Monday, 2017-07-03

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joehuanghello, yipei01:50
Yipeihi, joehuang01:52
joehuangfor external network import01:53
joehuangI think we can reuse the external network creation process01:53
joehuangif the external network is conflict in the local Neutron, then check to see the content of the external network in local Neutron01:53
joehuangif the CIDR etc are same as the request in central Neutron01:54
joehuangthen just create the external network in the central neutron, and establish the routing info in central Neutron to the local external network01:54
Yipeiok, got it01:58
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Yipeisome questions about the background02:00
Yipeithe external network exist in local neutron already, and we plan to import it into the central neutron?02:01
Yipeiso we need to create a external network in central neutron02:02
Yipeiif it is conflict in the local neutron, we need to create it according to the external network in local neutron02:03
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Yipeiif it is the same as the external network in local neutron, we create it and establish a routing info02:04
Yipeiis that correct?02:04
joehuangyes, because, tricircle may be running in a virtual machine which was booted in one local OpenStack cloud02:07
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Yipeiok, i see02:08
joehuangso the external network may already created in local Neutron, and will be used for the VM(in which Tricircle will run), and Tricircle central Neutron will server as networking serevice after it was booted02:09
Yipeii see02:11
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zhiyuanto Yipei, during the creation of central external network, the central external subnet has not been created, so CIDR cannot be the hint to retrieve the local external network.03:36
zhiyuanif the local external network already exists, we will conflict on the network segment, so we need to query which local network is using that segment03:40
Yipeito zhiyuan, got it06:32
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