Wednesday, 2017-01-04

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dongfenghi joehuang, i still met question with the find_by_az function. I renamed it to find_pod_by_az. then the create_network_without_az will fail.00:59
joehuangyou need to change the default value of configuration in the test case01:00
dongfengi find this default configuration has been loaded in the test function01:01
dongfeng, in 7th line, the configuration values have been loaded, didn't it?01:03
joehuangyou can use cfg.CONF.set_override('type_drivers', ['local', 'shared_vlan'],                               group='tricircle') to change the default value according to the data populated for testing01:10
joehuangreplace 'type_drivers', ['local', 'shared_vlan']01:10
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dongfengthis is i did:
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joehuangto dongfeng, not top pod, should be a bottom pod01:24
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dongfengthere still exist some "pod_name" in the directory devstack: local.conf.node_1.sample local.conf.node_2.sample  local.conf.sample verify_corss_pod_install01:50
joehuangupdate them as well02:03
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dongfengin other files also find them.02:03
dongfenghello, another question: some resource types are no longer need:
dongfengfrom the 2th line to 6th line02:49
joehuangronghui submitted a patch to clean these resource types02:52
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joehuangdongfeng, one more comment in find_pod_by_az you use two loops to find pod, the second one is not necessary07:17
dongfengok. i will return the pod directly07:18
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dongfenghello, your inline comments didn't saved, i didn't see them07:55
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joehuangto dongfeng, you can check that in the browser, just open, you can find them at the bottom08:10
dongfengyes, I am working on it.08:10
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dongfenghello, zhiyuan, I have a question in your comment: in the file tricircle/tests/unit/common/
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