Tuesday, 2015-10-13

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/zaqar: Updated from global requirements  https://review.openstack.org/23388802:22
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mdnadeemflaper87: ping05:57
mdnadeemcan some one confirm me, if i can setup multi node (multiple backend node) zaqar on oracle VM?06:06
mdnadeemI have doubt as my all oracle VM got the same IP Address06:07
flaper87mdnadeem: yup, you can, you just need to install it w/ pooling enabled and then add pools to it06:08
flaper87each pool corresponds to a backend06:08
flaper87the ip doesn't really matter06:08
flaper87if you just want to use mongodb but have several clusters, then you need to have different IPs or, even better, a DNS06:09
flaper87you could use virtual ips, that should be enough06:09
mdnadeemflaper87: currently i am using mongodb on all storage node, So if i set static ip to all other node, then it should work right?06:11
flaper87mdnadeem: yes, it should06:16
mdnadeemflaper87: Am i suppose to install zaqar+mongodb on my all 3 nodes or like, 1 management node:(zaqar + mongodb), 2 storage node (mongodb only)?06:16
flaper87mdnadeem: that should be enough. You don't need Zaqar running on all your mongodb nodes06:16
flaper87You should add zaqar nodes to scale the API, when needed06:17
mdnadeemflaper87: Thanks a lot, I will going to do it :)06:18
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therveI think ryansb would agree too :)06:29
mdnadeemtherve: As discussed in weekly meeting, the problem with "message " is impact with on other commands, like "openstack message message post"06:31
thervemdnadeem, I believe you should still be able to make "openstack message post" works06:32
flaper87fwiw, the namespace should match the name in the service catalogue06:32
flaper87openstack messaging $something_here06:32
flaper87I agree with therve that openstack messaging post should be enough for posting messages06:33
mdnadeemtherve:flaper87: hmm, make sense :)06:33
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flaper87even matching the service catalog might not be good because what happens if there's a competing messaging service ?06:36
flaper87mmh, I don't think these types are unique06:36
mdnadeemflaper87: If we use zaqar/zarconi as a prefix ?06:37
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mdnadeemjust like other openstack service do, like nova list06:38
flaper87lol @ zarconi06:38
flaper87I mean, we could06:38
flaper87I kinda would like this to be unique06:38
mdnadeemi have read in zaqar v2 spec, we are going to again rename from zaqar to zarconi06:39
flaper87this is what I don't like about OSC, it's like putting mv, ls, cat, rm under the same command: "filesystem remove file " (stole that anology)06:39
flaper87mdnadeem: that's a joke :P06:39
flaper87I think that's literally kgriffs|afk fault06:39
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exploreshaifaliwhat we will need to show for queues other than their name?09:13
exploreshaifalion Zaqar UI09:13
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mdnadeem_exploreshaifali: may be "capability of the queue "09:27
mdnadeem_i mean flavor capability to which the queue is attached09:28
exploreshaifaliyes but at present only pools and queues are decided to focus on09:33
exploreshaifalimdnadeem_, ^09:33
mdnadeem_exploreshaifali: ok09:36
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exploreshaifalimdnadeem_, should we keep things like maximum number of messages a queue can have09:37
exploreshaifaliand all09:37
mdnadeem_i was  too thinking about it :)09:38
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exploreshaifaliokay mdnadeem_ , Thanks :)09:50
mdnadeem_<exploreshaifali>: I will let you know, if something click in my mind :)09:51
exploreshaifaligreat, thanks!09:51
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vkmchi hi12:24
vkmctherve, flaper87, I don't think than prefixing everything with a word is clearer than using a combined word12:25
vkmcand it makes us change all the CLI12:25
thervevkmc, To me, "openstack pool-flavor" doesn't mean anything12:26
therveIt could very well be about cinder or trove or whatever12:26
therveSo that part needs clarification IMO12:26
vkmcok, so let's change all the CLI for once and all and make sure we avoid that confusion12:26
therveThere is a trade off for sure. It's possible trying to stuff everything into the same top level command is bound to fail.12:31
vkmcyeah... I think that's the main issue of using a single client for all the services within OpenStack12:31
vkmcwe were going to reach this situation sooner or later12:31
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thervePersonally I'd prefer if all the commands where in a namespace by default (the service name), and some were picked to be top level12:34
vkmcok, let's do that then12:34
vkmcusing zaqar or messaging for the namespace sounds good to me12:34
vkmcand we avoid the "openstack message message post" thing12:34
therveYeah I hope it's doable12:34
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flaper87I kinda prefer the catalog service type over the project name12:42
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therveBig +112:51
vkmcok, let's do that12:53
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ryansbtherve: do you mean one (openstack) command or one (openstack messaging) command?13:04
therveryansb, One openstack command13:04
ryansbyeah. I thing moving to "openstack messaging" completely would be a good idea13:04
ryansbbecause most users would probably need that context anyways13:05
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Eva-iHello, everyone. Would you let me do the dirty work on fixing unit tests to ensure they drop testing databases after executing?17:29
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/zaqar: FIX TypeError for list queue command.  https://review.openstack.org/23192017:33
openstackgerritMerged openstack/zaqar: Fix incorrect usage of assertEqual() in some tests  https://review.openstack.org/23311017:33
ryansbEva-i: that sounds reasonable17:35
ryansbyou may want to have them *not* clean up on errors17:36
ryansbso it's possible to poke around in the failed state17:36
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Eva-iryansb: some databases though are being dropped during tearDown(), some are not18:55
Eva-iryansb: I think the choice must be made: to drop every database, or not to drop databases at all for the purpose of poking around =)18:58
Eva-iryansb: Ryan, have you ever debugged zaqar by inspecting testing databases?19:00
ryansbyes, but only on test failures19:05
ryansbI don't think it's vital19:05
ryansband I agree that they should all be dropped in normal cases19:06
ryansbso if it's not possible to have them dropped only on passing runs, then dropping always is a solution I'd prefer19:06
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