Wednesday, 2019-10-02

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kota_hello  world01:17
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mkrai_Hi, I am facing issue running devstack due to some error in swift setup.cfg file on stein release09:13
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mkrai_This is my conf file
mkrai_and the error is here
mkrai_Can someone please help?09:15
alecuyermkrai_:  This may be caused by an old version of setuptools, would check this : , see if it helps ?09:18
mkrai_alecuyer, Thanks, it worked :)09:24
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alecuyermkrai_: you're welcome!09:26
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new_student1411Hi, after I disable any account/project in keystone, I am still able to access the containers/objects using previously generated ec2 credentials. Any reason, why is it happening?12:58
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timburkenew_student1411, there are two potential causes i could see: first, if you configured secret_cache_duration for s3token, any already-cached credentials will continue to be valid until they fall out of the cache15:06
timburkesecond, the project/user disablement in keystone may not be reflected the credentials api -- i'm not sure; haven't looked closely at that code15:08
timburkehow are you disabling things? i could try to repro...15:11
openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift master: Fix some request-smuggling vectors on py3
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claygtimburke: so I think we can get the prefix behavior we want by throwing a "and '\x00' not in name" on the end of query... I'll have to double check that doesn't blow the index16:08
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rledisezhi, we are enabling s3api and we are having an issue related to the Authorization header. some users were used to store this header in objects metadata and now the requests are rejected because s3token raise the the header is invalid. did you ever hit that case?16:20
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timburke"some users were used to store this header in objects metadata" -- wait, what?? what would that even *mean*?16:24
rlediseztimburke:  I got wrong informations, sorry, they do a get with that "invalid" header. they do not store it :D16:25
rledisezso, it's totally on them if they have issues16:25
timburkewhew! had me worried there ;-)16:25
timburkefwiw, i added a reject_non_aws_authorization config option as a drive-by in -- i should probably refresh that16:26
patchbotpatch 613452 - swift - s3api: Move authenticator logic to separate module - 4 patch sets16:26
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timburkei might look into breaking that out as a separate patch... then you've got more options, anyway16:40
timburkei'll be really interested in seeing what parts of the API your users use most, and which features they really want :-)16:41
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timburkerelease team's getting antsy about creating a stable/train branch -- anybody got spare review bandwidth for ? then i'll turn the crank on getting 2.23.0 out17:08
patchbotpatch 684041 - swift - Fix some request-smuggling vectors on py3 - 3 patch sets17:08
claygtimburke: fwiw thinking about 'nulls in object paths is scary' - I'm starting to think it might be *good* for us17:19
claygwhen we're writing object names out to console like devices (logging, stdout, etc) we *should* be worried about control characters that users could *already* have been sneaking into object names17:19
timburkecertainly true17:20
claygbetter for us to find a "bug" with how we're writing out names on an object that we created than something trying to do something sneaky17:20
claygbut if we have these bugs I think we already have them - null is *a* tricky byte for sure - but I'm unconvinced it's any worse than... backspace?17:21
timburkedid you notice that you can colorize your text listings by dropping some ANSI escape codes into your names? 🤣17:22
claygthat might be debateable... but I for one am glad you're finding these issues and hope we can address a good deal of them by the time we're ready to merge in the feature17:22
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timburkeah, good ol'
patchbotpatch 300577 - swift - Colorize Account/Container listings (ABANDONED) - 1 patch set17:24
claygyou're the best timburke17:24
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift stable/pike: Fix stable gate
openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift master: Allow internal clients to use null namespace
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openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift master: DNM: Frustrated rant about OOO under a shifting py2/3 base
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timburkezaitcev, mattoliverau, clayg: thanks for all the reviews on -- sorry that software is so terrible19:31
patchbotpatch 684041 - swift - Fix some request-smuggling vectors on py3 - 3 patch sets19:31
claygtimburke: yeah I guess you can pipeline a two requests that don't have a body w/o having to send content-length or transfer-encoding... I'd forgotten we don't like connection: close bodies and opt to 41119:33
claygso Q: "why not explicitly set connection: close" seems to A: "because that's unneccessariy and incorrect" 🤣19:34
claygI can see the justification for blocking out whole methods with not PY2 - at first - but also recongize there's probably some limit...19:37
clayglooks like we're mostly done now - so that's good!19:37
claygall we can do is keep trying to make it better - thanks for fixing that nasty bug19:37
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timburkemeeting time!21:00
timburkeclayg, tdasilva, kota_ ^^^21:01
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claygPretty much that time most days. Same time MTuF would be slightly better. If the meeting was more like now I’d have a much better time making it consistently.21:54
claygBut like you said after “fall back” maybe it’s moot.21:54
timburkemakes sense21:55
timburkestill... that's another 4 meetings... just as you're trying to sell us all on versioning...21:58
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift master: Fix some request-smuggling vectors on py3
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/swift master: Authors/changelog for 2.23.0
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kota_sorry, I was absent from the meeting23:56
kota_will check the log23:56

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