Sunday, 2016-09-18

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hejiaweihellow joe, when I open the tempest test case,how to run it in my local environment?02:01
joehuangin local environment, you can run ostestr ... command in the /opt/stack/tempest folder03:11
joehuangif you install devstack03:11
joehuangwith tempest enabled03:11
joehuanghello, all, the patch has been merged, so all patches will be able to pass gate test now, please rebase your patch to avoid gate test failure03:12
hejiaweiOK  got it03:13
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joehuanghello jiawei, you can find ostestr command in
joehuangif you don't know how to run it03:24
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hejiaweithank you,joe06:16
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hejiaweito joe,I can my run tempest test command in my environment. To test a new feature,I copy the code to my server,and then restart the openstack server, run tempest it right?07:08
joehuangyou can use cinder --debug list to see the command was issued to cinder api-gw or not, then execute the tempest07:17
hejiaweiok, thank you!07:33
joehuanghello, just send a mail in the mail-list about the tricircle splitting, your thoughts are welcome08:17
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ronghuithe tempest of two patch "" and "" have finished.08:57
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ronghuiand for the patch "force volume detach", how to describe this function. and should we discuss some use cases for this function?08:58
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