Monday, 2010-12-20

alekibangobtw vishy, how is the relase of the web management console  going?00:04
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boineed help in configuring network01:35
boihow can I make an instance join the exisitng LAN?01:35
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vishyalekibango: it will be out before the end of the current sprint the 30th02:34
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Guest39001hello?anyone here?08:14
Guest39001hi ,nice to meet u ,i am michael from china08:14
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uvirtbotNew bug: #692491 in swift "/swift/common/ >> whatremyips' output dependent on system locale" [Undecided,New]
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DigitalFluxHi Guys10:35
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DigitalFluxI am installed nova on a one-node installation using novascript10:35
DigitalFluxI guess it's using SQLite for the cloud metadata10:35
DigitalFluxAny hints where can i find the db file ?!, i searched for it everywhere but couldn't find it10:35
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DigitalFluxGot it !10:49
* DigitalFlux shouldn't search for .db files again 10:49
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zykes-anyone know if there's any enterprise support / support planned for OpenStakc ?12:16
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PiotrSikorazykes-: MidoriStack ( is OpenStack-based product with commercial support12:19
fabiandzykes-: in what region, emea?12:19
ttxzykes-: by Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I suspect Canonical will provide support for OpenStack.12:23
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zykes-ttx: that's a long time until that :/12:25
ttxzykes-: could move to Ubuntu main before that, though (like 11.10)12:25
zykes-by support, you then mean bugs etc ?12:26
zykes-like aka vmware support stuff12:27
zykes-ttx: any news on emea events ?12:27
ttxzykes-: yes, I mean bugs12:28
ttxzykes-: we'll be at FOSDEM in Brussels in February12:28
ttxzykes-: and there should be some meetup in Europe this summer12:29
zykes-looking forward to a web control panel12:30
zykes-for it :12:30
ttxmight get this for bexar:
zykes-is that the nasa one or ?12:31
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zykes-i guess Mido is more pay stuff12:31
zykes-then Nasa's12:31
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spectorclanAnyone out there also on openstack-operators mailing list? We got a question from a user who trys to launch an image but gets  pending status14:33
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dabospectorclan: I'm not on it, but you might suggest having them run "euca-reboot-instances <instanceID>". I've noticed that the status gets stuck in 'pending' after creation, even though it's really OK.14:53
spectorclandabo: thanks14:54
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dabomorning, jaypipes!15:07
jaypipesdabo: morning, buddy :)15:08
jaypipesdabo: how are things up in Rochester?15:08
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dabocold, snowy... what else?15:08
jaypipesdabo: it's friggin *cold* here..15:08
jaypipesdabo: tru nuf.15:08
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jaypipesdabo: heh, almost identical to cbus...15:10
jaypipesdabo: luckily, this is what it'll be like on Friday for me:
dabojaypipes: I'll take a warm xmas over a white xmas anyday!15:11
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jaypipesdabo: :)15:12
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jaypipesttx, soren, eday, anyone!: should be ready to review (yet again...)15:16
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ttxdendrobates: ^15:20
* ttx looks15:20
ttxjaypipes: approved, but I'm not nova-core.15:22
dabojaypipes: where is the _() defined?15:22
alekibangoi would think you should move this fast, as merge requests are piling up15:22
jaypipesdabo: all endpoints have _() installe din the builtins when gettext.install() is called.15:23
alekibangoit looks like openstack merging process  is not scalable enough :DD15:23
jaypipesalekibango: hehe, true :)15:23
jaypipesdabo: that work has already been merged last week...15:23
dendrobatesjaypipes: approved15:24
dabojaypipes: ah. didn't realize that15:24
dabojaypipes: I guess I missed that merge15:24
jaypipesdendrobates: cheers15:25
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jbrycedabo, jaypipes: if you need to thaw out, it's supposed to be 70 here today15:34
dabojbryce: lotta good that does me! :)15:34
jaypipesjbryce: ooooh, that's low. :P15:35
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notmynameit's official! the large objects branch was just merged! swift now support unlimited sized objects15:43
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sirp1notmyname: grats, that's awesome15:44
notmynamegholt is the one who wrote it. he gets all the credit15:44
dendrobatesjbryce: I thought I replied to your last email, but it seems I didn't send it.  I am free for the POC meeting anytime.15:44
dabonotmyname: great work, you and gholt!15:45
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dendrobatesI think we need to publish some standards on how to do a code review and what is necessary to be approved.16:02
gholtWas my code that bad? :P16:03
dendrobatesI'm actually suggesting we let in buggier code.  :)16:03
dendrobatesas long as it doesn't regress current functionality and complies with coding standards.16:04
dendrobatesthan several people can work to fix bugs ni the merged code not just the branch owner.16:04
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dendrobatesI understand that this might be arguable, but I think we have a merge roadblock that is too big and we end up waiting on the original author to have time to fix minor bugs that anyone could easily fix16:06
dendrobatesas an example, we have a bug in raw-disk-images that only affects using a diskimage via the ec2 api.  It doesn't break existing functionality16:08
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dendrobatesSoren is on christmas vacation, I say that we should merge it, while it still merges cleanly and then fix the bug.16:08
dendrobatesanyone agree, or disagree?16:09
jk0I like that idea16:09
jk0it's a real pain having to wait days sometimes for an author to fix little things16:09
jk0especially if it's a branch that holds up an entire blueprint16:10
jaypipessirp1: heya, this is what I was going to add to the Glance docs for "adding an image":  Let me know what you think...16:10
jaypipessirp1: all part of my "write docs before coding" thing....16:10
sirp1jaypipes:  *looking now*16:11
jaypipessirp1: cheers :)16:11
* jaypipes waits eagerly for i18n to merge...16:12
dendrobatesjk0: part of the problem is that we feel the original author owns the code until it is merged, we need to speed up group ownership16:12
hazmatdendrobates, assuming bug where filed, it seems reasonable, but if there not filed prior to merge, whose to say they don't get lost in the mix.16:13
dendrobateshazmat: I think they would need to be filed as a part of the merge by the reviewer that found them16:14
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dendrobatesI meant to say as a part of the review process16:15
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dendrobatesI'll send it to the ml16:17
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edaydendrobates: Well, I would say anyone can branch the authors proposed merge, fix it, and re-propose then. It's nice keeping trunk clean in case you are ever doing historical bug hunting/regression testing16:45
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jaypipessoren, ttx, dendrobates: seems we are stuck :(
dendrobateseday: that would create even more merge proposals16:49
dendrobatesjaypipes: I don;t have hudson magic, it needs to be Soren or mtaylor16:49
jaypipeseday: do you have hudson magic? :)16:50
edaydendrobates: Well the original will go away (I think), or we could just remove the original16:51
edayjaypipes: possibly, what do you need?16:51
edayI have limited hudson magic (web based, not backend)16:52
dendrobateseday: It woudl be manual, but we would lose all the comments and approvals.  The merge would start from scratch16:52
jaypipeseday: check out hudson tarmac builder...seems stuck to me :(16:53
dendrobatesbasically we don;t have bug free code why set an unachievable standard of bug free merges.  Merges should not break existing features == no regressions16:53
openstackhudsonProject nova-tarmac build #45,260: ABORTED in 1 hr 26 min:
edayjaypipes: killed16:55
edayjaypipes: santa calra hyatt in april, but not for mysql conf this time :)16:56
jaypipeseday: yeah, I noted :(16:57
jk0just saw that tweet, I've been waiting a long time for an excuse to visit CA again :D16:57
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jaypipesjk0: unfortunately for me...I've been to the Santa Clara Hyatt every year since 2005 for the MySQL conference...and actually chaired the conference 2 years. :(  Would be great to see other places!16:58
jk0hah, yeah, I could see how that might be getting old16:58
dubsyou could always go visit jk0, i hear the weather there is great this time of year16:58
jk0we could always have one in Wisconsin :D16:59
spectorclanjaypipes: We looked at over 20 locations and only they had room for us16:59
jk0it's a balmy 10F16:59
jaypipesspectorclan: hehe, no worries mate :) I'll make do!16:59
jaypipesspectorclan: as someone who's gone through the ringer with conference organizing, I know you're pain...16:59
spectorclanjaypipes: i put forth lots of effort and the other finalist was way cool - hayes mansion in san jose; we lost out at last minute. disappointing17:00
jaypipesspectorclan: you can never please everyone!17:00
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spectorclanjaypipes: yes, but buckeyes come first17:00
jaypipesspectorclan: and there are certainly worse places to be in April than Santa Clara :)17:00
spectorclanopen to all ideas for developer party - thinking of dave and busters near there17:01
jk0yeah, especially since Fiesta del Mar is only a short drive from there17:01
spectorclanWhich location?
jk0Fiesta del Mar Too17:05
jk0haven't been to the one on Shoreline17:05
spectorclan200 Tequilas - wow, will need a bus for everyone17:05
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spectorclanjk0: on the list for possible party location;will contact them for space, etc17:06
jk0the magaritas are pretty amazing, but the enjococado is to die for17:06
jk0awesome! :)17:06
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dendrobatesjaypipes: can you review this:
dendrobatesSince salvatore has fixed the only outstanding issue in his branch, I think we are good to go17:16
jaypipesdendrobates: yup.17:18
jbrycedendrobates: i know i'm a little late, but i'm in favor of approving non-regressing merges with bugs filed. the orphaned branch problem is only going to increase17:18
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dendrobatesjbryce: awesome.  I am going to present it to the ml list for comment.17:22
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alekibangoif Michael Gundlach  is not here, who is the right person to talk about limiting resources now?17:33
dendrobatesalekibango: anyone who will listen :)17:33
alekibangoheh ty, i will need to talk to someone in near future...17:34
zykes-dendrobates: any reason for Michael left ?17:34
vishvanandadendrobates: I'm fine with quicker merges as well. The backlog is huge.17:34
vishvanandaMostly I think we just need more people reviewing.17:34
alekibangoif you talk about merges, some projects requre to include user/admin/devel documentation for added/edited features  to be in the same merge...17:36
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alekibangoit might help a lot here, as openstack is really fast moving  target and docs are having hard time catching up with the code17:36
alekibango(cant talk about swift)17:36
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dendrobatesvishvananda: I am writing up a proposal to add more core devs for the POC meeting.17:37
annegentlegundlach was an advocate for code reviews requiring a certain level of documentation17:37
alekibangoi think some reasonable policy should be set...  its very hard for docs writers to dig up what the code actually does17:38
annegentlenot sure how far we got with code review reqs, but I think it's generally a good idea for everyone in the project to have expectations for doc being present when committing code17:38
dendrobatesannegentle: I am writing up a recommendation today, I'll include a doc requirement17:39
annegentledendrobates: excellent, thanks!17:39
alekibangozykes-: i heard personal reasons... but i dont know any details17:40
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*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:46
tr3buchetjust saw a comment on a merge proposal saying that spaces around docstring quotes (the triple double quote) are not pep8, is this true?17:48
tr3bucheti've just read the pep8 and not found it17:48
jk0it's true17:48
*** vishvananda_ has quit IRC17:48
jk0try it in a file and run pep8 on it17:49
tr3buchetsuch a strange requirement17:51
jk0I think it's valid, otherwise you'd have to strip the extra whitespaces out whenever calling the __doc__ on something17:52
tr3buchetyep that makes sense17:53
tr3buchetjust looks odd since they require a space after the octothorpe when making comments17:55
*** alekibango has joined #openstack17:55
tr3buchethi aleki!17:56
jk0nova-corez, could you please look this over?
alekibangojk0: interesting18:03
vishyjk0: a little explanation? You are going to scrape data from hypervisor and store it?18:10
*** jbaker has quit IRC18:10
*** jbaker has joined #openstack18:10
jk0vishy: yeah, we need to be able to gather that information and look back on it18:10
jk0it's for this BP:
vishyjk0: this ultimately needs to be a message passed back from compute18:13
vishyjk0: I'm not convinced that we want that stuff in a database long term18:14
vishyjk0: but i suppose it can go in there initially18:14
jk0I'd have to rethink how we'd do that18:15
vishyjk0: eday is working on that piece for the distributed data model18:16
jk0do you think we should hold off on this until that is in place?18:16
jk0or would it make sense to keep going and refactor later on18:17
vishyjk0: just make sure that it is easy to pass the relevant data as a message, since we're trying to stop computes from writing directly to the database.18:17
vishy(copying this into the comment)18:17
*** joearnold has joined #openstack18:18
jk0thanks vishy18:20
edayvishy, jk0: Hmm, this might be a good opportunity to figure out how/where we want to store that data. FOr example, introducing some APIs to toss events out such as this18:25
edaysince this is not required data to make the system function, I worry about putting it in the DB, as it starts us down that path18:26
jk0where else could we put it?18:27
edayjk0: so, this is one of the topics we've talked about before, stats/log collection form the system, which is different from the core db18:28
edayideas were discussed around having a generic event system, and you can tap into that feed and store wherever you like (relational DB, cassandra, hadooop, ...)18:29
*** gondoi has quit IRC18:30
*** [ack] has quit IRC18:30
jk0so this is getting much bigger than I thought :)18:30
*** [ack] has joined #openstack18:30
jk0has there been any work done on the event system yet, or is it still an idea?18:30
jk0I'm wondering if this could be done for Bexar18:31
*** gondoi has joined #openstack18:31
edayit's still an idea, but this is the first work thats come along suited for it18:33
vishyzykes-: You can contact us at anso for commercial support18:40
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vishydendrobates: I'm marking soren's branch for approve unless anyone has last minute reservations18:46
sandywalshttx around?18:48
vishybleh there is a pep8 error18:48
jaypipesvishy, dendrobates: want me to make that little pep8 fixup on raw-disk-images and push?18:49
vishyjaypipes: we could just review and merge salvatore's branch18:50
*** iammartian has joined #openstack18:50
vishysince it includes soren's stuff18:50
vishyjaypipes: we could have him propose with soren's as a prereq so we can see the smaller diff18:51
jaypipesvishy: the pep8 will keep it from merging in Tarmac...that's why I mentioned it.18:51
tr3bucheti am somehow not on the nova mailing list and try as i might i can't find where in launchpad to subscribe18:52
vishyjaypipes: right but the pep8 is fixed in salvatore's branch18:53
edaytr3buchet:, there is no nova list anymore18:53
tr3buchetah ok, that makes sense then18:54
jaypipesttx: around?  I think that the glance trunk branch is f*cked up...18:54
jaypipesvishy: ah, ok, then yeah, go with salvatores branch. :)18:54
*** jordandev has joined #openstack18:55
*** gaveen has joined #openstack18:57
dendrobates jaypipes: sure18:58
jaypipesttx: nm. fixed things on glance trunk... looks like a recent branch wasn't merged properly...19:01
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*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack19:04
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patri0tDo you know, how can I have compute workers which are not connected to a same switch19:10
dendrobatesso we should merge sorens branch first and then review the diff for salvatore's right?19:11
dendrobatesjaypipes: I'll fix soren's pep* error and merge.  IIUC Salvatore's branch is dependant on sorens19:15
jaypipesdendrobates: check with vishy19:16
dendrobatesactually let's merge it and then i'll fix the pep8 to preserve the merge proposal comments19:16
dendrobatesvishy: ?19:16
edaydendrobates: we can't merge pep8 violations, tarmac rejects it19:16
tr3buchetcan someone take a look at merging
*** maplebed has quit IRC19:19
*** rlucio has joined #openstack19:19
*** winston-d has quit IRC19:19
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:20
sandywalshdendrobates, rumor has it there is an over-arching network bp in the works. Any hints? (Couldn't find anything obvious in the bp list)19:21
dendrobatesI pinged soren on raw-disk-images he will take a look in a littel bit.  That is simpler than creating a new branch and re-proposing19:25
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack19:25
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:26
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:26
dabotr3buchet: sandywalsh: there are a couple of niggling pep8 errors19:27
dabotr3buchet: sandywalsh: ^^ in
sandywalshdabo, I cleaned up all the pep8 complaints in the stuff we touched. Anything specific?19:31
dabosandywalsh: Here's what I get:
sandywalshhrm ...19:33
tr3buchetthat is quite niggly19:33
sandywalsh<fixing> very odd ... I pep8'ed clean previously.19:34
dabotr3buchet: agreed. Just didn't want tarmac to bitch about it when you merged.19:36
sorendendrobates: fixed, pushed.19:38
sorendendrobates: If you wait anohter 3 minutes, I can fix the other thing that Salvatore pointed out (not respecting the nokernel thing).19:38
sorenDo you still need someone with Hudson power?19:39
edaysandywalsh: you have pep8 0.6.1 installed?19:39
sorendendrobates: In fact, I won't bother. I'd fix it exactly how Salvatore implemented it, so we can just leave it for when his branch gets merged.19:43
sandywalsheday, nope, good catch. It's the default ubuntu release, which seems to be painfully old.19:43
sorensandywalsh: The updated one is in the PPA.19:43
edaysandywalsh: in the ppa there is an updated package19:43
sorenAlong with every other dependency you might need.19:43
sandywalshsoren, eday thanks19:43
sorenvishy, jaypipes, dendrobates: PEP8 thing fixed. Approve at will:
* soren wanders off again19:48
sandywalshpep8 fixed (again :/ ) ... anyone?
sandywalshdendrobates, thanks ... looking19:49
dabosandywalsh: I already gave my approval19:49
sandywalshdabo, thanks19:51
*** kevnfx_ has quit IRC19:56
*** nijaba has quit IRC20:07
*** pothos_ has joined #openstack20:07
*** nijaba has joined #openstack20:07
*** nijaba has joined #openstack20:07
*** pothos has quit IRC20:09
*** pothos_ is now known as pothos20:09
dendrobateseday: what do we have to do to get hudson to run again?20:09
jaypipesdendrobates: no idea. it's hung twice now. :(20:10
dendrobatesmtaylor: save us!20:10
jaypipesdendrobates: unfortunately, there's no log output from on hudson :(20:10
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC20:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #692716 in nova "In FlatDHCP network mode, ip shouldn't be added to bridge on compute hosts" [Medium,In progress]
*** nijaba has quit IRC20:11
*** nijaba has joined #openstack20:11
*** nijaba has joined #openstack20:11
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack20:12
*** Ryan_Lane_ has joined #openstack20:12
*** daleolds has quit IRC20:13
edaydendrobates: yeah, I'm not sure.. would need to look at the hudson machine itself to see where it is hanging, which I don't have access to20:13
dendrobatesme neither and soren has left again.20:13
vishyi have access to hudson i think, but no sudo20:14
vishyif i can remember the ip20:14
* vishy now has seven (7) outstanding merge proposals20:15
soren<a workaholic appears>20:15
sorenI'll take a peek.20:15
sorenAt the hudson thing.20:15
sorenvishy: Not your mp's. Sorry.20:15
*** ibarrera has quit IRC20:15
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC20:16
vishysoren is only pretending to be on vacation20:16
sorenhudson    1583 99.9  2.7 121292 56360 ?        R    16:59 200:30 python run_tests.py20:16
sorenThta's probably not good.20:16
* soren kills it.20:16
dendrobatesthat's some intense testing20:17
sorenIt's Jay's i18n branch doing it. It did it last time, too.20:17
dendrobatesit seems to hang at test_create_instance_associates_security_group on my machine20:18
sorensorry, got distracted.20:20
dendrobatesi18n seems to break a lot of our tests20:20
*** DubLo7 has quit IRC20:21
*** rlucio has quit IRC20:21
vishyhudson needs Cheetah as well20:26
sorenAlready fixed.20:27
vishyfor your branch to merge20:27
sorenTry to keep up.20:27
vishyah ok20:27
sorenI also took the liberty of reapproving the merge.20:27
soren...and I didn't feel dirty at all :)20:28
vishywhile you're on vacation, no less20:28
alekibangosoren: when you will get back to work?20:29
openstackhudsonProject nova build #311: SUCCESS in 1 min 13 sec:
sorenalekibango: When I get bored.20:29
alekibangowas about to ask about lastest ppa trunk packages, are they useable?20:30
*** johnpur has quit IRC20:30
alekibango and  if not, which nova bzr version should work well with your packaging scripts?20:30
alekibangolots of things happened this week and it will be even more fun now :)20:30
vishypatri0t got flatdhcp working on multiple hosts with only one interface!20:31
* vishy does a jig.20:31
alekibangopatri0t: congrats!20:31
alekibangopatri0t: can i see your flagfile,please? :)20:31
patri0talekibango: really congrats,20:32
patri0twhich one, worker/controller?20:32
alekibangoi know how you feel, believe me :)20:32
alekibangoyesterday was my day20:32
alekibango(different network, multiple interfaces, etc)20:32
patri0ttomorrow I will try to build everything again from scratch, a clean deployment hope so20:33
alekibangoi am using fai-project.org20:33
alekibangoon debian (but it can also install ubuntu)20:34
alekibangopatri0t: if you would like to do it that way, ask me20:34
*** DubLo7 has joined #openstack20:35
patri0talekibango: of course in close future it would be really useful20:35
alekibangopatri0t: i plan releasing my configs when i will make it stable and nice20:35
jaypipesdendrobates: alright, I have absolutely no idea what is going on with i18n-strings :(20:36
edaydifferent locale settings on hudson box?20:36
edayshould obviously not be a factor, but you never know if you can't reproduce20:37
patri0talekibango: that is a nice idea, but more important than configs/flags, is the procedure itself (wiki/etherpad)20:37
annegentlepatri0t: would love to have your procedure up on the wiki!20:38
alekibangoyes or on etherpad20:38
alekibangopatri0t: please do20:38
alekibangothere are still parts that are not 100% done20:38
alekibangopatri0t: do you use nova-volume? how?20:39
alekibangowhich version of nova?20:39
patri0talekibango: 2011.1~bzr430-0ubuntu0ppa1~lucid1, without nova20:39
*** reldan has quit IRC20:40
alekibangoi am ~bzr447 on squeeze20:40
ttxjaypipes: ok20:41
*** Ryan_Lane_ is now known as Ryan_Lane20:43
jaypipessoren: I realize the i18n-strings is breaking, but I don't know how it is breaking... I don't see any output from hudson in the test run :(20:44
*** rlucio has joined #openstack20:45
*** joearnold has quit IRC20:47
*** fabiand has joined #openstack20:47
sandywalshlp seems a little twitchy today20:49
*** rlucio has quit IRC20:49
* vishy chuckles at the irony of soren failing his own authors check test20:52
annegentledoes anyone have time to merge in some doc changes? It'll give us a new install script in /contrib20:57
annegentle is the merge request20:57
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:58
annegentleheh. I like how Rick went afk immediately after that :)20:58
annegentleI'm working on a blog post about the awesome work going on and I'd like to talk about the new install script if the merge can be fast, if not, that's ok too.20:59
vishywe have a lot of concurrent work going on in deploy scripts21:07
alekibangostill its not for debian, DEB_OS can be only ubuntu21:07
alekibangoannegentle: dont worry i will fix that when the wave of merges will be over and trunk ppa will be stable21:07
alekibangoit works for me :)21:07
alekibangowith little patch21:08
alekibango(really small one)21:08
annegentlevishy: probably not killing off, more helping people who want to deploy in production21:09
*** rlucio has joined #openstack21:09
annegentleit's all thanks to dubsquared, I'm just a lowly tester and merge proposer :)21:09
vishyanyone feel like proposing a merge for adding soren's other address to authors so we can merge raw-disk-images?21:09
edayI think we'll want to add to .mailmap, not Authors21:10
alekibangoannegentle:  contains great examples still missing on wiki21:10
alekibangoimho there is no mention of euca-authorize on wiki etc21:11
gholtmtaylor: I dunno what this means, but that build is locked atm:
gholtApparently, it's been locked for about a week.21:12
*** joearnold has joined #openstack21:20
*** miclorb has joined #openstack21:24
alekibangobtw nova created  br100 for me,  in docs there is written that i should configure that in system...   when i had br100 before nova, i got problems....21:31
*** ctennis has quit IRC21:32
*** reldan has joined #openstack21:32
vishyalekibango: it doesn't configure br100 in FlatManager21:33
vishyand some custom br100 is needed for FlatDHCP on multiple hosts21:33
*** gaveen has quit IRC21:33
alekibangoi will prolly go flatDHCP21:34
alekibangoin future...21:34
vishyvlan mode needs no setup on the host, but vlans need to be enabled on switch21:35
alekibangothis belongs to the wiki... i will edit it21:36
annegentlealekibango: thanks for doing that21:39
alekibangoit kinds of is written there, but it was not clean enough21:40
tr3buchetguys i have a bzr question. I made a merge and bzr MANGLED the code, trying to combine separate functions into one function etc. How do I get back to where I was before i merged, and what's the best way to get this to work...?21:40
*** nelson__ has joined #openstack21:42
*** pothos has quit IRC21:43
nelson__annegentle: Hi.  I'm trying to find out if swift will let me read just part of a file.21:44
nelson__annegentle: I tried searching in the swift documentation for "seek", "range" and "content-range" but didn't find anything.21:44
*** hazmat has quit IRC21:44
nelson__annegentle: I suspect that the ability exists; can you suggest a name for which I should be searching the documentation?21:45
uvirtbotnelson__: Error: "name^keyword" is not a valid command.21:45
nelson__uvirtbot: you are a dip.21:45
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:45
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:45
uvirtbotnelson__: Error: "you" is not a valid command.21:45
nelson__asked and answered!21:46
annegentlenelson__: hee. that was fun. Let me check - and maybe notmyname will have an answer quicker than me.21:46
*** gaveen has joined #openstack21:47
notmynamenelson__: swift supports range requests21:47
nelson__notmyname: kewl. using the Content-Range: header or something less obvious?21:47
* jeremyb assumes that's for reads only in order to enforce immutability21:47
notmynamenelson__: standard HTTP stuff. the only restriction is that we don't support multiple ranges in one request (the RFC mentions it)21:48
notmynamenelson__: so for curl, use the standard -r option. for other things, the Range header is what's used21:49
nelson__I don't suppose ... no, it's not a wiki.  /me looks appealingly at annegentle.21:49
notmynamenelson__: I think Content-Range is for the response21:49
nelson__ja, didn't find it by searching for "range" either.21:50
notmynamenelson__: I don't think it's something that is mentioned a lot because it's never been a "new" feature. it's been there since the beginning21:50
nelson__Okay, I'll go fill in THAT checkbox and go looking for other empty boxes in the OpenStack column. :)21:50
*** schisamo has joined #openstack21:50
annegentlenelson__: yeah, is built using Sphinx, but you're right, I'm not seeing "range" mentioned on the site, notmyname I would suppose it's in the dev guide21:51
jeremybnelson__: i think it's in bzr... :)21:51
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack21:51
notmynameya, I think it's in the dev guide (I hope)21:51
nelson__well one would HOPE it's in the source since it's not a translatable string!21:51
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack21:52
* jeremyb meant the docs themselves21:52
notmynameI know it's in there, cause I had to submit a patch to webob to get it to work!21:52
nelson__I always think of that as we-bob, as in bobbing for apples.21:52
notmynamenelson__: but, the string "range" may not be there because we offload some of that to webob (which uses things like an app_iter method)21:52
nelson__good to know, thanks.21:53
sorenvishy: Darn it.21:53
sorenvishy: Yeah, the problem is that I run the tests, see that everything is fine and /then/ commit, push, propose.21:54
notmynamenelson__: "curl -i -r 50-100 -H "X-Auth-Token: foobar"" will give you 51 bytes of the object21:54
notmynametranslate to your httplib of choice21:54
nelson__neat. yeah, squid or more likely varnish.21:55
annegentleoo we should include that as a curl example in the dev guide21:55
notmyname-H "Range: bytes=50-100" works too21:55
vishyremind me: is the merge requirement 2 reviews including 1 core dev or 2 core dev reviews?21:56
sorenvishy: 2 core dev, I believe.21:58
*** pothos has joined #openstack21:59
*** rlucio has quit IRC21:59
vishyok, waiting on the newscript branch for the moment then21:59
tr3bucheti need a bzr pro22:02
sorentr3buchet: What's up?22:02
tr3buchetbackstory: pause has been merged to trunk22:02
tr3buchetbefore that i branched trunk and made a suspend branch22:02
sorenmtaylor: ping?22:03
tr3bucheti'm now trying to merge trunk into my suspend branch22:03
tr3buchetand i get horrendous conflicts ex
tr3buchetis there a way to solve this without copy/pasting the code manually from one branch to the other?22:03
sorenTry "bzr merge --weave"22:04
openstackhudsonProject nova build #312: SUCCESS in 1 min 15 sec:
sorenIf that doesn't work, no. It's not really a bzr problem. The two branches make different changes to the same lines. Any vcs or patch management system would throw a fit. I'd be surprised even if "bzr merge --weave" manages it.22:05
tr3buchetso bzr is unable to merge properly if two branches both add a function to the end of a file?22:06
sorentr3buchet: The simplest way forward (if weave doesn't do the trick) would probably be to do a "bzr resolve --other <filename>" and then doing the copy/paste thing. That saves you the trouble of fixing all the merge artifacts.22:06
sorentr3buchet: You're probably getting the worst of it because the two change sets are so similar.22:07
jaypipesyeah \o/ raw-disk-images merged...22:07
* vishy cheers.22:07
sorentr3buchet: Any luck with "bzr merge --weave" ?22:08
tr3buchetthere were conflicts, looking now22:09
* soren screams22:10
soren-rwxr-x--- 1 hudson adm  26338 Sep 15 17:08 /usr/lib/python2.6/os.py22:10
soren-rwxr-x--- 1 hudson adm  26303 Dec  7 17:20 /usr/lib/python2.6/os.pyc22:10
tr3buchetweave made no difference22:10
alekibangolife is hard :)22:10
alekibangotr3buchet: iam no bzr guru, but cant you go back?22:11
tr3buchetyeah i can bzr revert22:11
tr3buchetthat doesn't help me get to where i'm going22:11
sorenYou did that in between the two merge attempts, right?22:11
sorenAs I said, you're getting the worst of it because the change sets are so similar.22:11
alekibangoi still need to learn this one. i am still more in love with git22:12
sorenif they'd be vastly different, it would still show the conflicts, but it wouldn't be 20 small chunks, but just two big ones.22:12
tr3buchetis there a "bzr merge --keep-all-source-from-both-branches"  ?22:12
sorentr3buchet: That doesn't make sense.22:12
sorenThat's the point.22:12
*** localhost has quit IRC22:12
sorenIf I make a change to a file, and you make another change to the same file on the same line, which is correct?22:12
tr3buchetoh i see your point22:13
sorenIf you can write an algorithm that can work that out, you're in the wrong business.22:13
tr3bucheti think what i was after is keeping the most recent patch from both22:13
sorenSimplest way forward:22:13
soren22:06 <+soren> tr3buchet: The simplest way forward (if weave doesn't do the trick) would probably be to do a "bzr resolve --other <filename>" and  then doing the copy/paste thing. That saves you the trouble of fixing all the merge artifacts.22:13
soren"bzr resolve --other" basically assumes "the other" branch is correct.22:14
tr3bucheteither way i have to copy paste22:14
sorenWhich makes it dead simple for you to just manually add your new stuff at the end.22:14
sorenthe difference is wheter you have to fiddle with 20 small chunks of stuff or two big ones.22:14
*** localhost has joined #openstack22:14
tr3bucheti mean if that's what i have to do, that's fine, it's just a lot of files22:14
sorentr3buchet: There are a couple other merge algorithms you can try first.22:16
soren--diff3 --lca  and --merge3.22:16
sorenStill, I doubt it'll work.22:16
tr3bucheti'm going to create a suspend2 branch from trunk, then i'm going to take a diff of all the changes i added to the current suspend branch and create a patch out of it and apply that patch to suspend222:21
*** jdarcy has quit IRC22:24
*** sophiap has quit IRC22:24
*** sophiap has joined #openstack22:25
alekibangovishy: how is the web console release going?22:27
tr3buchetanyhow, thanks soren22:27
alekibangotr3buchet: kdiff3 is  sweet22:27
vishyalekibango: in progress22:28
*** dubsquared1 has joined #openstack22:28
alekibangovishy: :) ty22:28
vishyalekibango: it will be out by the end of our current sprint (dec 30th)22:28
vishy(or sooner)22:28
alekibangooh date! :) thanks a lot22:28
sorentr3buchet: It won't apply.22:29
*** aliguori has quit IRC22:31
sorenmtaylor: Do you have any clue why hudson would own a bunch of stuff in /usr/lib/python2.622:31
*** dirakx has quit IRC22:32
sorenjaypipes: I'm terribly sorry, but the raw-disk branch conflicts with your i18n-strings branch22:34
tr3buchetholy crap22:35
tr3buchetso you know what works22:35
sorenWhat works?22:35
tr3buchetcreating the second branch from trunk, making a diff of my original and applying it to the second as a patch22:36
tr3buchetthere was a single 4 line rejection. easy fix the other 9 files worked just fine22:36
*** jordandev has joined #openstack22:36
tr3buchetthat makes my day22:38
*** rogue780 has joined #openstack22:39
*** sophiap has quit IRC22:43
*** sophiap has joined #openstack22:46
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC22:54
*** lvaughn_ has quit IRC22:56
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack22:57
alekibangowhen i reboot my nova node, running instances are not running anymore... even if euca-describe-instances shows them as running22:57
alekibangoshouldnt they start automatically?22:58
tr3buchetthe instance state won't be changed unless something calls for it to be22:59
tr3buchetissue a reboot22:59
tr3buchetfor the instances i mean22:59
*** ppetraki has quit IRC23:00
alekibangoyes ic23:00
*** kevnfx has quit IRC23:02
nelson__another question: is there load balancing within a partition?23:02
nelson__can't find the question anywhere in the documentation.23:03
alekibangonelson__:  what do you mean?23:03
nelson__a partition has multiple copies of a file. how does swift determine which one to hand out?23:03
alekibangoah swift :)23:04
alekibangoi dont know swift much23:04
notmynamenelson__: the partition is chosen based on the hash of the URL23:05
notmynamefor GETs, we ask all 3 copies and return the first response23:05
notmynamefor PUTs, we write to each copy simultaneously23:05
notmynameGETs are simultaneous too23:05
*** AimanA is now known as HouseAway23:05
vishyalekibango: there is no code for recovering from reboot23:05
nelson__oh, so the presumption is that the least-loaded host will return a response fastest?23:06
notmynamePUTs respond with success after at least 2 copies have reported success23:06
vishyalekibango: euca-reboot-instances should work23:06
vishyalekibango: no one has written it23:06
*** jordandev has quit IRC23:06
vishyalekibango: actually reboot probably won't work, I had to change a few things in deploy to make it work23:06
* vishy marks down another patch he needs to submit23:07
alekibangovishy: :( it fails, instance keeps being shutdown23:07
nelson__kewl, thanks.23:07
nelson__MogileFS does the same thing23:07
alekibangoat least it doesnt report 'running' anymore'23:07
nelson__actually ... it returns all three, but puts the first one that responded first in the list.23:08
vishyalekibango: yes i remember that there is an issue with a few things like recreating the network23:09
vishyalekibango: i'll port stuff from deploy when i get a chance23:09
alekibangoi can test23:09
*** Podilarius has left #openstack23:10
alekibangoactually, your ssh key is still there, so you can test too whenever you wish -- just let me know over irc that you are doing something....23:11
alekibangoif you do..23:11
alekibangohmm maybe i could patch it myself if you will give some hints23:11
alekibangorebooting is important feature :D23:12
alekibangoi would think, after reboot - local nova-compute should check what instances should run on it and reboot them23:12
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack23:16
tr3buchetit would be better to get the list of images, and make the call to update the state23:17
tr3buchetwhat if some of them were shutdown for a reason, you'd be restarting those as well23:17
alekibangolist of instances23:18
alekibangoyes thats what i meant23:18
alekibango'check waht instances should run'23:18
alekibangovishy: do you want me to write bug report on the reboot?23:19
*** dubsquared1 has quit IRC23:24
tr3buchetfunky error trying to start nova-compute:
*** abecc has quit IRC23:29
*** aimon_ has joined #openstack23:30
*** kevnfx has quit IRC23:30
vishyalekibango: I think soren has one for the host reboot/recovery23:30
vishyalekibango: but you could put one in for the euca-reboot-instances not working23:31
vishyon a crashed / non-running instance23:31
alekibangoit works, but instance keeps being shutdown23:31
*** kevnfx has joined #openstack23:33
*** aimon has quit IRC23:34
*** aimon_ is now known as aimon23:34
*** jordandev has joined #openstack23:34
*** gondoi has quit IRC23:34
jordandevplease can i have confirmation about this information? and thanks in advance23:37
jordandevRabbitMQ is the AMQP broker? (in actual version and for the futur release)23:38
jordandevcarrot is the AMQP producer + consumer  (in actual version and for the futur release)23:38
*** kevnfx has quit IRC23:39
tr3buchetok "bzr branch lp:nova/trunk nova" and then attempting to run nova-compute is giving me
edayjordandev: correct on both, for the time being23:42
jordandevand what about tornadoweb as web server?23:42
edaytornado is gone23:43
edaytwisted is mostly gone, we're using eventlet + wsgi apps now23:43
XenithWhy the switch away from tornado/twisted?23:44
dabotr3buchet: are you running as root? Did you create and source novarc?23:44
jordandev+1 for Xenith's question23:45
alekibangoXenith: tornado cannot serve large files23:45
daboXenith: we used twisted for concurrency handling; eventlet does that with much simpler code.23:45
edayXenith: we wanted to standardize on one framework. eventlet had better wsgi support (twisted needs to do it in threads, tornado has it's own framework for web apps)23:46
edayeventlet also lets use use any modules fairly seemlessly, where twisted needs it's own version of everything23:46
XenithSounds like a good switch then23:48
edayso far, so good :)23:48
jordandevfrom this link  WSGI seems a specification. What is the implementation OpenStack uses?23:48
eday+ swift is eventlet/wsgi based, so there is a chance we'll be able to share more core stuff in the future23:49
edayjordandev: eventlet.wsgi, although it should work with standard Python wsgi server too. We also use webob and routes packages to make things a bit nicer23:50
edaysee nova/ for details, plus nova/api/* for specific uses23:51
nelson__Is there a nagios script for swift?23:52
nelson__(I couldn't find one)23:52
*** feather has joined #openstack23:53
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack23:53
jordandeveday: thank you so much for this information. Just to be on line with OpenStack implementation (hoping for an eventual nice contribution)23:54
nelson__Just one more question: is swift extensible short of modifying the source?  (In other words, are there hooks or plugins?)23:55
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