Tuesday, 2020-01-14

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DHEhas anyone seen what I can only describe as hung service processes? they stand out on the process list for only having 0 or 1 second of CPU time despite running for weeks whereas every other process has way more CPU time.17:09
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openstackgerritCorey Bryant proposed openstack/liberasurecode master: Fix strncpy to prevent truncation of source  https://review.opendev.org/70253020:58
claygtimburke: i think it would be weird to give "orphaned" containers any special treatment in listings - I don't think we really know for sure which way the split goes?21:02
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timburkei don't like that the proxy knows which way it found the split but doesn't tell the user, is all21:05
timburkelike, if i think i delete everything in a container and delete the container... ok, i can chalk up the container still showing up in account listings because updater hasn't gotten to it yet21:05
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timburkebut if it's still there after a month... are updaters busted or did versioning stuff get out-of-sync? as a user, i don't know which path i should take to fix it21:06
timburke(arguably, as a user, i shouldn't even need to know about such things... but, y'know...)21:06
timburkewhat i *do* care about as a user is how i can make sure i'm not getting billed for this thing anymore21:07
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openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/python-swiftclient master: object versioning features  https://review.opendev.org/69187721:34
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claygtimburke: maybe i'm just not clear on the corrective steps - a DELETE request to the container isn't going to indicate there's still versions?22:15
claygtimburke: because i feel like "{name: foo, objects: 0, bytes: 100}" *is* saying something about there still being something in there...22:16
timburkehmm.... that's a good point... objects:0 makes it rather odd...22:18
timburketime to update the probe test ;-)22:18
timburkei think i'd be content to say that "objects: 0, bytes: non-0, container 404s means you're in this state"22:19
timburkecorrective steps are: create container again with versioning enabled, list versions, delete them, delete container again22:20
timburke(at least, assuming everything really *was* supposed to be deleted22:20
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claygyou can't just DO the versioned listing?22:22
timburkenope -- 40422:26
patchbotpatch 701643 - swift - squash: flesh out object-versioning probe test a bit - 1 patch set22:27
claygwell, that's less great22:28
timburkeeven if you know the version-ids you missed, you still can't interact with them; you get a 400 until you re-create the container, with versioning enabled22:28
claygi'd be much more inclined to add some kludge to infer that maybe there's a version container out there even if the named container 404s and try to improve that interaction than adding a new key of some kind to the public listing API22:32
clayglike if you GET foo?versions and foo returns 404 - maybe go ahead and GET \x00versions\x00foo JIC22:33
timburkeyeah, that seems reasonable22:33
timburkethat reminds me -- i'm gettimg more and more skeptical of the need to record the locations name...22:34
timburkelike, i guess better safe than sorry...22:34
timburkei think i'd feel a lot better if it was very clearly "informational only" and we didn't have any logic based on it22:35
timburke...which might get us pretty close to having listings Just Work and the like22:35
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timburkerledisez, https://github.com/swiftstack/docker-swift/pull/48 reminds me -- would you have much concern if Swift increased its max_meta_name_length and max_meta_value_length to 2048 each? we've been pushing that default for a while now, seems to clear up some issues when s3 clients want to use library-provided client-side encryption23:07
timburkewe haven't run into any trouble with keeping max_meta_overall_size at 4k, fwiw23:07
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