Monday, 2017-02-13

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joehuangthe stable branch is not created yet, we have to use the master branch to do the regression test.
joehuangso please just use the master branch to do the feature regression test00:44
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joehuangHello yipei02:15
YipeiHi, joehuang02:16
joehuangthe stable branch is not created yet, we have to use the master branch to do the regression test.
joehuangFor LBaaS02:20
joehuangI have setup one region with Tricircle, one region with Ocatavia02:21
joehuangI am not sure what's your progress02:21
Yipeiyou mean two regions with Tricircle as well as Octavia?02:22
Yipeii have setup one region with Tricircle as well as octavia02:23
joehuangIn tricircle need to support address pair, just based on the port02:25
joehuangand forward the address pair to regarding Neutron where the port is02:25
joehuangin LBaaS scenario, LB amphor will use the address pair02:26
Yipeiyes, but i am a little confusing currently02:26
joehuangand I also tried adding members from another network (not the network LB amphor located)02:27
joehuangload balance works02:27
joehuangno extra route is needed, the LB amphor will redirect traffic just rely on Neutron's router02:27
Yipeiso if we add members of other regions, as long as they are connected, it will success?02:30
joehuangHave you changed the configuration of Octavia to  use central neutron where tricircle is?02:30
Yipeino, just create octavia endpoint in central region02:31
Yipeiit forwards request to central neutron02:32
joehuangTo yipei, no, I don't think it will work right now, need to investigate whether the port or only IP of the member is considered02:32
joehuangok, understand02:32
joehuangso you need to enable LBaaS in central neutron too?02:32
Yipeienable a service plugin02:33
Yipeiservice_plugins =
Yipeiservice_provider = LOADBALANCERV2:Octavia:neutron_lbaas.drivers.octavia.driver.OctaviaDriver:default02:37
Yipeineed to investigate whether the port or only IP of the member is considered02:41
Yipeii don't understand02:42
joehuangif the network in RegionTwo, but the Octavia is in Region One,  only the IP and port is in Region can be processed by Octavia, but the IP (port) in RegionTwo Octavia will report error, for no port/subnet in the same Neutron02:44
joehuangin RegionOne02:44
Yipeii see02:44
Yipeibut central neutron has the global info of ports and subnets02:46
joehuangOctavia will setup a loadbalance management network and create a port for health management, if Octavia is located in central Nuetron, have you address this issue how the health management will be done02:53
joehuangand Octavia will use nova to boot emphora, which nova should be used by Octavia if there is many regions?02:55
joehuangok, let's discuss in Friday02:56
joehuang's meetup02:56
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: We are currently investigating an issue with our AFS mirrors which is causing some projects jobs to fail. We are working to correct the issue.15:50
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: AFS replication issue has been addressed. Mirrors are currently re-syncing and coming back online.17:20
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