Wednesday, 2017-05-31

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dongfenghi, joe, do we hava a tricircle  meeting this morning?00:51
joehuangok, let's have a meeting in #openstack-meeting few minutes later00:55
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joehuangwe have tricircle weekly meeting in #openstack-meeting now01:18
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zhiyuanhi, yipei01:50
Yipeihi, zhiyuan01:50
zhiyuanwhat's the problem?01:51
zhiyuanstill no IP?01:51
Yipeithe port is created in local neutron01:51
Yipeistill cannot get IP using dhclient01:51
zhiyuanso check the "add_hosts" file to see if the IP is inside the file01:56
Yipeito zhiyuan, you mean the lease file?01:57
zhiyuanyes, like this: /opt/stack/data/neutron/dhcp/bcee3ee3-2a51-4e2f-8e9b-46221b9c44ab/addn_hosts01:58
Yipeii checked the IP exist, but /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.leases is empty02:01
Yipeiafter the "sudo dhclient -v o-hm0 -cf /etc/octavia/dhcp/dhclient.conf" finishes, the last line is "No working leases in persistent database - sleeping"02:03
Yipeii checked the dhclient.leases in a environment, which is installed with octavia, the dhclient.leases is not empty02:04
zhiyuanwhat is the content of dhclient.conf?02:10
zhiyuanis there some env-specific settings?02:10
Yipeirequest subnet-mask,broadcast-address,interface-mtu;02:13
Yipeido-forward-updates false;02:13
Yipeionly two lines02:13
zhiyuanif you config a static IP for the VM, can this VM ping the dhcp IP?02:19
zhiyuanfirst to check if this is a networking problem02:20
YipeiOK, i will try02:20
Yipeito zhiyuan, you mean detach the current interface of the vm? and attach one that is created with specified IP?02:29
zhiyuanjust assign a static IP to o-hm002:30
Yipeioh, i see02:30
Yipeito zhiyuan, it is not ping-able02:35
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Yipeicurrently, o-hm0 is an ovs port added to the br-int02:43
Yipeibut the o-hm0 is in default network namespace02:44
Yipeithe dhcp port is also added to br-int02:45
Yipeii think default network namespace and the dhcp network namespace are interconnected02:46
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