Friday, 2017-11-24

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add supports-accessible-upgrade tag to ironic*
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Add heat-tempest-plugin repo
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Mark Searchlight policy in code as done
ttxUpdating tracker10:49
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: LOCI - OCI images for OpenStack
openstackgerritMerged openstack/governance master: Update LOCI url because of case-sensitivity
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TheJuliapabelanger: Same here, I was mostly listening, getting the lay of the land as it were. I did try to speak a couple of times, but I also try and let people finish speaking and not interrupt anyone. Truthfully, I think the format, at least as it was there, doesn't lend its self to really getting thoughts out there from those who are shy (like cmurphy and myself). My big takeaway was that I was going to have to15:19
TheJulialearn to be a little more aggressive in such meetings in the future.15:19
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cdentTheJulia: I’m really conflicted over the need to “be a little more aggressive"15:32
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pabelangerTheJulia: cdent: yah, I usually end up rasing my hand a little, and if that fails to gain some attention, either decide to blurt or don't bother to speak up.  But agree, not a fan of 'more aggressive' myself15:35
TheJuliacdent: likewise, and it is different between genders in such situations, and actually business cultures. For example, one business culture I've been in, it was status-quo to just speak over and the loudest speaker won.  Perhaps aggressive is the wrong word, maybe faster to the draw, but I also want have a sensory processing delay to deal with :\15:35
cdentI’m pretty conscious of the fact that I’ve got some advantages in this area if I choose to use them (male, loud voice with a particular pitch when I choose to use it, theatrical training etc) but it shouldn’t have to be that way15:37
TheJuliaFor future reference: If I look confused when someone speaks to me, I might still be assembling what I can together in my head because I can't filter background noise.15:38
cdentgood to know. is that a literal conscious process of filtering that you’re doing then?15:39
TheJuliaNot filtering, but trying to assemble what was said.  It was fun growing up though, I can typically hear the hum of the lights that everyone subconsciously filters out, and it would really bother people when I pointed out that they make noise too.15:41
cdentdo you hear the sound of old school CRTs?15:41
TheJuliaSomewhat yes, I was really good about turning off all the CRTs before going to bed. I will admit the hum of my old dec vt320w was comforting... and stayed on all right with IRC on it.15:43
cdent320! luxury!15:44
TheJuliaBack in the days of "Please use a bell character to wake a network operator if you need assistance"15:44
TheJuliaI got it from a friend who already had a few. His first task in his first IT job was to disassemble the vax cluster, and take what was possible to recycling15:46
cdentVMS 4ever15:47
TheJuliaHe may have also hit the halon release button by accident when he was doing so15:47
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