Tuesday, 2017-12-05

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openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/governance master: Update tempest plugin split goal for Tacker team  https://review.openstack.org/52548907:35
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cdenttc-members, curtain09:00
* cdent waves09:01
* cdent adds to his waving lexicon09:02
cdentI guess at least some folk are at kubecon09:03
cmurphyah that's right09:04
cmurphyenjoying tacos and bbq09:05
cdentmmmmm tacos09:06
cdentI wonder what we need to do to get more people talking on: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/521602/09:22
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cmurphyI'm sure lots of people would come share their opinions if it was highlighted on the mailing list09:30
cdenti’ll end up being a main star in the tc report this week because that’s most of what we’ve talked about in office hours, and that’s my usual source of info, so maybe that’ll help09:31
cdentif not, yeah, a specific message is a good idea09:31
cdentI wish it didn’t have to be that way.09:32
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* ttx is/was on a plane11:36
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fungii guess i didn't miss too much office hour13:40
cdentfungi: nope, not a lot happening13:41
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cdenthuh https://katacontainers.io/14:11
cdentlast i heard there was going to be a bit more review before project were officialized?14:11
dhellmanncdent : https://github.com/kubevirt14:12
dhellmannoh, that's the clear thing from intel14:12
dhellmann"managed by the openstack foundation"14:12
* cdent recovers from confusion of “yes, and?”14:13
dhellmannthat's an odd statement14:13
dhellmannI wonder if dtroyer knows something we don't14:13
dhellmanncdent : I thought you were surprised to see a vm thing in a container orchestrator; I didn't read to the bottom of the page at first.14:14
cdentkata is presumably the result of the jbryce expansion plans, but I had though there had to be board approval first, and I wasn’t aware of that happening14:14
dhellmannI wonder if that should say "hosted by" or something?14:14
cdent(not that I think kata is a bad thing or something, still figuring that out, just surprised by the speed)14:14
dhellmannalthough if it's on github, it's not really either14:14
dhellmannmaybe there's going to be an announcement this week?14:14
cdentdhellmann: I think the announcement is done and dusted: https://t.co/zzZUpQmiZE14:16
cdent(that’s a techcruch link)14:17
dhellmannI have lots of questions about how that was done14:18
* cdent senses understatement14:18
dhellmannI guess having its own technical governance means they can use github.14:20
cdentit’s very clear that some marketing requirements (announce by kubecon) drove some of the choices14:20
cdentsuch as github14:20
dhellmannit does not take long to create a repo on our infrastructure14:20
dhellmannthough I guess without the name flattening, it would have been an "openstack" repository14:21
dhellmannoh, slack, too14:22
pabelangerI know slack is going to be a hot topic issue with foundation effort to bring more projects under it, is something like rocket.chat used much?14:48
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dhellmannI'm mostly disappointed that they opted to skip the use of infra, really. I don't expect them to ever migrate off of github, although there isn't actually much code there now14:57
pabelangerdhellmann: yah, we likely should bring that up. One issue is, our tooling currently expects repos to be created in gerrit then mirrored to github. So, some work would need to be done to skip the gerrit part15:03
pabelangerI admit, today is the first time I've heard of kata15:04
pabelangerseems we did properly create list.katacontainers.io in infra15:04
dhellmannyeah, like I said, I don't expect them to ever move off of github. It seems to be what the go/container folks want to use15:05
cmurphyi'm not sure how much of infra's ci they could make use of given https://github.com/kata-containers/tests15:05
pabelangercmurphy: yah, the protect looks really new15:06
* cdent is on the board call, to see if anything happens15:10
jbrycethis is our first pilot project that we're incubating15:10
jbrycehappy to chat about it here in more detail when the board call is done and i don't have to split my attention15:11
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jbrycewe actually have a community email we're planning on sending out shortly as well15:19
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jbryceboard meeting has wrapped up15:42
cdentjbryce: I don’t think there’s any “zomg yikes”, it’s more “wait, what, so soon?”15:43
jbrycekata is the first pilot project. it's a combination of hyper's runV and intel's clear containers. basically today is when they are opening up the new code base that they are combining for additional contributors and organizations to join15:43
jbrycecdent: yeah it has moved quickly, but i really wanted to get it out there sooner than later so people could participate openly15:44
jbrycefor example there are still pieces of the governance that are not finalized. my approach is to get it public sooner and gather interested parties to help define some of that stuff together15:45
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cdentjbryce: my surprise was that I thought there had to be an official board approval before an “incubated” new project could have the level of press kata is getting. I think it is fine (even great) that they are, I’m simply not understanding the process15:48
jbryceon the tooling, the project team in this instance wanted to stick with github for git hosting which is what both projects had been using. when we started talking about supporting new projects, that was a possibility we said we'd consider15:48
jbrycethey have mirrored irc/slack channels and we're working on getting them into our meetbot infrastructure15:50
jbrycelist server is mailman on our infra15:50
mugsiethe slack is closed15:50
mugsie(as in no signups enabled)15:50
jbrycethey've talked with infra and zuul about using v3 support for new repo types to start to implement tests15:51
jbryceso the goal is definitely to try to leverage and use infra pieces15:51
jbrycemugsie: ok. i'll check on that. that might have just been a miss this morning when flipping things live15:52
jbrycecdent: yeah this is that chicken/egg thing we were talking about in the meeting in sydney. we want to incubate communities (strategic focus areas) around common problem sets and in order to do that, we need to have stuff happening publicly15:56
cdentmake sense, but in that case does the board desire to have some oversight not really mean much? Once something is out in public, it’s out?15:57
jbrycewe have updated the board a couple of times since that meeting. if this doesn't go well, they can tell us to stop supporting it or putting any resources behind it15:57
jbrycei mean we can't make it unpublic and it's apache2 licensed, but we can stop being the foundation that supports it (manages ip, legal, marketing, etc) and they could go somewhere else or float free15:58
* cdent nods15:59
jbrycemaybe i should just send out a version of my last board update to the foundation list that talks about the progress in the different areas16:00
jbrycewe've also got some stuff going on in the edge area16:01
jbryce(i had sent my last board update to the confidential list since it included some pre-meeting things for the board only, but most of it is fine now)16:01
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mugsiejbryce: is the mailing list open to subscriptions?16:12
jbrycealso this is the one for edge: http://lists.openstack.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/edge-computing16:13
mugsieah, must not have been active this morning when I first signed up16:13
mugsieyeah, I have the edge one already16:13
jbrycemugsie: not active as in it didn't work for you or there weren't messages? it went up over the weekend and people have subscribed to it. there hasn't been traffic yet16:16
mugsiejbryce: I subscribed this morning, but did not get the confirmation email, re did it just there, and it arived16:17
jbrycemugsie: try this link: http://bit.ly/KataSlack16:40
jbrycethe slack is open for signups, but they don't apparently have an easy way to link that from the main sign in page for some reason??16:41
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diablo_rojoSo, just musing, but I think it might be good to get the PTL election dates set to give people more time to do email/foundation member/cla fixing.17:46
dhellmannwe know when the ptg and release dates are so we should be able to work out the election schedule17:47
diablo_rojodhellmann, it might be good to get it on the official release schedule too so people are more aware of deadlines and whatnot. Have had issues in the past about getting emails fixed in time to be part of the electorate.17:48
dhellmanndiablo_rojo : I'm sure smcginnis would be happy to add it to his countdown email17:49
dhellmannand it can be added to https://releases.openstack.org/queens/schedule.html via a patch to openstack/releases/doc/source/queens/schedule.yaml17:51
diablo_rojodhellmann, good idea :) I can definitely bother him.17:51
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smcginnisdiablo_rojo: Yep, we could get that in the countdown email. That would hopefully help raise awareness of those dates.19:14
diablo_rojosmcginnis, now we just need to decide on dates :)19:16
smcginnisYep. ;)19:16
diablo_rojoNormally its like R-4? -5?19:20
* diablo_rojo was looking earlier but couldn't find it19:20
rosmaitadiablo_rojo for pike self-nomination was R-4, election was R-319:59
diablo_rojorosmaita, thanks :) I am an official and I can't even keep track lol20:17
rosmaitadiablo_rojo: np ... quick question for you, did i submit the dublin ptg form for glance? i thought i did, but just saw your reminder email20:17
diablo_rojorosmaita, oh I see it now :) I sorted but mustve missed you in the list20:18
rosmaitaok, cool20:18
diablo_rojorosmaita, I started with a full list and took out ones that had responded-though I am operating with less screen real estate than normal so its a bit of a struggle this week :) Can confirm you have said yes though :)20:20
mugsiediablo_rojo: apologies for the 11th hour response - I completely missed it20:21
rosmaitadiablo_rojo: YES!!!20:21
diablo_rojomugsie, no worries- thought I would send a reminder rather than let you panic later :)20:21
diablo_rojomugsie, there were like 30 others that hadn't responded yet either..20:21
rosmaitadiablo_rojo i can fill it out again unless that would confuse things, it's not like it was an invasive questionnaire20:22
mugsierosmaita has to come see his dublin office :)20:22
diablo_rojorosmaita, no need. I got you :)20:25
diablo_rojorosmaita, tell the other 30 PTLs I am waiting on that it was easy ;)20:25
* mugsie wonders about getting a notification bot that DMs PTLs / delegates with info20:26
rosmaitadiablo_rojo: i would, but you bcc'd the list20:27
diablo_rojoI didn't want to publicly shame, but I have the list.20:27
diablo_rojoI thought about sending to the dev list and putting all the project tags in the subject that are missing20:28
diablo_rojoAnd then decided it was too much effort20:28
rosmaitaYou can send out a testimonial from me: "Only four questions! Took me 2 minutes! You too can be a winner!"20:28
diablo_rojorosmaita, lol not a bad idea20:28
* dtroyer waits for his winning ticket to be dispensed after answering 4 questions and clicking 'Submit'20:49
diablo_rojodtroyer, thank you :)20:50
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openstackgerritMichael Johnson proposed openstack/governance master: Added octavia queens tempest plugin planning.  https://review.openstack.org/52576821:52
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