Friday, 2017-08-25

sapdHi everyone! I have one question for trio2o project. Anybody online now?03:42
zhiyuanhi sapd, do you still online?06:49
sapdzhiyuan, yes07:02
sapdWhy do you don't implement flavor + keypairs in routing table like server in trio2o? I installed trio2o, but flavor and keypair are not synchronized from top pod to bottom pod.07:03
zhiyuanoh yes, that's not implemented yet. currently flavor needs to be manually synced07:05
zhiyuannow we focus on the development of tricircle07:07
zhiyuanfor cross-neutron networking07:07
sapdI think, We can implement they like servers, when create instance, Check in routing table and create flavor/keypair on bottom pod if not exist!07:08
sapdyes I know that.07:08
sapdI'm following documents of tricircle project to install it.07:08
zhiyuanthe problem of automatically creating the flavor is that some bottom pods may not have required hardware. for example a flavor that requires ssd devices or large memories07:10
zhiyuanwe once have an idea to set the devices specification to the pod metadata, so we can schedule a pod based on the flavor07:12
zhiyuanis the installation of tricircle successful?07:14
sapdops. I read some post from joehuang, He said "schedule is based on aggregate host and avaialability zone"07:15
sapdI just read blueprint design about tricirile, I will install now. I want to install it manually. :D07:16
zhiyuanthat's another choice of scheduling. you can put hosts with ssh devices or large memories in a certain AZ, then user passes AZ parameter to boot VM in that AZ07:19
sapdI think everybody seem concerns about tricirle than trio2o :D07:21
zhiyuansince networking is important :)07:26
zhiyuanbtw, if you can't reach us via IRC, you can send a mail to the mail list07:27
sapdI want to join to work as a developer for trio2o or tricircle project, But I don't know how to do?07:29
zhiyuanfor trio2o, we don't have a development plan currently. so you can pick a feature you are interested in, implement it and submit the code07:35
zhiyuanfor tricircle, we have prepared a etherpad for the PTG discussion07:35
zhiyuanWe will not hold PTG in denvor but you can join the discussion via that etherpad and IRC07:36
zhiyuanAs the first step, I think you can try to install and use tricircle. Then you may find problems of the documents, installation scripts and even codes, which you can try to improve :)07:41
sapdyes. Absolutely. I installed, Few days ago, I installed trio2o and fix  some problem to make it work and push to my folk repo. :))07:44
zhiyuanCool! In OpenStack, we use gerrit to submit, review and merge code. If you would like to merge your code to trio2o master, you can try that.07:47
zhiyuanhere is the guide:
sapdYes. I will read it after, I'm installing tricircle.07:50
zhiyuangood luck!07:53
sapdHi zhiyuan, after install tricirle and configure neutron at central, I can't start neutron-server08:40
sapdThe error log:
zhiyuanseem that the version of neutron and neutron_lib not match?08:57
zhiyuanmy neutron code looks like this: @registry.receives(resources.PORT, [events.BEFORE_RESPONSE])08:58
zhiyuanyours looks like: @registry.receives(resources.PORT, events.BEFORE_RESPONSE)08:58
zhiyuanregistry is a module from neutron_lib09:00
sapdYes. I think so, Because I installed neutron-server from ubuntu package repository. It just has milestone 2. :|09:07
sapdCan you check your neutron_lib version?09:08
zhiyuanthe neutron-lib version of my env is 1.7.009:18
zhiyuanyou can check the proper version of neutron-lib for your neutron in the neutron github repos09:19
zhiyuanthere is a requirements.txt file09:19
zhiyuanjust switch the repos to the proper tag09:20
zhiyuanwhat's the version of neutron in the ubuntu package repos? I am not sure if the neutron from it can work well with the newest tricircle code09:21
zhiyuanthe tricircle code in master branch will adapt the neutron change to make sure it works with newest neutron09:22
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