Wednesday, 2018-08-08

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fungitc-members (and anyone else around): there's an office hour upon us01:00
fungialso, we have ptl election results for senlin and tacker01:00
* tonyb is here to spill the goss elections01:01
tonyb... not that there really is any goss01:01
fungiis goss some new aussie slang i need to learn?01:02
tonybgoss is short for gossip01:03
* persia read it as short for "gossip"01:03
tonybso I guess so?01:03
fungimaybe you're just all more hip than me (wouldn't take much)01:03
tonybWell it doesn't seem like there's anyone else with a topic ... so the TC election.01:05
tonybThe givernance repos says it shoudl be copleted 6 week prior to the summit01:05
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tonybso that more or less gives us a timeline of:01:06
tonybSetting TC Election01:06
tonybSummit is at: 2018-11-1301:06
tonybLatest possible completion is at: 2018-10-0201:06
tonybMoving back to Tuesday: 2018-10-0201:06
tonybTC Election from 2018-09-25T23:45 to 2018-10-02T23:4501:06
tonybTC Campaigning from 2018-09-18T23:45 to 2018-09-25T23:4501:06
tonybTC Nominations from 2018-09-11T23:45 to 2018-09-18T23:4501:06
tonybSet email_deadline to 2018-09-18T00:0001:06
tonybSetting TC timeframe end to rocky Release date 2018-08-30T00:0001:06
tonybBegining of Queens Cycle @ 2017-08-11 00:00:00+00:0001:06
tonybEnd of Rocky cycle @ 2018-08-30 00:00:00+00:0001:06
tonybElection timeframe: 384 days, 0:00:00s01:06
tonybwhich put Nominations during the PTG01:07
tonybmy suggestion is we move it forward slightly so that Campaigning overlaps with the PTG01:07
tonyband potentally extend the phases to allow for travel01:07
fungiyeah, that could make some nice synergy with (current and future) tc presence at the ptg01:08
fungimaybe a lunchtime panel?01:08
tonybif the Campaigning overlaps with the PTG I'm sure we can get a formal (or not) q&A session to happen at the PTG01:08
persiaThat could be lots of fun, really.01:08
tonybfungi: Yup!01:08
tonybso I guess this is a heads up for the TC to discuss that idea while I pull together a review to set those dates01:09
fungionly real concern is that it _might_ be seen to disadvantage tc candidate hopefuls who aren't attending the ptg01:09
mnaserfungi: agreed, but also the discourse via email threads won't be there too01:10
mnaserso worried that we don't end up with activity like we usually do01:10
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tonybfungi, mnaser: good points.01:11
mnasertonyb: it would be nice to get something in the ML however to get more community thoughts + other tc members01:12
fungimost of the tc members are asleep at the moment anyway, so i don't expect heavy discussion of the proposal for another ~12 hours01:12
tonybOkay  I'll take it to the list01:12
mnasertonyb: thanks for running all this stuff :)01:13
tonybmnaser: np01:13
tonybmnaser: I'm glad I was able to help with this election01:14
tonybthat's all I had really ;p01:17
mnasertonyb: more than we usually have :P01:17
mnaser(at this hour anyways)01:17
tonybmnaser: I normally have an in person meetign at this time otherwaise I'm sure I could find stuff the pester^Wchat wabout ;P01:18
fungias you can see, it's typically fairly quiet01:28
TheJuliaA lunchtime panel does seem like it could be really constructive... and this is coming from a person that fears public speaking.01:43
TheJuliaBut concur as well with the downsides.01:43
dims+1 thanks tonyb01:47
fungii'm not good with public speaking, but for some reason talking to (large rooms full of) stackers doesn't feel like the same thing to me01:54
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fungialso, i've seen you on the keynote stage TheJulia, you're great at it01:58
fungiand i guess our office hour has come to a close. next is thursday at 15:00z02:04
* tonyb waves 02:06
tonybrest weel02:06
tonybwell even02:06
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openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack/governance master: Update with results from the Stein PTL election
openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack/governance master: Update with results from the Stein PTL election
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openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack/governance master: Allow PTLs to not have an IRCnick
tonybfungi: ^^ should fix the '(None supplied)' problem we created :/03:53
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openstackgerritChandan Kumar proposed openstack/governance master: Add ansible-role-tempest project under tripleo
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cdentUpdate on the paste situation: looks like haypo may have keys to the kingdom:
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cdentthere's also:
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smcginnisOh, that's good.11:43
smcginnisRegarding TC term from the office hour - with Ocata being shorter, did that affect the TC election duration?11:44
smcginnisI was a little surprised the September folks would serve over a year. I didn't think we really tied TC terms to release cycles.11:44
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TheJuliaI feel like the possibility was mentioned last year that September elected folks would end up serving about 13 months because of how dates end up having to work for event scheduling.12:48
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jrollscas: ++ on your pulled pork recipe, but you forgot the paprika! :)13:12
scasjroll: i almost never use paprika in practice, simply because i forget it exists13:14
scasthe recipe comes out rather delicious in any case13:14
scasi believe the expected response is 'thanks!', however early it may be13:15
jrollI haven't done a mustard rub in a while, I should get on that13:16
scasi was a bit taken aback with the mustard method at first. that, with the tomato/vinegar sauce, is a decent facsimile for not having access to a smoker. it's not the same, but it'll work13:17
jrollyeah, I used to do slow cooker pork all the time before I had a smoker13:17
scasthe shredding until one doesn't see yellow is important13:17
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scasunrelated: now that i'm on even release footing, for now, i have time to revisit getting releases gated. i believe openstack/openstack-chef may be set up for that without having acls13:20
* cdent renames the channel13:25
jrollwe do need an #openstack-food I think13:26
cdenta few chill channels like that would be good13:26
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TheJulia++, and now I want BBQ13:34
fungismcginnis: TheJulia: tc terms (or more correctly elections) are tied to summit dates (not really releases directly); whether or not that's a sane choice is up for debate13:45
* fungi apologizes for not including an obfood13:46
TheJuliafungi: that was what my memory was recalling13:46
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smcginnisThat makes sense I suppose.13:59
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ttxsmcginnis: TC terms are based on summits, so Ocata did not affect it14:26
smcginnisAh, OK.14:30
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dhellmanntc-members: is the patch to affirm Omer Anson as PTL of Dragonflow. Please vote there so we can confirm him, now that the regular elections are done.15:16
dhellmanncdent , jroll , scas : we had #openstack-social for a while, but I don't know if anyone is in there any more. It never saw all that much traffic to begin with.15:19
cdentI was mostly joking because if we had it somebody would insist that we not socialize in the "official" channels, and goodness that would be dire15:21
smcginnis  /join #openstack-antisocial15:22
cmurphysrsbsns channels15:22
* TheJulia glances at that serious channel, and only sees three people ;)15:24
jrollcdent: ++15:40
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fungiit's ## on both of those16:09
fungi##openstack-social has a couple dozen lurkers16:10
fungi##openstack-antisocial is one i started so i could talk to myself16:10
fungi(mostly as a joke relative to the announcement when -social was created)16:10
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TheJuliafungi: but you've not talked to yourself as far as I remember...16:22
smcginnisIt would be funny to have a large group of people in that channel with nothing in the logs for weeks. :)16:23
fungiwell, i realized that my hatred of all people extends to myself, so decided i didn't want to talk to myself either16:24
fungiand yes after creating the channel and having (some) people in there for long periods saying nothing, it became a much better joke anyway16:24
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fungiTheJulia: in the wake of the interop wg meeting (which just concluded), i've updated with outcomes16:48
fungisummary is that the interop wg will accept responsibility for all the deliverables, qa was not interested in being responsible for python-tempestconf, and we'll work with refstack folks on the governance change to retire the team16:48
cdentweird. seems like a good match.16:51
dhellmannthanks, fungi16:59
cdent(in case it was not clear my "weird" is that it is odd that qa didn't want)17:00
TheJuliacdent: that was fairly clear, and I seem to remember the prior context was that they didn't want it, so I guess this is the best case outcome.17:01
fungii haven't asked nor gone looking for a transcript of the discussion, so not sure what the details really are17:08
fungibut i should, as i'm also a liaison for qa ;)17:09
* fungi scribbles yet another line on his to do list17:10
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dhellmanntc-members: mordred raises a reasonable point about the lack of IRC nicks for some of the PTLs on I like fungi's suggestion of formalizing that through a resolution to give the election officials backing when they ask for information from candidates. Can someone work with the election folks on writing that up?17:25
fungihesitant to continue scribbling on my to do list, but since it was my suggestion i suppose i should17:27
dhellmannfungi : perhaps we can find someone to work with you17:28
fungipersia: diablo_rojo: tonyb: sound good to you? ^17:28
dhellmannI'd be happy if it was an election official, too, but in my general push for us to pair up when taking on TC tasks I think another TC member would be good17:28
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fungii.e., if we have a ratified tc resolution requiring irc nicks for all candidates in technical elections, then we can just add a line or two to the validation job so that lack of irc nick rejects the proposal17:28
cdentdo we want to do that? haven't we made it pretty clear that IRC isn't available to plenty of people? thus if we require it, we exlude those people17:29
fungias with most things involving humans, the implementation is quite trivial but the policy will need some thought17:29
dhellmannwe should have that discussion (see the wiki notes)17:29
cdentI thought exactly what mordred did when reviewing and then decided to let it ride17:30
fungicdent: yeah, to me it's less about policy at the moment and more about keeping the wheels turning while we fill in the gap in details17:30
dhellmannpart of the point is to ensure we can reach the PTLs, so I'm OK with making an IRC nick optional as long as we can reach them *somehow*17:31
fungieasy to add policy so that we don't have to worry about it in the future17:31
mordredcdent: we have?17:31
dhellmannand I don't think having only a chat nick of any sort is enough17:31
cdentmordred: I'm not _certain_ but we discussed that many people in china struggle to have access to irc17:32
mordredif it is clear that IRC is not available to plenty of people and we're accepting of that, I think we should fundamentally re-assess how we structure our real-time chat access17:32
cdenti think the problem is more along the lines of: access to real time chat is not universal, we need to restructure our ideas about it being a primary medium17:32
TheJuliacdent: ++17:33
mordredlike, I do not understand how I am supposed to participate in the community if I cannot expect members of the community to use our communication channels17:33
cdentmordred: it is challenging, yes17:33
mordredcdent: I fundamentally disagree - I think real-time chat is an essential part of our community structure17:33
cdentmordred: I left out a word: "_if_ access to real..."17:34
mordredah - yes17:34
cdentbut the evidence from people who have journeyed to china recently is that it is the case that it is not universal17:34
mordredcdent: I'd say we either need to restructure our ideas about it being a primary medium or we need to restructure our ideas about hw we're approaching real-time chat17:35
fungiaccess to available time to participate in the community is also not universally available to all. access to computer networks may not even be readily available to some. there is probably a point where we need to draw the line on things we can reasonably expect people to find access to if they want to engage in the community consistently in leadership activities17:36
TheJuliamordred: is real time chat even globally or universally possible except for the time zones any given person is awake in?17:36
mordredTheJulia: a single realtime chat that includes all the global timezones at once, no- but I frequently real-time chat with people in APAC and EMEA when our timezones overlap17:36
mordredand it is often an essential part in moving understanding forward17:37
mordredor I'll stay up late so that I can do such a thing when needed17:37
mordredin any case - we're talking about PTLs - not about requiring every openstack contributor to have unfettered access to IRC17:37
fungii find the first contact sig meeting chair a notable example. she exists in pst/pdt and runs the meeting at 08:00 utc for the benefit of apac/emea folk17:38
fungi(and then struggles every wednesday to survive on a few hours of sleep... i couldn't do that week after week)17:40
TheJuliaI concur it would be good, but I think we can only highly recommend PTLs to participate on IRC in order to move things forward. Some secondary means of contact is needed I think. Making it mandatory seems exclusionary.17:41
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fungi#thanks diablo_rojo for chairing the First Contact SIG meeting every week at such an unfortunate hour in your night!17:41
openstackstatusfungi: Added your thanks to Thanks page (
mordredwe make gerrit mandatory, and people exist in places that port-block port 2941817:41
persiaI don't think we should either require IRC nicks for elections nor should the TC pass a resolution indicating it ought be done.17:41
TheJuliamordred: although we're able to reach https on review.o.o in china.17:42
persiaOn the other hand, I'm perfectly happy to draft an email (from me) publically shaming folk who are known active on IRC and didn't register their nicks properly.17:42
persia(as part of a general call for folk to register their IRC nicks with the foundation profiles)17:42
mordredTheJulia: that is because someone somewhere has done some work to make sure that is true17:42
TheJuliaHas someone though? Or is it only via the nature of the medium and coincidence that we just so happen to be able to reach gerrit's https interface and can post changes through it if we have our password?17:45
mordredTheJulia: I do not know. I think it would be worthwhile for someone to reach out to someone and see what options we have or what options might be open to us or if there is a way to work with the authorities in question17:46
persiaTheJulia: Someone has.  There exists a whitelist for https.17:46
fungialso the gerrit devs have done the work to make sure things like authenticated push over http(s) and retrieval of the change-if commit hook retrieval work, the git-review contributors have added support for those transports, and people in the community have gone to the effort to experiment and document how to bring it all together17:47
mordredlike, I would personally rather we migrated wholesale from IRC to something else if IRC is fundamentaly unworkable in some world regions but another free alternative exists that is acceptable - than to accept the status quo and leave some of our community in a position of being perpetual second-class citizens17:47
fungithat is all "some (significant amount of)" work17:47
* diablo_rojo is catching up and looking at PTL IRC nick patch17:47
TheJuliamordred: I completely agree, but I think IRC is ingrained in this community so it would also be worthy uphill battle if we were to move.17:49
persiamordred: I believe that such an alternative is unlikely.  The issue with IRC has little to do with the transport protocols.  I also don't think it possible to have a frank discussion about the issues in a publically-logged forum.17:49
* TheJulia just so happened to get yet another spam message while typing out the last message17:49
mordredTheJulia: you can set +R on yourself, fwiw17:51
fungiyep. there are political reasons to prevent people from communicating in an open and unrestricted manner across national borders. we can (and should) work to fix that problem, but just hopping from protocol to protocol is not the answer17:51
funginor is technology for that matter17:51
TheJuliamordred: Interesting concept, although then it would be more difficult for unregistered users to reach me :\17:51
mordredTheJulia: yes. it would indeed. have I mentioned how much I dislike this spam storm17:52
TheJuliaIn this current political climate, I fear that it will only become more difficult :(17:52
dhellmannis IRC the only chat platform where it is possible to join and use it without registering?17:52
persiadhellmann: No, but it is the most well documented one, with the broadest federation.17:53
TheJuliamordred: I believe I've picked up on that :)17:53
dhellmannpersia : interesting. I'm not really that familiar with a lot of others, but all of the ones I know do require some sort of sign-in iirc17:53
diablo_rojoPersonally, I kinda feel like PTLs need an irc nic, or to specify some other way to instant message them. There are a lot of instances where I need to get in contact with them and they don't respond to emails so I try to ping them on IRC as a backup option.17:54
dhellmannI don't know if we want to let us get into a situation where the only way to reach a PTL is wechat17:54
TheJuliaI would be happy to list alternate contact methods for people to reach me17:54
diablo_rojoI realize my role is different than a lot of the community ;) But still, would be nice to know what other method they prefer if they don't do IRC.17:54
persiadhellmann: I'm thinking of *old* protocols, before people cared much about authentication.  Usually horrible bandwidth drains (but at the time, folk using them at universities had more bandwidth than they could use), due to being full peer-to-peer, etc.17:54
dhellmannhaving alternatives is good17:54
diablo_rojoIn a perfect world- they would all have registered IRC nicks and all have bouncers set up :)17:55
fungipersia: heh, the "talk" utility was great17:55
persiaThe mediawiki folk have an interesting solution to enforce that: they gate gerrit access based on freenode nickserv registration.17:55
diablo_rojodhellmann, agreed about the wechat thing- I don't use it currently17:55
TheJuliaIrc Bouncer as a Service?17:55
dhellmannfungi : ooo, we wrote a 3 way talk app in on of my networking classes. High Tech (tm)17:56
mordredwe've talked about running some sort of bouncer or gateway service for folks17:56
persiaTheJulia: There's been a spec for that for a couple years.17:56
dhellmannI feel like this conversation keeps coming back to matrix and then lack of time and then dying.17:56
mordredwell, matrix is next on my list after I finish this base ansible-ification of infra things17:56
persiamatrix doesn't solve the underlying problem.17:56
fungihaving looked into it as much out of morbid curiosity than anything, even the open source wechat clients require you to authenticate with a mobile device first to report your gps coordinates to the chinese government before you can log in, and the application also basically has full access to backdoor the device on which you install it (and has effectively been used to that end in earlier releases too)17:57
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persiaFundamentally, the preferred mechanisms of communication have to match the means of communication used by the participants in the community.  Those participants must be free to use those means of communications in their home jurisdictions.  How we communicate defines the "we" communicating.17:58
mordredif we used matrix, one could then run a matrix in china for the chinese users which _only_ federates to the openstack matrix17:58
mnaserwild idea17:58
mnaserwhat if we ran on port 80 or port 44317:58
persiamordred: For some value of "could", perhaps :)17:58
fungimordred: does that actually work? does matrix federation traffic make it through the gfw?17:58
mnaserwould that help?17:58
mordredthey can totaly still block that17:58
mnaserthey can block tls traffic over port 443? :X17:59
mordredfungi: well - I think with the ability to describe a specific subset - we could make a case to the gfw folks that allowing something should be done17:59
fungimnaser: not really, gfw filtering is based on some application layer inspection so would almost certainly break non-http/https communication over those ports17:59
mordredwhereas saying "please allow all of freenode" is a bit harder17:59
mnaserfungi: didn't know it was that wild17:59
mordredfungi: I don't know it would be successful at all17:59
mordredfungi: but it seems like we could at least put together a proposal17:59
persiaNote: using technological means to defeat the stated policy of a nation is not usually a valuable activity.  Also, early disclosure may invoke various treaties between westphalian soverigns.  None of the individuals I've personally met in this channel are likely to want to have an adversarial discussion with that class of legal person.18:00
TheJuliaalthough https just tls transported http without a step-up, the same support exists in some irc clients/servers, one would just have ot know to use it18:00
mordredpersia: yes18:00
mnaseroh i have an idea18:00
mordredpersia: I have no interest in helping defeat such national policy18:00
fungimnaser: they do indeed block https traffic over 443. the chinese government operates certificate authorities trusted by most major browsers and can issue valid certs for any domain they want so that they can do content inspection of https traffic transparently18:00
mnaserwhat if we ran a webchat client on ?18:00
mnasersimilar to the one freenode runs18:00
TheJuliafungi: TIL :(18:01
mnaserand that would be an actual real https content18:01
mnaserand maybe we can let it use openstackid for sso so it doesn't get abused18:01
persiaTheJulia: Many sovereigns do this.  Further information and details are available from (the gateway for CAs to be "accepted").18:01
mordredmnaser: the problem is that it would be acess to unfiltered chat-communication medium - which hits what persia was talking about18:01
fungithis gets back to my point, we should work to solve this communication barrier but the solutions to the problem are not technical at all18:02
persiamnaser: Essentially, if any action is taken to enable the class of communication under discussion, it should be done in a way that has the pre-approval of any sovereign entities that wish to be party to said communication.18:02
fungithey are political, and require lobbying and activism18:02
dhellmannthe other side of the question is we could get that portion of our community to use whatever thing we do set up. or indeed, for matrix, could we get the existing community to use it.18:02
mordredwith the matrix filtered federation theory, the idea would be to work directly with the gfw folks so that what we're doing is allowing a medium over which developers there can talk with developers not-there - without turning it into a gfw hole18:02
* persia agrees with fungi18:02
mordredfungi: yup18:03
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mordredI mena - this is WAY talking in the clear blue sky, obviously18:04
fungiattempting to "work around" political disagreements via technical means is at best avoiding the issue and at worst terrorism in at least some jurisdiction18:04
fungi(or perhaps treason? some "t" word at least)18:05
* persia believes "some" in that sentence to include most of north america, most of europe, significant portions of asia, australia, parts of africa, and parts of south amerida18:05
mordredfungi: ++18:06
mnasercan we see if there are any ptls who cant be on irc18:06
mnaserand then we can decide if we need to figure out a solution18:06
persiaThere have been some in the past.18:06
persiaFor most of those without registered IRC nicks this election cycle, there is prior documentation of them having IRC nicks and being on IRC.18:06
fungiand from an election officials standpoint, we simply carried over their previously indicated irc nicks18:08
fungiso the ones in that patch with no nick provided are new ptls where we had none on record and they didn't put it in their foundation member profile18:08
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persiaIn at least one past election, pursued under different rules, we have reported "IRC Nicks" for PTLs who are rarely or never on IRC.18:10
persia(based on their person in question's positive statement regarding that being their IRC nick, regardless of frequency of use)18:10
fungiyeah, until this election, irc nick was the unique key used for all candidates, so was effectively required by process (rather than policy)18:13
fungiwe switched to foundation profile e-mail address this time because it simplifies the automation of confirmation a ton18:13
dhellmannI noticed quite a few comments on nominations that had done that incorrectly18:14
fungiwell, this ptl election anyway. it's the same thing we did last tc election but for ptls it was a change in process18:14
* mordred got it wrong the first time18:15
mordredbut then- yay code review- I got it right!18:15
fungiyeah, i expect most of those just copied old commits (either their own or someone else's). we could have done a better job of reiterating that process change in our messaging18:15
* dhellmann nods18:16
fungii had expected the draft site builds to catch that and reject accordingly, but the sphinx extension was too lenient and so a (non-voting but soon to be voting) ci job was added to more explicitly check such things18:17
diablo_rojoSo the plan is to contact the remaining ptls with no nicks and see if they have access to irc and to ask them to register a nick name?18:18
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persiadiablo_rojo: If the goal is just to populate the dataset, I suspect scanning meeting logs for the relevant teams will provide a significant number of nicks.18:22
fungiyeah, two actions from them: 1. add their irc nick to their foundation member profile, 2. submit a patch to the governance repo to add the same in the projects.yaml18:22
fungifor many of them we already did #218:22
diablo_rojoGot it. How do we want to divvy that up amongst election officials?18:23
fungigood question. i'm first trying to think of the best way to reach out to them all18:26
*** annabelleB has quit IRC18:27
dhellmannwhy not email them and ask them to propose the patch themselves?18:27
diablo_rojodhellmann, +2 for delegation :)18:28
fungiright, that's what i meant by "actions from them"18:29
fungii count 11 with no irc nick in their foundation profile, according to
dhellmanndo we need it in the foundation profile? I guess for validation?18:30
diablo_rojoI can send out the email to those people.18:30
fungiupkeep at this point really18:30
diablo_rojoI'll draft something this afternoon and run it by whoever wants to see it before I send it.18:30
dhellmannthat foundation people database is so badly out of date in a lot of ways when it comes to contributors18:30
fungimore for if they run again next term it'll be provided by the tooling automatically18:30
dhellmannbut yeah, let's get them noted in both places18:31
dhellmannand then figure out what we want the rule to be going forward18:31
*** dklyle has quit IRC18:31
fungiin the future elections we can have some better means of prompting them to do that proactively (whether or not we determine it's required)18:31
diablo_rojoThat sounds good to me.18:32
*** dklyle has joined #openstack-tc18:34
diablo_rojodhellmann, fungi persia I drafted something short and sweet- make changes as you like:
*** dklyle has quit IRC18:59
persiadiablo_rojo: Do you feel we should require nick registration, or just nicks?  There are lots of folk with unregistered nicks and persistent presence.19:00
persiaAlso, there are lots of folk who *have* registered nicks, but do not maintain persistent IRC connections, such that IRC may not be a good way to reach them if their email doesn't work.19:02
* persia is confused as to whether the requirement is "IRC Nick" or "Have a registered means by which one can be reached in preference to email" or "Have a means one can be reached in realtime"19:03
mnaserpersia: i think given the recent policy change of registered nicks only, it's a bit of a natural requireemnt19:03
persiamnaser: Thanks.  That resolves the "persistent IRC presence but unregistered" case.  Any thoughts on the other two?19:04
mnaserpersia: i do agree that just having a nick but without ever being here is a bit silly.. so that's why i'm a bit torn/undecided on that19:05
persiaIn a recent scan of activity for some of the "missing" folk, I encountered a few that attended meetings but were not persistent.  In other contexts, I've found that behaviour common for many folk who have a couple IRC meetings but don't otherwise have need to use IRC (many of whom tend to use a web gateway and close the browser when not in a meeting).19:06
*** annabelleB has joined #openstack-tc19:07
persiaIf the goal is to actually reach people, another common case is to have persistent IRC presence, but not have a client on a mobile device, whilst also being in the habit of realtime messaging using email from a mobile device.19:07
persiadiablo_rojo: Summary: email looks fine, except I'm uncertain what "some other more realtime means of contacting you." might mean, especially for folk for whom IRC isn't persistently realtime or folk for whom email is persistently realtime.19:09
fungii'll take a look at it in a bit, but probably best to just say "if you have an irc nick, add it in these places..."19:11
*** e0ne has quit IRC19:11
fungisince we don't have any actual policy (yet at least)19:11
persiaThat makes sense to me.  At least one new PTL has been using an unregistered nick for the past several months.  Be interesting to see what happens when trying to use a +r channel.19:14
smcginnisWell isn't that nice, fungi just invited me to go to Berlin. :)19:16
fungihope to see you there!19:16
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-tc19:19
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*** zaneb has quit IRC19:30
diablo_rojopersia, I had something in there about (besides email) that I took out, but am happy to add it back19:33
persiadiablo_rojo: I'll add a suggestion19:34
diablo_rojoThanks persia19:34
persiaDoes that work for you?19:35
*** zaneb has joined #openstack-tc19:35
diablo_rojopersia, works for me19:35
persiaThe first "Alt" is based on fungi's comment above.  I'm a little worried about the change it causes to "If you have access" on the following line though.19:36
dhellmannlike I said before, I don't think we want a bunch of wechat IDs as alternatives19:36
dhellmannnor would we want phone numbers19:36
persiaSo, what do we want?19:37
diablo_rojodhellmann, we can add some more phrasing around what sort of contact info we want19:38
persiaThere is a current PTL for which I can find no evidence that IRC has ever been used, and substantive parts of recent "IRC Meetings" have been conducted on wechat.19:38
persiaSome neighbour communities (especially just off the edges of the neutron space) have "IRC Meetings" that are used to take attendence for telephone conferences: in that situation, I would expect a phone number to be the best alternative.19:39
dhellmannfor right now I think we don't want anyone to assume the TC will use anything other than email or IRC to contact them19:39
persiaThen perhaps just strike the last line?19:40
dhellmannthe release team also uses that contact info, for instance, and as a release manager I'm not about to start making phone calls19:40
dhellmannso if they don't have IRC, they need to give us an email address for which the actually read and respond to messages19:40
dhellmannwell, they need to do that whether they have IRC or not :-)19:40
persiaSince we're only sending this to their registered email address, we're assuming this is an address they read and to which they respond.19:40
dhellmannI would hope that to be true19:41
dhellmannI have not necessarily found it so in the past19:41
dhellmannhowever, I think that's the best we can do19:41
persiaIf our assumption is valid, people will take the action.  If our assumption is invalid, the content of the message will not impact the behaviour of the individual.19:41
dhellmannperhaps we should focus this message on getting IRC info from anyone who has it and hasn't given it to us19:42
diablo_rojoSo... cut the last part then?19:42
dhellmannyes, I think so19:42
dhellmannI'm a bit concerned that we have teams having their meetings on wechat, since I think we consider that a closed platform.19:43
diablo_rojodhellmann, lines 22-42 sound okay?19:43
diablo_rojodhellmann, I think so too, but I know that there are teams that have been having meetings there and on Zoom and whatnot.19:44
dhellmanndiablo_rojo : I made a minor edit but that looks good now19:44
dhellmannyes, zoom is also a bit of a concern19:44
dhellmannalthough there are fewer geopolitical issues involved in using that19:45
diablo_rojoCool. Will wait for a few more +2s from fungi tonyb and persia and then I will get it sent out asap.19:45
dhellmannI don't have a good answer to this. I'm trying to be practical and acknowledge that not everyone can use IRC, but we do stipulate that closed platforms should *not* be used.19:45
annabelleBbeen lurking this meeting…from the perspective of following release features, I’ve noticed a bit more of this cropping up lately. Makes it harder to track work. Might be time to remind the community the many values of open and logged comms :) (but this is probably a bigger and different conversation)19:46
fungidhellmann: i'm having trouble confirming the veracity of the wechat meeting claim, so maybe ignore that until we have evidence ;)19:46
dhellmannfungi : ack19:46
persiadiablo_rojo: Let's resolve the remaining "Alt": after that, I'm happy to confirm something to send (but the current content feels still like discussion)19:46
dhellmannannabelleB : yes, perhaps in our next round of health checks we can ask specifically about meeting tools19:47
diablo_rojodhellmann, thats a good idea19:48
diablo_rojopersia, I think the conclusion for now is to ask about IRC nicks only and not ask about other means of contact.19:49
diablo_rojoI imagine will will reply being like no I can't IRC if thats the case.19:49
persiadiablo_rojo: Yes.  I'm speaking about line 5 vs. line 719:49
persiaGiven the +r nature of our channels, I'm now fine with unalterered line 5, although we should pick one :)19:50
diablo_rojopersia, I put a more final draft down between 24 and 4319:50
diablo_rojowell...the line numbers are changing a bit19:51
persiadiablo_rojo: Ah, then I think the work fungi is currently doing should be integrated, and then I'm happy.19:51
diablo_rojoCool. That's 3/4 election officials then.19:51
diablo_rojoDo you want to be cced on the email fungi and persia?19:52
persiadiablo_rojo: Yes please.  Helps show it is from all of us.19:52
fungisure, that would be great19:52
fungitonyb: ^ ?19:52
fungi(if you're awake yet)19:52
diablo_rojoWill do. About to dip out to lunch and then I will send it out when I get back.19:52
smcginnisRelated to the IRC challenges - Chris is fairly technical, so I am a little concerned about our more operations folks being able to get involved -
* persia thinks it is still early in that part of the world19:53
diablo_rojoYeah its not even 6 AM yet19:53
fungithanks diablo_rojo! it's not super urgent but i appreciate you knocking this out19:53
smcginnisOr our non-English, already struggling with firewalls and other restrictions, folks.19:53
persiasmcginnis: The distinction between connecting to a relay network and connecting to channels is lost in many clients, which makes that sort of experience common.19:54
diablo_rojofungi, its now or it will fall down the list and happen like...tomorrow...or friday19:54
fungismcginnis: i fully expect us to roll back the community-wide ban on non-registered nicks once this spam wave eventually subsides19:54
smcginnisfungi: Yeah... until the next one.19:54
scasfungi: the spammers are part of a long-tail crusade19:54
* diablo_rojo wants dumplings and will be back later to catch back up19:55
scasthis behavior is not new, it's been going for the better part of two decades19:55
* diablo_rojo waves19:55
fungismcginnis: thankfully we have the ability to set channel flags in our accessbot now so can turn it on and off fairly quickly19:55
scasi don't mean spamming in general, but the ones behind it19:55
smcginnisfungi: Oh nice.19:55
fungiscas: oh, i know19:55
persiascas: It's about who is targeted.  Currently, OpenStack is a target.  I'm in other communities on freenode that have close to zero of this spam traffic.19:55
scaspersia: "freenode" is the target, openstack is just a big juicy place full of channels19:56
fungiyeah, #openbsd has seen squat from the spammers19:56
persiascas: Yes.  I'm referring to the juiciness.19:56
persiaWhen the bots are configured to find openstack less desirous (because of awkwardnesses), rules can be relaxed and the target can be pursued in other channels.19:57
scasi don't think openstack is so much being targeted, but an innocent bystander in this. freebsd channels of which i am a member were being brigaded before the mass +r19:57
*** annabelleB has quit IRC19:57
scaschef-specific remnant channels were being brigaded despite the community being all on slack, just by them being there and allowing unregistered users19:58
scasit can look like openstack is being targeted specifically, but it's a lot bigger19:59
persiaIt's bigger than openstack, but it isn't everywhere.19:59
cmurphyyeah fwiw it hit a number of extremely low traffic low population channels i was in19:59
fungii think they're targeting a lot of large communities (or communities they perceive as large) and trying to needle them to move off freenode19:59
persiaAt least one community in which I participate has been on freenode for > 15 years, all channels currently /mode +nt, no spam.19:59
*** diablo_rojo has quit IRC20:00
fungicmurphy: low traffic low population channel which is affiliated with a well-known/large/high-profile project or community?20:00
cmurphynot particularly20:01
fungishoots that theory20:01
persiaAlso, communities where lots of folk are -i are likely to be hit if neighbour communities are hit.  Maybe it's worth adding "set your mode to +i" in our guidelines?20:01
fungii figured convincing high-profile users of freenode to leave would be something the attackers could use to further discredit the network20:01
scasi set umode +gi for gastrointestinal relief20:02
scasbut i also don't have many people who would want to send me a private message20:02
* persia is -g, mostly because of participation in roles where comms from random folk are useful20:02
*** dklyle has joined #openstack-tc20:05
*** annabelleB has joined #openstack-tc20:19
zanebit's everywhere on freenode afaict20:21
zanebdefinitely not openstack being targeted specifically20:24
*** cdent has quit IRC20:31
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jrollfoundation employees, do you have a way to contact nicole martinelli?20:46
jrollneed to s/1.1/11.1 here:
jrollside note: there's a beagle on the sidebar of her profile and it makes me so happy.
persiajroll: Have you tried ?20:47
diablo_rojo_phonjroll: yep20:48
jrollpersia: I didn't really look, tbh. thanks, I'll just email20:48
diablo_rojo_phonI can do you her email address20:48
persiadiablo_rojo_phon: It is on the page I linked (although she may have many)20:48
jrolldiablo_rojo_phon: yeah, her foundation email would be great20:48
jrollkeep work at work and all :)20:48
diablo_rojo_phonjroll: actually her nicole@openstack.o should work20:50
jrollperf, thanks diablo_rojo_phon :)20:50
scasi emailed nicole a couple days ago at the above. she's rather responsive20:51
diablo_rojo_phonAlso, as a heads up, she's in Italy right now not at home so her response time might be skewed a bit20:51
diablo_rojo_phonOr not lol20:51
jrollit's not crazy urgent :)20:52
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fungiit's her home away from home21:09
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fungiglad to see there are contributors eager to step up and rescue freezer from impending doom23:45
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