot - swift - py3: Be able to read and write non-ASCII headers - 5 patch sets16:28
patchbot - swift - py3: add swift-dsvm-functional-py3 job - 14 patch sets16:28
timburkeunit tests are ported, still working on func and probe tests16:28
zigotimburke: Nice, thanks ! :)16:28
zigotimburke: So basically, you're on time for Train? :)16:28
timburkewith those two patches, we can run func tests under py2 against services under py316:28
timburkezigo, i'm behind on the timeline that i had in mind -- i wanted to be at this point last month :-/16:29
timburkebut yeah, definitely going to have py3 support by train. the question that remains is quality -- the extra month of burn-in woulda been nice16:30
zigotimburke: The thing is, at least I have an escape route if we get to remove all of Py2 in Debian. :)16:33
zigoSomething is better than nothing.16:33
zigoThe only alternative would have been removing swift ...16:33
timburkei never like that alternative ;-)16:33
timburkezigo, do you have some test/lab clusters that you could try upgrading to py3 and reporting any issues you encounter?16:34
zigotimburke: No, I'd have to package Swift for Py3 to do that.16:35
zigoThis will happen, probably in August, after Debconf 19.16:35
zigoRight now, I'm busy rebuilding all of Stein so it can move from Experimental to Sid ... :)16:35
timburkeaugust is better than october :)16:37
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claygtdasilva: timburke: I think p 667203 is already on priority reviews and p 668963 is the other one to keep an eye on18:33
patchbot - swift - sharding: Cache shard ranges for object writes - 3 patch sets18:33
patchbot - swift - container-replicator: Add a timeout for get_shard_... - 2 patch sets18:33
timburkeoh yeah, clayg: what do you think about the timeout situation? i'm not actually *sure* that the test as written would lead to flakiness in the gate...18:39
claygyeah i was looking over your comments, I'm going to pull it down and look at it again - it was a fairly weak critique with no strong alternatives purposed.  It's probably mergable.18:40
claygIf I think i can write a better test I'll put up a followup!  😁18:40
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timburkegood morning mattoliverau :-)21:57
timburkeyou shouldn't go accepting google doc changes before you've had breakfast ;-P21:57
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift master: container-replicator: Add a timeout for get_shard_ranges
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mattoliveraulol, that's probably very true :P22:57
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openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift master: Allow "harder" symlinks
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