Wednesday, 2022-03-30

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opendevreviewdaniel.pawlik proposed openstack/governance-sigs master: Add Opensearch Dashboard information
gmann#success OpenStack has completed "Yoga" on-time,
opendevstatusgmann: Added success to Success page (
gmann#thanks OpenStack Projects, Release, Requirements, Infra, QA, and OpenDev team to contribute in "Yoga" release.16:39
opendevstatusgmann: Added your thanks to Thanks page (
ttxwow, that's actually still working17:11
* fungi is thankful we've successfully kept that feature in working order17:14
gmannelodilles: on tag framework removal. as yoga is released now I am planning to merge it by today EOD (after ~6-7 hrs from now)
gmannelodilles: hope it is fine from release side?17:26
gmannand this deprecation tag
gmannor I can wait until tomorrow morning (before openinfra episode) so that i can mention it there17:27
elodillesgmann: ack, i did not find any usage of 'deprecation' tag in release repo, so it seems OK from release side18:34
gmannelodilles: thanks for checking. 18:35
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