Monday, 2020-12-07

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openstackgerritDmitriy Rabotyagov proposed openstack/governance master: Deprecate openstack-ansible-galera_client role
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openstackgerritDmitriy Rabotyagov proposed openstack/governance master: Revive os_monasca
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smcginnisI've kept the naming poll open a little past the published deadline. Last call for anyone that hasn't voted yet. I'll be closing it out soon.15:57
* fungi hums, "xanadu... xanadu oo-oo..."15:58
mnasercc tc-members ^16:01
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ttxIt's the first one EVER that I don;t vote on. But I trust y'all.17:21
ttxI'll soon know if that was a good idea17:21
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smcginnisX naming is still subject to Foundation vetting, but Xanadu is the winner, followed by Xena and a third place three way tie for Xenith, Xenon, and Xenomorph.18:05
fungion a roll! assuming it passes muster, it will be the third winning openstack release name i've suggested18:14
funginot in a row (my suggestions for u didn't win and i didn't suggest anything for v or w), but still18:22
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njohnstonFYI the next OpenStack release will be... OpenStack Xanadu
njohnston(pending copywright check)20:34
njohnston(sorry meant to announce that to some internal folks)20:36
fungiheh, no worries, it never gets old ;)20:45
gmanntc-members: Reminder to vote on these two project removal review:
jungleboyjDone.  :-)21:05
zanebXanadu an obvious trademark non-starter due to if not
jungleboyjI assumed Xenon would be as well given Intel having it as a processor.21:18
zanebfield of use matters. a processor and cloud software are arguably unlikely to be confused for each other21:21
njohnstonI could see a case being made for "Blahblah Cloud.... powered by Xenon!"  being confusing21:22
zanebbut e.g. "Platform-as-a-service, Software-as-a-service, and Infrastructure as-a-service" as a field of use is basically insurmountable21:23
zaneb is probably a better link21:24
zaneb claims that Project Xanadu is registered also, but I can't find the registration right now21:25
zanebjungleboyj: also xenon and xeon are different words despite containing many of the same letters21:27
jungleboyjHa ... That is right is xeon, not xenon.21:27
jungleboyja lot of common letters there.21:28
zanebsmcginnis: will the link to the poll votes be posted somewhere?21:28
gmannzaneb: I think not yet announced.  this one
zanebhmm, "Ballot reporting was not enabled for this poll." :(21:30
gmannseems total 6 vote cast21:31
jungleboyjYeah, not great.21:31
jungleboyjWould have been best to see everyone vote.21:31
smcginnisThat was disappointing. I know a few folks were out on vacation, but the dates had been published for awhile.21:31
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++21:32
smcginnisI left it open almost an extra day to try to see if we could pick up one or two, but I think it sat at 6 since last week.21:32
gmannand out of 6, mine was neutral so basically 5 votes21:32
smcginnisThis seemed to work better when the TC was larger. :)21:32
zanebreminder that the process requires the votes to be public:
smcginnisCrap, I did forget about the last part of "The electorate will be Technical Committee, and the poll should be run in a manner that allows members of the community to see what each TC member voted for."21:42
smcginnisWell, if it was really only five people, folks could share what they voted for?21:43
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spotzSo who won?!!!!!!22:14
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diablo_rojoI did my civic duty.22:49
fungispotz: xanadu was apparently the top pick in the poll, but there's some question about whether indicates it would ultimately be unsuitable23:34
fungibut the oif legal folk are going to put it through a thorough evaluation anyway23:36
fungithere are a couple live entries for quantum computing related work, one for digital music and music distribution, one for electronic gaming and gambling, and then the aforementioned entry for project xanadu23:42
fungi"Goods and Services: IC 009. US 038. G & S: computer programs and instructional manuals used therewith for use in a hypertext system, electronic literary system, electronic literature, storage manager, network storage manager, write-once memory manager, distribution storage system, hypertext server, hypermedia server, hypertext network, hypermedia network, hypernet, electronic publishing method, and23:42
fungixanalogical storage. FIRST USE: 19701000. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19790200"23:42
fungiregistered in 1994 and still marked as "live"23:43
fungithe question around any of them mainly comes down to field of endeavor, and of any that seems like the closest to what openstack does (though whether it's within spitting distance is for lawyers to say)23:45

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