Saturday, 2022-12-31

opendevreviewTim Burke proposed openstack/swift stable/yoga: CI: Pin tox<4 on stable branches
timburkemcape, yes, a rolling upgrade from 2.19.1 to 2.29.1 should be possible with old configs; the fact that neither encryption nor erasure coding are in use should mean you'll miss a few pitfalls, too06:40
timburkegeneral upgrade recommendations apply: if possible, upgrade all object servers, then container, then account, then proxies. if not possible, it's probably still fine; there may be some increase in 503s during the upgrade, but there haven't been any massive changes to the data path recently06:40
timburkeyou don't get the SIGUSR1 support until after upgrade, but if you want to minimize client disruptions, you can approximate it by upgrading swift, starting up a new set of *-server processes on each node, waiting for them to come up and be accepting connections, then send a SIGHUP to the old (manager) processes06:43
timburkeall of that's still good under py27 (though i'm guessing you already know that and are stopping at 2.29.1 because of it :-) from there, you should be able to swap over to py3 pretty easily; we don't know of any risks running in a mixed py2/py3 environment at that late of a version06:47
timburkeeven though you're not running EC, you might want to upgrade liberasurecode -- there was a checksumming issue i uncovered a while back that was annoying to deal with, so it'd simplify your life if you ever decide to add an EC policy later06:51
opendevreviewMerged openstack/swift stable/zed: CI: Pin tox<4 on stable branches

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