Monday, 2010-08-09

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silassewellHas anyone tried swift with python 2.7?00:44
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mtaylorcreiht: ping02:32
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heckjAnyone online tonight?04:47
heckjHey - running into an interesting test error with nova - was hoping for some advice04:48
mtayloroh - well, I am probably very unhelpful ...04:49
mtaylorbut the normal thing I run in to when tests fail for me is that I'm not running the right version of a depend04:49
heckji'm doing some of the cleanup work in Nova - wanted to make sure I had all the tests running04:49
mtayloryeah - I was just looking at your merge req04:49
heckjAh - yeah, ok04:49
heckjI have the error listed at if you can suggest anything04:50
heckjIt's an X509 error - "expecting CERTIFICATE" - not sure what it's really getting04:50
mtayloreek. hey - that's past my knowledge of the codebase... sorry04:52
heckjworth a shot. Any suggestions on who I can chat with that might know that segment of the code a little better?04:52
heckjAnd since you're looking over the merge - is that the right process for submitting cleanup stuff like this?04:53
mtaylorheckj: yes. totally right process... most of the guys I think are in out for the evening but should be back in the morning04:54
mtayloreday will likely give you a proper review/merge as soon as he's not slacking off04:54
heckjno worries. I'm a bit packed during the day - don't get onto IRC much (if at all), but i'll try and pop in04:55
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justinsbheckj: One possible if the openssl program is not returning data is that there's little or no error checking of spawned processes05:20
justinsbheckj: I have a patch that will hopefully get merged soon that error checks spawned processes05:20
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PythonPupHowdy.  I am about equally interested in Nova and Swift.  Which is easier to setup?  I'll start with that one.05:33
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edaymtaylor: I was on a plane to texas most of the day, so yeah, was slacking off ;)05:45
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mtayloreday: you're always going to texas06:02
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PythonPupWhat I don't understand is why anyone would leave Texas.06:49
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termiesoren: could you send a test email to nova to see if i get it?07:11
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sorentermie: Just did.08:56
sorentermie: Well, not a test mail, but an actual one. I hope that's ok :)08:56
kim0Hi folks .. Trying to play with the nova code .. I'm a little confused with the difference between these 2 installation instructions and .. what does each give me08:58
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termiesoren: -sigh- still nothing09:00
termieit is impossible to try to read things from this archive09:00
sorentermie: Didn't Jesse set you up with forwarding?09:04
termieperhaps he didn't succeed09:04
sorentermie: You want me to do it?09:04
termiegmail, at least, usually requires that i validate the forwarding09:04
termiebut i never received such a request09:04
termiesoren: sure, if you would09:04
sorentermie: Will do. Hang on.09:05
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sorenkim0: One is about setting it up to run it. The other is about setting up a dev environment.09:52
* soren is starving and heads to lunch09:52
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zulhi has anyone seen this before?
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jaypipeszul: no, haven't seen that oe.12:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #615341 in nova "xenapi VM destroy fails gracelessly if VM is not present" [Undecided,Invalid]
uvirtbotNew bug: #615344 in nova "xenapi get_info fails gracelessly if VM is not present" [Undecided,Fix committed]
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jaypipesooooh, gundlach, nice catch on the AuthKit.  Didn't know about that. :)14:02
jaypipesyay for open source.14:02
gundlachjaypipes: yeah, i didn't either -- but at a higher level, i know that one of wsgi's benefits is that we can reuse bits of people's systems.14:02
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jaypipesgundlach: heck yeah.  less code we write the better ;)14:03
gundlachI seem to recall that TurboGears(?) web framework went through some pain to take their coupled system and break it into wsgi layers so the layers could be reused by other projects.14:03
gundlachoh, and, tyvm :)14:03
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edaygundlach, jaypipes: WIthout having looked at it yet, one concern is non-wsgi apps that need to use it14:05
jaypipeseday: wrapper :)14:05
creihtmtaylor: good morning14:05
gundlachjaypipes: yeah, thanks -- i was kind of stuck for a moment :)14:06
gundlachbesides saying "all auth has to happen before the app hits it"14:06
jaypipeseday: btw, nice work on rsapi stuff and wsgi.  Going throught your code now, but looks very clean.14:06
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creihtPythonPup: Swift might be a bit simpler, since nova is still under heavy development14:08
creihtjaypipes: another decent wsgi auth lib that might be worth looking at is repoze.who14:09
creihtgundlach: yes TurboGears rebuilt itself on top of the Pylons wsgi framework14:09
edayjaypipes: cool, it's a combo of Todd's and gundlach's code too, but yeah..I'm liking the WSGI style14:10
gundlachcreiht: ah, that's right.  i stopped working with TG just before 2.0 was final.14:10
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edayjaypipes: nice catch. of course I found myself typing: bzr commit -m """...""" :)14:31
jaypipeseday: :)14:32
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Glacenice xen client is out :014:35
Glaceanyone tried it yet?14:35
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spymtaylor: set up that dns for you14:45
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mtaylorspy: excellent. thanks!14:57
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creihtmtaylor: were you pinging me earlier?14:58
gundlacheday: any reason Api() does auth within itself instead of having an Auth() layer?14:59
gundlachdid you want to avoid having to specify the stack of layers at runtime for now?15:00
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mtaylorcreiht: I was ... I was going to point at something - but I've got a bug I want to fix first15:00
edaygundlach: Well, that just happened to be the first layer. We could have a no-op rackspace.API() layer that just calls Auth, or rename API to Auth15:02
edaygundlach: I'm sure that will change in the future, because we may allow some non-auth requests to get info15:03
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gundlacheday: cool.  i'd probably keep it separate, but i don't have a strong argument as to why.  and yeah, we'll have to have Auth() detect which kinds of requests should be non-auth.  unless we have 'no auth needed' be a type of authentication, and then it can be handled by the same code...15:05
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edaygundlach: yeah, I'm all for keeping it separate and naming it correctly. It doesn't do anything else but Auth yet so I just left as is.15:06
gundlachcool :)15:07
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n3msisHi, I wanted to know why someone would select openstack over other open source cloud middleware like eucalyptus17:26
mtaylorn3msis: well, for one, openstack is actually fully open source, whereas eucalyptus is only open core17:35
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mtaylorn3msis: other than that, I imagine people could make claims as to quality, etc - but those are better claims for folks not working on the project to make :)17:35
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creihtAny NASA folk around that could prod xtoddx into irc? :)17:45
vishycreiht: prodding17:48
creihtvishy: thanks!17:49
vishyhe is probably at lunch :(17:49
creihtNo rush17:49
creihtI just have some questions about his merge proposal17:49
creihtdendrobates: see pm please :)17:58
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creihtSo for auth in general, for NOVA, does it do AWS style signing?18:13
creihtIt seems to be the case after quickly glancing at the code, but just wanted to be sure that was correct18:14
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jaypipesgundlach: :( apparently AuthKit is no longer being maintained18:48
gundlachoh snap18:48
jaypipesgundlach: gonna check out creiht's suggestion of repoze.who.18:49
gundlachgreat.  i've heard of the repoze.* helpers as being generally well respected18:49
creihtthere is also repoze.what for authorziation (.who is just authentication)18:49
jaypipesgundlach: good to know!18:49
jaypipescreiht: gotcha. thx!18:49
jaypipescreiht: you said that swift uses it?18:50
creihtIt is just the one that interests me the most :)18:50
jaypipescreiht: ok18:50
creihtAnd seems to be reasonable18:51
jaypipesindeed :)18:51
gundlach -- they claim that their documentation is 100% ("if it isn't documented, it doesn't exist.")18:52
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jaypipesgundlach: hehe, nice :)18:55
jaypipesgundlach: would be great to get nova to that point sometime :)18:55
gundlachi'm kind of a documentation nazi so i'll probably make a pass through adding comments to all methods and classes, once i'm familiar with the system18:56
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gundlachthat is to say, an internal documentation nazi.18:56
jaypipesgundlach: we've already started lots of that with the pylint stuff :)18:57
jaypipesgundlach: and I welcome your patches!18:57
gundlachoh yeah, excellent18:57
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uvirtbotNew bug: #615518 in nova "unit test nova.tests.auth_unittest.AuthTestCase.test_209_can_generate_x509  failing on Mac OS X" [Undecided,New]
edaygundlach: you around?19:49
gundlachwas about to ask you a q, in fact19:49
gundlachwhat's up?19:49
edaygundlach: wanna chat api with _cerberus_ and I?19:49
edaygundlach: ok, we'll grab a room and call you19:49
edaygundlach: msg your # :)19:49
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gundlachmtaylor: can you add cerberus and myself to nova-core so we can approve branches?20:33
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gundlacheday: am i correct that you should have modified tools/pip-requires to include routes, and i should have included webob?21:29
gundlachmethinks so21:29
edaygundlach: yeah21:33
gundlachk, will add21:33
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gundlachanyone: after a branch is merged into trunk, if i want to add more code related to that branch, do I need to delete my branch and rebranch trunk, or can I just keep coding in my branch and later do another merge proposal, or what?21:54
creihtgundlach: I'm pretty sure that you can just do another merge proposal21:55
gundlachcreiht: that's what i hoped.  thanks.21:56
edaygundlach: yes, confirming you can keep the same21:58
edaygundlach: this is what bzr pipelines depends on in fact.. creating a series of lightweight branches in the same branch and propose them all at once. And if you need to change a previous rev, you can "pump" new changes through the pipline21:59
edaygundlach: nice for working on a large chunk with multiple proposals when things can change22:00
gundlachi hadn't read much about lightweight branches vs "real" branches.  interesting22:00
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gundlachout for the night -- adios22:27
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