Thursday, 2020-07-02

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kota_clayg: may be better to check the frag rightfulness. Your original showed some negative values on zlib's crc. I'll try to communicate the Swift EC operation team with the checker.03:00
claygkota_: thank you!03:01
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/liberasurecode master: Be willing to write fragments with legacy crc
timburkecould use a test, but i think ^^^ is on the right track05:08
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kota_oops, i found i pasted wrong version. now was updated.05:20
kota_updated with smarter way.05:24
kota_ah. OK. probably I got the problem. so if I upgrade everything to the newer than 1.6.0, it's ok because 1.6.0 will try to get older format crc.05:36
kota_however, if only half nodes on the cluster upgraded with 1.6.1 (e.g. os upgrade to Focal), new EC fragments encoded 1.6.1 would be assumed as broken by 1.5.0 libec.05:37
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zaitcevLooks like I missed the meeting yesterday.14:37
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timburkekota_, good call on the signed-ness -- i'd written it on py3, where it's always unsigned15:12
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timburkewrote up
openstackLaunchpad bug 1886088 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Mixed versions of liberasurecode leads to quarantined fragments" [Undecided,New]19:23
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*** tkajinam has joined #openstack-swift22:55 there a reason we don't have an internal_client_conf_path for the container-reconciler? we just feed it whatever config file had the [container-reconciler] section we just loaded...23:41

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