Monday, 2016-08-29

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dongfenghello, Is zhiyuan online? I have a question about the documentation on pod and pod binding. I have considered your suggestions but i still think that 'pods' is better than 'pod' in line 33 at api_v1.rst, because the table make an explanation of return value rather than interpret the pod's meaning. what's more, we can further understand the object described later is a top pod or a bottom pod. Under the head title I01:19
dongfenghave made an relevant explanation of pod and pod binding. it's enough to readers. but I still want to listen to your suggestions. thanks!01:19
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zhiyuanhi dongfeng, are you online?02:50
zhiyuani heard that you had something to discuss with me02:50
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dongfengyes, I am online now03:24
zhiyuanso what's your concern?03:29
dongfengthe main question is the documentation about pod. the return value of get pods functions is json format strings includes several pods information. so i think the value in table is pods rather than pod.03:30
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dongfengof course ,the introduction of pod and pod binings is located under each head title.03:32
zhiyuanmy opinion is not replacing "pods" with "pod"03:33
dongfengsorry for misunderstanding.03:33
zhiyuanmy concern is that though "pods" is in the json body, it is not in the same level with "pod_id", "pod_name"03:33
zhiyuanbut "pods" is put in the same table with "pod_id" and "pod_name", so it may confuse readers03:34
dongfengso if i want to list them together, 'pod' is better than 'pods'?03:35
zhiyuanmaybe you describe "pods" seperately03:35
dongfengyes, i got it.03:36
dongfengI should have a seperate table listing a row describing pods.03:37
zhiyuanwrite something like "pods contains a list of pod instance whose attributes/fields are listed in the following table"03:37
dongfengit's more simple.03:38
zhiyuansince only one line, i think just put the description in plain text03:40
dongfengen, the same idea.03:40
dongfengthanks for your opinions, I will fix some grammar mistakes and commit again.03:41
zhiyuanfine, thanks for your work03:43
dongfengmy pleasure.03:44
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