Monday, 2010-09-13

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littleideavishy: ping04:55
littleideavishy: when you can, jump in the 'Intermittent test failures' email thread04:58
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sorenvishy: Still here, by any chance?07:00
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* joshuamckenty hears crickets...12:40
creihtgood morning12:40
joshuamckentyhow goes it?12:40
creihtit goes12:40
joshuamckentyWhen the tests pass, it's a good day, right?12:41
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gundlachsirp: i assume you know that in addition to your reply to my merge prop for , I'm waiting for you to push more changes to the branch so I can sign off on it.13:37
gundlach(last thing i see is a comment from you on 9/10, but no code.)13:37
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burrisare the openstack docs, particularly swift, licensed under the same apache license as the code?14:55
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burrisoh they are in the same repo so the answer is yes, I think I was getting them confused with the Rackspace cloudfiles docs which are in a repo on github with no license information15:01
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creihtburris: the specific licensing for the docs has yet to be determined15:08
creihtdendrobates: Did we ever make any progress on figuring out what we wanted to license the docs as?15:09
creihtburris: and I think the cloudfiles docs were a cc license15:09
burriswell, they're published in a public repo with the apache license15:10
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creihtthat part says they are CC licensed15:12
dendrobatescreiht: I talked to legal at RS and they thought apache was fine, but are looking to make sure.15:12
creihtburris: thanks for pointing that out15:12
dendrobatesI think the sphinx stuff has to be apache, since it is pulled from source that is apache licensed15:13
creihtdendrobates: it has always seemed weird to me that documentation would be licensed with a code license15:14
burristhat would be the .rst files in the swift repo, since they are pulled from the docstrings?15:14
creihtthe .rst files are created by hand, the code docs are autogenerated15:14
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creihtwell I guess apache licenses their docs with the apacke license15:20
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burrishmm, the python cloudfiles lib lets you supply an authurl keyword arg to specify your own auth server but the ruby lib is hardcoded to :-(15:34
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creihtburris: that is unfortunate15:39
creihtburris: if you don't mind posting a bug for that, and I will pass it along to the folks that are responsible for the bindings15:40
burrisI opened a ticket on github I guess I could try to make a patch but I'm not much of a rubyist15:40
burrisif I need it I'll make a patch, right now I'm just investigating15:40
creihtburris: do you have a link for the ticket?15:41
vvuksanspeaking of hardcoding15:41
creihtburris: cool... I'll forward that on15:41
vvuksannova/ has this15:42
vvuksancsock.connect(('', 80))15:42
vvuksanwhen it tries to determine it's own IP15:42
vvuksani caught it when I didn't have network connectivity while working on a train :-/15:43
vvuksanalthough I suspect in some places that may be firewalled off15:43
burrisi don't think there is any reliable way to determine your external ip without using a trusted host on the outside or getting a consensus from a bunch of connected peers15:43
vvuksanone of the daemons has to talk to either redis and rabbitmq15:44
vvuksana daemon15:44
vvuksancause all that thing does is open up a TCP socket than determines what IP it connected as15:44
vvuksanalthough in general you should just look at the iface that is specified as default route15:45
vvuksanalso accessing google is prone with problems15:46
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vvuksanas in security problems15:47
vvuksansince if I had a security policy and noticed that bunch of my hosts were connecting to Google15:47
burrisphp-cloudfiles has an auth_host paramater but it is marked "deprecated"15:47
vvuksanI'd be slightly suspicious15:47
burrisvvuksan, not saying its a good idea in this context or anything, also it's the first time I've seen someone use google for this purpose15:48
creihtburris: Someone should be fixing the ruby bindings in the near future, for at least some measure of "near"15:55
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burrisI created an issue for php-cloudfiles to urge them to un-deprecate auth_host paramater...16:09
burrisjava uses a .properties file for the auth host so it should be OK16:09
creihtburris: cool, I passed that along as well16:10
burrisoops, missed c#16:10
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rluciohey guys, i was wondering, is there any one place to get more info on setting up nova networking ?  Specifically the non-flat networking18:23
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dendrobatesrlucio: all we have right now is which is from the docstrings in the source18:41
dendrobatesI'm afraid it may not be what you are looking for.18:41
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gundlachwhen a bug has its fix merged into trunk (e.g. ), do i just mark it as 'Fix Committed' and that means 'Closed'?  Or is there some other way to mark it as closed?18:41
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613175 in nova "Support Flavors operations in API" [Medium,Fix committed]18:41
gundlachthanks uvirtbot18:42
gundlachit's still listed as "related to " but I don't see a way to filter that list only to open bugs18:42
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rluciodendrobates: unfortunately that doesn't really help atm, its ok I've been looking at the network source code to extract the configuration details18:43
rluciodendrobates: thanks though18:44
edaygundlach: it should be changed to fix released when it hits trunk18:49
edaygundlach: fix comitted is when it's fixed and waiting to merge18:49
gundlacheday: ty -- 'released' sounded like perhaps a milestone release18:49
gundlachbtw i'm about to take a look at rate limiting in the RS API -- lemme know if you are already working on that :)18:50
edaygundlach: and there may be some debate on those states, ie, committed to trunk, and then released is for when it makes it to a package, but I used the above flow :)18:50
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vishyrlucio: the vlan networking isn't too hard to set up19:17
vishybut there are a few gotchas19:17
vishylet me know if you need some help19:17
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rluciovishy: cool, thanks.  im still looking over the source, but i'll ping you if things get too bizarre :)19:21
vishyrlucio: the networking code in orm_deux is cleaned up a lot and probably easier to understand19:24
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sorenvishy: I'm wondering why a lot of the relationships are commented out in the SQLAlchemy models.22:16
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sorenvishy: I'm also wondering whether there's a reason we're not using scoped_session.22:18
sorenvishy: I'm having annoying problems when grabbing objects out of the db layer and using them for input to the db layer again. They're attached to different sessions, and that makes SQLAlchemy, and by extension me, very sad.22:20
sorenvishy: Wrapping our call to sessionmaker in scoped_session fixes that, but I'm wondering there are problems with it that I just haven't spotted.22:20
uvirtbotNew bug: #637621 in swift "invalidate hashes on quarantine" [High,New]
sorenOh, it's swift.22:21
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vishysoren: I tried that, but I was worried about it interacting badly with multiple threads22:33
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vishysoren: i think it is a bad idea to pass datalayer objects back22:33
vishysoren: the idea is that the data layer returns dictionaries22:33
vishysoren: but i purposely wrapped in get_session in case we want to switch to using scoped session22:34
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vishysoren: the idea of the _update family of commands is that you always pass a dictionary for update rather than editing the object and passing it back.  I just added an iterator to NovaBase so we can wrap objects in dict(), and I think ideally all of the sqlalchemy/ calls should be returning actual dictionaries instead of dictionary-like objects if it isn't too much of a performace hit22:50
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edayvishy, soren: we should be careful not to reinvent half of sqlalchemy in the abstraction layer, might be just fine to eventually sqlalchemy directly. If we want relational data models, we'll never get their full use if we want to keep a non-relational abstraction on top22:53
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vishyeday: that is a good point.22:56
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PythonPupSwift is reinventing what is done in some advanced filesystems.  I don't see that as a bad thing.  Sometimes, the reinvention lets you get what you really need.22:57
vishyeday, soren: there is an issue that we need to deal with which is quickly getting linked objects back from the datalayer23:01
vishyi think termie's original idea is that you have commands to retrieve linked objects, and they can be cached at the datalayer if you need speed.  I'm ok with nested dictionaries and/or dictionaries with members that are lists.23:02
vishyfor example instances have zero or one fixed ips23:02
vishyand fixed ips can have 0 or more floating ips associated with them23:02
vishyin the relational world it makes sense to grab the fixed ip and all the floating ips in one query23:03
vishybut how do we get that info out of the data layer?  This is where having business objects is an advantage, because you can define the linked objects clearly.23:03
edayvishy: yeah, and sqlalchemy already does that quite nicely with optimizations as needed, which we would just be rewriting23:05
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vishyeday: i suppose, but that means any other backend needs to implement the entire (very generalized) sqlalchemy code instead of very specific datalayer code23:08
edayvishy: yeah, but I think we need to make some decisions around what backends we want to support. pg/mysql/sqlite may be sufficient. I'm honestly not sure what else we would really want to use if we want relational-like data models. possibly cassandra, but that may be overkill since we don't really have big data needs for this piece, even for large installations23:12
edayI'm all for doing the extra work to support extra data stores (ie, ones not supported by sql alchemy) if there is a sound technical reason, I just don't think we're really dug into that yet23:14
vishyeday: the mailing list is big on keeping redis support.  I think implementing a redis backend is easy for our limited set of commands.23:15
vishyeday: much more difficult for all of SQLAlchemy23:15
edayI'm really not sure why people want redis, it doesn't seem like a good choice for this application :)23:16
edayagreed would be much easier with our own layer of sqlA23:16
edayerr, over SQLAlchemy23:16
vishyeday: yes, I think our data is pretty ideal for relational databases, but redis is cool man :)23:17
edayit is cool, but cool is not reason enough for the extra work IMO :)23:18
vishyeday: agreed, but coolness has its value as well, especially when you're trying to attract developers/ gain adoption.23:19
edayvishy: I think there is enough other substance to attract devs/adoption that supporting other intersting technologies.23:20
vishyeday: will you be around for the meeting tomorrow?23:20
vishyeday: orm_deux is the main topic of discussion I think.23:21
edayalso, when it comes to tech minded people, they're going to questions these choices.  I was confused at the choice of Redis over some data store built for persistence first. Persistence in redis is more of an afterthough with snapshots to disk (ie, save your cache so it's warm on boot)23:22
vishyeday: personally I'm happy with a clean db abstraction layer, where we get back linked objects or dictionaries.  I'm used to a bit more OO interface, but I think simple data transfer objects are a good idea.23:22
edayyup, I'll be around for the meeting23:23
vishyeday: cool23:23
edayit's sometimes a tricky balance when trying to find a healthy level of abstraction, just like other tradeoffs you need to make23:24
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