Thursday, 2017-03-09

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YipeiHi @joehuang and @zhiyuan, i found that the error is not caused by missing default seg update operation02:58
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Yipeione of the cidr is IPv6 format, the etherType in t_rule however is set as IPv403:01
Yipeiwhich generates the illegal security rule as follows03:02
Yipei{"remote_group_id": null, "direction": "ingress", "protocol": null, "ethertype": "IPv4", "remote_ip_prefix": "2001:db8::/64", "port_range_max": null, "port_range_min": null, "security_group_id": "293eec7c-4256-4200-bd4f-1f01b8b2c9cb"},03:02
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Yipeiso shall we set the etherType based on the ip_net?03:06
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joehuangipv6 is not tested well in tricircle, so this may be missing in tricircle03:49
joehuang"ethertype": "IPv4" should be IPv603:49
Yipeiso we ignore ipv6 seg rules or support them?03:51
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joehuangmultiregion job can run successfully now:
YipeiHi @joehuang and @zhiyuan, i have successfully finished configuring LBaaS in one region with tricircle05:08
Yipeiand it works05:08
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Yipeiwith little code05:16
Yipeijust configuration05:16
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joehuanggreat work!06:21
joehuangno need to update code in Tricircle?06:21
Yipeia few lines06:22
Yipeinot exceed 10 lines06:23
joehuangwonderful, the less code, the better06:32
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YipeiHi @joehuang and @zihyuan, when i create LB via local neutron-lbaas, it fails. please see detailed error in #link
YipeiI also try creating LB via central neutron, it successes.08:18
Yipeii also list the log in the link08:18
Yipeiplease note the difference between line 88 and line 10508:18
Yipeiin the two cases, both local and central neutron allocate the vip08:20
Yipeibut for the case of creating lb in local neutron, it paused, cannot find any subsequent trace of that request08:21
YipeiCompared with the case of creating LB in central neutron, it goes on, as shown in line 10708:22
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