Friday, 2016-09-23

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Yipei@joehuang, most of the recent patches did not pass unit tests due to failure of test_bindings and test_get_delete_one00:54
Yipeibut Zhiyuan's patch passes, why?00:58
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Yipei_@joehuang, the tempest test still fails, and the error is as follows. #link But unit test for creating binding passes. So how to debug with tempest?01:11
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joehuangduplicate pod binding recorded inserted01:37
joehuangzhiyuan has fixed this issue01:37
joehuangyou need to rebase your patch01:37
dongfenghello, joe, I plan to commit the resource routing api to the trio2o repo, but as present it should be updated before receive any new patch.01:42
Yipei@joehuang, i rebased my patch, but it doesn't work01:45
joehuangresource routing is a common function both for Tricircle and Trio2o, you can submit in Tricircle, after then, sync to Trio2o. Trio2o has not been cleaned, all point to tricircle, I don't think it's ready for new patch.02:21
joehuangmay be your code will lead to duplicate tenant binding. Because tempest test is working in running status, have you tested your code in running status?02:22
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yinxiulinjoehuang : hello03:04
joehuangplease close this bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1608345 in Tricircle "cinder create error when availability-zone parameter is not specified" [Undecided,New]03:06
joehuangthis bug has been fixed
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Yipei@joehuang, i test my code in my local environment and successfully create a server06:26
Yipeibut the tempest test still fails06:27
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joehuangyipei, you can open the log file linked in the dvsm test:
joehuangextract the file, and rename it to .html07:21
joehuangand you will find the error at last07:21
joehuangClientException: Pod not configured or scheduling failure (HTTP 500)07:21
Yipeiyes, i find the error in the log07:22
Yipeithe http code is 500, which means that the pod is None07:23
Yipeibecause the creation of binding fails07:23
Yipeifails due to duplicate entry07:24
Yipeii tested locally, it indeed fails07:24
joehuanggreat, please fix it ASAP07:29
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