Monday, 2018-09-03

gebAre you, folks here, actually reading the channel and being involved with tricircle ?16:39
gebI may have a couple of bugs to reports, and would maybe be happy to discuss them before submitting them to launchpad16:40
gebFor examples :16:40
geb- with stable/queens, i receive an error when i try to remove a router, or a network (maybe only external network)16:40
geb( will verify with master)16:41
geb- And a more disturbing one: neutron network create net; neutron subnet create sub; neutron router create router; neutron router-interface-add router sub; all those available in 'AllRegions'; the router can only reach local VMs in net/sub, need to manually add a route in the ip namespace to force packets flow through bridge_net16:45
geb(maybe not that clear, will try to write a proper example)17:16
geb- also, there is something weird in, or maybe i don't understand it :17:16
geb> North-South and East-West Networking17:16
geb> [...]17:16
geb> Non-local router can work only for cross Neutron east-west networking purpose if no external network is set to the router.17:16
geb> Non-local router can serve as the centralized north-south traffic gateway if external network is attached to the router, and support east-west traffic at the same time.17:17
gebThis seems a bit contradictory to me. Either the non-local router cannot support east-west trafic if an external network is attached. Either it cannot ...17:18
geband a new one :18:09
geb- can install tricicle master on top on stable/queens with devstack, but not on top of stable/pike : neutron stacktrace saying the tricircle plugin is not found (stable/pike tricircle on top of stable/pike works through)18:11
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