Friday, 2017-06-23

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dongfenghi, joe, are you online?07:46
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: ok is working again, you can recheck failed jobs08:04
joehuanghello dongfeng09:03
dongfenghello, I'm replaceing "cross OpenStack L2 networking" with "cross Neutron L2 networking". and I met a problem09:05
dongfengbut the patch has been committed. there  are many places I'm not sure, please give your comment when you have time09:07
joehuangno problem, you can update it09:19
dongfengyes, thanks for your help~. for review convenient, I didn't change the lines when all letters in one line are more than 79 after some modification.09:22
joehuangyou can update as needed, will review later09:24
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