Monday, 2010-11-22

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openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #37,076: FAILURE in 52 sec:
openstackhudsonYippie, build fixed!01:18
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #37,077: FIXED in 11 sec:
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uvirtbotNew bug: #678393 in nova "Error "NotFound: No network for bridge br100" occured when starting an instance." [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #678395 in nova "Command "sudo tee /var/lib/nova/tmp/tmpuaJWRG/etc/network/interfaces" failed when starting an instance" [Undecided,New]
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sorenttx: o/07:30
ttxadrian_otto: in LP you don't join a "project", you join a "team": so you'll find the "join the team" button on , etc.07:30
ttxsoren: good weekend ?07:30
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sorenttx: Meh.07:31
sorenttx: Spent most of it cleaning.07:31
ttxsoren: I heard winter is early this year in Denmark.07:32
sorenttx: The grand pre-christmas-cleaning.07:32
sorenttx: Uh.. Yeah, it is..07:32
sorenttx: How do you know that?07:32
sorenttx: We had 5-6 cm snow on Saturday, I think.07:32
ttxOne of Lucie's best friend comes from Denmark. She was hoem to play with her this Saturday. Had a chat with the parents.07:33
ttxHad no clue that Denmark's highest point was like 68m high.07:33
ttxNot too good for snowboarding, I guess.07:34
ttxsoren ^07:34
sorenttx: Well, it's 172 m, really :)07:40
ttxsoren: Ah! I guess their geography (or their French) is not that good.07:40
sorenttx: Still, not quite enough get a thrill going.07:40
sorenWe have an antenna that's over 400 m tall, though.07:42
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sorenttx: Err... The antenna itself is 315 m, but it's atop a hill whose top is 115 m above sea level. I believe that's the highest point we have.07:44
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zykes-does RackSpace use XenCloudPlatform ?09:50
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tommyblueHello everybody. I'm trying openstack and i've some questions to ask, especially on storage background. I'm using "standard" machines, with their own internal disks. I'd like to build a low cost solution, so i don't have a SAN to attach to. Do you have solutions to suggest?10:44
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ttxeday, jk0, soren: Since the corresponding branch is merged, I'll mark as Implemented. Feel free to correct me if there was more expected from it.10:57
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sorenttx: I wouldn't say it was implemented. Our pylint score is better, but there's still a lot of work to do. <---- that graph should ideally be 0.11:12
ttxok, that's what I thought might be the case, hence me asking11:13
sorenttx: np11:13
sorentommyblue: If you don't need EBS support, you're fine. Just don't deploy nova-volume.11:14
tommybluesoren: ok, the real question is: how openstack (with multiple server install) reacts on failures? As example if i build a 2-server infrastructure and one of the servers crashes, the cloud still works? Does it continue working only if both servers were using SAN (and it's working) or it works still if they have internal storage?11:22
ttxeday, jk0, soren: marking it "slow progress" instead.11:23
sorenttx: good idea11:23
sorentommyblue: Openstack should deal with failures just fine.11:24
sorentommyblue: That may not be the answer you're looking for, though.11:24
sorentommyblue: If one of your compute nodes die, the VM's running on it will disappear.11:25
tommybluesoren: i don't know if it is :) I'm new with cloud and i must understand how it works11:25
tommybluesoren: but how can i supply HA if the VM on a node will disappear if it fails?11:26
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sorentommyblue: How do you do it if a physical machine fails?11:28
sorentommyblue: It's by and large the same question.11:28
tommybluesoren: not really. with physical machine i can, e.g., use drbd (or different solution) to be sure that data is shared between multiple storages. If a machine crashes, with hearthbeat it's possible to restore the service from the other machine using the shared data11:30
tommybluesoren: what id' like to understand about openstack is: what should i do and what it does11:32
tommybluesoren: does it replicates data between nodes (to be sure there isn't a single point of failure)? Or should i give it a replicated storage?11:33
sorentommyblue: Why can't you use drbd between VM's?11:34
tommybluesoren: sorry, i know these are really basuc questions, but i couldn't find answers in the wiki, maybe you can give me a link and i stop to bother you :)11:34
tommybluesoren: i can use drbd, if needed. I would understand if it is11:35
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sorentommyblue: I don't know :) It depends on your application.11:36
sorentommyblue: So, basically, these are the primitives:11:38
tommybluesoren: imagine the situation: i never used cloud, i come from a "standard" infrastructure: two (or more) servers, with shared storage with drbd and hearthbeat to assure HA. I found openstack and it seems amazing to me. So i decided to dig into it to discover if it can replace my actual infrastructure. But all the docs i found seems to be written fot people who well know how cloud works11:38
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soren"cloud" at this level, isn't magic. It's really just some of your infrastructure that gets exposed through an API.11:39
sorenThings don't scale better or have better HA properties just because you run them in the cloud.11:40
sorenWhat it gives you are a number of primiites.11:40
sorenVM's. They come in different sizes, but are qualitatively the same.11:40
sorenA firewall (maybe, depending on the cloud and the API and whatnot).11:41
sorenA mechanism to move a static IP from one machine to another.11:41
sorenSome sort of persisistent block storage (depending on the cloud and API.11:42
sorenall these things are exposed through an API. This means they can be automated.11:42
sorenThat's pretty much it.11:43
soren...and that's enough to do pretty much anything.11:44
sorenYou can run your application in a VM. If it gets overloaded, you can start another VM to distribute the load.11:44
sorenIt's up to you, though, to ensure that the application you're trying to load balance, actually scales horisontally.11:45
tommyblueok! so openstack doesn't take care of storage replication betweens nodes, HA, and so on... Everything is now much more clearer!11:45
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sorentommyblue: sure11:53
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ttxsoren: your looks ready for approval. Should I set it to "Pending approval" ?12:38
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sorenttx: Yes, please.12:38
* soren sucks at paperwork12:38
ttxsoren: don12:39
sorenttx: ta very much.12:39
ttxsoren: are you close to finalizing the EC2 SOAP and the Bursting ones ? Or are those more for Cactus than for Bexar ?12:44
ttxDaviey: same question for
sorenEC2 SOAP is as done as it's going to be, I think.12:44
Davieyttx: almost done12:45
sorenttx: The bursting one... I need to take a good chunk of time out of my calendar and stare at it until I get an epiphany. The outcome of the discussion at the summit was.. all over the place.12:45
ttxsoren: ok, setting EC2 SOAP to Pending Approval too, then12:45
sorenttx: ta12:45
ttxKeeping bursting at Epiphany stage12:46
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zykes-is there any webgui going on ?13:13
sorenzykes-: For what?13:14
alekibangozykes: openstack-web-control-panel13:15
alekibangoprolly :)13:15
zykes-ah, still nothing more then that13:16
alekibangozykes-: would you like to participate in writing such system?13:17
alekibangoi mean another one13:17
alekibangoi would like to make one using python tools - like turbogears/pylons/pyramids or even django13:17
alekibangobut i dont feel i alone should go into it13:18
alekibangonot without some funding :)13:18
alekibangoor help13:18
alekibangosee also here --
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zykes-alekibango: i ain't that skillful at python yet but, i can do jQuery and other stuff though13:35
zykes-i've been doing a little but basic stuff with python13:36
alekibangozykes-: ic. we imho need more people. 4-5 would be nice to start it13:37
alekibangozykes-: python is not that hard...13:38
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zykes-i know :)13:38
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alekibangozykes-: maybe it would be better to adapt some existing cloud management interface for nova13:40
alekibangoi mean web one13:41
alekibangoi am just not sure if we need one more product specific web ui when there are coming generic ones13:41
alekibangobut still it might be very nice to have pythonic pne13:43
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zykes-like which one is there that's fre alekibango ?13:58
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alekibangohmm you mean cloud management web consoles?14:05
zykes-yes alekibango14:06
alekibangoif i am not mistaken, for example,
alekibangothere is some web gui for deltacloud imho14:07
alekibangozykes-: maybe i should look into those again... maybe later today. right now i cant spend too much time14:08
alekibangoha, libcloud has no ui?14:08
alekibangowell, maybe we should  really write one... :)14:09
sorenI wrote a CLI for it.14:10
sorenThat's about as much of a UI as I need :)14:10
zykes-soren: for ?14:10
alekibangowow :)14:10
zykes-deltacloud ?14:10
sorenzul: libcloud14:10
sorenzykes-: libcloud14:10
sorenzul: ignore me.14:10
alekibangosoren: there are people without typing abilities14:10
zulsoren: consider it done :014:10
sorenalekibango: I ebleive yuo.14:11
alekibangosoren: i believe some click here and here interface to get some info and to manage your virtual guests might be nice14:11
zykes-couldn't you use turbogears with libcloud at the bottom ?14:11
zykes-or ?14:11
alekibangozykes-: tg, pylons, pyramid  == relatively not much intruding frameworks14:12
sorenalekibango: Sure. I just probably wouldn't use it myself.14:12
sorenalekibango: ...which makes me a bad candidate for writing it.14:12
alekibangozykes-: and there are even more frameless frameworks...14:13
alekibangoi mean without templating system and database...  write your own14:13
* soren doesn't mind frames at all14:14
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zykes-alekibango: how you mean ?14:14
ttxannegentle: feel free to review/fix
alekibangosoren: i like when i have it under control. plone was too frameworkish hell for me... framework that is changing is becoming live beast that will eat you alive14:14
alekibangoand it was hard to achieve something the framework was not designed to do for you14:15
zykes-alekibango: isn't it easier to use something like libcloud at the bottom ?14:16
alekibangozykes-: not sure...14:16
alekibangosoren: what do you think?14:16
sorenalekibango: About what?14:17
sorenalekibango: I just in general? Right now, I'm thinking about coffee.14:17
sorenI like coffee.14:17
sorenI don't have any.14:17
sorenThat makes me think of it.14:17
alekibangosoren: i meant about what zykes asked14:17
sandywalshmmm, caffeine14:17
alekibangozykes-: libcloud will not support all nova features, thats sure14:17
sandywalshdamn you soren14:17
sorenDepends on what you want to do, I suppose.14:18
* sandywalsh runs off for tea14:18
zykes-alekibango: which features does not work ?14:18
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annegentlettx: will do14:20
alekibangozykes-: dotn ask me, i didnt try :)14:20
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zykes-how's xcp vs openstack ?14:22
alekibangozykes-: some people consider xen dying technology14:22
zykes-KVM is the "new way" ?14:23
alekibangojust ask -what is latest kernel you can use xen with?14:24
alekibangozykes-: KVM looks to be the new way, but its still young technology for some14:24
alekibangoit looks like KVM is evolving faster14:24
alekibangoand adapting14:24
zykes-seems nice14:25
alekibangoi just dont enjoy php14:25
alekibangoi left it when it was before 1.014:25
alekibangoand it still sucks14:25
zykes-heh, still it seems really nice14:26
alekibangoi never seen nice object application in php14:26
alekibangoi mean using objects in php is hell14:26
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alekibangozykes-: but yes, its looking nice14:27
alekibangobuilding infrastructure like  puzzle on screen is fun14:28
zykes-Either that or I guess you can place DeltaCloud in the front of OpenStack / Others14:28
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uvirtbotNew bug: #680090 in swift "Multi node docs need section about adding more proxies" [Medium,New]
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* soren heads dinnerwards15:50
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JordanRinkeword up15:51
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vishyalekibango: there is a web control panel written in django that will be open sourced soon15:59
jk0ttx: that sounds good to me, the features are there, I just have a few more little things to refine15:59
ttxjk0: soren said it should be left open, since this pylint scores are not really perfect yet.16:01
jk0oh right, that was a different ticket16:02
jk0yeah that was definitely the way to go16:02
jk0there is a *lot* of work left to be done for it16:02
ttxjk0: looks like it's a continuous effort, maybe BP is not the right way to track that.16:02
alekibangovishy: ty, i would like to see it soon really16:02
vishyalekibango: it is the nebula control panel.  It was approved for release, just needs some cleanup, but it should be available soon16:03
alekibangovishy: days? weeks?  months?16:03
alekibangodjango was really interesting guitarist :)16:04
vishyalekibango: Real Soon Now (tm)16:08
vishyalekibango: I'll try and get you a firmer date :)16:08
alekibangothanks a lot16:09
alekibangoi know this is hard to predict16:09
alekibangobut i would like to use it ASAP16:09
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ttxvishy: your cow-instances, move-ip-allocation and project-vpn blueprints look ready for approval to me... Can I set them to "Pending approval" ?16:38
vishyttx: yes, i thought we were supposed to put them on Review...16:39
ttxvishy: i wrote to clarify this :)16:39
ttxvishy: i'll do them.16:39
vishyttx: ah, i missed that part.  Thanks16:40
ttxvishy: it's recent :)16:40
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ttxeday: around ?16:44
edayttx: yup16:45
*** kashyapc has joined #openstack16:45
ttxeday: I've been trying to clean up the nova blueprint list and found three strange ones with your name on them16:46
ttxeday: was wondering what their status was16:46
ttxThey are "approved" without an approver set...16:46
edayttx: these were entries that were added as 'bugs' and I converted them over to blueprints while doing some cleaning of LP a while ago16:47
ttxis it something you intend to work on for bexar/cactus ? Or just a placeholder to keep them in mind ?16:47
ttxeday: in the latter case, i'll just set them back to New or Discussion16:47
edayttx: So, I'm not really sure who is the correct person to be working on them, but I didn't want to loose them when removing the invalid bugs16:47
edayttx: sounds good16:48
ttxeday: will do.16:48
ttxjaypipes: around ?16:49
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jaypipesttx: yup.16:53
ttxI was trying to update the state of the following blueprints where you are set as approver, drafter and executioner:16:54
ttxjaypipes: should I just move them to approver:dendrobates ? Are those work in progress, or placeholders ?16:55
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jaypipesttx: me and gundlach were working on those.  they are about 65% complete.  been working on Glance since that was prioritized.  Happy to finish that work if I get done with Glance first.17:06
jaypipesttx: feel free to set dendrobates as the approver and to set them to Deferred if you wish17:07
ttxjaypipes: so they are all started ? I'll update them.17:07
ttxjaypipes: keeping them as Low prio sounds good to me.17:07
jaypipesttx: yes. gundlach and I both have a cleanup-unittests branch that is being used for those...17:07
jaypipesttx: sounds good!17:07
ttxI'll set you as assignee, just change to gundlach if more appropriate.17:08
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* ttx disappears.17:13
jk0LP/dev process question: once a branch on LP has been merged, and we want to add some more changes to it, is it best to keep updating that merge (proposing a new merge request) or should we make a new branch entirely?17:15
*** gundlach has quit IRC17:16
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edayjk0: you can keep hacking on the same one17:19
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:19
edayjk0: it doesn't really matter either way really17:19
jk0cool, so I take it LP will reset the review/merge status once an update has been pushed?17:20
jaypipesjk0: yep.17:20
jk0excellent, thanks17:20
jaypipesjk0: set the merge prop to In Progress while you work on it...17:20
jaypipesjk0: LP will track (and re-do the diff on the merge prop) for new revs to the branch, but it won't automatically change the merge proposal status to In Progress17:21
*** jkakar_ has quit IRC17:23
*** jkakar__ has joined #openstack17:23
edayjk0, jaypipes: well, only if you want to use the same merge prop. If it's been merged and you have another set, use a new merge proposal17:25
*** damon__ has joined #openstack17:26
jaypipeseday: ah, yes of course... sorry, I assumed we were talking about a non-merged proposal :)17:26
*** cory has joined #openstack17:27
*** cory is now known as cory_17:27
*** ibarrera has quit IRC17:27
*** doude has quit IRC17:31
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:35
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:35
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack17:36
*** rsampaio_ has quit IRC17:36
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*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:45
*** maplebed has joined #openstack17:47
*** toddmorey has joined #openstack17:49
*** holoway has joined #openstack17:55
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:56
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:58
sandywalshwhy would nosetests fail (against the broad suite), but runtests pass? Is there something being initialized differently?17:59
sandywalshI thought the problems were unittest -> nose, not nose -> unittest18:00
edaysandywalsh: yes, does things that nosetests won't run18:01
*** pvo__ has joined #openstack18:01
*** pvo__ has joined #openstack18:01
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo__18:01
sandywalsheday, thx, I'll look there18:01
edaysandywalsh: we need to convert to be self-contained unittests for nseo to run them, which I think jaypipes had about done18:01
sandywalshalso, do the tests assume a db (even if it's sqlite) ... if so, shouldn't that all be mocked/faked out?18:02
sandywalsheday, re: run_tests, that makes sense it certainly seems like some sort of assumption about run-order going on there.18:02
*** pvo_ has quit IRC18:05
edaysandywalsh: it uses sqlite in the tests18:05
*** pvo__ has quit IRC18:11
sandywalsheday, shouldn't all db access be mocked out in unittests?18:13
*** pvo_ has joined #openstack18:26
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo_18:26
edaysandywalsh: could go either way really, depends on the situation18:33
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack18:35
*** spectorclan has quit IRC18:39
*** daleolds has quit IRC18:50
*** spectorclan has joined #openstack18:51
*** jkakar__ has quit IRC18:54
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away18:58
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|food18:59
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*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:07
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*** anticw has joined #openstack19:10
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*** gundlach has joined #openstack19:23
*** Ryan_Lane|food is now known as Ryan_Lane19:26
*** laurensell has joined #openstack19:40
zulis twisted going away anytime soon?19:42
*** burris has quit IRC19:49
kirklandsoren: did you ever get a chance to look at that openstack live iso?19:49
kirklandsoren: i'll rebuild a new one now against the latest in the PPA19:50
*** zaitcev has joined #openstack19:50
kirklandsoren: dendrobates pointed your marketing department at me, however, the liveISO is currently blocked on someone on your side to get it working correctly ;-)19:50
spectorclankirkland: do you know the marketing contact? perhaps I can help19:52
kirklandspectorclan: dendrobates pointed me to Lauren Sell;  I'm good on the marketing side;  there's a couple of issues with the LiveISO that needs some technical help19:53
spectorclankirkland: ok, I know lauren is in San Antonio today. Will leave you alone then, Nothing to see, move on...19:53
kirklandspectorclan: thanks19:54
spectorclanNova Team - Is there any high level Nova document in process other than
spectorclanalexibango: Great, do you know if there is a plan to create a high level 2 or 3 page document using this information?19:56
alekibangospectorclan: i think i heard of such plan from you :)19:56
alekibangodid you see my diagrams?19:56
alekibangoyou might use them19:57
spectorclanYup, wanted to wait until there was enough info out there for me to leverage. Yes, your diagrams are awesome and I will steal them19:57
alekibangoheh...   i would like someone to make them more detailed19:57
spectorclanWe have Todd Morey for that - i will bring him on the project19:57
alekibangokirkland: what problems do you have with live cd?19:58
alekibangoi did create my own live cds 7 years ago, so i might be able to help there19:58
dendrobateskirkland: what are the blockers19:58
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC20:00
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack20:01
annegentlekirkland: yeah let us know what we need to do to move stack on a stick along :)20:01
kirklandannegentle: dendrobates: i'm rebuilding with the latest PPA packages20:01
kirklandannegentle: dendrobates: I'll upload and publish the URL here;  all I really need is a handful of steps, "Okay, here's what I had to do to make it work ..."  and i"ll get that into the ISO build instructions20:02
annegentlekirkland: okay like scripting steps that'll get it thru?20:02
kirklandannegentle: right20:03
dendrobateskirkland: I'll make sure you get whatever help you need, just let me know.20:03
kirklanddendrobates: cool, it's building now;  give me another ~20 minutes to finish the build and upload to people.canonical.com20:03
annegentleI came up with three possible ideas for starting tutorials for OpenStack that the Live iso could be used to walkthrough, I'd like everyone's thoughts:20:05
annegentle1) create a LAMP stack for a web application like WordPress - demonstrate connectivity between virtual machines, describe how to scale as your blog gets super popular (anyone have that blog post of the web app developer who recently quit TechCrunch? I have him in my mind for this tutorial for scaling)20:08
annegentle2) Build your own CDN to serve video content20:08
annegentle3) Academic calculations where you spin up 10 machines for a Mathematica project only for a day or so20:10
spectorclanannegentle: What about building a training environment using OpenStack that people can use for training users for OpenStack?20:11
alekibangoannegentle: i would rather teach them to use amqp for scaling - scalable rabbitmq  pubsubhub could be one good example.     Scalable mysql/postgresql db  could be another one20:11
alekibangoannegentle: it could be also used for nova installation as example20:11
annegentlespectorclan: the stack on a stick would essentially be a training enviro20:12
annegentlealekibango: can you give me a concrete example like the Crunchbase programmer? Here's his blog post:
alekibangoi would love to have multistick nova demo...20:13
alekibangofor 2-8 servers20:13
alekibangowhich will run also in virtual servers :)20:13
annegentlealekibango: small steps :) but yes Matt Ray was also looking at an OpenStack Demo Box20:14
annegentle for the specs20:14
alekibangoannegentle: i am not sure i get what you mean by your question...20:14
annegentlealekibango: I dont know what is an example of a web app that uses amqp for scaling?20:15
alekibangook, will give you some20:15
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack20:15
annegentlealekibango: oh my bad, you said pubsubhub, looking now :)20:15
alekibangofor example news server :)20:16
alekibangoreading 100.000s  of rss channels, putting them into one system, chewing them, analyzing, publishing20:16
alekibangoyou need async messaging  to be scalable in such scenario20:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #680188 in swift "omissions in stats system on SAIO docs" [Low,New]
annegentlealekibango: news server is a great idea, thanks20:18
*** rsampaio has quit IRC20:27
zulsoren: want me to do an upload to the archive tomorrow?20:36
*** daleolds has joined #openstack20:39
*** rnirmal has quit IRC20:42
sorenzul: It won't build.20:44
sorenzul: Still waiting for one of my branches to land.20:45
zulsoren: ok let me know and ill do it20:45
sorenannegentle: Did you see the question for you in ?20:45
annegentlesoren: no, I didn't, thanks for pointing it out. It's a good question.20:46
sorenCan someone please review ? It's blocking the PPA builds.20:46
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:49
openstackhudsonProject nova build #252: SUCCESS in 1 min 13 sec:
sorenopenstackhudson: Err... You announce success, too?20:50
sorenThat's a bit noisy, innit?20:50
jk0would anyone mind reviewing ?20:51
comstudi get annoyed with people that are always spewing negative things... positive output is not bad now and then :)20:52
edaysoren: could you re-review ? it's still in a needs-fixing state from you20:52
soreneday: I'll trade you a review :)20:52
edaysoren: nothings free around here...20:53
sandywalshjk0, sys.exit(1) on failure?20:56
jk0yeah, joshuamckenty suggested that20:56
sandywalshhmm, ok, good to know20:57
soreneday: approved.20:59
*** pvo_ has quit IRC21:01
*** rds__ has joined #openstack21:02
*** irahgel1 has joined #openstack21:05
*** irahgel1 has left #openstack21:05
openstackhudsonProject nova build #253: SUCCESS in 1 min 13 sec:
*** daleolds has quit IRC21:05
sorenkirkland: Sorry, missed your comments.. No, never got a chance to look at it. the branch that just landed /should/ fix the build.21:07
*** spectorclan has quit IRC21:07
uvirtbotNew bug: #680220 in nova "Build Sphinx problem: Graphviz isn't building an image correctly for /doc/source/object.model.rst" [Undecided,New]
sorenFixed :)21:17
*** pvo_ has joined #openstack21:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo_21:18
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:21
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:21
tr3bucheti keep running into this issue when running euca-run-instances:
tr3buchetthat's output from network21:23
*** daleolds has joined #openstack21:26
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:27
*** burris has joined #openstack21:29
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:30
*** laurensell has quit IRC21:45
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack21:49
sandywalshvirtual_env only changes $PATH correct? If I use apt-get to install a package it'll go in the shared lib (and not be available to the virtual_env), correct?21:50
sandywalsh(if I can use the word 'correct' in one more sentence I move onto double bonus round)21:51
dubsquaredhola #openstack, can anyone discuss the default networking in nova?  i have a running instance up, but i cannot ping/ssh to it.  i did not set a specific network type in nove-manage, so this is just the plain jane networking type.  I also have ran my euca-authorized commands.21:51
*** ctennis has quit IRC21:53
*** joearnold has quit IRC21:55
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:56
sandywalshre: virtual_env ... had to remove --no-site-packages from so python-libvirt could be accessed.21:59
*** jkakar__ has joined #openstack22:02
*** jdarcy has quit IRC22:02
sorensandywalsh: What's your dev environment?22:09
sorenI don't fully understand why people bother with virtualenv. Everything we need is packaged.22:09
sorenOh, not everyone runs Ubuntu? That's madness.22:10
creihtI don't fully understand why people bother with packaging, as everything installs in a vertualenv22:10
jk0can I get one more review for please?22:10
sandywalshsoren, ubuntu ... I probably don't need it since I'm in a vm anyway22:11
jk0I never really cared for virtualenv until today when I started developing on my Mac22:11
jk0when virtualenv became necessary22:11
edaythat's because macs fail as a sane dev environment ;)22:14
jk0that's true, but it's nice to do some things locally22:16
jk0it was mostly just a test run22:16
* eday hands jk0 a linux laptop and ubuntu cd22:17
*** jkakar__ is now known as jkakar22:17
jk0I normally just dev in a slice22:17
edayjk0: so, I think your rpc branch will halt the entire event loop for twisted with the sleep22:18
dendrobatesjk0: do you need us to help you remove OSX?22:18
jk0oh no, I like OS X :)22:18
dabojk0: what did you do about euca2ools, libvert and libxml2? I couldn't find how to get them for the mac22:19
vishytr3buchet, it looks like nova-dhcpbridge is not accessing the same db as the rest of the system22:20
jk0dabo: --connection_type=fake22:20
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk22:20
vishydubsquared: is the instance getting an ip?22:20
dubsquaredvishy: yes22:20
jk0eday: but if it can't connect to rabbit at startup, will that still be a problem?22:21
vishydubsquared: so you are getting leased ip messages in nova-network?22:21
dabojk0: so with fake connection, you don't need any of those things?22:21
jk0it lets you fire up the processes but I don't know how far you'd get with euca2ools22:21
jk0haven't tried that22:21
edayjk0: for the other tasks, like logging event, maybe. I'm not sure :)22:22
edayjk0: actually this will lock up eventlet/nova-api as well right now, we need to monkey-patch the sleep call to make it non-blocking22:22
vishyeday, jk0: I'm not too concerned with blocking the reactor on boot22:22
edayjk0: which could happen at any, not just startup22:23
soreneday: Non-blocking sleep? Really?22:24
claygsoren: thanks for the update on lp:680188 (re: the value of $PATH when running from cron)22:24
sorenclayg: Sure.22:25
edaysoren: yup, so the event loop underneath can continue on, and switch back to the thread that called sleep() when it expires22:25
kirklanddendro-afk, et al:
kirklandi'm launching this in a KVM, under Ubuntu 10.10:  kvm -m 4000 -smp 4 -cdrom binary.iso22:26
edayjk0: we just need to add time=True to the eventlet monkey_path line in nova/wsgi.py22:26
jk0oh ok, I can do that in this branch and repush22:26
tr3buchetvishy: can you think of a reason that could happen?22:28
kirklanddendro-afk: that ISO boots to a pretty minimal Ubuntu 10.10 desktop22:28
kirklanddendro-afk: fire up a terminal, and open up the GettingStarted.txt instructions22:29
vishytr3buchet: yeah iv you don't have dhcpbridge_flagfile set properly22:29
kirklanddendro-afk: nova is at version 2011.1~bzr397-0ubuntu0ppa122:29
annegentlekirkland: can I try it on my 10.04 Desktop?22:29
kirklandannegentle: do you have KVM in there?22:30
kirklandannegentle: or is your Ubuntu running in a VM?22:30
kirklandannegentle: you should be able to boot this ISO in KVM or VirtualBox or Parallels22:30
vishytr3buchet: i think it defaults to /etc/nova/nova-dhcpbridge.conf22:31
jk0eday: pushed change, awaiting diff update on LP22:31
kirklandI'm able to create a user with  'sudo nova-manage user admin user1'22:33
edayjk0: looks good, but one mroe q. any reason why retry_init and max_retries are not flags?22:33
kirklandbut not a project with 'sudo nova-manage project create project1 user1'22:33
jk0eday: my thoughts were that they didn't *need* to be configurable22:34
jk0I guess I can see how it could be useful in some cases though22:35
edayjk0: I probably would, but could go either way with this one22:35
vishykirkland: do you get an error message?22:36
*** pvo_ has quit IRC22:36
*** pvo_ has joined #openstack22:37
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo_22:37
jk0eday: it certainly wouldn't be a problem to make them flags, I can go ahead and do that now22:37
jk0might as well22:37
annegentlekirkland: Ok, I have virtualBox, I'll give it a go.22:37
kirklandannegentle: cool, i have a couple of minor edits already to the GettingStarted22:38
kirklandannegentle: looks like the chown+restart is no longer needed, now fixed22:38
kirklandannegentle: as for the other lines, I standardized on calling the user "user1" and the project "project1"22:38
vishykirkland: so it is the zipfile command that fails?22:39
kirklandvishy: yes22:39
kirklandvishy: looks like user and project creation are working now22:40
kirklandvishy: but not zipfile retrieval22:40
*** pvo_ has quit IRC22:40
*** pvo_ has joined #openstack22:41
*** pvo_ has joined #openstack22:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v pvo_22:41
annegentlekirkland: user1 and project1 it is22:41
vishyso either the CA directory is set improperly22:41
vishyor it is the wrong version of openssl22:42
kirklandvishy: is that a packaging problem?  or a local config problem22:42
vishy openssl version22:42
vishyOpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 200922:42
kirklandvishy: openssl 0.9.8o22:42
*** jkakar has quit IRC22:42
*** ppetraki has quit IRC22:43
vishymy lucid boxes are using 9.8k, but i don't see why that wouldn't work22:43
vishy(o that is)22:43
vishypossible that the packaged version is wrong22:43
vishydoes the package set the ca_path flag?22:45
vishyis it writable?22:45
kirklandvishy: that == openssl or nova?22:45
vishythat == nova22:45
*** alekibango has quit IRC22:46
*** alekibango has joined #openstack22:46
kirklandvishy: note that I don't have a ./openssl.cnf here22:47
vishydo you have an openssl.cnf.template?22:47
vishysorry .tmpl22:47
kirklandvishy: in my CWD (ie, homedir)?  no.,22:48
vishyin CA22:48
vishythere should be a dir called CA somewhere22:48
vishypackages put it in /var/lib/nova/CA i think22:48
kirklandvishy: yup, it's there22:48
kirklandvishy: the .tmpl22:48
*** sirp1 has quit IRC22:48
kirklandvishy: no openssl.cnf though22:48
vishyand there is a
kirklandvishy: yes22:49
sorenkirkland: nova-api generates it.22:49
vishyis there a cacert.pem?22:49
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC22:50
*** sirp1 has joined #openstack22:50
kirklandsoren: at package install, or system boot?22:50
vishykirkland: are you running nova-manage as user nova?22:51
sorenkirkland: When it starts, IIRC.22:51
kirklandvishy: no, i'm running as ubuntu, using sudo22:51
vishythat is a problem22:51
kirklandvishy: ah, okay, need to update instructions then22:51
vishythe packaging makes everything belong to nova and it isn't world writable22:51
kirklandvishy: that's the recommended mechanism?22:52
sorenvishy: What's a problem?22:52
kirklandvishy: i was following instructions from soren's blog22:52
vishynova-manage is trying to run genroot.ca22:52
vishybut it doesn't have write perms to the folder22:52
sorenjk0: ping?22:53
vishyoops backup22:53
vishydoesn't look like nova-manage does run genroot.ca22:54
sorenjk0: Can you resubmit please? There's a button to do it in the top right corner.22:54
vishyso i guess you just have to make sure to run nova-api once before you can run project zipfile22:54
sorenjk0: Can't approve it, because it's already previously been approved and merged.22:54
jk0soren: sure, I just pushed the flags change, was waiting on that to finish22:54
*** mdomsch has quit IRC22:55
sorenjk0: Oh, it's not ready for merging? I just saw two people approve it and wanted to click the approve button, but couldn't.22:55
jk0refresh once, it might be good now22:55
*** damon__ has quit IRC22:55
kirklandannegentle: hey, can you point me to *your* getting started documentation?22:56
jk0unless my push is what disabled it22:56
kirklandannegentle: ie, someone apt-get installs these nova-* packages.... "then what?"22:56
kirklandannegentle: ultimately, I'm trying to set this LiveISO for success in that situation22:56
sorenjk0: Maybe I'm just confused by a wrong link...22:57
jk0soren: ahah, yeah, that's the merge from last week, here's this one:
*** abecc has quit IRC22:58
sorenjk0: Ignore me, I'm an idiot.22:58
sorenjk0: GMail confused me.22:58
sorenjk0: You happy with it now?22:58
jk0yeah, it's ready to go22:58
sorenjk0: Oh, eday beat me to it.22:59
jk0excellent, thanks fellas22:59
edayahh, just noticed you guys talking about it here :)22:59
edayyup, just approved22:59
* soren has an ulterior motive23:00
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #37,337: FAILURE in 3 min 36 sec:
jk0so how do we handle bugs? since the fix is now in trunk, does the submitter have to test & verify before closing the ticket?23:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 661472 in nova "Fails if rabbitmq isn't around or drops connection" [High,Fix committed]23:03
openstackhudsonYippie, build fixed!23:03
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #37,338: FIXED in 25 sec:
sorenjk0: Hudson is supposed to close it.23:04
sorenjk0: It just fails to do so.23:04
sorenmtaylor: Any idea what this is about?23:04
jk0I ask because I see a lot of bug in that situation23:04
openstackhudsonProject nova build #254: SUCCESS in 1 min 18 sec:
mtaylorsoren: oh, I think that's been fixed and that I'm supposed to update tarmac...23:05
sorenmtaylor: You know they have a ppa for fresh tarmacs, right?23:05
sorenmtaylor: Just sayin' :)23:06
mtaylorsoeren: oh do they? I've been following source because I was oringally running a hacked version :)23:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #680285 in nova "rackspace-specific "cloudserversFault" name should be generic" [Undecided,New]
annegentlekirkland: er, still thinking about our "getting started" documentation23:06
kirklandannegentle: hmm, okay;  is soren's blog the best starting point right now?23:07
annegentlekirkland: I added a bunch of commands to
annegentlekirkland: but we still need the "what do I do now?" and Soren's post is the right starting point (add user, add project)23:09
sorenkirkland: Which package versions are you using?23:09
sorenkirkland: The ones in Maverick?23:09
vishyrelated to your issues, you do have to make sure nova-api has run once before trying project zipfile23:09
kirklandsoren: 2011.1~bzr39723:09
sorenkirkland: Yeah, my walhthrough isn't completely accurate for that.23:10
sorenkirkland: It's close, though.23:10
sorenkirkland: But yeah, what vishy just said.23:10
annegentleall - what is the simplest "what to do next" after you have a user, project, and project file unzipped?23:11
annegentleinstall somethin'?23:11
annegentleset up a security group?23:11
vishyannegentle: i would say the next issue is getting a working image23:12
annegentlevishy: yep, that makes sense.23:12
vishyannegentle: then create key pair, then run instance, then create sec group if necessary23:13
annegentlevishy: yep, I'm getting ahead of myself23:13
annegentlekirkland: do you want me to write up instructions in the Getting Started HTML you've got checked in?23:13
vishyhas anyone tried the ubuntu ttylinux yet?23:13
kirklandannegentle: it's just a TXT, but yeah, sure23:18
kirklandvishy: can you explain "run nova-api" ?  do I need to restart the service?23:18
annegentlekirkland: ok, will do23:18
kirklandannegentle: bzr branch lp:openstack-live23:18
vishykirkland: yes it appears that the services don't run correctly on package install23:19
kirklandannegentle: find . -name GettingStarted.txt23:19
kirklandannegentle: edit that file to your liking23:19
vishykirkland: you could verify with a ps23:19
kirklandannegentle: bzr commit; bzr push to a branch, propose a merge23:19
kirklandvishy: hrm, fishy;  nova-api not running23:20
vishyanything in the logs?23:20
kirklandvishy: /var/log/nova/nova-api.log empty23:20
vishyi blame eventlet :)23:21
kirklandvishy: let me run the init script -x23:21
kirklandvishy: weird, nova-api is not running, log file empty;  yet the init script did everything i expected it to do23:23
vishynot good23:23
vishytry running nova-api --nodeamonize?23:23
*** pvo_ has quit IRC23:24
kirklandhmm, missing dependency23:25
sorenkirkland: Yeah, we put those templates in /usr/share.23:25
soren/usr/share/nova, to be exact.23:25
sorenWe'll change that soon.23:25
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:26
vishyah so the xxx.templates aren't specified in flags in nova-api23:27
kirklandvishy: soren: so this is known to break the starting of nova-api right now?23:27
*** joearnold has joined #openstack23:27
sorenkirkland: Known. Not sure if there's a bug report.23:29
sorenkirkland: Oh, there is.23:29
sorenkirkland: zul filed it earlier.23:30
kirklandsoren: okay, so basically those PPA packages are known broken right now?23:31
*** gundlach has quit IRC23:32
sorenkirkland: I'm not sure when that change was made, actually.23:36
sorenkirkland: Quite recently.23:36
vishysoren: jaypipes did it!~23:36
* vishy points his finger23:37
kirklandsoren: meaning that it hasn't landed in the PPA yet?23:37
kirklandsoren: the fix, i mean23:37
sorenkirkland: So very, very close:
sorenkirkland: ..but no.23:37
sorenkirkland: Natty works.23:38
*** arthurc has quit IRC23:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #680297 in swift "most swift daemons don't honor log_name" [Low,New]
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kirklandsoren: when do those PPA packages get refreshed?23:45
kirklandsoren: could I ask you to push to that PPA now'ish?23:45
jaypipesvishy: ok, what did I do?23:46
sorenkirkland: It's all I'm doing. Right now, I'm trying to fix a ftbfs on Maverick.23:46
jaypipesvishy: ah, the compute manager mess?23:46
jaypipessoren: yes, I did that.23:47
vishyjaypipes: yeah dependencies on templates23:47
*** JordanRinke has quit IRC23:47
* jaypipes runs and hides in shame23:47
kirklandsoren: rock on;  poke me when you get it in there, so that I can rebuild my ISO?23:47
sorenkirkland: It may not be this evening. I'm about to pass out.23:48
kirklandsoren: bummer, okay, thanks.23:48
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