Monday, 2018-03-05

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mriedemnotmyname: is there a technical reason swift doesn't support py3?14:36
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notmynamemriedem: depends where you draw the line between technical and social ;-)15:20
notmynamebut our current working document for py3 compat is at
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mriedemok, those seem pretty common to the issues all other projects had to deal with in pike to get it working15:39
mriedemi'm just sort of surprised about the kerfuffle over nova saying we couldn't remove mox usage fully in rocky but swift still hasn't completed the py3 goal from pike15:40
cdentthere's been plenty of kerfuffle about swift and py3 too15:40
mriedemok, figured there might have been and i just wasn't privy to it15:43
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mriedemsince that actually impacts operators/deployers, and mox doesn't15:43
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cdentwe had how to accelerate py3 (for everyone) on friday's agenda and didn't really get into it too much, as though we did the whole day and only scheduled half, we didn't make it through the whole list15:44
cdentbut there had been some hallways converstions throughout the week15:45
mriedemdoes pypy support py3 now?15:45
mriedemyeah says it does15:46
mriedemsince december15:46
cdenttargers 3.5.315:46
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notmynamewe (swift team) had some good discussions last week about what to do with py3. based on what I heard from the TC last week, a "T" cycle compatibility for py3 is a goal that we can shoot for16:35
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mriedemcool; i saw that in a TC recap from smcginnis - totally coincidental to why i was asking (for a py35 CI job i'm working on in which i had to disable swift)21:21
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dimsvery cool notmyname22:00
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openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/governance master: Clarify testing for interop programs
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