Friday, 2016-08-26

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ronghuiIn this patch  we can find our name ??02:57
zhiyuanno, you submit a patch to add yourself to the file02:58
ronghuiand how do we know if the Hunan university is exist02:58
zhiyuanoh, this is the irc channel for this project: #openstack-stackalytics02:59
zhiyuancheck this file:
zhiyuanyour patch will be merged into this repos03:00
ronghuii know that and in your submit patch i can see this     "launchpad_id": "luckyvega-g",03:01
ronghui            "companies": [03:01
ronghui                {03:01
ronghui                    "company_name": "Huawei",03:01
ronghui                    "end_date": null03:01
ronghui                }03:01
ronghui            ],03:01
ronghui            "user_name": "Zhiyuan Cai",03:01
ronghui            "emails": ["", ""]03:01
ronghui        },03:01
ronghuiand in the companies of your is Huawei03:01
ronghuiif i need to join the Hunan university and how can i know if this company is exist03:02
zhiyuanyes, not sure if you can just set "company_name" to "Hunan University"03:02
ronghuiand do you know how to search all the company ?03:02
ronghuii want to find whether our university is exist?03:03
ronghuiand if not  i also need to know how to build it03:03
zhiyuanin my opinion, the file itself contains all the companies, no extra file to maintain company information03:04
zhiyuanrefer to this patch:
zhiyuanthis company name is directly added03:07
ronghuiso we just need to add this03:10
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zhiyuani think so, you can submit a patch to add all your members03:12
ronghuiok and you mean i add all our members in this patch and submit, we don't need to think our university is exist before and if this patch is pass. It will automatic to create a company in Newton of OpenStack03:14
ronghuiis right?03:14
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zhiyuanyes, i think so03:29
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