Wednesday, 2018-01-24

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openstackgerritGao Fei proposed openstack/governance master: Replace curly quotes with straight quotes
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fungimmm, i also missed our 01:00z office hour, but looks like everyone else did too so i don't suppose i feel too bad03:44
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openstackgerritChangBo Guo(gcb) proposed openstack/governance master: Add Rocky goal to enable mutable configuration
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dimsfungi :)13:11
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: gerrit has been suffering from a full disk, some mails may have been lost in the last couple of hours. we will now restart gerrit to address ongoing slowness, too15:25
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dmsimardCan we talk about things during non-office hours? :D16:32
cmurphywe'll allow it just for you16:35
dmsimardI vaguely remember discussing about the RDO test days with fungi here and how it was perhaps not advertised enough (despite openstack-dev and openstack-operators emails) -- as we're preparing for our next test day around February 8th, I'd like to share some details ahead of time16:37
dmsimardI actually just explained the context for these test days in the Kolla meeting just now so I'll go ahead and link that:
dmsimardThe general idea is that RDO has "test days" around a week after every OpenStack milestone to encourage users to test RDO packages with different installers (Packstack, TripleO, Kolla, Puppet-OpenStack, etc.)16:39
cdentdmsimard: I'd recommend a blog post that ends up on the openstack planet, and a mail message to os-dev and os-ops ?16:39
dmsimardAt the last test day, we tried something new and sort of stood up a 2-day TryStack because not everyone has the time, skills or hardware to install OpenStack on their own and we got some good amount of participation and feedback16:40
dmsimardThis allows people that are not necessarily developers to get a glimpse at what's coming in the latest release of OpenStack while allowing RDO and the deployment project we used to deploy the cloud to document, troubleshoot and fix bugs16:41
dmsimardThere's also the expectation that people in #rdo are there to help16:41
dmsimardAt the last milestone, we deployed the cloud with Packstack and it was helpful -- we found a few bugs or improvement opportunities here and there in different projects but also in Packstack itself16:42
dmsimardFor this milestone, we might collaborate with Kolla and let their core team deploy/operate/troubleshoot the cloud for the duration of the test days16:42
dmsimardSo really it's about just really trying out the development release and providing a frame where we get to collaborate together to make OpenStack better :D16:44
dmsimardcdent: yeah I did a blog post last time -- I think those end up on planet but I should probably make sure they do16:45
cdentdmsimard: also, since you've spoken up in here, it means that it will show up in the next tc report...16:45
dmsimarduh oh16:45
dmsimardSo, anyway, we want to try hard to make this a thing -- we're putting a certain amount of effort and budget into this and I think it's a win for everyone. The plan is to rotate between different deployment projects at every milestone so everyone gets a chance.16:46
dmsimardAlso, the great thing is that you don't need to be interested in RDO and even in the deployment project to participate16:47
dmsimardUsers are given a tenant, a quota and we set them loose -- so whatever feedback they end up reporting will be beneficial16:48
dmsimardI guess this is why perhaps advertising to a large audience would be beneficial16:50
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dimsdmsimard : sounds like a win19:18
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