Thursday, 2018-02-08

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peter_TUDHello, i would like to ask a question about tricircle and SFC combined.. i am doing it as an research project at my university.. and i am really stucked20:08
peter_TUDIs there somebody here who could maybe help me?20:08
peter_TUDI will describe my problem, because I have to leave now20:38
peter_TUDI was following this example:
peter_TUDin two virtual machines.. they are connected with a bridged and a host-only interface.. i set the br-ex like in the example to the interfaces20:40
peter_TUDbut while vreating the portpairs in step 5 (neutron --os-region-name=CentralRegion port-pair-create --ingress p2 --egress p3 pp1) it shows me the error:20:41
peter_TUDThe resource could not be found.    Neutron server returns request_ids: (...)20:42
peter_TUDi was checking the "systemctl status" of the neutron services but I didn't find a lead20:42
peter_TUDthe version is: stable/pike20:43

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