Wednesday, 2017-02-15

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joehangHello, coverage report could be found in each commit now. You can check the test coverage and find where to improve the test cases02:45
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zhiyuan    iniset $NEUTRON_CONF client auth_url http://$KEYSTONE_SERVICE_HOST:5000/v302:48
zhiyuan    iniset $NEUTRON_CONF client identity_url http://$KEYSTONE_SERVICE_HOST:35357/v302:48
joehangplease update ASAP, then will test again02:58
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joehanghello, in multiregion, some issue occured in placement devstack installation, not include it's bin05:24
joehangfolder to apache05:24
joehangplacementapi is not able to start in the second region05:24
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joehangafter we fixed the devstack07:10
joehangproblem, will continue the regression test, if no new critical issue happened, it's time to release Ocata version07:13
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joehuanghello, this weekly meeting will be canceled, need to do the validation tricircle works well after the last patch merged:
joehuangBranch and release will be done after the patch.08:43
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: We're currently battling an increase in log volume which isn't leaving sufficient space for new jobs to upload logs and results in POST_FAILURE in those cases; recheck if necessary but keep spurious rebasing and rechecking to a minimum until we're in the clear.20:57
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