Monday, 2018-01-08

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openstackgerritDai Dang Van proposed openstack/governance master: Update policy goal for trove
openstackgerritDai Dang Van proposed openstack/governance master: Update policy goal for trove
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: zuul has been restarted, all queues have been reset. please recheck your patches when appropriate10:26
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mnaserit would be nice if openstack published all projects to pypi :>15:05
cdentmordred started a mail thread about that a while ago, but it has stalled out a bit15:06
cdentIf I remember right, there weren't strong objections, just the usual challenges with getting the ball rolling15:06
cdentThere are also some concerns with config files.15:06
cdentBut it's not clear that super relevant in a world of config management15:07
mugsieI thought the issue was people would pip install nova and expect it to work15:07
mugsiethe issue currently is that if someone does `pip install designate` they get a version from 2015 -_-15:08
cdentmugsie: I think the "expect it to work" and "config files" is kind of the same thing?15:08
mugsiei thought the config files was things like paste.conf - but I could be confusing two issues15:09
mugsieit is a Monday15:09
mugsie(isn't it?)15:09
cdentyeah, it's a difficult monday15:09
cdentvery monday monday15:09
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mordreduhoh. what did I do?15:11
cdentmordred: mail thread, pypi the services15:11
persiamordred: Advocated publishing to pip (which is a good thing)15:11
mordredah. yeah. I think anyone expecting 'pip install nova' to result in a working nova service rather than just the nova software installed are living in a fantasy world anyway and we shouldn't spend TOO much time worrying about them15:13
mordredthe biggest current logistical issue from my POV is that someone else owns 'keystone' on pypi15:13
cdentdist name and package name doesn't ahve to be the same? Could openstack-$SERVICE?15:14
cdentalthough that would annoying15:14
mordredit totally could be15:14
cdentmnaser: here's the thread:
mordredif we updated that, however, it would change the name of the tarball we publish to tarballs.o.o, which could be slightly weird for someone15:15
* cdent nods15:15
mordredalso - if we were going to do that, I'd want to update *all* of the services so it's not just keystone - and then we get back into renaming things when they become official or stop being official15:16
mordredI emailed the fellow who owns
mordredbut he has not responded to me15:16
cdentinstead of name :)15:16
cdentthat will cause all kinds of friction!15:16
mnaseri agree with mordred... because it goes in the same way that anyone expecting 'yum install openstack-nova' to give them working nova is fantasy too15:17
mordredcdent: amusingly enough, before we launched openstack, rax management suggested that we rename nova and swift to openstack-compute openstack-object-storage (or openstack-storage, I can't remember which)15:17
mordredmnaser: ++15:18
mordredmnaser: the rpms are openstack-nova?15:19
mnasermordred: for rdo yes afaik they are prefixed with openstack15:19
mnaseryes they are15:19
cdentinterested in this topic, will catch up when back, but gotta dash15:20
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ttxmnaser: it's in the cards for the release team to release everythnig to PyPI, smcginnis, dhellmann and myself have been discussing it a bit15:38
dhellmannmaybe doing the simplest thing of just renaming keystone's dist is the way to go15:40
smcginnisdhellmann: ++15:44
dhellmannI'm not sure if it's better to do that rename at the start of a cycle or at the end like this15:45
dhellmannpossibly the start of rocky15:45
SamYaplei would agree with start of R15:46
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persiaStart-of-cycle should require fewer redistributors to adjust their collateral.15:54
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openstackgerritManoj Kumar proposed openstack/governance master: Remove the extra-atcs section for trove
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fungimordred: considered trying to follow the process laid out in with regards to the keystone entry? that pep is fairly likely to get accepted soon (coming up on its one-year anniversary as a draft, but gets mentioned with some regularity on the distutils-sig ml)17:52
mordredfungi: well - for me to do that I'd need to attempt to contact the human two more times17:54
fungiyup. considered filing a gh issue on it?
mordredlet me do that- as well as sending a second email17:56
mordredfungi, dhellmann, ttx, smcginnis: second email send, cc'd you this time17:59
mordreddhellmann, fungi, ttx, smcginnis:
mordredthat would be, fwiw, 3 attempts at communication18:02
fungithe tl;dr here is that there's currently no official process for how people can take over abandoned/disputed package entries on pypi (and the pypi admins have taken various approaches over the years but were trending toward action paralysis due to consistency concerns), so pep 541 aims to provide an official process18:02
fungiand _if_ you want to have any chance of convincing the pypi admins to release control of the old keystone entry there, i expect they'll want to see the steps in that pep followed at a minimum (but it's still far from a guarantee)18:03
smcginnisGiven the state of that project, and all the attempts at communication with them, I hope it's not a difficult decision for the admin to make.18:05
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EmilienMcdent, smcginnis : good luck for the elections ;-)18:56
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smcginnisThanks EmilienM!19:39
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mordredtc-members: it's worth noting that I have not done a release naming poll for S - I figured it was maybe time that our lovely folks who oversee other elections take over, but I keep forgetting to say anything22:04
mordredtc-members: also, we have out-grown the CIVS server ability to send vote emails to every foundation member ... so I was thinking we should either run our own (a lot of work) OR - just create the CIVS naming poll as a public poll and send out the link to it22:05
mordreda public poll means that it's POSSIBLE a human could scam the system and vote multiple times ... but given the goal for the naming poll is to be inclusive and we have other checks and balances against 'bad' names ... and that it was an open poll back in the launchpad poll days - that there isn't much downside to just doing it as an public poll22:06
dhellmannmordred : I added that to for ttx22:06
mordredBUT - I leave that in your very capable hands22:06
mordreddhellmann: awesome. thanks!22:06
smcginnismordred: Thanks, I was just thinking about the naming a few days ago.22:07
dhellmannwe should call it ess22:07
mordreddhellmann: we should totally call it ess22:07
dhellmanneveryone can practice writing phonetic sorting algorithms in all the various languages that read lists of release names22:08
smcginnissess with a silent s.22:08
dhellmannwhat're you, french?22:09
smcginnisThey drop the end of words, not the beginning. ;)22:10
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openstackgerritManoj Kumar proposed openstack/governance master: Remove the extra-atcs section for trove
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