Friday, 2016-12-30

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dongfenghello, zhiyuan, I sent a mail to you to discuss the problem: when I add release-note environment, I can't pass the "tox -e releasenotes" test. any other places should be changed after adding those the lines? the main error is here:
joehuang_I just discussed with zhiyuan about it02:24
joehuang_the list should be changed as what you update in your notes02:25
joehuang_the initial-release-notes not follow the ymal format leads to compilation error02:25
joehuang_you can update that file in your patch, it's easy to update02:25
dongfengI will update them in the next patch of release note. please wait and don't give workflow+102:31
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dongfenghello, is zhiyuan online?08:04
dongfengI changes the format of the initial-release-notes.yaml, like this:, when run command "tox -e releasenotes", will occur error:
dongfengthe error includes the "Admin API", 'Nova API-GW', 'Cinder API-GW', but they are not included in the initial-release-notes.yaml08:07
joehuangdongfeng, you can try to remove newton.rst, mitaka.rst in 08:10
joehuangand remove these two release in the index.rst in releasenotes/source08:10
dongfengok, i will have a try08:11
dongfengyes, the error about "Admin API", 'Nova API-GW', 'Cinder API-GW' don't happen again.08:13
dongfengonly the errors relevant to the  initial-release-notes.yaml08:13
dongfengI git clone the neutron repository and touch a file tricircle.yaml, add the all the content of the  initial-release-notes.yaml, when run command '"tox -e releasenotes', it success08:16
dongfengwhen run it under tricircle, it fails always08:17
joehuangbecause it'll search different branch08:17
joehuangso make it only work in the master branch, ignore mitaka/newton08:18
joehuanghave you removed these release from releasenotes/source08:18
dongfengnow remove the two file08:18
dongfengyes, i removed it08:18
joehuangand edit the index.rst08:18
joehuangthere are two release listed there08:18
dongfengstill fails08:20
dongfengthis is the error, but when under neutron repository, there are not errors, so the format may be correct08:21
joehuangI think you can use reno to create a new empty yaml with new commit08:22
joehuangthe [reno.scanner] initial-release-: update to initial-release-notes.yaml in commit c219708d87a850bf8397fccd79fff72aa082ba4608:23
joehuangthe commit id is
joehuangdelete the old file, use the new file, and commit to gerrit08:24
joehuangafter that with new commit id08:25
joehuangtox -ereleasenotes again08:25
joehuangdongfeng, is it clear?08:27
dongfengyou mean that I git clone this patch: , and touch a new file , delete the old  initial-release-notes.yaml ?08:27
joehuangno, in your patch, delete initial-release-notes.yaml, create a new release file with the content you have updated08:28
dongfengwhat's the new file name08:29
joehuangbefore delete, please make sure you back up the content and can paste to the new file08:29
joehuangsame initial-release-notes, but generated from reno08:29
dongfengI will have a try08:29
dongfengby the way, another question: if i delete the local patch, how to download the patch from the gerrit and continue my work? or continue other's work?08:31
dongfengsometimes the local patch is changed and can't recover08:31
dongfengwhen i "git review", it becomes a new patch08:32
dongfengyesterday you ask that i abandoned some patches, they are generated when i run "git review" in the local old patch. they should not become new patch.08:34
joehuanggit review -d patch number08:36
joehuangfor example08:36
joehuangcreate a folder, and git init08:37
joehuangthen git remote add gerrit
joehuangthen git review -d 41304908:37
joehuangyou can edit files and !)  git add . 2) git commit --amend 3) git review08:40
dongfenghow about the branch and user-name and user-email?08:40
joehuangit's default to previous branch08:41
joehuangin the same machine will use your already configured user-name user-mail08:41
joehuangif you are using new machine, just configure it08:41
dongfengis the "" replaced by ""08:43
dongfenggit remote add gerrit
joehuanggit remote add gerrit
joehuangthis is to configure the remote repository08:44
joehuangchange joehuang to your user name08:44
dongfengif the continue other's work, then joehuang is who's name08:45
joehuangyour name08:45
joehuanggit review -d 413049 is to download the patch you want to continue to work on other one's basis08:46
dongfengthis's the question. i rightly will ask when i download the new patch08:47
dongfengnow it is very clear08:48
dongfengmany thanks :)08:49
joehuangcan the release notes work now?08:50
dongfengon, i have't try08:50
dongfengthe same error08:57
joehuangneed to add one config.yml09:12
joehuangearliest_version 2.1.009:13
dongfengthe content of the releasenotes/notes/config.yml
dongfengi remove the .tox file and run again09:27
joehuangnot config.yml, should be config.yaml09:31
dongfengi think so09:31
joehuangotherwise the file can't be loaded09:31
joehuangI have to go home, good luck09:32
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dongfengit seemed that the "tox -e releasenotes" verified the file from the remote repository rather than the local repository.I removed the lcoal initial-release-notes.yaml and run "tox -e releasenotes", it still said that the feature section of the initial-release-notes.yaml has wrong.13:37
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