Thursday, 2015-10-15

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/zaqar: Merge tag '1.0.0'
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openstackgerritRico Lin proposed openstack/python-zaqarclient: improve readme contents
openstackgerritMerged openstack/zaqar: Merge tag '1.0.0'
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exploreshaifali#success added zaqar mock-ups to Invision, horizon style!12:48
openstackstatusexploreshaifali: Added success to Success page12:48
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openstackgerritThomas Herve proposed openstack/zaqar: WebSocket functional tests
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openstackgerritThomas Herve proposed openstack/zaqar: WebSocket functional tests
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Eva-iexploreshaifali: congratulatulations =)19:15
exploreshaifaliEva-i, Hey!19:15
exploreshaifaliThanks :D19:16
exploreshaifaliEva-i, how you doing?19:16
Eva-iexploreshaifali: but, how can I login to invision to see your work for example?19:16
Eva-iexploreshaifali: I'm good =)19:16
* exploreshaifali searching for project link at invision19:17
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exploreshaifaliplease let me know if you are able to access contents of above link or not19:34
Eva-iexploreshaifali: I can't, it redirects to login page19:35
exploreshaifaliEva-i, so you might need to create an account there, but I have same mockups public as well19:36
Eva-iexploreshaifali: and I don't see a registration button. This invision app is closed from public?19:36
exploreshaifaliEva-i, might possible, because I was added by a horizon developer in the openstack community account19:37
exploreshaifalinot sure, why they kept it private, whole project being open source19:37
exploreshaifaliany ways, you can see them
Eva-iexploreshaifali: yes, I can see now19:40
exploreshaifaliEva-i, let me your feedback! please19:40
Eva-iexploreshaifali: sure, let me think19:40
vkmcexploreshaifali, great work!19:41
exploreshaifalivkmc, Thanks!19:41
exploreshaifalinow I am looking at documentation to add panels to horizon19:41
exploreshaifaliagain, not as much as you are19:42
Eva-iexploreshaifali: maybe... add health indicator to each pool? =)19:43
vkmclet us know if you need help in the Horizon side19:43
vkmcZaqar probably not19:43
exploreshaifalivkmc, sure, Thanks :)19:43
vkmcangvp is an experienced Django developer and he can lend you a hand19:43
exploreshaifalioh, okay!19:43
exploreshaifaliEva-i, yes, may be we can add health indicator, but for first iteration lets keep it as simple as possible :)19:44
Eva-iexploreshaifali: health indicator might be just a circle with switchable color: red or green19:46
Eva-iexploreshaifali: sure19:46
exploreshaifaliyes, Thanks! will add it in next iteration :)19:47
angvpexploreshaifali: hi, as vkmc said, let me know if you need anything19:48
exploreshaifaliangvp, sure, Thanks :D19:48
Eva-iexploreshaifali: and maybe for next iteration you could try to add small vertical progress bar that represents how much pool is loaded, if it's possible19:56
Eva-i*next iteration after next iteration =)19:57
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exploreshaifaliEva-i, yes yes, its sounds worthy as well as interesting19:57
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Eva-iexploreshaifali: thanks, I'm glad I'm useful =)20:04
exploreshaifaliEva-i, yea, you are, Thanks!20:05
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Eva-iI have a program written in java and some objects in this program also have health. Object's health is represented in GUI by unicode heart chars. When object is healthy, it's heart is normal and when object is ill, it's heart is broken. Also object's heart beats when object is working. And changes it's color in some cases. I love indicators.20:43
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exploreshaifaliEva-i, It sounds awesome!20:58
Eva-iexploreshaifali: hehe =)21:11
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Eva-iI noticed some zaqar's bugs on launchpad are outdated and not relevant anymore.23:05
openstackLaunchpad bug 1439568 in zaqar "instructions on README.rst are not working" [Medium,Confirmed] - Assigned to Qiming Teng (tengqim)23:05
Eva-iWhat to do with such bug reports?23:06
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