Tuesday, 2010-12-14

vishytermie is mia today00:05
edayI wonder if it was the starcraft or bourbon that did him in00:06
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alekibango_0x44: btw i was right about he kid with swords:  "Besancon Mayor Jean-Louis Fousseret said the boy had been treated for depression but had not taken his medication in recent day"  --   typical SSRI user, the same in columbine and most other cases like this...00:15
_0x44alekibango: Did they shoot him?00:16
alekibangono, all are ok00:16
_0x44alekibango: Ah, so he's going to get psychiatric care?00:16
alekibangonote: psychiatric care was the cause of the problem here...00:17
_0x44alekibango: Not taking ihs medication seems to be the problem00:17
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alekibango_0x44: suddenly stopping it creates lots of problems...  but i would argue that those pills are the primary cause...00:18
alekibangoit was only depression originally00:18
_0x44alekibango: Yeah, my dad was on anti-depressants, I know all about that :)00:19
_0x44alekibango: I have to be up early to interview some dude. :) So I guess I should go to bed.00:19
alekibangogn8 _0x44, btw  song about ssri: http://www.naturalnews.com/SSRIs_S_S_R_Lies.html00:20
comstuddoes the network config today only support IPing a single interface today?00:22
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comstud(are there options for adding a 2nd, or 3rd nic yet, etc)?00:22
comstudi'm breaking out a blueprint and trying to set the dependencies correctly... I think I need a blueprint for this as a dependency for being able to IP public and private interfaces as needed for Cloud Servers00:23
comstudbut I want to make sure this doesn't actually exist yet00:23
vishyeday: could you give me a quick rereview here https://code.launchpad.net/~vishvananda/nova/lp688734/+merge/43391 ?00:25
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vishycomstud: yes only one interface00:30
comstudok thanks00:30
vishycomstud: there will be such a thing when the networking blueprints are finished00:30
vishycomstud: I don't know the current state of those00:30
comstudhm ok00:30
comstudwell, i have a blueprint for being able to assign public and private IPs for the purpose of Cloud Servers...00:31
comstudbut it sorta depends on the network blueprint, I guess... or00:31
comstudreally, this should be a part of the network blueprint00:31
vishythe network blueprint is supposed to support generalized networks with multiple interfaces00:33
comstudwe're trying to do our xenserver specific stuff we need (rackspace), tho it seems some of it needs to wait for other stuff to be finalized :)00:33
vishyalthough it will probably require additional work for various hypervisors00:33
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termieeday: planning on it tomorrow, today was an off day01:01
edaytermie: cool :)01:02
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jaypipesif anyone has a moment to review the i18n merge proposals, that would be appreciated.01:16
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chmouelsoren: hey soren just saw that you are fixing my branch, is there anything I did wrong there in the merge ?11:19
reldanHi guys, could you review small fix https://code.launchpad.net/~reldan/nova/lp688220/+merge/43552 ?11:20
chmouelreldan: I can't do reviews but any merge needs to have the name of the Authors in the Authors file added in the top directoy and you don't seem to be already there11:23
reldanchmouel: Thanks, my fault11:24
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alekibangochmouel: i think you can do soft review... or comment the merge request...11:34
sorenchmouel: Am I fixing you branch?11:41
chmouelalekibango: thanks11:42
sorenchmouel: Which branch is this?11:42
chmouelsoren: you said last night : 13:26  * soren fixes https://code.launchpad.net/~chmouel/nova/lp688032/+merge/4321111:42
sorenchmouel: Ah.11:42
sorenchmouel: You hadn't set a commit message.11:42
chmouelwas it the authors file conflict?11:42
sorenchmouel: So it gets rejected.11:42
chmouelah when proposing for merge?11:42
chmouelok cheers, i'll rem that for next time.. i thought it would pick up the commits comments like on github11:43
sorenThat would suck.11:43
sorenPeople put stuff like "committed a bit of stuff", "fixed the thing with the other thing" and other useless stuff there.11:43
chmouelyeah i guess it's another way of work usually you commit bunch of stuff to your local branch and after you are merging in your 'trunk' as one big commit before pushing11:44
sorenI hate that.11:45
sorenbzr is a revision control system. Not a patch management system.11:45
chmouelfair enough...11:45
sorenThere's no need to be embarassed about the 10 ways you tried to get things working before you found the right way.11:46
sorenThere are things to be learned from the 10 failed attempts, too.11:46
chmouelheu yes ok :)11:47
sorenAll of that gets lost in the rebasing process and I think that's a shame.11:47
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sorenchmouel: When stuff gets merged into trunk in Nova, all you see in "bzr log" is the merge commit with the commit message from the merge proposal.11:50
sorenchmouel: All the revisions are still there, though.11:50
sorenchmouel: ..you can see them with "bzr log -n0".11:50
pvohey soren11:52
pvoI do agree with you on most of your points. Any ideas on how to put files into the fs without an agent if we can't mount the fs?11:53
chmouelsoren: yeah figured this out, I think it's cool that you can see all of them and the big merge commit between branch are managed over launchpad...11:53
chmouelmounting -o loop the image ?11:54
pvochmouel: that would work, if the hypervisor can read the fs11:55
chmouelhypervisor does not pull up images localy in /var/lib/instances ?11:56
pvowe're using vhds and ntfs on the windows instances11:56
chmouelah yeah...11:57
pvoif it was an all linux cloud, this problem is solved11:57
pvobut if we're trying to push other OSes, it gets tricky11:57
sorenpvo: No.11:57
chmouelwhat about a daemon on HV that the slice VM with ?11:57
*** rds__ has quit IRC11:57
chmouelthat the VM commnicate with, i mean..11:57
sorenpvo: I don't think it's unreasonably to require cooperation from the guest.11:58
pvoheh. yea, thought of that. we're using xenstore as that now.11:58
sorenpvo: If we provide a good API for it, document it, and write a reference implementation, that's fine.11:58
sorenpvo: EC2 gets away with it, for instance.11:59
pvosoren: ok. We had some BPs for Bexar that were going to require us to read/use a metadata service (xenstore for now) but if we're going to move to it we need to start talkinga bout it and defining it11:59
pvoadmin password reset was one12:00
*** kim0 has joined #openstack12:01
sorenpvo: I understand there are business requirements involved here, but..12:01
sorenThe right way to let people do this is to a) offer a rescue system and b) let them access the console.12:02
sorenAt least looking at it from the point of view of Nova.12:03
*** matclayton has joined #openstack12:04
sorenNow, if someone, such as Rackspace, deploying Nova wants to offer other stuff, that's fine.12:04
soren..and I'm perfectly open to providing some sort of primitives to allow this, but I don't think the functionality itself really belongs in Nova.12:05
*** apanasenko has quit IRC12:05
sorenIf we for a second imagine that we couldn't touch Nova.12:06
soren..but we controlled the images.12:06
soren...and had a control panel.12:06
sorenCould we pull it off?12:06
sorenWe can put something in the images that can either poll an outside service or which can respond to requests.12:07
pvoI'm all for not doing this in Nova itself and on principle, I agree with you12:08
sorenWe're kind of limited to network, aren't we? :(12:08
pvosadly, I think so12:08
*** apanasenko has joined #openstack12:08
sorenWe could use a small EBS volume.12:08
pvoeday has some interesting ideas with dns back in Austin12:09
pvoassuming it had networking12:09
pvosoren: do you think most people are going to deploy nova with ebs functionality?12:09
sorenpvo: Good question.12:10
sorenpvo: Yeah, maybe not.12:10
sorenpvo: I like the idea of attaching an ISO as a CD.12:12
pvohmmm. ok... maybe. yea.12:12
sorenpvo: Every OS we need to even consider understands that a CD can be put into the CD drive.12:12
pvoyep, I'm following12:12
sorenEvery time I try to think this through I end up with something that sucks.12:14
sorenSay, if we offered a way to attach this ISO..12:14
sorenWe'd also let the owner of the instance do it, right?12:15
sorenI don't see it as an admin sort of operation.12:15
pvoso, pass some metadata in on the initial request which we'd dump into a small iso which we'd mount as a cd?12:15
soren...and for the images that RAckspace offers, there'd be an rc.d script that did The Right Thing[tm] with that data.12:17
pvoI'm liking this one. out of band access which I feel is more secure that network metadata12:17
sorenYou have filesystem permissions to protect you, you can unmount and eject the ISO to be completely sure.12:17
chmoueland on Windows it would be a autostart kind of thing ?12:18
sorenI considered that, but I don't think so.12:18
sorenEssentially, we don't know which OS is inside the guest.12:19
soren..so we can't tailor its contents.12:19
chmouelwe want to inject files into the OS aren't we ?12:19
sorenEven though putting and AUTORUN.INF thing that copied the files to their final destination sounds cool.12:19
sorenchmouel: We want to offer primitives to allow such things.12:20
chmouelwhat do you mean by primitives ? offer access to the iso with the inject files to the guest ?12:21
sorenSo, for one, we don't want to touch the users' filesystems.12:22
sorenWe have no idea what's in them. It could be anything. Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OS/2.12:22
sorenEven if we did, we shouldn't touch them. They should be bit for bit identical to what the user uploaded.12:23
pvobut they could write their own thing if they wanted to parse the data to ping12:23
sorenso what we want to offer is some sort of mechanism on top of which this injection functionality could be built.12:23
sorenThe proposal being thrown around right now being an ISO, attached as a CD.12:24
ttxideally, some sort of block device you can mount12:24
ttxthe CD metaphor being a bit more cross-platform.12:24
pvoyea, ISO9660 format?12:26
sorenNot *necessarily* a block device, though.12:26
pvothat would seem the lowest common fs12:26
ttxsoren, right, not necessarily12:26
sorenIt just seems like a good approach. I want to pass some data to the guest.12:26
sorenIt could be over a serial port.12:27
soren..but that feels even more arcane, and is more difficult to interact with.12:27
sorenIt doesn't multiplex well.12:27
chmouelyeah same way that omsa virtual media works i think..12:27
ttxThat's how VMWare tools install used to work when I last used it12:28
ttx(present itself as a CD)12:28
chmouelyeah same for parallels stuff as well12:29
* chmouel time for lunch and try the brand new UK rackspace catering team12:29
*** ctennis has quit IRC12:42
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack12:52
*** Adiantum has joined #openstack13:01
*** Adiantum has joined #openstack13:01
*** guigui has joined #openstack13:03
*** ctennis has joined #openstack13:16
*** ctennis has joined #openstack13:16
*** omidhdl has left #openstack13:29
*** zul_ has joined #openstack13:32
*** almaisan` is now known as al-maisan13:32
*** zul has quit IRC13:32
*** dendroba` is now known as dendrobates13:33
*** zul_ is now known as zul13:33
*** stewart has quit IRC13:35
*** smoser` is now known as smoser13:35
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk13:40
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates13:41
*** dendrobates has joined #openstack13:41
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v dendrobates13:41
*** ramkrsna has joined #openstack13:45
*** reldan has quit IRC13:45
*** westmaas1 has joined #openstack13:46
*** stewart has joined #openstack13:51
*** rchavik has quit IRC13:57
Adri2000what's the status of iSCSI support for swift?14:00
notmynameswift isn't a block store. iSCSI + swift doesn't really make sense14:01
Adri2000notmyname: so what is http://wiki.openstack.org/IscsiBlueprint about?14:04
sorenFor Nova.14:12
sorenAdri2000: ^14:12
*** gondoi has joined #openstack14:13
fitzdsl_soren: so, VM in Nova should be able to mount iSCSI target ?14:13
sorenfitzdsl_: There's never been anything stopping it from doing that.14:14
sorenfitzdsl_: The spec is about using iSCSI instead of AoE for EBS volumes.14:14
*** Podilarius has joined #openstack14:14
*** ppetraki has joined #openstack14:18
*** reldan has joined #openstack14:24
chmouelpiken: good morning14:26
*** apanasenko_ has joined #openstack14:29
*** apanasenko has quit IRC14:29
*** apanasenko_ is now known as apanasenko14:29
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack14:30
chmoueljaypipes: so I was wondering from where I can grab the packaging branch for glance ?14:36
*** reldan_ has joined #openstack14:38
*** reldan has quit IRC14:38
*** reldan_ is now known as reldan14:38
*** Edwin_ has joined #openstack14:42
*** kashyapc has joined #openstack14:42
*** EdwinGrubbs has quit IRC14:43
sorenchmouel: I don't think there is one.14:44
chmouelsoren: there is a builddeb.sh in the root directory14:46
*** ctennis has quit IRC14:49
sorenchmouel: Good point.14:50
*** apanasenko has quit IRC14:52
*** ctennis has joined #openstack14:52
*** ctennis has joined #openstack14:52
*** apanasenko has joined #openstack14:54
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC14:56
fitzdsl_what does mean "OpenStack Object Store does not support objects larger than 5 GB." ? What is an object for swift ?14:56
*** apanasenko has quit IRC14:56
*** jdarcy has joined #openstack14:58
*** f4m8 is now known as f4m8_15:02
*** dirakx has joined #openstack15:03
sorenfitzdsl_: A file.15:03
larstobiare any of you using java-cloudfiles successfully with Swift?15:04
notmynamelarstobi: should work since the API is the same. are you having problems (although I'm not a java person)15:06
larstobinotmyname: well, the ruby-cloudfiles didn't work without commenting out the CDN-bits, so apparently it hasn't been tested against Swift. I have just tried java-cloudfiles against Swift with mixed results.15:07
notmynamehow mixed?15:08
larstobiI'll paste15:09
larstobinotmyname: the code: http://paste.openstack.org/show/283/   the output: http://paste.openstack.org/show/284/15:10
larstobimaybe I'm doing it wrong15:10
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack15:11
creihtlarstobi: I think there is a .properties file that you have to change the auth server in15:14
creihtfitzdsl_: objects == files, not objects in the programming sense of the word15:14
larstobicreiht: yes, this is the contents of that file: http://paste.openstack.org/show/285/15:17
*** Edwin_ has quit IRC15:17
creihtlarstobi: ahh did you get things working with ssl?15:18
larstobicreiht: also, it doesn't err out on the client.login(); line, it's when it tries to create the directory that it bails out15:18
notmynamelarstobi: don't pass in the auth url to the constructor15:18
larstobicreiht: yes, ssl works perfect with a slightly modified version of ruby-cloudfiles15:18
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack15:19
larstobithanks for your help yesterday!15:19
creihtnp... glad you got it working15:20
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack15:21
*** dovetaildan has quit IRC15:21
notmynamelarstobi: you should use the 2 param form of the constructor: FilesClient client = new FilesClient("test:tester", "testing");15:21
creihtlarstobi: does notmyname's suggestion help with getting the java api working?15:22
larstobiokay, I'll try that :)15:22
larstobinotmyname, creiht: wow! it kinda worked!15:23
larstobiI never would have guessed15:23
*** dovetaildan has joined #openstack15:23
creihtman... hitachi has a great overview of what object storage is, but I can't seem to find it now15:23
notmynamecreiht: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21194/distributed-object-store-principles-of-operation.pdf15:24
notmynamemy copy of it15:25
creihtahh cool15:25
*** sirp1 has joined #openstack15:25
creihtfitzdsl_: -^15:25
notmynameand yes, it's a very awesome paper15:25
notmynamelarstobi: the primary maintainer of the java bindings for cloud files is planning to push some updates today.15:28
larstobinotmyname: cool :) are there any openstack-goodies there?15:28
*** jsynack has left #openstack15:28
larstobithere has been a while since the last updates to java-cloudfiles, May 13, actually15:30
notmynamecloud files is open stack ;-)15:30
chmouelcloud-files == openstack swift so the goodies applying for cloudfiles should be the same for ostack swift :)15:30
notmynamedelimiter support for container listings should be in there15:30
larstobibut what about that CDN-stuff that doesn't work with Swift?15:30
*** EdwinGrubbs has quit IRC15:30
lvaughnlarstobi: I'm working on an update that should be out RSN15:30
notmynameit will still be there (because it's an important part of cloud files, the product)15:30
larstobilvaughn: cool :)15:31
creihtlarstobi: the cdn stuff should be optional15:31
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack15:32
creihtit just so happened that the ruby bindings were depending on that stuff being there15:32
larstobiah, I see15:32
creihtlarstobi: I got an email from the maintainer that said he was going to look into it15:32
*** deshantm has quit IRC15:33
larstobiis there going to be a way to specify the auth_url in the FilesClient constructor, so that the .properties-file isn't necessary?15:34
lvaughnYes there is15:34
lvaughn(that got added to my plans this morning)15:35
larstobilvaughn: cool :)15:35
creihtlarstobi: prompted by your input... isn't open source awesome :)15:36
notmynamewe're all agile and stuff15:36
*** dirakx has quit IRC15:36
larstobicreiht: very awesome, indeed :-)15:36
larstobivery agile, I'll say!15:36
*** JuanPerez has joined #openstack15:40
*** dfg_ has joined #openstack15:40
*** zul has quit IRC15:47
* soren takes a break15:48
fitzdsl_creiht: so we can't have a FS with a file larger than 5Gb on it ,15:50
creihtfitzdsl_: swifr isn't a filesystem15:50
creihtcurrently swift has a 5GB file size limitation, but the next release will allow virtually unlimited file sizes15:51
*** zul has joined #openstack15:54
*** johnpur has joined #openstack15:56
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur15:56
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC15:57
*** Edwin_ has joined #openstack16:07
*** EdwinGrubbs has quit IRC16:08
*** matclayton has left #openstack16:08
*** ccustine has joined #openstack16:12
*** crazed has joined #openstack16:12
crazedhow's the web ui coming along for openstack?16:13
*** deshantm has joined #openstack16:13
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack16:14
*** ramkrsna has quit IRC16:14
*** mjmac_ has joined #openstack16:17
*** cory_ has joined #openstack16:18
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:18
*** joshuamckenty has joined #openstack16:21
*** karmabot` has joined #openstack16:22
*** iammartian_ has joined #openstack16:22
*** joshuamc` has quit IRC16:23
*** iammartian has quit IRC16:23
*** mjmac has quit IRC16:23
*** karmabot has quit IRC16:23
*** cory__ has quit IRC16:23
*** iammartian_ is now known as iammartian16:23
*** mjmac_ is now known as mjmac16:23
*** BK_man has joined #openstack16:25
sandywalshis openstack discuss an active mailing list anymore16:27
*** piken has quit IRC16:29
spectorclansandywalsh: which list are you referring to?16:30
*** kashyapc has quit IRC16:32
*** ramkrsna has joined #openstack16:33
sandywalshspectorclan, one of the guys started a discussion on Openstack-discuss, but I don't see that list existing anymore (after The Great List Consolidation of 2010)16:37
*** larstobi has quit IRC16:40
spectorclansandywalsh: that is not a list I was familiar with at all. We have openstack-announce but I have not seen -discuss. Interesting.16:40
edaysandywalsh: https://launchpad.net/~openstack-discuss  but we shouldn't be using it, we should be using https://launchpad.net/~openstack16:41
* eday is not sure why -discuss exists16:42
*** piken has joined #openstack16:42
*** calavera has quit IRC16:42
spectorclanCool Image from Mohamed El-Refaey on Nova Fabric at http://www.box.net/shared/static/ussls7gp2j.png16:43
*** ppetraki has quit IRC16:46
sandywalshspectorclan, eday .... thanks, I'll pass the word16:46
soreneday: -discuss is a remnant from a time long past.16:47
soreneday: It was discontinued at the Austin summit, I believe.16:47
notmynamespectorclan: that's a really great image. makes things pretty clear. how accurate is it?16:49
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:49
spectorclannotmyname: I will leave that up to the Nova experts... it is very pretty though16:49
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC16:49
notmynameI'd love to see something similar for swift :-)16:50
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:50
sorenIt's not entirely accurate.16:50
spectorclansoren: let me know what changes are needed and I can have it updated for everyone16:50
sorenThe annoying part about those things is that they're rarely editable. So you can either live with inaccurate, pretty images or accurate, ugly ones.16:51
spectorclansoren: I can ask for an editable image if that would be helpful16:51
*** kashyapc has joined #openstack16:52
sorenI guess it would. I just wouldn't be any good at the actual editing :)16:52
soren..but I'm sure someone else with more a more artistic inclination could.16:53
spectorclansoren: I will ask Mohamed to jump on this IRC channel to get feedback on the image and make the changes to benefit everyone.16:53
*** hornbeck_ has joined #openstack16:53
*** hornbeck has joined #openstack16:53
*** ppetraki has joined #openstack16:59
chmouelcreith: by the way i have sent that pull request of that commit https://github.com/chmouel/ruby-cloudfiles/commit/0c00b2ce671b5e9ddde630c638ab2e5099e771d4 to have some support of swift openstack in ruby-cloudfiles17:01
*** dragondm has joined #openstack17:02
*** notmyname has quit IRC17:02
chmoueland that was quick it has been commited17:02
*** notmyname has joined #openstack17:05
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v notmyname17:05
*** doude has joined #openstack17:07
*** jdarcy has quit IRC17:08
*** BK_man has quit IRC17:09
doudeHi all, I've a problem with Nova. I can lunch Nova with VlanManager mode but when I tried to instaniated the first VM on a project, nova-network fail with this error : http://paste.openstack.org/show/286/17:12
doudeI check the db and in the network table i can see the entry for the network and in the column "bridge", the valur "br100" is set17:14
*** joearnold has quit IRC17:18
* soren goes dinnering17:20
*** apanasenko has joined #openstack17:22
doudeOk I found my error, I've a bug in my conf file17:24
*** daleolds has joined #openstack17:33
*** rds__ has joined #openstack17:35
*** rlucio has joined #openstack17:47
*** larstobi has joined #openstack17:50
*** larstobi has joined #openstack17:53
*** aliguori_ has quit IRC17:54
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack17:57
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:59
*** BK_man has joined #openstack18:00
*** doude has quit IRC18:00
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack18:05
pvoeday: are you saying have a different client cert in each guest or the same cert replicated?18:06
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:06
edaypvo: gen a keypair for each guest agent18:08
edaypvo: actually, I wonder if just injecting a unique API key would be sufficient (along with the metadata cert CA check)18:12
daboeday: are you envisioning an HMAC-type of authentication?18:19
*** BK_man has quit IRC18:21
*** BK_man has joined #openstack18:21
BK_manhi all. Which network managers are now known to work in Nova without additional manual configuration of host?18:22
*** guigui has quit IRC18:29
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:31
edaydabo: well, we could either do cert based or just reuse the API mechanism we already have in nova-api (with client-side CA verification)18:33
edayclient-side keypairs might be overkill18:34
*** reldan has quit IRC18:42
*** jdarcy has joined #openstack18:42
*** ibarrera has quit IRC18:44
*** dirakx has joined #openstack18:47
*** hornbeck has quit IRC18:49
rluciohey guys, every once in a while (on Austin) I get "mysql server has gone away" errors from sqlalchemy.  apparently it happens when the previously open db connections have timed out.  is anyone familiar with this by chance?18:49
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC18:51
*** BK_man has quit IRC18:51
*** BK_man has joined #openstack18:52
alekibangorlucio:  i got this  few years  ago, configured somehow the timeout/reconnect time, but i dont remember how right now...18:52
vishyBK_man: for 1 host FlatDhcp or Vlan18:53
pikenIs there a way to setup nova to not do any iptables/ebtables, and only spawn vm's with an ip from a given static range?18:53
vishyBK_man: for multiple hosts, only VlanManager18:53
*** ramkrsna has quit IRC18:53
vishypiken: FlatManager will do that18:53
BK_manvishy: great! thanks for an answer.18:54
pikenvishy: I have tried that, but it always tries to setup iptables and ebtables.18:54
vishypiken: well actually that isn't completely true, the security groups will still do tables on host18:54
pikenvishy: is there a way to disable that.18:54
vishypken: yes, remove the filterrules from the libvirt template18:54
vishypiken ^^18:54
vishythat's the simple / hacky way to do it anyway18:55
rlucioalekibango: yea, the default timeout in mysql is 8 hours... and sqlalchemy has a pool_recycle setting for reusing a group of connections... looking more at this on the sqlalchemy faq (apparently its a common issue, go figure)18:56
pikenvishy: ty, I will have to try that as we have a set of static ip's needed for each physical node due to damn ofed issues.18:56
alekibangorlucio: i did that in SA 0.3 or 0.4 :)18:56
*** ppetraki has quit IRC18:56
alekibangoi admired how the pool is done, its nice piece of code18:56
vishyrlucio: interesting, so if you don't run a command for eight hours it times out?18:57
vishyrlucio: that might explain an odd mysql error I've been seeing very rarely18:57
*** ppetraki has joined #openstack18:58
rluciovishy: yes, at least, that is the apparent association.  we test all day, but then first thing the next morning we always get a 500 on the first test18:58
*** jordandev has quit IRC18:59
*** irahgel1 has left #openstack18:59
rlucioi added in some debug logging and the ec2 api call fails inside the db request to get user data18:59
alekibangohow to test: shorten those 8 hours to 1 minute18:59
alekibangoor 10 seconds :)19:00
alekibangothe system should still work19:00
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:00
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC19:00
rluciomight be worth a try19:01
rluciofyi: http://www.sqlalchemy.org/trac/wiki/FAQ#MySQLserverhasgoneawaypsycopg.InterfaceError:connectionalreadyclosed19:01
*** ramkrsna has joined #openstack19:05
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack19:07
*** vvuksan has joined #openstack19:09
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:12
openstackhudsonProject nova build #301: SUCCESS in 1 min 15 sec: http://hudson.openstack.org/job/nova/301/19:14
*** sirp1 has quit IRC19:16
*** BK_man_ has joined #openstack19:22
*** BK_man has quit IRC19:22
*** BK_man_ is now known as BK_man19:22
alekibangorlucio: yes, pool recycle, thats what i used back then19:28
alekibangopool_recycle setting i mean19:29
rlucioalekibango: ah nice, guess the doc is accurate then :)19:29
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:30
alekibangorlucio: will you edit nova source?19:31
rlucioyea, i figured i should since i have an env already exhibiting the bug19:32
rluciobug 690314 btw19:32
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 690314 in nova "Nova sqlalchemy mysql db connection timeout causes a 500 error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69031419:32
alekibangou just hope it will not fail on sqlite or something :)19:33
rlucioyea i can test mysql and sqllite, but not postgres19:33
alekibangorlucio: i would use 1800   seconds for that one19:33
rluciodo you think there would be an issue?19:33
alekibangopostgress will be ok19:33
alekibangodont know about sqlite, really dont know19:34
alekibangoif sqlite will work, its ok19:34
alekibango(i dont think there is pooling of sqlite connections, heh)19:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #690314 in nova "Nova sqlalchemy mysql db connection timeout causes a 500 error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/69031419:36
alekibangorlucio: write it, i will review :)19:36
rluciosounds good19:37
alekibangorlucio:  my review has no real power, but  still i will look :)19:38
alekibangobtw some nova-volumes  howto would be really sweet19:40
alekibangowith everything explained... as there is no documentation on this19:42
alekibangoannegentle:  ^^19:42
annegentlealekibango: yup19:42
alekibangofighting with it right now...19:43
*** zaitcev has joined #openstack19:43
annegentlealekibango: boy, you're right. All I can find is http://nova.openstack.org/devref/volume.html19:44
alekibangothere are only some sparse notes here and there19:45
alekibangobtw i think reading sources is better then reading that url :)19:45
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:46
alekibangoas always, some (explained) real world examples would be nice19:46
annegentlealekibango: hee19:46
alekibangoannegentle: btw i like how docs are moving into a shape now...19:47
*** aliguori has joined #openstack19:50
*** rlucio has quit IRC19:52
*** BK_man has quit IRC19:53
*** BK_man has joined #openstack19:54
*** sirp1 has joined #openstack19:56
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC19:56
ttxTeam meeting in #openstack-meeting in one hour !19:59
annegentlealekibango: me too, but I want more howtos like you do :) Is the volume code undergoing change now, is that the difficulty?19:59
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|food19:59
sandywalshchmouel, I see you have a python-cloudservers fork going as well. Mine is here: https://github.com/SandyWalsh/python-cloudservers20:02
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack20:06
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack20:06
*** Edwin_ has quit IRC20:07
*** jasonb365 has joined #openstack20:10
*** henrichrubin has joined #openstack20:10
*** henrichrubin has left #openstack20:11
sandywalshCould someone please have a look at myself & tr3buchet's merge proposal for xs-pause? https://code.launchpad.net/~sandy-walsh/nova/xs_pause/+merge/43694 (hoping to sneak it in before the eventlet switchover :)20:11
tr3buchetdouble please20:11
*** henrichrubin has joined #openstack20:11
*** AimanA has joined #openstack20:11
*** HouseAway has quit IRC20:12
chmouelsandywalsh: yeah but yours looks more complete!20:14
chmouelsandywalsh: I am not sure if the author is active on python-cloudservers20:14
sandywalshchmouel, I don't think he is (he's pretty active with django I guess)20:15
sandywalshchmouel, I think we ran into many of the same problems. I recently added some support for pause/unpause as some better error handling.20:15
chmouelit would be nice to move it to the rackspace github account and update in there20:16
sandywalshI'll bring it up and see what the response is.20:16
edaysandywalsh: you may want to wait until the eventlet branch is in actually, merge conflicts will make the large, already reviewed branch even larger :)20:16
edaysandywalsh: plus give you a chance to learn how to do it in eventlet instead!20:17
sandywalsheday, that's fair. I'm sure my required changes will be minimal.20:17
sandywalsheday, but, if there is anything glaring ...20:17
*** BK_man_ has joined #openstack20:24
*** BK_man has quit IRC20:24
*** BK_man_ is now known as BK_man20:24
*** seshu has joined #openstack20:24
sandywalsheday, any need/desire for me to do a review of the eventlet branch, or is it basically a done-deal?20:29
edaysandywalsh: always welcome, at this point we're just waiting on those fixes from termie20:30
sandywalsheday, cool ... on it20:31
*** sophiap has joined #openstack20:32
edayRyan_Lane|food, vishy: You guys have issues with making keypairs part of the User object in auth? Right now they just exist without much context, but really should be in the context of a user (I think). This means moving key_pair store into the auth_driver API20:38
vishyeday: not particularly.  They used to be there actually20:39
*** fabiand has quit IRC20:39
vishyin fact we might be able to grab some of the old code20:40
edayvishy: know why they moved out?20:40
*** ramkrsna has quit IRC20:41
vishyeday: I'm trying to remember, I think it had something to do with minimizing stuff in redis20:41
alekibangoannegentle:  i am not sure what you are asking... my difficulty is that there is so little documentation which will explain architecture and possibilities to deployers/admins --> see this:  https://answers.launchpad.net/nova/+question/137117  https://answers.launchpad.net/nova/+question/13774520:41
*** fabiand has joined #openstack20:42
alekibangoworst on this is that i cannot really answer those 2 questions with confidence...20:42
edayvishy: huh, ok. well, I'll assume it doesn't apply anymore ;)20:42
alekibangothere is low-level development documentations which is great, but not much higher level docs...20:43
alekibangoand architecture needs to be explained better20:43
vishyeday: yes, I can't think of any current reason why it couldn't move back. Any idea if aws shares them across regions?20:43
alekibangoand in detail20:43
edayvishy:"The key pair returned to you works only in the Region you're using when you create the key pair."20:45
vishywell i suppose that would be one reason...20:46
edayvishy: you need to use ImportKeyPair to share across regions20:46
edaywell, that seems like more of a limitation of ec2, if our auth driver supports it, all the better20:47
edayie, you might deploy one auth_driver instance per region still with nova20:47
alekibangoannegentle: those two questions are less than day old, people do miss architecture docs a lot20:47
*** vishy is now known as vishy-afk20:51
*** gondoi has quit IRC20:54
*** daleolds has quit IRC20:56
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ttxMeeting in one minute in #openstack-meeting !20:59
*** vishvananda has joined #openstack21:00
*** colinnich has joined #openstack21:06
*** vishvananda_ has joined #openstack21:06
*** sophiap_ has joined #openstack21:08
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*** vishvananda_ is now known as vishvananda21:08
*** BK_man has joined #openstack21:09
*** JordanRinke_ has joined #openstack21:15
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*** rlucio has joined #openstack21:23
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Ryan_Lane|foodeday: I'm actually putting keypairs in LDAP21:32
*** Ryan_Lane|food is now known as Ryan_Lane21:32
ttxannegentle: about doc-enhancements, you already started working on it, I suppose21:32
Ryan_Laneeday: but... I'm not using nova to push them to vms21:32
Ryan_Laneeday: do keypairs exist in the context of a project?21:32
Ryan_Laneor the context of a user?21:33
annegentlettx: yep. We can talk tomorrow if that's easier for ya, too, I'm sure it's late :)21:33
*** masumotok_ has quit IRC21:33
ttxannegentle: works for me :)21:33
*** dirakx has quit IRC21:34
annegentlettx: cool, talk to you tomorrow.21:35
Ryan_Laneeday: I'd much prefer the keys were stored in LDAP, though. it makes things easier for me21:35
*** EdwinGrubbs has joined #openstack21:36
jeremybRyan_Lane: are you expecting other users for the extension any time soon?21:38
*** melrefaey has joined #openstack21:38
Ryan_Lanejeremyb: unlikely, since at first the extension is going to be pretty WMF specific21:39
Ryan_Lanebut I plan on generalizing it over time21:39
*** BK_man has quit IRC21:40
Ryan_Laneand since other web interfaces will be release soon, I expect people will use those instead21:40
*** BK_man has joined #openstack21:41
jeremybdoes the TS do any virt?21:41
jeremybor they just use zones i guess21:41
Ryan_Lanethe virt manager extension should be pretty nice when I'm done though21:42
jeremybRyan_Lane: would you call the extension "homebrew"? :-P21:42
Ryan_Lanewell, it *is* homebrew, right?21:42
Ryan_Lanewhen a user creates a wiki account, it automatically adds nova credentials for them, and gives them a system uid/gid. nova projects are also posix security groups, so when you add someone to a project, they are also in that group on the vms21:43
Ryan_Lanekeys are stored with their account in ldap, and there are scripts on the vms that make home directories and add the keys, pulled from ldap21:44
Ryan_Lanessh access will be restricted via pam_access. so users can only log into vms that are in projects that they belong to21:44
Ryan_Lanesudo access will be granted via ldap as well21:45
Ryan_Laneall managed via mediawiki21:45
*** EdwinGrubbs has quit IRC21:45
Ryan_LaneI'm adding puppet integration via ldap as well21:45
Ryan_Lanealso managed via mediawiki21:45
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack21:46
Ryan_Laneeach instance will have a mediawiki page. the instance information will be pulled from nova and ldap, and added to the page via the external data extension. I'll wrap the pulled information in semantic properties21:46
Ryan_Lanethat way you'll be able to query the instance information in the wiki21:47
*** anticw has quit IRC21:47
jeremybare posix groups also mw groups?21:49
Ryan_Laneand projects are mediawiki namespaces21:51
jeremyboooh, smw?21:51
*** nelson__ has joined #openstack21:52
nelson__How many containers can a swift system have?21:52
Ryan_Laneprojects being namespaces are my favorite so far :)21:52
*** anticw has joined #openstack21:52
creihtnelson__: In theory, virtually unlimited :)21:53
*** jdarcy has quit IRC21:53
creihtIn practice, once you get into the order of millions of containers, you will start noticing slow down21:54
nelson__cool. Cuz we're going to immediately run into the 1M/container limit.21:54
nelson__Oh, okay, millions of files, millions of containers. Gotcha.21:54
creihtyeah, the limitations are similar21:54
*** JuanPerez has quit IRC21:54
edayRyan_Lane: keypairs belong to users21:55
Ryan_Laneeday: ah. that's good.21:55
edayRyan_Lane: I am moving it into the auth API, so this will work out well21:55
Ryan_Lanewe need to put the lpk schema back in, then21:55
creihtnelson__: we have some ideas to make the container limitations better, but that will probably be a ways down the road21:55
Ryan_Laneor did that change get merged in yet?21:56
nelson__don't worry about arbitrary limitations ... we'll be able to work around them.21:56
Ryan_Laneeday: I've been making schema modifications lately. let me know what you are planning so I don't yank out support that you need21:56
edayRyan_Lane: I'm not touching ldap at all, I'm just modifying the dbdriver for auth, and auth interfaces around it21:57
Ryan_Laneah. ok21:57
edayRyan_Lane: trying to get proper APIs on thigns rather than different parts just poking directly at the db21:57
Ryan_Lanethen it seems the ldap driver should likely support it to, right?21:57
edayRyan_Lane: correct21:58
Ryan_Laneok. I'll avoid removing that schema then21:58
edayRyan_Lane: it will need to provide functions for list/add/remove keypairs for users21:59
Ryan_Lanekey names are a problem...21:59
Ryan_Lanekeys are added to the user's entry, they aren't separate objects22:00
edayso you only get one per user?22:01
Ryan_Lanemultiple per user22:01
Ryan_Laneno names for the keys though22:01
*** vishvananda has quit IRC22:01
Ryan_Laneit's a multi-value attribute22:01
edaycan we just write a new ldap schema that includes names?22:02
Ryan_LaneI hate adding schema though22:02
Ryan_Lanemight be able to fake the names via a hash22:02
Ryan_Lanethat's how I'm handling it in my web interface now22:02
*** sophiap has quit IRC22:02
*** sophiap_ has joined #openstack22:02
edayok, well whatever you think will work best22:03
edaypubkeys usually have the name appended to them, so perhaps you can just use that22:03
Ryan_Lanethough that would make the api feel awkward22:03
*** dirakx has joined #openstack22:03
edayand grab all from ldap then filter on name22:03
Ryan_Lanethough not all do, and imported keys may not22:04
Ryan_Lanenova doesn't support imported keys yet, but it probably should22:04
edayif it;s coming in via nova, it will22:04
edayit's part of ec2 api, so it should be easy to add in22:05
Ryan_Laneimported keys are, right22:05
Ryan_Lanebut that's actually more problematic :)22:05
Ryan_Lanesince not all imported keys are going to have a name appended22:05
edayRyan_Lane: well, the ec2 interface requires it, but if you import out of band, yeah.. might just want to assign some default name22:06
Ryan_LaneI'll have to think about how to do it22:06
Ryan_Lanean added schema may be easier22:06
Ryan_Laneor maybe I'll just figure out how to parse the keys to add the name in the key in a way that won't invalidate it :)22:08
edaywhy not just append it like ssh does?22:10
Ryan_Lanean imported key may already have it22:10
edaywell, when we get that import, we'll overwrite it with the given name22:11
Ryan_Lanethat's why I'd need to parse the key, to see if it has it or not :)22:11
edayor the ec2 api would, don't need to in ldap22:12
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC22:12
Ryan_Lanemost keys are <key-type> <key> <keyname>22:12
Ryan_Lanesome are <key>22:12
Ryan_Laneothers are <key> <keyname>22:12
Ryan_Laneothers are <keytype> <key>22:12
Ryan_Laneeday: right22:13
Ryan_Lanethat's likely easier :)22:13
*** westmaas1 has quit IRC22:13
*** BK_man has quit IRC22:14
*** vvuksan has quit IRC22:14
*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:16
edaywell, keytype is easy to detect, there are only so many we'll support22:17
*** melrefaey has left #openstack22:17
Ryan_Laneshould be any ssh supports, right?22:17
Ryan_Lanedsa and rsa22:17
edayyeah, although ec2 (the real one, not ours) supports rfc4716 and base64 DER (not sure how they differ)22:18
edaybut we may not support all those22:18
*** BK_man has joined #openstack22:20
*** mdomsch has quit IRC22:22
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*** cruciform has quit IRC22:23
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away22:24
Ryan_Laneeday: ah. right. I'll look at rfc4716 to see how to parse it then22:25
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack22:26
*** vvuksan has joined #openstack22:28
vishy-afkRyan_Lane: I was storing keys by name using the user as the parent tree.  I think there is/was a novaKeyPair class that used the public key and stored a fingerprint as well.22:29
*** vishy-afk is now known as vishy22:29
vishyRyan_Lane, eday: you can probably save work by going back to 4 month old revision and grabbing the code from there22:30
*** kevnfx has left #openstack22:30
Ryan_Lanestoring entries under user entries would be very un-LDAP like22:30
*** vvuksan has quit IRC22:30
Ryan_Lanemore than just a little too22:30
vishythere seems to be a recurring theme with how I use LDAP22:31
Ryan_Lanelike it may break things22:31
Ryan_Lanewhen you add objects under other objects it makes deletes impossible without using recursion22:31
Ryan_Lanefor user accounts that would be bad, since most ldap tools can't handle that22:31
Ryan_LaneI think using the keyname field in the key is likely better22:32
Ryan_Laneand generating the fingerprint on the fly would work too22:32
Ryan_Laneit requires a little more coding, but is more standard22:32
*** ctennis has joined #openstack22:36
*** ctennis has joined #openstack22:36
*** piken has quit IRC22:39
*** aliguori has quit IRC22:40
*** piken has joined #openstack22:40
Ryan_Lanerfc4716 format would make parsing the key really easy....22:44
Ryan_Lanex-keyname: <keyname> as a header22:45
* soren chuckles at just having proposed the third raw-disk-images branch (justinsb's and dendrobates' being the former ones)22:46
sorenWhat the..22:48
sorenApparantly my proposal made dendrobates' vanish.22:49
alekibangohow many merge requests are here now? is it -lt 10 already?22:49
sorenFor Nova.22:49
*** larstobi has quit IRC22:49
alekibangomaybe that should be worked on :)22:49
sorenStuff lands every single day.22:50
sorenBut yeah, that needs to be a smaller number.22:50
alekibango>10  is making it more crazy22:50
alekibangolike i said, we need to hold on our hairs22:50
alekibangohats are off now22:50
*** BK_man has quit IRC22:52
*** BK_man has joined #openstack22:54
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #302: SUCCESS in 1 min 14 sec: http://hudson.openstack.org/job/nova/302/23:59

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