Monday, 2010-09-27

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zulsoren: you'll have to add python-greenlets to the build-dep as well12:46
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sorenzul: Will do.13:02
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jaypipessoren: you an admin on the glance project? wondering if you could make me one so I can get some stuff merged...13:17
jaypipessoren: oh, and good morning ;)13:17
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jaypipesannegentle: mornin.13:17
jaypipesannegentle: I'm in Columbus, Ohio. :)  and yep, I'll get you some input on the docs.13:18
annegentlegood morning :)13:18
sorenjaypipes: Let me check.13:18
annegentlecool, love Columbus. I went to school at Miami U13:18
jaypipessoren: cheers13:18
annegentleand my sis lives there13:18
jaypipesannegentle: oh, nice! :)13:18
jaypipesannegentle: where are you based?13:18
annegentleI'm in Austin. Where it's 57 degrees F this morning. As an Ohioan I laugh at the shivering. Yet after 9 years here, I shiver. Go figure.13:19
jaypipesannegentle: :) 54 degrees here. and raining :)13:20
sorenjaypipes: What sort of privs do you need to get stuff merged?13:20
sorenjaypipes: Hudson merges stuff for glance?13:20
jaypipessoren: yep, but I cannot set a merge prop to Approved..13:21
sorenjaypipes: Ah, I see. Hang on.13:21
jaypipessoren: :) thx13:21
sorenjaypipes: Can you approve merges for Nova?13:22
* soren is trying to work out which bit to flick for this to work.13:22
jaypipessoren: yes13:22
* jaypipes figured soren would just hack the LP database ;)13:22
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sorenjaypipes: I actually can't approve stuff on Glance, either.13:25
jaypipessoren: ah, ok.  I'll ask dendro-afk when he's up. thx for your help, though!13:25
jaypipessirp1: can you approve merge props in glance?13:25
sorenjaypipes: I'm kind of at a loss as to what decides whether one can do so.13:25
jaypipessoren: me too :)13:26
* soren thinks he knows13:26
sorenjaypipes: If I'm right, only mtaylor can fix it.13:27
sorenjaypipes: Yup, I think it's determined by the default branch reviewer.13:28
sorenjaypipes: The branch is owned by hudson, and I think only mtaylor has that login.13:28
sorenjaypipes: For nova, the default branch reviewer is nova-core.13:28
sorenjaypipes: For glance, it seems to be unset, so it defaults to the branch owner.13:29
jaypipessoren: gotcha.  ok, I'll ask mtaylor to look into changing that.13:29
zulannegentle: ooh...cold ;)13:29
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annegentlezul: I know, right?! :)13:30
zulannegentle: only 11C here :P13:30
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mtaylorjaypipes: whoops. sorry about that!14:18
mtaylorjaypipes: reviewer changed14:19
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jaypipesmtaylor: cheers and thx!14:39
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mtaylorjaypipes: let me know when you get that nosetests thing worked out and I'll update tarmac14:42
jaypipesmtaylor: will do.14:43
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jaypipesmtaylor: not sure about that one...15:38
mtaylorjaypipes: NICE15:39
mtaylorjaypipes: sigh15:39
mtaylorjaypipes: ok. hang on...15:39
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mtaylorjaypipes: fixed15:45
mtaylorjaypipes: I was apparently either really tired or really lazy when I pushed the new branch :)15:46
jaypipesmtaylor: :) no worries, thx!15:46
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edaygundlach: reviewing the servers-api branch and then will look at etherpad for next highest priority task17:36
gundlacheday: thanks!  hold up on the review17:36
edayeh? ok...17:36
gundlachit should only be two files but is huge for some reason17:37
gundlachseems i'm not merging from somewhere where code has been changed out from under me17:37
edaywell, you are building on _cerberus_'s servers-api branch which doesn't appear to be merged yet17:37
gundlachoh, i see -- i'm merging into trunk.  i coulda sworn i was merging into his branch.17:38
gundlachlemme go make a new one17:38
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soreneday: So, slackdb, huh?18:49
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edaysoren: yup :)18:51
soreneday: Nova doesn't keep you busy enough :)18:52
edaysoren: Hehe, it does, but I miss lower level work. Need something to keep me sane (or insane? I dunno)18:55
soreneday: I thought Drizzle was meant to support this kind of thing, though?18:56
soreneday: Eventually, anyways.18:56
edaysoren: Well, I don't think it ever plans on giving up ACID properties or supporting multi-master configs18:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #649188 in nova "RS API is still on Redis" [High,New]
edaysoren: At least it wasn't when I was working on it. It should be easier to manage for RDS-like installs or single-master multi-tenant clusters18:57
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edaysoren: slackdb is quite a bit different in the local data storage and replication model, more like couchdb but relational18:57
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soreneday: Ok.18:59
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soreneday: I don't know, man... I've never written an RDBMS before, but it sounds like a lot of work :)19:00
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edaysoren: Like I mentioned in the blog post, it's not trying to be a full-featured RDBMS right from the start, just enough to make a couple popular webapps to function19:02
*** littleidea has joined #openstack19:02
edaysoren: it will still be a fair amount of work for sure, but someone needs to do it :)19:03
edaysoren: patches welcome!19:03
soreneday: Uh.. Yeah, about that.. don't wait up :D19:04
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edaysoren: aww, cmon... ;)19:07
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* jaypipes curses redis.19:11
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edaygundlach, _cerberus_, soren: Just claimed the shared_ip_groups actions form the etherpad, looking into those19:24
_cerberus_thanks eday19:25
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soreneday: Cool!19:47
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PentheusIs anyone doing any open source work on SWIFT and handling X-CDN-Enabled?20:01
creihtPentheus: There has been talk, but nothing specific yet20:02
creihtWe just added public container support in swift20:02
Pentheuscreiht: Yeah I'm speaking more in terms of public containers then CDN functionality, specifically20:03
creihtwhich may give you what you are looking for, but doesn't handle anything like having edge servers for CDN like availability20:03
Pentheuscreiht: That's in trunk? I thought I was looking at trunk...20:03
creihtPentheus: cool, then that feature is in the current truck, but we are still testing it20:03
Pentheuscreiht: Got it, i'll update then.. thank you!20:03
creihtIt is part of the new auth/acl stuff20:03
Pentheuscreiht: I was afraid I was going to have to roll up my sleeves :-)20:03
_0x44creiht: You guys got public containers done for Austin?20:04
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_0x44creiht: Does the python-cloudfiles module support them yet?20:04
creiht_0x44: yes20:04
creihtno to python-cloudfiles20:05
creihtI think the swift.common.client has support though20:05
_0x44Too bad, Glance/teller is using python-cloudfiles. I didn't know about swift.common.client.20:05
PentheusI wouldn't see how cloudfiles would be supported already, since cloudfiles' makepublic is very cdn specific20:05
creihtswift.common.client is a closer mapping to the REST calls in swift20:05
creihtPentheus: yeah it is very different from cdn20:06
creihtPentheus: I'm trying to find the docs on it20:06
creihtfor you20:06
_0x44Pentheus: I was just meaning the client, since that's what I used to get teller to talk to Swift20:07
creihtwith the right metadata to set the container public20:07
_0x44If I have time this week, I'll rewrite the swift backend to support that client instead.20:08
_0x44Thanks creiht20:08
creihtWe are planning on doing something with python-cloudfiles to support both RS and swift, but there are more pressing things at the moment :)20:09
creihtPentheus: I thought there was better documentation20:11
Pentheuscreiht: Having trouble finding anything in trunk20:11
creihttouches it a bit20:12
Pentheuscreiht: ah20:12
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creihtPentheus: it is all done in container metadata20:13
creihtso you do a POST to a container20:14
Pentheuscreiht: Set some magic meta data, and wala, the acls are public from the proxy?20:14
creihtthe metadata key is X-Container-Read20:14
Pentheuscreiht: rather, and the object can be fetched freely from the proxy20:14
creihtwith the value of '.ref:*'20:14
creiht.ref stands for referrer20:14
creihtso you could do20:14
Pentheuscreiht: Referrer I assume in this case is standard HTTP env referrer20:15
creihtnot perfect20:15
creihtbut useful to some people at times20:15
Pentheuscreiht: Its a start, I think this is a good building block20:15
creihtbut the common use case is to just use .ref:*20:15
creihtwhich actually gets shortened to .r:*20:15
creihtYou can also give read/write access to other users/accounts20:16
Pentheuscreiht: I will have to hack something in to stop people from accessing the proxies directly for .r:* objects, as I would rather public requests be routed through some cache (read: squid network)20:16
creihtyeah... it would be preferred to have some sort of cache to sit in front (like suqid or varnish)20:16
creihtthe st tool can also be used as a command line tool to set permissions20:17
Pentheuscreiht: excellent thank you, this will work for us20:19
creihtfunctionality wise it should work, but we haven't fully performance tested it yet20:19
creihtif you run into any issues, please let us know :)20:19
PentheusI will...and I assume X-CDN-Enable was not hijacked because that would be nasty since this isn't CDN functionality at all, so you mentioned in time cloudfiles would be given a pass over to support X-Container-Read?20:21
creihtit may or may not make it as an actual feature of cloudfiles20:23
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sorenGawd, I'm tired for firewalls right now.20:29
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jaypipessirp1: alrighty, image service now has unit tests in Nova... going to hook in Glance shortly.
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sirp1jaypipes: awesome, let _0x44 or I know if you have any questions about Nova <-> Teller interactoins20:50
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*** sophiap has joined #openstack20:52
jaypipessirp1: got docs on the API calls? those would be helpful :)20:53
sirp1jaypipes: don't have anything at the moment (other than what it's in the blueprint, which is pretty-highlevel). i'll ping _0x44 and see if we can whip up a quick spec for the GET image request20:55
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mtaylorjaypipes: there's some new features in taramc... thinking about upgrading us21:00
mtaylorjaypipes: like, they've got one now that enforces vote count in addition to merge prop status21:01
*** Kami_ has joined #openstack21:02
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edaymtaylor: cool.. does it differentiate approves from different groups (-core vs public)?21:03
mtayloreday: not sure - I need to pull and look21:03
*** Kami_ has quit IRC21:04
mtayloreday: doesn't look like it - I imagine it wouldn't be a hard patch to add though21:09
gundlacheday: in case you weren't aware, i'm ready for your review of the serialization code at
gundlach(which is a new mergeprop after i deleted the one merging to trunk)21:09
edaygundlach: ok, will take a look21:10
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vishysoren: here?21:27
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ooooPssshey, can you please describe openstack use cases in few sentences? ;)21:39
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vishyhello again21:42
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*** devcamcar has joined #openstack21:45
sorenvishy: I am.21:46
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jaypipesmtaylor: nice :)21:55
*** xtoddx has left #openstack21:55
jaypipessirp1: k, cheers21:55
*** Cybodog has quit IRC21:55
jaypipesdevcamcar: yo.21:55
vishysoren: any ideas on security group stuff?21:56
vishysoren: still had no luck on lucid21:56
sorenvishy: I'm sorting out the last few things now.21:56
sorenvishy: I've been pulling hairs out all day.21:56
vishysoren: we've been considering switching to maverick but i think it is too close to release for us to upgrade21:57
vishysoren: much appreciated21:57
sorenvishy: No need. Lucid should be fine.21:57
sorenvishy: Just gimme another half hour or so.21:58
vishysoren: ok, also jesse and i had a couple questions about the implementation21:59
sorenvishy: Shoot.21:59
vishyanotherjesse is logging in now22:00
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*** xtoddx has joined #openstack22:00
anotherjessesoren:  perhaps I'm missing something but how do VMs in the same security group (or project) talk with each other?22:00
sorenanotherjesse: Hmmm..22:00
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vishysoren: another question while you are digesting that one.  If a user launches an instance without allowing udp port 68, will it be able to receive dhcp packets?22:07
sorenvishy: DHCP is sorted out, yes.22:07
vishysoren: ah cool22:07
sorenvishy: Wrt. to instances in same security groups being able to reach each other... I haven't considered that :(22:08
sorenvishy: Do you have any ideas for how to filter that (apart from just passing a great big list of allowed IP's)?22:09
vishyhmm: our basic idea in the vlan world is that all hosts within a project can communicate freely22:09
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk22:09
sorenvishy: Oh, it makes sense. I just didn't consider it.22:09
vishyat the very least we would need the ability to specify rules separately for public vs inside vlan22:09
vishysoren: each project has its own subnet22:09
vishysoren: so it wouldn't have to be an explicit list of ips22:10
sorenHow do projects map to security groups, you think?22:10
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:10
sorenAn instance can belong to multiple security groups.22:10
vishysoren: in flat networking world, I don't think free access within a project makes sense22:10
vishysince everything has a public ip22:10
jaypipessirp1: ping22:11
vishysoren: we could create a specific security group for each project22:11
vishysoren: and put it in as a parent filter rule of the instance filter rule?22:11
sorenCome to think of it, I think security groups belong to a project.22:12
sorenHm.. Yeah, this shouldn't be too hard to add.22:12
vishysoren: I agree.  In the aws world you can share security groups22:12
vishysoren: but i don't really see the point22:12
sorenHow so?22:12
vishysoren: you can authorize access from a group defined by another user22:14
sorenOh, sure.22:14
soren(That is not implemented here, by the way)22:14
vishyyeah i don't think we need that at the moment22:14
vishymaybe someday, but we could possibly just pass project_id as user_id22:15
vishyunless it is like S3 where it has to be numeric22:15
vishyanyway, I don't want to distract you from getting the lucid version working,  perhaps we can figure out the within-project changes afterwards.22:16
vishywe need to figure it out this week though22:16
sorenAre you guys on a different release schedule than the rest of us?22:17
vishysoren: yes22:17
sorenCare to share?22:17
vishysoren: our 1.0 release is on monday22:17
*** joearnol_ has joined #openstack22:17
*** littleidea has quit IRC22:18
sorenI feel very, very close indeed to getting this stuff working.22:18
sorenOnce I stop having to deal with laundry and a waking baby it shoulnd't be more than 15 minutes.22:19
vishysoren: cool, let me know and i'll give it a test22:19
*** joearnold has quit IRC22:19
*** joearnold has joined #openstack22:20
*** littleidea has joined #openstack22:20
*** joearnol_ has quit IRC22:21
sorenvishy: While you wait, you could review my network-fixes branch?22:28
sorenvishy: Oh, you did!22:28
vishysoren: i did already22:28
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC22:28
sorenvishy: Your approach sounds better.22:29
*** Cybo has quit IRC22:30
vishysoren: ok the one thing is that host is set in init.  We could pass it in to init_hosts, but it is available as self.host22:30
vishyalmost got CRL's working, which is probably completely useless to anyone but us22:30
*** Podilarius has left #openstack22:30
*** sirp1 has quit IRC22:30
sorenWhat do you use certificates for?22:31
sorenExcuse for a minute while I scream at the top of my lungs.22:32
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk22:32
vishysoren: they are used for bundling images and for vpns22:36
sorenvishy: Ah, right.22:38
sorenFunny. A couple of days ago, I would have rated myself as pretty effing good at this networking business. Now... Less so.22:44
*** sirp1 has joined #openstack22:49
mtaylorsoren: don't you love days like that?22:54
sorenmtaylor: I certainly have strong feelings for them.22:56
*** ppetraki has quit IRC22:59
*** sirp1 has quit IRC22:59
*** jc_smith has quit IRC23:01
xtoddxI'm having issues with swift authentication23:02
xtoddxwhen GETting an account it is failing23:02
creihtxtoddx: failing in which way?23:02
xtoddxafter looking through the auth middleware, i'm noticing that req.acl is None23:02
xtoddxso parsing groups gives me none to match agains23:02
xtoddx403 Forbidden23:03
creihtxtoddx: are you using the current swift middleware? or do you have some custom auth middlware now?23:04
xtoddxthis is a pure swift environment23:04
xtoddxmy req.remote_user gives me groups of test:tester, test23:04
xtoddxi'm not admin23:05
xtoddxif I were admin, would i have the AUTH_XXXXXX in my groups?23:05
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack23:05
*** miclorb has joined #openstack23:05
creihtforgot the --admin when creating the user?23:05
xtoddxdo i need to be admin to stat an account?23:06
creihtby default a non admin user has no rights23:06
creihtuntil you add them to a container23:08
xtoddxso can i still create containers and upload files w/o being admin?23:11
*** mtaylor has quit IRC23:13
devcamcarhey creih23:16
devcamcari'm a bit confused - what is the purpose of requiring --admin to create a container?23:16
devcamcarespecially considering the limits on the number of files that can be put in a container23:16
devcamcari assume that the container names are essentially "first come first serve"23:17
devcamcarand that as long as my users creates a container, i can do whatever i want with it23:17
devcamcar*my user23:17
devcamcaris this just a quirk of the dev auth system?23:17
devcamcarwe are only using it for a small internal storage system for our ops team, that for itsec reasons needs to be a separate silo than our production facing swift23:18
*** spike has quit IRC23:24
*** dagger has quit IRC23:24
*** DesiJat has quit IRC23:24
Pentheuscreiht: Setting {'X-Container-Read': '.ref:*'} metadata doesn't really get me passed Missing Auth Token http errors on the proxy, a pre-req on the proxy server, which doesn't appear to be able to be yanked out lightly. I think this is in the early stages of implementation or I am misusing?23:24
*** mtaylor has joined #openstack23:25
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v mtaylor23:25
*** rnirmal has quit IRC23:26
*** DesiJat has joined #openstack23:27
*** kevnfx has quit IRC23:28
*** spike has joined #openstack23:28
*** dagger has joined #openstack23:28
devcamcarcreiht: once upon a time when i installed an old version of swift from the dev ppa, it installed the init.d scripts as well.  are those available anywhere now?23:33
*** ctennis has quit IRC23:39
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:39
*** mtaylor has quit IRC23:40
*** gasbakid has quit IRC23:42
*** ctennis has quit IRC23:44
sorenvishy: Ok, I'm about to pass out. I've pushed my most recent stuff to Launchpad. Something is screwing up the filtering, and I can't work it out. I can't think clearly anymore.23:47
vishysoren: ok23:47
sorenvishy: Feel free to test things out and lend a helping hand.23:47
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:48
*** ctennis has joined #openstack23:48
vishysoren: does it actually run on lucid now?23:48
sorenvishy: It was never a lucid problem.23:48
vishysoren: oh, you saw the email with the errors I was getting?23:48
sorenvishy: You saw my reply?23:48
*** jakedahn has quit IRC23:49
sorenWeird, I can't reach
vishysoren: no, I haven't seen anything23:49
sorenOr anything *
sorenvishy: <---- Towards the end of the thread.23:50
sorenvishy: About 80% down.23:50
vishyweird, didn't get an email for that one23:50
*** mtaylor has joined #openstack23:51
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v mtaylor23:51
sorenvishy: Oh, maybe I didn't CC you. And you don't seem to be subscribed to the mp.23:51
* soren gives up for the day23:52
vishyyeah that is odd23:52
vishyk i'll try and fiddle23:52
sorenvishy: Thanks, much appreciated.23:52
*** mtaylor has quit IRC23:59

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