Monday, 2010-10-18

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huzhi,all. i want to config multi servers for swift, i quite new to swift,and even don't know if i should run proxy,container,object,proxy,auth server on all servers, or one server a service.01:46
huzIs there anyone that knows how to do it?01:46
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creihthuz: A good starting point to think about a multi-server swift deployment would be:01:55
creihtstill a bit rough though01:56
creihtmore docs are planned01:56
creihtthe simplest possible deployment is to have have proxy, account, container, and object servers on the same machine01:57
creihtand run the dev auth on one machine01:57
creihtat rackspace we run the proxy on ther own machine01:58
creihtand each storage node runs the account, container and object servers01:58
creihtauth is a totally separate service run by a different department01:58
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chmouelsoren: around ?09:36
coolhandlukeguys, while doing a multi node installation, do we need to run nova-network on all compute nodes? currently, we are able to create a new VM through the controller, but unable to ssh into the newly created VM09:38
coolhandlukebridging is setup on controller as well as all nodes..09:39
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alekibangocoolhandluke: it would be very nice if you will document your knowledge of multinode install on wiki or some etherpad09:58
alekibango there are some people out there who, like you, are trying to run nova on multiple servers...09:59
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coolhandlukealekibango: thats the first thing I'll do as soon as I get the multinode install to work..10:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #662579 in nova "TypeError: terminate_instances() takes exactly 3 non-keyword arguments (2 given) " [Undecided,New]
zykes-what's the difference on Openstack Compute and Eucalyptus ?10:17
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zykes-ah I see10:28
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alekibangocoolhandluke:  please join me here, put your thoughs in
dizzuvirtbot: re terminate_instances() - that issue is supposedly fixed in the trunk according to soren10:45
uvirtbotdizz: Error: "re" is not a valid command.10:45
alekibangozykes-: did you find the wiki page?10:49
alekibangomain diff is that nova is scalable10:49
alekibango(or will be :)10:49
zykes-yeh alekibango10:51
zykes-made some test nodes so going to install today10:51
alekibangozykes-:  - please join us10:51
alekibangoi need to install multiple nodes soon10:52
alekibangobut is not documented at all10:52
alekibangoplease cooperate10:52
alekibangoedit your name please10:52
alekibango:) ty10:53
zykes-how you mean alekibango ?10:54
jonwoodWell, only just morning.10:54
alekibangoits noon here10:54
coolhandlukejonwood: Morning.. Looking out for you for quite some time :)10:54
* jonwood makes it 11:5410:54
jonwoodcoolhandluke: That sounds ominous ;)10:54
alekibangoplease put your questions, thoughts in that etherpad10:54
alekibangoit might help us all to move fw10:55
coolhandlukeyea. will do10:55
alekibangoi would think it might be nice to have some dr. Novator script -- which will check how is Nova installed and operational, suggesting to noob admins what went wrong and why... this might check for  service availability and software versions -- for example boto should be 1.9b11:00
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alekibangocoolhandluke: do you have  ebtables installed?11:04
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coolhandlukealekibango: i dont think so.. why's that necessary?11:04
alekibangonova-network errored on me when i didnt :) its using it11:05
alekibangosee all logs11:05
jonwoodebtables is only needed for vlans.11:05
alekibangofor exceptions11:05
alekibangodepends on how he is using it11:06
jonwoodI'm not going to be paying much attention for a little while. I need to deploy some code to a client's production cluster, so it's probably best if I pay attention to that ;)11:07
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coolhandlukeno exceptions at all.. bridge is setup (br100) and has a valid broadcast.. instances start up fine too. when i ssh, i get a "no route to host"11:08
alekibangocoolhandluke: in 2-3 hours people will start living here more...11:09
alekibangomaybe they will know11:09
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coolhandlukealekibango: ok. I'll try then11:09
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jonwoodRight. That's the tense bit of my day done now :P11:41
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dendrobates4 days until Ausitn release12:30
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annegentleDraft release notes now ready for review: Feel free to edit - what's in? what's out? and add more details or links as needed.15:13
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annegentleI'm adding Swift's new items to the Release Notes now - Stats, ACLs, public containers, and container metadata15:25
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creihtwhere's mtaylor when you need him15:48
creihtsoren: you around?15:48
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creihtmtaylor: howdy16:07
mtaylormorning creiht16:07
creihtmtaylor: busy?16:07
creihtcan you update the debian branch for swift to be 1.1 in preparation for the release?16:08
creihtand add bin/swift-bench to the core swift package?16:09
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creihtmtaylor: any attach the change to  bug:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 660803 in swift "Update version info to 1.1.0" [High,New]16:11
creihtif you don't mind16:11
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mtaylorcreiht: yup. lemme go poke at it right now16:11
creihtmtaylor: that would be awesome... thanks!16:11
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mtaylorcreiht: is lp:swift current what's planned to be released for 1.1 ?16:12
coolhandlukenova question: While doing a multi node installation, do we need to run nova-network on all compute nodes and controllers? Or just the controller? Or?16:17
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mtaylorcreiht: ok- the packaging is all ready... but I can't bump the revision number there until you cut the 1.1 tarball16:22
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jaypipesannegentle: ok, I've added the release note stuff for Glance.16:32
annegentlejaypipes: thanks! I'm sifting through edit conflicts now :)16:32
jaypipesannegentle: I already fixed them...16:32
annegentlejaypipes: great, thanks16:32
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kevnfxcoolhandluke: I had the same question the first time, and originally had been successful in my current "simple" two node installation to simply run nova-compute on the second node.  However, there have been changes on the networking side that may have changed this.16:38
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Ryan_Lanekevnfx: do you have any documentation for getting multi-node working?16:45
zykes-Ryan_Lane: think it's work in progress16:45
* Ryan_Lane nods16:45
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annegentleanyone know who has admin privs to ? I'd like to add a listing of available public pages to the home page if possible.16:49
kevnfxRyan_Lane: I'm trying to pull together what I currently know .... there are still some missing pieces but will post what I currently have on etherpad ...16:50
Ryan_Lanekevnfx: cool. thanks16:51
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kevnfxI'm still trying to debug problems with virDomainLookupByName on the second node, but the etherpad instructions I added should get us closer.  Feedback appreciated!17:03
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Ryan_Laneawesome :)17:06
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Ryan_LaneOh. BTW. I'd like to make some changes to the LDAP driver.17:08
Ryan_Laneright now it assumes it owns the LDAP store.17:08
Ryan_LaneI'd like to change add and delete user to add/remove attributes if the driver is configured to do that instead of creating/deleting the users.17:09
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Ryan_Lanemeaning the driver assumes it has access to modify novauser attributes, but doesn't have permission to add/delete users17:10
rluciokevnfx: hilariously enough I am just finishing typing up instructions for the installations I have been working with for the last 2 months, should I toss that on the multinodeinstall etherpad or somewhere else?17:12
rluciokevnfx: i have been doing with two setups of 1 cloud controller + 3 compute nodes17:13
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kevnfxrlucio:  If you have working instructions perhaps they belong on ... I was going to post there, but thought my notes were more along the lines of discussion (hence etherpad).17:16
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alekibangorlucio: etherpad is good start, wiki in next step17:19
rluciook that's fine.  I think I would appreciate a few eyes on it before it makes it into the wiki anyways :)17:21
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jaypipeseday: 2 down, 14 to go... converting tests to run under nose... :)17:31
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rlucioalekibango, kevnfx: Ok I added my instructions to the etherpad
kevnfxrlucio: thanks! just looking them over ...17:40
* creiht ponders how to cut a tarball17:44
alekibangorlucio: great, reading now17:47
dendrobates creiht: I can help with that and where to put it17:49
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creihtdendrobates: k... still waiting for some stuff to land17:49
alekibangoi am trying to draw  better picture of nova architecture... and i think i will need some help :)17:49
alekibangowhat info is stored in redis?17:50
dendrobatescreiht: I am planning on pushing some release candidate tarballs after the meeting tomorrow.17:50
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rlucioalekibango: i think redis is only used to store user info if you are using the fakeldap driver18:02
rlucioalekibango: otherwise its not used at all18:02
alekibangoso when we will use DB, redis can be forgotten?18:04
alekibangorlucio: you are confirming what i found in sources, but i was not sure18:04
rlucioalekibango: no, if you use ldap then redis can be forgotten18:04
jonwoodTheres a reference to Redis in the dhcpbridge code as well18:04
alekibangobut also users can be in SQL db, right?18:05
alekibangoor am i mistaken? i have seen that somewhere18:05
rlucioi just know from what i read on commit 355:
jonwoodHmmm, doesn't actually seem to be used though.18:06
rlucioif you are using mysql, then user info as related to the project is stored there18:07
alekibangois it possible to have users in sql db now?18:07
jonwoodalekibango: There seems to be a driver for it.18:07
alekibangothat means that you can use mysql/postgres or   redis|ldap, right?18:08
alekibangoi am trying to document this for users :)18:08
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alekibangoso i wanted to be right18:08
rluciouh, i dont think so, i thought it was mysql + redis or mysql + ldap18:08
alekibangorlucio: i cant remember where, but somewhere i think i have seen its possible to store users in sql18:09
rluciothats certainly possible; i'm not on HOL anymore, about a week behind18:09
alekibangoHOL :)18:09
alekibangorlucio: luckily i see what you mean18:09
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alekibangocan someone please confirm/deny  that its possible to store users in SQL db instead of ldap/redis?18:11
jonwoodThere's a driver for it. Whether it works or not I don't know.18:11
jonwoodThe only way to find out is to try it.18:11
alekibangook, i will try pretending it works well18:11
alekibangofor now18:12
alekibangomaybe it will next week18:12
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coolhandlukekenfx, rlucio: guys, thanks for documenting multi node install instructions.. I'll test em out tomorrow.18:12
rlucioalekibango: just add a couple asterisks as a warning, that's what i like to do :)18:13
rluciocoolhandluke: np18:13
alekibangocoolhandluke: i hope you will help us as well18:13
coolhandlukealekibango: absolutely. i've got a team waiting to start documentation as soon as the multi node thing works!18:14
alekibangohmm someone deleted that part from nova deployment manual18:14
alekibangowe together planned installation to be part of deployment18:15
alekibango-- planning, installation -> giving control to operators (admins, having different guide)18:15
alekibangoha, will have separate page, k18:17
*** coolhandluke has quit IRC18:19
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rluciocan anyone comment on how much of the openstack API is currently supported?18:21
Grizzletoothjust installed on a vanilla 10.10 system trying to get the single server install to work -- getting some error about missing openssl.cnf when I try step 5 from the NovaInstall wiki page.  Error is on pastebin:
rlucioi mean, is there anything in that API that is above and beyond what is offered with the ec2 api?18:21
rluciolike snapshotting, resizing, progress queries during instance/server spinup, etc18:22
alekibangorlucio: did you see wiki page comparing nova to eucalyptus?18:22
alekibangotaht one is very informative18:23
rlucioalekibango, annegentle: ah thanks!18:23
alekibangoannegentle: ty18:24
annegentleGrizzletooth: I had to copy openssl to the directory it wants it in.18:25
*** burris has joined #openstack18:25
annegentleGrizzletooth: in which it wants? :)18:25
Grizzletoothannegentle: not sure what directory that is - since it references it as ./openssl.cnf :(18:25
creihtmtaylor: how often does tarmac scan for updates to merge into trunk for lp:swift?18:28
Grizzletoothannegentle: found dir using strace:  /var/lib/nova/CA  -- will try that18:28
annegentleGrizzletooth: good-o18:28
mtaylorcreiht: 5 minutes18:29
Grizzletoothlooks like by default the openssl.cnf file is left as opeenssl.cnf.tmpl18:29
alekibangoi just love strace and ltrace :)18:29
mtaylorcreiht: is something languishing?18:29
alekibangoGrizzletooth: if that is bug in those ubuntu deb packages, please report it, so soren can make it better18:30
mtaylorcreiht: it's actually running _right_ now18:30
creihthehe... alright18:30
* creiht will wait patiently18:30
mtaylorcreiht: aha. weird edge case - I relaxed the tarmac rules to use the description field for the commit message if there was no commit message18:35
mtaylorcreiht: but for that branch, there is actually no description either18:35
mtaylorcreiht: so tarmac is failing in an unanticipated way (so bug in merge request, coupled with bug in tarmac)18:35
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creihtdescription added18:40
*** greenisus_ has joined #openstack18:41
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*** Grizzletooth has joined #openstack18:47
mtaylorwow. is broken18:47
mtaylorthat sort of sucks18:47
jeroit rained and the cloud vanished18:49
* alekibango blames HAARP18:51
*** hazmat has quit IRC18:52
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dendrobatesmtaylor: wfm now19:02
mtaylordendrobates: heh. clogged intertubes I guess19:02
alekibangodendrobates: is it possible to store users in mysql/postgres without using ldap nor redis now in nova?19:04
*** spectorclan has joined #openstack19:06
alekibangohi spectorclan, do you have the nova document you are talking about?19:06
alekibangomaybe you should put it into etherpad, so we can collaborate and help you a bit19:07
alekibango(etherpad is great for editing together)19:07
*** greenisus has joined #openstack19:07
alekibangothe one describing architecture...19:07
alekibangoi am right now trying to draw better image of that :)19:08
spectorclanalekibango - i had it up on etherpad the other day, will do again hold on. thanks19:08
alekibangoyou can get nice name if you type it in url19:08
alekibangojust open
alekibangoso it can be remembered19:08
dendrobatesalekibango: not at this time.  You can use any ldap, or fakeldap which still usses redis19:09
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alekibangodendrobates: ok, ty19:09
*** gustavomzw has joined #openstack19:09
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dendrobatesalekibango: you could setup openldap with a sql backend, if you really wanted to19:10
spectorclan  adding content now19:10
dendrobatesalekibango: but that adds complexity since you still need openldap19:10
dendrobatesspectorclan: what is the purpose of that doc?19:11
alekibangodendrobates: ty,  i c19:11
*** joearnold has quit IRC19:11
alekibangoi just thought i have seen that somewhere19:11
alekibango(using only db to store users)19:11
spectorclandendrobates something basic; intro arch doc for for people who want to know 1 level down into the technology of the object store architecture19:12
spectorclandendrobates not meant for developers, more for product managers and technical folk who come to the site and want something basic to learn about19:12
dendrobatesspectorclan: why is it called nova-archdoc if is about the objectstore19:13
dendrobatesspectorclan: will it reside on the wiki?19:13
*** krish has quit IRC19:13
spectorclanthat is because I got confused when alek asked about that doc. The NOVA document is no where as I am still not sure I understand much about it. I got the two projects confused19:13
spectorclandendrobates - not for wiki, more for link off openstack.org19:14
spectorclanthis document is the swift overview19:14
alekibangospectorclan: aha :) maybe thats even better reason to start etherpad19:14
alekibangospectorclan:  today we started this page --
alekibangospectorclan: i will try to help you as much as i can with the nova architecture describing doc19:15
spectorclancool - i will take a peak; I posted what I have on NOVA right now. Not too much but I will check out your doc19:15
alekibangothats only for inspiration - see how much we moved in that docs for today19:16
alekibangodendrobates: so, when users will be in LDAP, redis will not be needed?19:17
alekibangospectorclan: where did you posted ?19:17
alekibangosorry i was blind19:17
spectorclanalexibango - no problem, i have too many screens open. need about 4 monitors to track everything19:18
alekibangothey talk to me in other channels right now :)19:18
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack19:19
jonwoodrlucio: Are you around?19:24
rluciojonwood: whats up?19:25
jonwoodI'm in the process of turning your multi-node process into a Chef cookbook.19:26
jonwoodYou don't seem to actually install rabbitmq anywhere - is that actually the case?19:26
dendrobatesalekibango: correct19:27
rluciojonwood: well, the debian packages for nova have all that stuff as dependencies19:27
rluciojonwood: so it gets installed automatically19:27
notmynamenasa nova people: swift just got this question for you
zykes-how's the multinode thing coming along alekibango ?19:28
creihtvishy: -^19:28
jonwoodrlucio: Weird... the latest build doesn't seem to install it.19:28
rluciojonwood: hmm, let me check real quick.. my debs are based on the ppa-lucid branch that soren manages19:29
rlucioie the stuff from the nova ppa19:29
jonwoodYeah, I'm using that one as well, although I'm running Maverick.19:29
dendrobatesrlucio: the debian packages need to be updated19:29
dendrobatesrlucio: when the code changes, the packaging configs need to be updated to change dependencies19:30
dendrobatesrlucio: it's not automatic. We'll do it after release, or before if we have time.19:31
jonwooddendrobates: We're aware of that. Just a bit confused by the fact we seem to be getting different dependencies.19:31
rluciodendrobates: yes totally.. but my last pull from ppa-lucid back on the 7th (IIRC) should have had those dependencies already19:31
rluciounless im crazy of course... i'll check real quick19:32
jonwoodrlucio: Can you try this:19:32
jonwoodfor PKG in nova-common nova-doc python-nova nova-api nova-network nova-objectstore nova-scheduler; do apt-cache show $PKG | grep Depends; done | grep rabbitmq19:32
*** localhost has quit IRC19:32
rluciojonwood: hmm doesnt show anything there...19:35
jonwoodCan I check the obvious quickly? You do actually have rabbitmq installed don't you?19:36
alekibangospectorclan: i am trying to understand the same part now... :)  and i am drawing a picture of this19:37
*** ptremblett has quit IRC19:37
spectorclanalekibango Thanks.19:37
alekibangoi will try to continue with my image, which i will share with you - and we can put it into docs19:37
*** Cybodog has joined #openstack19:38
spectorclanalekibango Thanks. my machine is forcing me to close Mozilla for an update, will be back shorrly19:38
*** spectorclan has quit IRC19:38
*** rlucio has quit IRC19:40
*** rlucio has joined #openstack19:40
*** spectorclan has joined #openstack19:41
rluciook i just checked my local svn, the debian branch i am using is from 9/28.  and in the control file there is no reference to rabbitmq...19:41
rlucioso it must have gotten installed when i was futzing around, and i just never noticed it missing from my install script19:41
rluciosorry for messing that up in the doc19:42
jonwoodNo problem.19:42
dendrobatesrlucio: rabbitmq is not a dependency, because it might not run on the same machine19:43
*** localhost has joined #openstack19:43
jonwooddendrobates: Ahh, that makes sense.19:43
dendrobatessoren and I will be looking at ways to make that install easier at UDS19:43
rluciodendrobates: agreed, makes sense19:44
jonwoodrlucio: I just added a note on config files - they should probably have restricted access, since they contain the MySQL root password.19:46
rluciojonwood: good point.  i was able to skirt most security issues since i am in a dev in environment... probably not the case for most ppl though19:48
rlucio*in a dev environment...19:48
jonwoodIs use_s3 really a nova-network flag?19:49
rlucioerr no, that's a copy/paste bug19:51
rlucioit is only needed by nova-compute19:51
*** ctennis has quit IRC19:51
*** ctennis has joined #openstack19:51
*** cloudmeat has joined #openstack19:52
alekibangospectorclan: i started writing some notes into your doc19:52
*** ctennis has quit IRC19:53
spectorclanalekibango - yup, i see. thanks. Working on the text for the new Website we plan to launch on Thursday. Will read over shortly19:53
*** cloudmeat1 has quit IRC19:55
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alekibangospectorclan: tip: paste url of the etherpad every few hours on irc :)  like this:  nova architecture described:
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC20:09
alekibangoi will link that from wikipages also20:09
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack20:10
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kevnfxvishy: could you explain the last two arguments that are passed to nova-manage network create?  (i.e. nova-manage network create 3 16)20:53
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates20:58
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vishykevnfx num_networks network_size21:20
*** rossij has joined #openstack21:20
vishykevnfx: there are flags for them so you can leave them off, but for testing i like to keep them small because the defaults are 1000 25621:21
vishykevnfx: so it doesn't create 256,000 records in the db21:21
*** localhost has joined #openstack21:23
*** tomo_bot has joined #openstack21:24
annegentlevishy: thanks kevnfx: I updated the Etherpad with that info21:31
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC21:32
vishyseems quiet in heretoday21:32
*** localhost has quit IRC21:32
vishyNebula 1.0 Launched!21:32
vishy* fanfare *21:32
creihtvishy: did you see this? :
vishycreiht: yeah, kind of hilarious that they posted it there21:33
*** arcane has quit IRC21:34
*** spectorclan has quit IRC21:34
vishycomments are old, but yes the SQLAlchemy Auth driver is in21:34
vishysoren: if you are around, we probably should put a hacked version of dnsmasq in the ppa.  There is a bug in the current ubuntu version21:35
vishysoren: although you should be asleep right now, it is the middle of the night!21:36
zulvishy: hey if you dont mind if you find problems with dnsmasq i would love to get bug reports about it and fix it for natty ;)21:36
zulthe next version of ubuntu21:37
zulvishy: cool thanks21:38
vishydnsmasq crashes every few launches if you are hammering nova21:38
*** localhost has joined #openstack21:39
vishyzul: I emailed the maintainer and someone had reported that bug a week before21:39
zulvishy: the ubuntu maintainer?21:39
vishyno the dnsmasq maintainer21:39
vishyhe directed me to the fix, lease->extradata = NULL; which solved the issue21:40
zulvishy: gotcha...ill get it fixed in natty and probably do a backport for it21:40
vishycool, thx21:41
*** aliguori has quit IRC21:41
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alekibangovishy: gj with that dnsmasq22:42
alekibangovishy: do you think you can write some comments here or there?
vishyalekibango: i made a few comments on the first one22:44
alekibangogood. ty22:44
*** faccenda has joined #openstack22:48
*** jc_smith has quit IRC22:49
rluciook random question: is there any thought as to supporting pausing instances or terminating them without deleting the disk files so that the image can be bundled?22:51
rlucioor is the plan to assume instance disk images are on LVM volumes (on the host) so they can be snapshotted?22:52
vishyrlucio: yes we are definitely going to add a shutdown-instance or some such to turn off the machine without deleting it22:55
*** faccenda has quit IRC22:55
alekibangovishy:  you wrote on etherpad that Users, Projects, and Roles can also now be stored in a SQL DB ??22:57
alekibangodendro told me that its ldap/redis for now22:57
*** faccenda has joined #openstack22:57
alekibangovishy: i am trying to draw nova architecture image,  i would like you to see it before i post it somewhere - to be correct...22:59
rluciovishy: cool, thanks... i assume this isn't for the austin release though right?23:02
alekibangowill you review that for me?23:02
*** faccenda has quit IRC23:02
alekibangorlucio: imho, austin release is only beginning. i will switch to devel the moment its released23:02
alekibangoi imagine bexar to be the release that will really shake the market23:03
rlucioalekibango: i know, but where I'm at we will need to freeze on a known stable version.  It is really really hard to develop on top of nova when it is constantly changing :)23:04
alekibangowell, yes :)23:04
alekibangoits good reference point -- which is good23:04
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk23:05
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates23:06
*** maplebed has quit IRC23:07
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*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk23:17
*** Cybodog has joined #openstack23:19
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*** rnirmal has quit IRC23:24
Ryan_Lane|fooddoes the aws sdk currently work with nova?23:25
*** Ryan_Lane|food is now known as Ryan_Lane23:26
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack23:27
*** kevnfx has quit IRC23:31
vishyryan: untested, if there is a way to change the endpoint it talks to it should work23:38
vishyalekibango: yes i will look at it23:38
Ryan_Lanewell, I can change the hostname, the port, and the url prefix23:41
Ryan_LaneI get something like this "code 400, message Bad request syntax" and this "code 400, message Bad request version" from the api though23:41
*** rlucio has quit IRC23:42
Ryan_Lanevishy: ^23:42
vishyRyan_Lane: the eucatools work?23:45
Ryan_Lanewell, when I disable ssl in the aws sdk, I get a different response I get 403 forbidden instead :)23:46
vishyoh, yea ssl needs to be disabled23:46
vishy403 forbidden sounds like an imporoper access and secret23:47
Ryan_Lanethough, they are set to something insanely simple:23:47
Ryan_Laneexport EC2_ACCESS_KEY="admin:admin"23:47
Ryan_Laneexport EC2_SECRET_KEY="admin"23:47
Ryan_Lane$ec2 = new AmazonEC2('admin:admin', 'admin');23:48
*** DubLo7 has quit IRC23:49
Ryan_LaneAuthentication Failure: Signature does not match23:49
vishytry taking out the :admin23:50
*** jonwood has quit IRC23:50
vishyec2 might not like : in the access key23:50
Ryan_Lanenope. I wonder if it is using a different signature version23:51
vishythat is possible23:52
vishycan you specify the version?23:52
vishyyeah that is pretty new23:52
Ryan_LaneI think so, I'll need to figure out how23:52
vishyi think that is the same one boto uses...23:52
Ryan_LaneDEBUG:root:using _calc_signature_223:54
Ryan_Lanelooks like it is using the same version23:54
vishydoes it log an expected signature vs actual signature?23:57
vishyand they are different?23:57
Ryan_LaneDEBUG:root:expected_signature: Q+ju+L/EUjlVvBsXRpzyhsjCEkoPmPJou41YA5B7LGg=23:57
Ryan_LaneDEBUG:root:signature: JM8m8ulU9UjlJuyYcHxAjMzOKnQZCmcNMX0yKTvkb28=23:57
Ryan_Lanelooks like different hashing methods23:57
vishyyeah so there is an error in signature calculation23:57
vishyperhaps it is sending in extra fields that are ignored23:58
vishyis there a reason you need to use ec2 sdk?23:59
Ryan_Lanethere are php bindings23:59
Ryan_Laneand I'm writing a web interface, in php23:59
vishythere isn't a straight php library?23:59

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