Saturday, 2011-01-29

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vishydesai: you only need one network node00:15
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nelsonHrm. How do I move a host from one zone to another using swift-ring-builder??01:23
nelsonYou'd think that set_info would do it, but seemingly not.01:23
nelsonIt just seems to be an oversight, looking at the code.01:25
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nelsonswift-init needs hacking.01:42
* nelson glares at swift-init.01:46
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XenithHmm. Finally bothered to setup kvm/virt-manager on my workstation. This should be an interesting nova testbed.01:52
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creihtnelson: the easiest way that I can think of off the top of my head would be to remove the node from the ring, and then re-add it02:49
creihtnot sure if you need to rebalance in between that02:50
XenithSo the Nova PPAs work great for ubuntu maverick...but are they Ubuntu-specific at all? Will they complain much on debian squeeze/sid?03:05
nelsoncreiht: okay. but shouldn't set_info be able to change the node?03:06
creihtnot sure03:06
nelsoncreiht: also .... documentation. should I tell people to upload their builders into a container called builders?03:06
nelsonthat's a good idea in general, right?03:07
creihtThey need to back them up for sure03:07
creihtyou don't want to loose them03:07
nelsonthat's what I was thinking.03:07
creihtand that may actually be a good idea03:07
creihtnelson: doesn't look like set_info lets you change the zone03:09
nelsonno, the code is definitely not there to do it. but it would be straightforward to do so.03:10
creihtWell as is, it is set up so that it doesn't change partitioning03:10
creihtif you change zones, the partitioning has to cange03:10
nelsonwouldn't rebalance take that into account?03:10
* nelson waves the Wand of Greater Certainty over creiht.03:12
creihtIt just seems the intent of set_info was to change things like meta data that doesn't bother with partitions03:13
creihtchanging zones is the only thing that would have to change partitions03:13
creihtdepending on what you changed, you may or may not have to reblance03:13
nelsonHmmm.... Oh well. I hadn't stored anything yet, so I just rebuilt them from scratch.03:17
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mtaylorcreiht: sorry - I'm running a little slow today - is the current ppa for swift ~swift-core/ppa ?03:48
creihtmtaylor: that looks right03:51
mtaylorcreiht: and you want a new ppa just for the gamme release?03:51
creihtthat would be great03:52
mtayloror should it be a ppa for bexar that just happens to have the current gamma in it? (forgive the extra amount of questions)03:52
creihtit is the bexar gamma release03:54
creihtor are we talking about the same thing?03:54
mtaylorwe are - I'm wondering on naming/terminology for the ppa03:54
creiht1.2-gamma would be awesome03:54
mtaylorI was wondering if we wanted a PPA for the Gamma, or a PPA for Bexar03:54
* creiht gets lost in all the terminology03:56
mtaylorjust have a beer - it'll all get better03:56
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nelsonDid I see something about CDN support in the upcoming release?04:29
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nelsonCuz squid is not making me infinitely happy by refusing to insert the auth header.04:30
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creihtnelson: no CDN support has been planned yet04:34
nelsonwell, if squid 2.7 can't add, and swift requires, then either I 1) hack at squid, 2) write my own header-inserter service, or 3) hack at swift.04:36
nelsonI think of the three, it's easier to hack at swift to tell it not to look for the auth header for certain containers.04:37
nelsonOr accounts.04:37
creihtnelson: that is already there for public containers04:37
nelson? then what's the diff between CDN and public containers?04:38
creihtcdn has edges distributed globally04:38
nelsonoh, like physically?04:38
creihtand you aren't going to get as much performance out of swift as you would a cdn04:39
creihtat least that is my theory04:39
nelsonahhh, I see. Okay, cool, I'll Google Search(tm) for public containers.04:39
creihtwe need to document it better, but:04:40
nelsonoh, thanks.04:40
creihtpart of the ACL stuff is making a container public (world readable)04:40
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uvirtbotNew bug: #709632 in nova "ec2 admin api should support modifying project manager" [Medium,New]
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jaysunis it possible to check out swift + nova on some vm's?  could i spin 5 vm's for swift and one for nova?  or does this really have to be on hardware?09:01
jaysunaah..  nevermind09:46
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annegentledoes anyone know how I can compile a comprehensive list of possible flags for nova.conf? I want the doc to have a reference list but I'm not sure how to put it together. I'll check back in later today.14:36
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jaypipesannegentle: ./bin/nova-api --help? :)18:14
jaypipessirp-: hmm, so there might be a bit of a wrench in our 2nd sprint milestone for Glance (the one ending 2011-03-14). I've been selected for jury duty, so I'll be out of commission, at least during the daytime, for at least the week of the 28th of February through March 4th...18:22
edayjaypipes, annegentle: you might need to do that for each of bin/* --help, since not all files are pulled in with options for all commands18:23
jaypipeseday: ya... nova-api was just a start ;)18:23
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annegentlejaypipes: eday: thanks to both of you!18:28
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sirp-jaypipes: thanks for adding glance-combines, great idea :-)21:11
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