Friday, 2010-12-24

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jesse_tr3buchet: vishy and I were looking at it earlier - eyeing it to add support for suspend/resume in the kvm driver :)00:32
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alekibangojaypipes: are u here? i finally resovled conflicts with my simple LC_ALL fix, need another review:
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jaypipesalekibango: will do. :)01:38
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alekibangoor will the last rewive work? when i merged trunk 2 times?01:38
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alekibangojaypipes: thanks01:39
jaypipesalekibango: approved. sent to hudson.01:39
alekibango:) ty much01:39
jaypipesno worries!01:39
* alekibango feels lucky... just learned whole bzr/launchpad process...01:40
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alekibangobtw i  think i can make automated functional testing of nova reality.... will layout the scheme in few days...01:43
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jaypipesalekibango: cool :) pls do checkout the work on openstack-ci project!01:46
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alekibangowill do thanks for tip01:47
alekibangomy idea is to test all branches on all operating systems  on few (4-7) real machines01:47
jeremybwhat does all operating systems mean?01:47
alekibangoi am not sure how hudson might fit in, as i really do not know hudson much01:48
alekibangojeremyb:  all those we need01:48
alekibangodebian and ubuntu coming first01:48
alekibangoehm, i was thinking about free operating systems01:48
alekibangonot windows01:48
alekibangoor orther proprietary01:48
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alekibangocentos/fedora in next line01:49
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XenithI still have a hard time deciding between deploying on Debian squeeze vs Ubuntu maverick.01:50
alekibangofor me its debian... but most devs use ubuntu01:50
alekibangojust use what you are familiar with01:50
alekibangodebian has few squirks right now, but we will sort them out soon01:51
XenithI'm mostly familiar with debian (not that there is much of a practical difference these days)01:51
alekibango(different group)01:51
XenithBut my company is fairly ubuntu-friendly.01:51
jeremybalekibango: are you a DD?01:51
alekibangoi will try to post patches to package build scripts soon01:51
XenithFor instance, personal workstation is debian sid (well, aptosid), most of the others are ubuntu lucid.01:51
alekibangono, i am not01:51
alekibangobut i do deb packages for 8 years now01:52
alekibangoat least01:52
jeremybin the archive?01:52
alekibangofor my own purposes. like own live distro etc01:52
alekibangoXenith: yes, i also prefer sid01:54
alekibangoto others i install squeeze now01:54
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #332: SUCCESS in 1 min 15 sec:
XenithI generally put squeeze on the servers, sid on the workstations.01:55
alekibangoi just somehow like debian more for being community work - without one company behind it...01:55
XenithI just never got comfortable with all the changes ubuntu has done for servers.01:56
winston-ddoes anyone know how can i remove services from nova db WITHOUT SQL?01:56
alekibangowinston-d: using hammer :)01:56
alekibangoor another tool - like graphical sql client01:57
winston-dalekibango the problem is if one service is removed (say one compute node is removed), the scheduler doesn't know01:58
jeremybdb rollback? :-)01:58
alekibangowinston-d: ha, that sounds funny01:58
alekibangoif you are right, that should be solved....01:59
alekibangobut i have my own bugs right now :D01:59
winston-dI haven't looked into scheduler code yet, but i guess scheduler inquire DB once in a while and then determine which node the newly created instance should be put?01:59
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alekibangoone being testing vishs   branch   which enables to reboot nodes safely01:59
alekibango(i mean which might run instances again as they were )02:00
winston-dfor now, i just manual delete DB entry. that's sad.02:00
alekibangowinston-d: yes scheduler is for this02:00
alekibangoi am nto sure what it does with db02:00
alekibangoyou prolly should not delete that02:00
winston-dwell, have to run for a meeting. BRB02:01
alekibangoit should be marked failed02:01
alekibangoor something02:01
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winston-di'm back02:55
winston-dalekibango, still there?02:56
winston-di noticed that removed services don't have any specific marks in nova-services table, at all02:56
winston-deven after several hours02:57
alekibangoso how that will be solved?02:57
winston-dso scheduler still schedule instances to run on removed compute nodes02:57
alekibangohmm this sounds like bug for me...02:57
alekibangoor feature request :)02:58
winston-di'm not sure, but i assume removed node should de-register itself02:58
winston-dor some central control monitors which services haven't update their status for TIME_OUT value of time, and removes/marks them02:59
winston-di was wondering if NOVA has already such logic inside, that means i encountered bug; or NOVA doesn't, then maybe I can help03:01
winston-dby providing some proof-of-concept code?03:02
winston-dwhere can i find answers to such questions?03:05
winston-dor maybe I should dive into code and find it out by myself. :)03:10
Ryan_Lanewinston-d: that's odd. when I turn off a compute node, the scheduler doesn't try to use it03:12
Ryan_LaneI'm not running the newest trunk though03:12
winston-di'm using nova-2010.1 release. should be pretty old03:16
winston-ddidn't know what was wrong03:17
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winston-dRyan_Lane: when you removed one compute node, what happened to its entry in DB nova/services table?03:29
Ryan_Laneno idea. i didn't look03:29
winston-dwell, then what version of nova are you using?03:30
Ryan_Lanelemme see03:35
Ryan_Laneyou have like a year old version03:37
winston-di'm using nova on RHEL, so no convient package to use.03:38
winston-dlet me branch out a copy and try03:38
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alekibangowinston-d: i am not sure, in similar situation as you are03:46
alekibangowinston-d: are you winston smith?03:47
alekibangoso no love towards bb?03:47
winston-dwhat's bb? don't get it ...03:47
alekibangooh man, you should read 198403:47
alekibangobook from george orwell03:48
alekibangoreally great one..03:48
winston-dis there free version available? would like to read it on kindle03:50
alekibangoin some countries, yes03:50
alekibango(australia and some others)03:50
alekibangoi loved esp. newspeak. it was double plus good03:51
jeremybdid you hear about amazon removing 1984 from kindles?03:51
alekibangosounds 1984-ish03:51
alekibangoone is here
winston-dalekibango: thanks!03:53
alekibangoand note - what he wrote was not just fantasy... he experienced such things personally03:54
alekibangoand 2) its not about russian commies....03:54
winston-dlunch time~talk 2 u guys later03:55
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alekibangojeremyb: ty heh03:57
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opengeardSwift All In One - first swift-auth-add-user results in 503 error.  Ideas?13:49
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notmynameopengeard: try checking the permissions/ownership on /etc/swift/auth.db14:49
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opengeardnotmyname: thanks.  just checked that and /srv.14:52
notmynameand your user owns/can read+write?14:53
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opengeardnotmyname: looks like the deployment script handed to me was missing the trailing / in big bold print14:53
opengeardoh well, continuing functional tests right now14:54
notmynameso it's working now?14:54
opengeardyes.  thanks.14:54
notmynameI can't promise a lot of help in the channel today and tomorrow (something about a holiday), but jump in if you have questions :-)14:55
opengeardhappy xmas eve and such14:55
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opengeardi'm heading 140 km north for the day and back to startup slavery land to toil in the salt mines.14:56
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daboso with all the localization efforts, we haven't adopted adding a standard encoding header to our files?15:25
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