Tuesday, 2016-08-23

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dongfengHi, joe, in the file /doc/source/api_v1.rst i noticed that you modified that the return code of the function "create a pod" from 201 to 200, however, the return code of the function "create a pod binding" remains 201. is it correct ? won't it changed to 200 too?00:59
joehuangshould changed to 200 too. You can verify that through running Tricircle and execute the command to Tricircle API01:31
dongfengok. got it.01:52
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Yipei@joe, i have some problems with tests. the error is OnsetFileContentLimitExceeded: Personality file content too long04:06
Yipeiis it caused by my code?04:06
Yipeior some other bugs?04:06
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joehuangno, for py27, there are some test cases to test abnormal input, this is the information printed in this test cases07:35
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dongfengi operate the pod by cURL, only relevant pod information is returned. no response code is returned.07:39
dongfengi thought what's you said is another way to operate them this morning.07:43
joehuangyou can use screen -x and jump to t-api screen, you can find the return code in the screen. The 200 is not explicitly printed by curl. If you use chrome plugin to issue http request, you can find the return code directly07:46
dongfengyes, i find it "GET /v2.1/bindings HTTP/1.1" status: 404 len: 240 time: 9.2880921, thx~07:58
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