Monday, 2011-01-31

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termiesoren: when you get a chance could you send me a copy of the austin db you were using, re
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uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 709183 in nova "Upgrades from Austin fail" [High,Confirmed]00:28
termiesoren: i'm making my own, but helpful to have a second opinion00:29
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termieactually, it looks like it is just one table that shouldn't be there00:45
termiesoren: so you can disregard00:45
annegentlekpepple: thanks a bunch for the updates! The requirement to have an admin user and admin project explains my dashboard troubles from Friday.00:48
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uvirtbotNew bug: #710452 in nova "Can't upload an image using euca2ools or uec-publish-tarball" [Undecided,New]
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dubsquaredjaypipes in the house?06:52
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* ttx waves07:27
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thimbleHello. While running "swift-init container-replicator start" I got an entry "container-replicator ERROR Failed to get my own IPs?" in syslog. "bind_ip" in /etc/swift/container-server.conf is set. Is there any way to trace the startup?08:20
mtaylorsoren, ttx: ping08:26
ttxmtaylor: what's up ?08:27
mtaylorttx: chuck was asking for a gamma ppa08:27
mtaylorttx: for swift08:27
mtaylorttx: but it seemed to me that perhaps the ppa should instead be for bexar08:27
mtaylorttx: if there's to be a separate ppa08:27
mtaylorttx: I wanted to get another opinion08:27
ttxwe need to think about it a bit more, I think08:28
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ttxmtaylor: I'll be with soren and dendrobates tomorrow, we'll probably do it08:28
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mtaylork. cool08:29
ttxmtaylor: how many PPA channels do you think we should have ?08:29
ttxWe have trunk08:29
ttxWe could have "stable"08:29
ttxWe could have "stable+gamma+RC"08:29
mtaylorttx: well... how long is bexar to be supported?08:29
ttxmtaylor: who knows :)08:30
* mtaylor doens't think having a gamma ppa is useful... because once the post-gamma release is out, why would someone want to follow it08:30
mtaylorBUT - someone might want to stay on bexar post release and get bugfixes without upgrading to cactus08:30
mtaylorso I can see having per-release ppas (plus trunk)08:30
ttxin all cases no need to rush a "gamma" PPA08:30
ttxbetter have a trunk one08:30
mtaylorwell, we have one of those08:31
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sorenttx: What I put on the wiki was that we'd have a trunk, milestone, and release ppa.09:02
sorenttx: I'm not sure about the milestone one.09:02
ttxat this point let's do release and trunk.09:03
sorenttx: Yeah.09:03
ttxsoren:  could you review
sorenttx: When I set it up, I was thinking we'd have more sort-of stable milestones.09:03
ttxsoren: if you're ok with them, you can merge09:04
sorenttx: Cool. /me looks09:04
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sorenttx: Austin migration approved. By Devin, though. He beat me to it by a few seconds.09:31
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sorenttx: Uh... It was rejected.09:33
sorenttx: By the CLA check.09:33
ttxwell, he is indeed absent from that page.09:34
* ttx grumbles09:35
sorenHe has code in already.09:35
sorenHow did that happen, then_09:35
ttxthe CLA verifier was not enabled before09:35
* soren is attempting to adjust to a different keyboard.09:35
sorenttx: Oh.09:35
ttxso on one hand he should fix that.. on the other I want the branches in asap09:36
sorenttx: Do you want to just cowboy it in? HE's got code in there already. If not being on the list is a problem, we're already screwed.09:37
ttxsoren: yes we should09:37
sorenSo one more patch shouldn't make any difference.09:37
sorenAlright. /me tracks down the CLA check on the hudson box.09:37
ttxsoren: it's a bit painful to disable. I'll just hack the contributors page09:38
sorenttx: Hang on.09:38
ttxsoren: it's integrated to Tarmac directly09:39
ttxsoren: I can add termie to the page, do you have his real name ?09:40
sorenttx: Anthony something.09:40
sorenHang on.09:40
sorenI can also just disable the check. I've found the right place.09:40
sorenttx: It's up to you.09:40
ttxsoren: what is the right place ?09:41
ttxsoren: dsiabling the check sounds better to me09:41
* ttx knows nothing short from removing completely to disable the Tarmac plugin09:41
sorenttx: WEll, it's not The Right Place[tm], but it'll work. I can just hack the tarmac plugin to just return.09:42
ttxsoren: ok09:42
sorenttx: I can't seem to spot where the configuration for the plugin is.09:43
ttxthere is none.09:43
sorenI thought it would be in the tarmac.conf.09:43
ttxno, all plugins are enabled by default.09:43
ttxTarmac is a bit weird.09:43
sorenRight, sure, but the plugin has..09:43
sorenHAng on.09:43
ttxMost other plugins do nothing without a configuration string.09:44
sorenttx: E..g. I don't see where that wiki page is configured in the plugin.09:44
ttxsoren: the page location is hardcoded in the plugin. If you move it to tarmac.conf (and pass if the string is empty) then you can disable it :)09:45
soren            self.allowed_contributors = target.config.allowed_contributors09:45
sorenThat's what I see in the plugin .I don't see the actual URL.09:45
ttxooh, that's not my plugin.09:45
sorenOh. Heh.09:46
sorenOh! I see it now.l09:46
ttxyes, the other one just checks against an LP group.09:46
* soren disables the check and tries the merge again.09:46
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sorenIt failed again, even though I've added a return at the top of the run method.09:53
sorenOne of these days, I should learn Python.09:53
sorenmtaylor: Dear Monty. Symlinks rock. Please use them. That is all. Love, Soren.09:56
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sorenttx: have you ever sat and watched hudson run tarmac?09:57
ttxsoren: depends on what you mean by "sat and watched". I lookes at the running log, yes09:58
sorenYeah, that's what I mean.09:58
sorenIt just seems to sit there for a looong time doing nothing.09:59
sorenLike now:
sorenOk, you're using that temp dir. I get it.10:01
sorenBut FOR WHAT?10:01
ttxmaybe that's when it grabs lp:nova ?10:02
sorenttx: Possibly.10:02
sorenttx: Staring at ps output doesn't help.10:02
sorenIt's all tarmac, apparantyl.10:03
sorenI think tarmac uses bzrlib rather than shelling out to bzr.10:03
sorenSo yeah, that sounds like a reasonably good guess.10:03
sorenIt worked this time.10:05
* soren reenables claverifier check10:05
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #480: SUCCESS in 1 min 31 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Match the initial db version to the actual Austin release db schema.10:07
openstackhudsonTested by copying nova/tests/db/nova.austin.sqlite to ./nova.sqlite and running ./bin/nova-manage db sync10:07
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 709183 in nova "Upgrades from Austin fail" [High,In progress]10:07
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sorenIt's nice how the hudson thing and uvirtbot work together to provide more context.10:11
* soren approvs10:11
sorenapproves, even.10:11
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ttxsoren: did you look at the other branch yet ?10:11
sorenttx: Got a little bit sidetracked.10:12
* soren goes to look at it again.10:12
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sorenHm... I'm not sure sleepsonthefloor is on the CLA page either, come to think of it.10:22
* soren looks10:22
sorenDarn it.10:23
sorenttx: I've redisabled the check.10:24
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sorenttx: It failed the pep8 check. What do?10:43
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ttxsoren: It will have to wait then. I can live without that one in Bexar anyway10:45
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* soren lunches10:55
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uvirtbotNew bug: #710596 in nova "No error returned if database is locked when trying to add keypair" [Undecided,New]
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uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 710596 in nova "No error returned if database is locked when trying to add keypair" [Undecided,New]11:30
sorenWhat's in mykey.priv when that happens?11:31
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sorensandywalsh: o/12:08
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sandywalsh200k requests per second
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wedjathello guys12:31
wedjatdoes someone know when precisely the swift project has started ?12:31
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justinc1Is it possible for a user, which is not a projectmanager of projectX, to euca-run-instances of images, which are part of projectX?12:38
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pvodendrobates: you around?13:40
ttxpvo: he is travelling today.13:45
ttxshould connect from between airports.13:46
pvook, I wasn't sure if he arrived yesterday or today.13:47
pvoI saw Cindy prioritizing BPs, but not targeting them for cactus. Did I miss some?13:47
ttxhe arrives iN Europe tomorrow morning13:47
pvoI want to make sure we're working within the process but have a way for us to manage the work13:48
ttxpvo: there was some misunderstanding, I think. She/you should not set priority or accept them for a given target13:48
ttxpvo: especially without a spec attached13:48
ttxso Ideally I should clear the field and allow her to repropose, now that dendrobates removed her from Nova drivers13:49
sandywalshanyone know how to show a graphic in a wiki page? I can only get the attachment link.13:49
ttxthat will allow release management to properly accept them13:49
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pvoso if priority is ignored (for now) is targeting for a milestone ok?13:50
ttxpvo: "proposing for a series goal" is OK13:50
sandywalshttx ... nice ... was looking for an example. thx13:50
ttxthe problem is, as a nova driver (you are one) that triggers auto-approval13:50
pvothat would be an overall series, cactus/diablo13:50
ttxpvo: that's why we need to limit the number of drivers13:50
ttxpvo: otherwise it fucks up the procedure13:51
* ttx looks13:51
sandywalshttx, ah, external service ... do you know if it can be done with internal attachments?13:51
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ttxsandywalsh: no clue. ISTR that was the only solution to do it :)13:52
*** dubs has joined #openstack13:52
sandywalshttx, np ... checking13:52
pvoI assure you no one was trying to bypass anyone or process13:52
ttxpvo: I agree, it's just that to set milestones you have to be one -- and then your stuff is autoapproved13:53
pvoso if someone (you, dendrobates, whoever) can create the milestones and then we can propose bps against that milestone then we have to wait for them to be approved against a milestone? Just trying to understand.13:54
sandywalshttx, got it ... use {{attachment:foo}} vs. [[attachment:foo]]13:54
ttxpvo: I have to review who can do what.13:56
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creihtmtaylor, ttx: re: gamma ppa, I just asked because for some reason I though packages had been built for nova, but it isn't a biggie for me14:21
ttxcreiht: I think we can use the trunk PPA as gamma at this point14:21
creihtwedjat: the project was registered on launchpad 7-8-1014:22
creihtttx: and that is fine with me14:24
creihtthimble: That is interesting... let me look14:24
ttxcreiht: still planning to review the three last bugs in with your team today ?14:25
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack14:25
creihtttx: yes14:26
ttxcreiht: ok, keep me posted.14:26
creihtwill do14:26
creihtthimble: is your networking pretty normal, or is there anything special about it?14:29
*** iRTermite1 is now known as IRTermite14:31
thimblecreiht: I´ve just finished configuring 2 object-servers on different hosts. File-Up and Downloads working. On both hosts the entries regarding "my own IP" is present in syslog. I´ve just rebooted them to check if all neccessary services will start automatically. Please wait a moment.14:32
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creihtthimble: from one of those machines can you paste the output of running the following python:14:35
thimblecreiht: wow, no module named "netifaces". on both machines.14:37
creihtok that is odd14:37
creihtI'm at a loss as to how some of the stuff even runs then :)14:37
creihtso install netifaces :)14:37
thimblei install the missing package. maybe a dep should be addes ?14:37
thimbleadded. :)14:38
creihtthimble: yup14:38
thimblewhere should I add the output?14:38
thimbleof the 2 lines14:38
thimbleyour python code14:39
creihtthimble: ahh, don't worry about that any more, I got what I needed :)14:39
thimbleah, ok :)14:39
*** pvo_away is now known as pvo14:39
creihtthimble: How did you install swift?14:39
thimblejust following the multi server setup guid on swift.openstack.org14:39
thimblehost is an ubuntu 10.1014:40
thimblethis one.14:40
creihtthimble: Did you update the packages from trunk?14:41
*** lvaughn has quit IRC14:41
creihtoh wait14:42
creihtthimble: I may have mispoken14:42
wedjatthanks creiht  :)14:42
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack14:42
creihtwedjat: Of course we had been working on it internally at RS a while before that14:42
jaypipesdubsquared: saw you were looking for me yesterday. anything I can help you with?14:43
*** IRTermite has quit IRC14:44
creihtthimble: Are you running with the 1.1 packages as it is the default in those instructions?  If so, then the older code got ipaddresses in a different manner14:44
creihtthimble: Are you by chance running the os in a localization other than English?14:45
thimbleany way to easy check the version? like -v ?14:45
thimblecreiht: localization is set to german14:45
creihtthimble: ok that is why it is breaking14:46
creihtThe old code would run ifconfig, which recently became localized and broke the regexes :)14:46
thimbleyeah. maybe you should use "ip ad" ;)14:47
creihtthe more recent code uses the python netifaces package which allows us to get the interfaces programatically14:47
*** f4m8 is now known as f4m8_14:47
thimbleinstalling the missing package was enough? or do I need to upgrade?14:48
creihtthimble: yeah you will need to upgrade14:48
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:48
creihtwe have trunk built packages here:
creihtI would recommend upgrade to that version of swift14:49
creihtWhich should be released fairly soon, and when that is done, you can switch back to the normal ppa repo14:50
creihtsorry about that inconvenience14:50
*** reldan has joined #openstack14:50
*** BK_man has joined #openstack14:52
jaypipescreiht: localization broke regexes? You mean there was something matching on a specific English-language expression?14:52
creihtjaypipes: ubuntu decided to localize ifconfig14:52
BK_mansoren: hi!14:52
jaypipescreiht: ha! ok then :)14:52
BK_mansoren: could you please kindly approve our merge
* creiht ponders if rsync will ever be localized14:53
creihtThat could cause some interesting problems14:54
sandywalshIs there anywhere that talks about the database replication strategy for Nova?14:55
jaypipessandywalsh: not that I know of, no.14:55
jaypipessandywalsh: and good morning sir.14:56
pvono, i think it was specifically put off14:56
pvosince the db implementation is really integrator specific14:56
sandywalshjaypipes, k ... I'll wing it and take the abuse later :) (and g'morning)14:56
sandywalshpvo, I'm thinking more about which data should live at each layer14:56
sandywalshpvo, not the particulars of how it's done14:57
*** iRTermite has joined #openstack14:58
jaypipes_cerberus_: heya, I assigned that missing AUTHORS bug to you (since you've already fixed it ;) ) and put that bug into the cactus-2011-02-21 milestone. Just FYI.15:04
sandywalshIs it possible to only route/replicate *some* Rabbit Queues between nodes? Or does the whole Rabbit queuing structure have to get replicated?15:06
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*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:12
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pvosandywalsh: decent explanation of rabbit
sandywalshawesome ... thx pvo (reading)15:14
sandywalshthe rabbit docs were a little dry15:15
*** piezo has joined #openstack15:17
*** dirakx has joined #openstack15:18
jaypipessandywalsh: yeah, the rabbit and warrens article is a good one.  Also, see the Celery Docs for other not-bland docs on message queuing (
jaypipessandywalsh: documentation done right, IMHO :)15:28
sandywalshjaypipes, will do ... thx15:28
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* ttx pauses and lies down15:39
annegentlejaypipes: Celery has a very clean Sphinx theme, one of the nicest I've seen. Bookmarkign.15:40
sandywalshttx ... don't die on us now!15:41
jaypipesannegentle: indeed :)15:43
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openstackhudsonProject swift build #185: SUCCESS in 27 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: removed extra import in account stats logger16:01
*** guigui1 has quit IRC16:04
prewarmoneyHi all, what's the proper way to enforce the vlan_start option? Adding '--vlan_start=xxxx' to the /etc/nova/nova.conf file doesn't seem to work.  No bridge on that vlan is created, and any instances that are launched remain in 'scheduling' stage.16:04
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thimblecreith: error is vanished in trunk16:07
*** westmaas has joined #openstack16:10
*** dubsquared1 has joined #openstack16:10
*** metoikos has quit IRC16:17
creihtthimble: great!16:18
thimblejust a simple question... is there any "easy gui" to use swift insteat using st on cmdline ?16:21
creihtthimble: If you are on a mac or windows, cyberduck16:22
thimbleha... you know... I am really not :(16:23
creihtI'm not aware of one specifically for linux yet, sorry :/16:23
thimbleokay. Think, I have to use <urgh> a windows machine in a vm16:24
creihtYou might be able to run it through wine16:25
creihtthough I haven't tried it yet16:25
thimbleI´ll give cyberduck tomorrow a try. Thank you16:26
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*** kpepple has joined #openstack16:50
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur16:58
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:03
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:09
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*** ctennis has joined #openstack17:14
*** hggdh has quit IRC17:14
fabiand_creiht, thimble .. there was this gvfs binding for swift ...17:25
*** kashyapc has joined #openstack17:30
*** jfluhmann has quit IRC17:31
*** joearnold has joined #openstack17:32
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack17:32
*** BK_man has quit IRC17:32
*** fabiand_ has quit IRC17:33
*** spectorclan has joined #openstack17:34
spectorclanGoogle Summer of Code - I am thinking of signing OpenStack up for this program but need developer feedback as we will need developer mentors. Anyone interested?17:34
jaypipesspectorclan: I've mentored in GSoC for the last 3 years. It's a good program, but mentors should be wary of the amount of time being a mentor consumes (a lot if you give it the attention a student deserves)17:37
jaypipessirp-: ping me when you're around...17:38
spectorclanjaypipes: Yes, there is a big commitment thus my confirmation that people would like to do this17:38
annegentlewe have great devs who would make mentors, I'd love to see us get involved in GSoC - let me know if I can help with the load. I know a lot of writing goes with the application too, so I can  help there.17:39
sirp-jaypipes: ping17:41
dubsquared1jaypipes: ping17:42
jaypipessirp-: heyo, good afternoon. Just wanted to let you know I'm likely to merge yagni_db_adapter directly into lp:glance/cactus shortly.17:43
jaypipesdubsquared: you had a question for me yesterday?17:43
dubsquared1jaypipes:  yes sir,
sirp-jaypipes: gotcha17:45
dubsquared1i just want to know if that is bug, or if im just doing something wrong :D17:45
jaypipessirp-: just in case you wanted to work on db migration for Glance... ;)17:45
jaypipesdubsquared: looking...17:45
sirp-jaypipes:  yep already started on db migration against the yagni branch17:45
sirp-dubsquared:  do you have a keypair installed in your installation?17:46
dubsquared1did this:17:46
dubsquared1ssh-keygen -f nova_key17:46
dubsquared1chmod 600 nova_key17:46
dubsquared1euca-add-keypair nova_key > nova_key.priv17:46
sirp-hmm, ok that should have worked then (that was the cost of some of our list out of range exceptions)17:47
jaypipessirp-, dubsquared: why is euca-add-keypair required to work with OpenStack API?17:48
dubsquared1jaypipes:  good question, i wondered that myself as i was working17:48
sirp-jaypipes:  because the OpenStackAPI currently has a dependency on it; perhaps something we should take out in cactus17:48
vishydubsquared1: you can't add externally generated keypairs17:48
dubsquared1i ran those commands on the host17:49
jaypipessirp-: the openstack API has a dependency on euca-add-keypair?!17:49
*** fysa has quit IRC17:49
sirp-jaypipes: right now it does :/17:49
sirp-sirp-:  not sure if it's a meaningful dependency or more-or-less vestigial17:50
sirp-heh, jaypipes17:50
sirp-not to myself17:50
jaypipesdubsquared: I'm wondering if you're running into this?
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 704854 in glance "Add an image to Glance with wrong type and underlying exception gets eaten" [Medium,In progress]17:50
jaypipessirp-: think that might be the root cause?17:51
uvirtbotNew bug: #710789 in glance "use-optparse breaks daemonized server stop" [High,In progress]
sirp-jaypipes:  don't think it is17:51
jaypipesdubsquared: in any case, python-cloudservers is mangling a Server 500 Error into a list index out of range error for some reason17:51
dubsquared1meh, now im getting this today ' (OperationalError) (2006, 'MySQL server has gone away') '17:51
jaypipesdubsquared: hmm...17:52
sirp-dubsquared: can you paste the exception from api/compute… looks like we're just seeing the exception from cloudservers tool17:52
dubsquared1sure, sec17:52
*** burris has quit IRC17:52
sirp-dubsquared:  mysql gone away is a known issue, that'll prob get fixed in cactus17:52
vishydubsquared1: what you are doing with ssh-keygen makes no sense to me.17:54
*** fysa has joined #openstack17:56
dubsquared1 cloudservers ssh-keygen -f nova_key17:56
dubsquared1what is the correct way to create key using cloudservers?17:56
jaypipesdubsquared: hmm, bad status line huh?  weird one...17:57
dubsquared1jaypipes: ah shit…glance-registry died17:59
jaypipesdubsquared: any error output from glance-registry?17:59
jaypipessirp-: feel free to comment on the relative importance of this new blueprint: :)18:00
*** Nacx has quit IRC18:00
dubsquared1okay…back to where i was last night:
dubsquared1jaypipes: neg18:01
jaypipesdubsquared: hmm, well that's a pretty obvious one... its not finding image #3 in the registry database...but it still shows up doing a GET /images/ ?18:02
jaypipesdubsquared: found it I think... sirp-, sandywalsh, didn't we remove 'imageId' and replace it with 'image_id' to match the documented BaseImageService API? Check out this in openstack/ line 154:18:04
jaypipesreq.environ['nova.context'], env['server']['imageId'])18:04
dubsquared1root@xbuntu01:~/openstack/images/glance# cloudservers image-list18:05
dubsquared1| ID |   Name  | Status |18:05
dubsquared1| 1  | ramdisk | active |18:05
dubsquared1| 2  | kernel  | active |18:05
dubsquared1| 3  | machine | active |18:05
dubsquared1oops sorry18:05
dubsquared1it appears to be working..18:05
dubsquared1at least it's getting to 'build' status so far18:06
dubsquared1further than last night18:06
sirp-jaypipes:  i don't think so, i think we still use imageId from the request because that what's the Rackspace API expects18:06
jaypipesdubsquared: hmm, l18:06
jaypipessirp-: ah, k18:06
jaypipessirp-: yes, I see now, that makes sense.18:06
dubsquared1nova-compute.log doesn't seem to be getting any output from the build…is that somewhere else?18:07
dubsquared1nm, just slow18:07
*** dirakx has quit IRC18:11
*** dirakx has joined #openstack18:11
dubsquared1jaypipes:  is there a 'service glance-api' or 'glance-registry' that background the service and outputs to logs like the nova services?18:12
dubsquared1i just have things running in screen now, not a big deal, just curious18:12
dubsquared1latest error on boot:
jaypipesdubsquared: yes, use --logfile and --daemonize when starting the api or registry programs...18:13
dubsquared1nice, didn't know those were in there :D18:14
dubsquared1secondly, jordan said you were adding in a capably to make a unicorn come out of glance and take the requester to lollypop land18:14
*** fabiand_ has joined #openstack18:18
vishydubsquared1: no it takes you to candy mountain...
dubsquared1vishy: rofl…wth18:20
vishydubsquared1: haven't seen it before?18:20
*** hggdh has joined #openstack18:21
dubsquared1reminds me a little of this:
dubsquared1ok, candy mountain will suffice.18:22
prewarmoneyhey guys, if anyone could give me a hand with this I'd be most appreciative18:23
*** Ryan_Lane is now known as Ryan_Lane|food18:23
prewarmoneycan't ssh into instances, and seeing this in the console output on the instances:18:23
prewarmoneywget: can't connect to remote host ( Connection timed out18:23
prewarmoneyI'm not exactly sure what this is supposed to be18:24
kpeppleprewarmoney: your instance isn't getting an IP address from DNS … what network manager are you using ?18:24
prewarmoneydefault vlanmanager18:24
prewarmoneyIt's getting an address:18:24
prewarmoneystarting DHCP forEthernet interface eth0  [  OK  ]18:24
*** arthurc has quit IRC18:24
prewarmoneyLease of obtained, lease time 12018:25
jaypipessirp-: k, running unit tests on yagni. should be merged into cactus/trunk shortly if all tests pass.18:25
sirp-jaypipes: sweet18:26
jaypipesdubsquared: yeah, unicorns are likely to land in cactus.18:26
vvuksanprewarmoney: I just "resolved" that issue18:26
prewarmoneycould this be an issue with our network? eth0 on both nodes are tagged vlans18:26
*** husimon has joined #openstack18:26
kpeppleprewarmoney: ooopss .. sorry … it's not your instance it's that's not getting an IP address … your instance is failing to pull the instance metadata … see
vvuksancheck ps auxww | grep dnsmasq18:27
vvuksankpepple: one strange thing is that dnsmasq is invoked via --dhcp-range=,static,120s18:27
jaypipesdubsquared: though there is currently a blocking dependency for that one on the blueprint cactus-pigs-fly-first.18:27
vvuksankpepple: yet IP I get is
vvuksandoes that make sense ?18:27
kpepplevvuksan: do you have more than one dhcp server on that network ?18:28
kpepplevvuksan: that's odd18:28
prewarmoneyoh yes, there are a few dhcp servers on our network18:29
vvuksanalso i noticed that in networks table even though I specified network first DHCP address specified was
jaypipessirp-: k, r57 in lp:glance/cactus now has yagni-db-adapter.18:32
kpepplevvuksan: what does you dnsmasq command look like in ps -ef ?18:32
vvuksankpepple: nobody    2399     1  0 10:18 ?        00:00:00 dnsmasq --strict-order --bind-interfaces --conf-file= --pid-file=/opt/nova-state/networks/ --listen-address= --except-interface=lo --dhcp-range=,static,120s --dhcp-hostsfile=/opt/nova-state/networks/nova-br100.conf --dhcp-script=/usr/bin/nova-dhcpbridge --leasefile-ro18:33
jaypipessirp-: mmmm, fun!
prewarmoneyn/m replied to wrong person18:33
sirp-jaypipes:  oh eff18:33
sirp-jaypipes:  need any help with that, or you got i?18:34
jaypipessirp-: hehe, no worries, I knew it was going to be like that :)18:34
jaypipessirp-: oh, I got it. perfectly fine.18:34
sirp-jaypipes:  cool, thx :)18:34
jaypipessirp-: np. I knew one of us would run into it...figured I'd save you some time.18:35
sirp-jaypipes: come to think of it, i think i ran into that at some point last night, oh well18:35
jaypipessirp-: had you merged use-optparse or something?18:36
sirp-jaypipes: yeah i branched the db_migration off of yagni, and then merged some stuff (can't remember what now)18:36
sirp-probably opt-parse18:36
*** dirakx1 has joined #openstack18:36
*** dirakx has quit IRC18:36
kpepplevvuksan: on your VM, what does /var/lib/dhcp3/dhclient.eth0.leases show as your lease ?18:37
jaypipessirp-: ya. that's why I mentioned in the optparse merge request that one of us would run into some lovely conflicts ;) no worries, I should have an updated branch pushed shortly...18:37
vvuksankpepple: let me check18:37
sirp-jaypipes: cool, lemme know when i can pull the updated version18:38
*** Ryan_Lane|food has joined #openstack18:38
jaypipessirp-: should be about 15 minutes. done resolving, now just running some tests...18:39
creihtfabiand_: oh that is cool18:40
*** dirakx1 has quit IRC18:40
creihtspectorclan: I think that would be a great idea18:41
*** Ryan_Lane|food is now known as Ryan_Lane18:41
vvuksankpepple: having trouble logging in :-/. let me see what's the deal with keys18:42
*** dirakx has joined #openstack18:44
*** befreax has quit IRC18:45
sandywalshjaypipes, I've got some concerns about using a key/value mechanism for the Capabilities table.18:47
vvuksanit doesn't seem my keys are being injected into the instance18:47
vishyvvuksan: chedk /opt/nova-state/networks/nova-br100.conf and see what ip is assigned18:47
vishyto the mac18:47
jaypipessirp-, devcamcar: I fixed one bug and hve merged yagni-db-adapter into use-optparse. Feel free to do a quick re-review of the use-optparse branch merge proposal:
vvuksanvishy: as I was adding stuff it kept going up18:47
jaypipessandywalsh: elaborate.18:47
vvuksanvishy: ie. it was .8, then .9 now .10 which is correct18:48
sandywalshjaypipes, seems a little klunky for doing things like "Show me all hosts that support windows and have load < .5 and disk > 500M"18:48
vishyvvuksan: i think you specified the wrong range when adding ips18:48
vishys/adding ips/adding networks18:48
vvuksanvishy: do i start from scratch ?18:48
vishythey are static leases18:48
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack18:49
jaypipessandywalsh: by clunky I assume you mean "less than efficient, from an SQL point of view"? ;)18:49
vishyso they all show up in that .conf file18:49
sandywalshjaypipes, we have to pull all the key values and then do (key = 'does-windows' and float-value=1.0) and (key = 'cpu-load' and ...)18:49
sandywalshjaypipes, yup18:49
sandywalshjaypipes, we'd need a string & a float value18:49
sandywalshjaypipes, so we can do range checks in the db18:49
jaypipessandywalsh: agreed. :) but, what is the alternative?18:49
jaypipessandywalsh: sure, doing that would be a good compromise.18:50
sandywalshjaypipes, well, that's the fun part :)18:50
jaypipessandywalsh: and wouldn't particularly be that much redundant data in the Capabilities table.18:50
sandywalshjaypipes, there no way we can spell out each Cap as a field (can't predict ahead of time)18:50
sandywalshjaypipes, correct, very discrete keys18:51
*** kpepple has quit IRC18:51
sandywalshjaypipes, well, I suppose we can go this route initially, I'm just wondering how expensive it will be since nearly all queries will depend on it18:51
sandywalshjaypipes, as in, all routing will be done against capabilities18:52
*** ctennis has quit IRC18:52
*** kbringard has joined #openstack18:52
devcamcarjaypipes: did you push new code to this this morning?
kbringardhey guys, quick ? about the DHCP stuff18:52
*** ctennis has joined #openstack18:52
*** ctennis has joined #openstack18:52
jaypipessandywalsh: no, I mean do this:
kbringardin my DB, I have dhcp_start set to  I killed dnsmasq and restarted nova-network18:53
jaypipesdevcamcar: yes.18:53
kbringardbut when I bring up a VM, it gets assigned
vvuksani was just saying that18:53
devcamcarjaypipes: cool, launchpad can be so vague sometimes ;)18:53
*** opengeard has joined #openstack18:53
kbringardvvuksan: about the DHCP stuff?18:54
vvuksankbringard: I got the exact some problem18:54
vvuksankbringard:  do ps auxww | grep dnsmasq18:54
sandywalshjaypipes, so basically a tagged record.18:54
kbringardvvuksan: haha, seems our destinies are forever intertwined18:54
jaypipesdevcamcar: when there is a merge prop that has new code commits (in other words, the dev has pushed revisions *after* the initial merge proposal), those revs show up in the little gray area below the comments...18:54
sirp-jaypipes: approved optparse update18:54
vvuksankbringard: check out contents of --dhcp-hostsfile18:54
jaypipessirp-: cool, thx :)18:54
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:55
jaypipessandywalsh: tagged, but with a real decimal value is the type of the capability is FLOAT.18:55
sandywalshjaypipes, (uh, Tagged Union / Variant Record)18:55
jaypipessandywalsh: can also have int_value, etc..18:55
jaypipessandywalsh: yep18:55
sandywalshjaypipes, agreed18:55
jaypipessandywalsh: go for it. :)18:55
sandywalshjaypipes, got it18:55
sandywalshjaypipes, thx18:55
kbringardvvuksan: yea, it's got the MAC and the instance ID, but it's setting the ip to
vvuksanyeah but isn't the ip .318:56
jaypipesdevcamcar: but you're right... launchpad can sometimes be a little slow to show updated diffs.18:56
sandywalshjaypipes, working on the spec currently: Haven't got into the db hierarchy yet.18:56
vvuksando DHCP is correct18:56
vvuksanhowever code is not doing the right job18:56
kbringardbut it's empty before I launch the instance, so it feels like dnsmasq isn't writing out the lease file properly based on the info in the DB18:56
kbringardvvuksan: right, agreed18:56
jaypipessandywalsh: coo.18:56
jaypipessandywalsh: btw, ready for the next Nor'easter heading your way? :)18:57
kbringardor perhaps I should say, the info in the DB isn't getting read and used properly18:57
sandywalshjaypipes, nothing major slated
vvuksankbringard: do you have luck with SSH keys ?18:57
vvuksankbringard: I can't log into my instances :-(18:57
kbringardyea... but that is because the image I am using has a script to pull the keys from the meta API and inject them into authorized_keys18:58
jaypipessandywalsh: hehe, nothing major indeed. just never getting above freezing.18:58
kbringardRHEL6 doesn't have nbd anymore (seems they replaced it with iSCSI or something), so I'm not sure how to get nova to inject the key itself18:58
sandywalshjaypipes, I live in an ice field ... but it looks like something is brewing for next week:
vvuksankbringard: how does it work on Ubuntu ?18:59
adiantumhi gents18:59
jaypipesadiantum: afternoon.18:59
kbringarduhm... I've not tried it, didn't think to since the images were getting the keys from the meta api19:00
kbringardI was just doing it the "amazon way" as it were19:00
adiantumkbringard: we have test installation on RHEL6 and you're right, VMs get keys from metadata19:00
vvuksanadiantum: is there a default root password on the Rackspace Ubuntu cloud image ?19:01
vvuksanone references in all the docs19:01
*** jc_smith has joined #openstack19:01
adiantumvvuksan: i don't know, but seems not19:01
kbringardvvuksan: if you use the ttylinux image the default password is "password", and it works pulling the key from the meta API19:01
kbringardat least in my install19:02
adiantumgents, do somebody now will Soren be available today?19:03
*** dirakx has left #openstack19:04
kbringardadiantum: sorry, I do not19:04
vvuksankbringard: i see ttylinux making request to 169.25419:07
devcamcarjaypipes: one blueprint i'm planning to submit for cactus is un-bitrotting the nova-instancemonitor.  it stores rrds and creates graphs of cpu/disk/net usage.  it didn't get touched all through bexar as far as i know19:08
devcamcarjaypipes: we should update it to backend to glance for cactus19:08
reldanvishy: Hi vishy. Could you please give several additional comments about our merge proposal ?19:09
jaypipesdevcamcar: cool, hat would be cool :)19:10
*** fabiand_ has quit IRC19:12
*** fabiand_ has joined #openstack19:12
vishyreldan: what do you want me to say?19:12
devcamcarwhat is the current deadline for cactus blueprints?19:13
vishykbringard: without nbd, you're going to have to switch back to --nouse_cow if you want injected images19:13
vishykbringard: although the ubuntu image and ttylinux don't need key injection if metadata server is working19:13
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack19:14
kbringardvishy: yea, that all seems to be working for me, vvuksan was asking about it19:14
reldanvishy: Do you think it could be merged before freeze or should be postponed?19:14
vishyreldan: I already stated that i would prefer it goes in19:15
kbringardvishy: the thing I'm trying to debug is how come dnsmasq doesn't seem to be honoring the dhcp-range option properly19:15
vishykbringard: it doesn't use the dhcp-range19:15
vishythe leases are static19:15
kbringardah, well there you go :-)19:15
vishyin the conf file19:15
vishybut you need dhcp-range to be in the same subnet or it doesn't respond to broadcast19:16
adiantumvishy: so may be you'll approve it, we tried to discuss it with Soren, but seems he is unavailable today19:16
vishyi approved, but I think soren should be approve also before it is merged19:17
kbringardvishy: ah, OK... well the issue I'm having is, I've set dhcp_start to in my DB and restarted everything, but the lease it's writing out is starting at
vishykbringard: it uses whatever fixed_ips are in the database19:17
reldanvishy: Thank you19:17
vishykbringard: which are created when you do a nova-manage network create19:18
kbringardahhhhhhh, ok, that makes sense then :-)19:18
vishyif you want to ignore a few from the beginning19:18
vishyset them to reserved=1 in the db19:18
vishychanging dhcp_start will pretty much do nothing, as you've discovered19:19
vvuksanit doesn't appear nova-compute respects the euca-run-instances -k19:19
adiantumvishy: seems if Soren do not fix package there will be only one side effect, it will write exception to log file twice (when there'll be unhandled exception)19:19
kbringardyea, totally.  Awesome vishy, thanks!19:19
vvuksane.g. I have 4 different keys and it apparently always uses the first one19:19
vishyadiantum: yes, I'm not worried about side effects, I just wanted him to comment since you discussed the changes with him originally19:19
adiantumvishy: ok, thank you19:20
vishyvvuksan: that sounds bad...the private key listed in the db is different?19:20
vvuksani created 4 different keys with euca-add-keypairs19:21
vvuksanthey are all named differently19:21
vvuksanthey are attached to the same username19:21
vishyvvuksan: if you look in the instances table in the db, does it show the same key_name and key_data no matter what?19:22
vvuksani deleted everything except the last generated key19:23
vvuksanlet me see if that gets me anywhere19:23
vishyvvuksan: it would be good to track that down if it is true that multiple keys aren't working19:23
*** kpepple has joined #openstack19:23
*** opengeard has quit IRC19:25
*** te_ has joined #openstack19:27
*** elasticdog has quit IRC19:27
kbringardhmm, torres is moving to Chelsea19:28
kbringardand, that was the wrong window19:28
*** fabiand_ has quit IRC19:32
*** laurensell has joined #openstack19:33
j05hkbringard: you're fancy.  running multiple windows and whatnot19:38
*** mdomsch has joined #openstack19:39
kbringardj05h: oh yea dude, BeOS is where it's at19:39
j05hgot an image for that?19:39
vvuksanthanks vishy and everyone for helping with my questions :-)19:40
vvuksani think i got nearly all pieces going19:40
vvuksannow I just need to reproduce it :-)19:40
vishyvvuksan: \o/19:40
kbringardvvuksan: that's always the trick19:40
vvuksani'll update the Centos  guide :-)19:41
vvuksannow I just need to build a compliant Centos VM image :-)19:41
*** reldan has quit IRC19:41
devcamcarttx: requesting an FFE exception for  low impact and simple patch that enables functionality for openstack-dashboard that already exists in nova-manage19:42
*** blueadept has joined #openstack19:45
*** elasticdog has joined #openstack19:45
vvuksankbringard: Here is the qemu-img change documented
kbringardvvuksan: awesome, thanks!19:47
*** te_ has quit IRC19:51
jaypipessirp-, devcamcar: OK, optparse ready for review (again) :)
*** brd_from_italy has joined #openstack19:54
*** maplebed has joined #openstack19:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #710866 in django-nova "remove "nebula" references" [High,New]
*** reldan has joined #openstack19:57
*** westmaas has quit IRC20:03
*** hub_cap_ has joined #openstack20:04
*** hub_cap has quit IRC20:04
*** hub_cap_ is now known as hub_cap20:04
annegentlePDFs have correct licensing info now, so I want to share and ask for review: Thanks those who reviewed last week as well!20:04
annegentleStill getting ready for review.20:05
sirp-jaypipes: just to be clear, there's going to be another patch for use ConfigParser soon?  seems like merging in use_optparse without ConfigParser will be kind of a pain...20:05
jaypipessirp-: that is correct. the paste.deploy patch will add ConfigParser support, too, since it is critical for paste.deploy, and paste.deploy is configured via config file.s..20:07
sirp-jaypipes: sounds good, approving20:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #710868 in openstack-dashboard "remove "nebula" references" [High,New]
*** jaypipes has quit IRC20:21
*** adiantum has quit IRC20:22
*** reldan has quit IRC20:22
dubsquared1jaypipes:  have a moment to look at this?  a colleague and I are having the same issue —>
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 710882 in glance "cloudservers boot fails on ubuntu/xenserver" [Undecided,New]20:22
*** pothos has quit IRC20:24
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack20:26
*** pothos has joined #openstack20:26
*** nelson has quit IRC20:27
*** nelson has joined #openstack20:27
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack20:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #710882 in glance "cloudservers boot fails on ubuntu/xenserver" [Undecided,New]
*** hub_cap has quit IRC20:31
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack20:31
pvodubsquared1: you can try sandywalsh for that ticket as well20:36
pvoI think he ported the cloudservers tools20:36
pvoor jk020:36
dubsquared1awesome, thanks pvo20:37
pvodubsquared1: isn't that bug more of a compute error and not a glance error?20:42
*** BK_man has joined #openstack20:42
dubsquared1not sure, im trying the OS api on another server to see if I get similar results20:43
pvoare you running the compute node in a domu?20:43
pvowith maverick?20:43
pvoI think the difference between lucid and maverick was the sda/xvda drive mapping change20:44
pvothere is a flag file for it20:44
pvoer, flag in the flag file, I mean20:44
sirp-dubsquared:  see
sirp-by default the remapping should be false, did you happen to set it to true in your flagfile?20:45
kpeppledevcamcar: just lodged with a fix. i realize that this is not an ideal fix (creating more settings for the end user to twiddle) but i this has been a constant bug for people deploying the dashboard. as soon as adminclient/nova exposes an easier way to grab all regions, we can pull it back out (assuming cactus/diablo timeframe).20:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 710890 in openstack-dashboard "hard coded dependency on nova user 'admin' and nova project 'admin'" [Undecided,Fix committed]20:47
devcamcarkpepple: good good :)20:47
dubsquared1sirp-:  lemme see..20:48
dubsquared1Hmm yeah, --xenapi_remap_vbd_dev=true20:48
sirp-ok for lucid, that should be false20:49
sirp-*needs to update wiki*20:49
dubsquared1ok, changed, and starting up a new instance20:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #710890 in openstack-dashboard "hard coded dependency on nova user 'admin' and nova project 'admin'" [Undecided,Fix committed]
dubsquared1sirp-:  changed that flag, now nothing is happening when i try to boot  a new instance20:59
sirp-sirp-: by nothing, you mean compute isn't printing any log messages?20:59
sirp-dubsquared: :)21:00
*** hub_cap_ has joined #openstack21:00
sirp-is the rabbit message getting sent?21:00
sirp-you can use rabbitmqctl list_queues to see if > 121:00
sirp-> 0 i mean21:00
devcamcarkpepple: actually the fix you proposed is the Right Way21:01
devcamcarkpepple: settings + reasonable defaults = happy21:01
sirp-dubsquared: shot in the dark, but last time compute stopped responding, i filled up the XS servers disk… worth checking using df21:01
*** mdomsch has quit IRC21:02
dubsquared1hmm rabbitmqctl isn't responding either21:02
kpeppledevcamcar: cool21:02
ttxdevcamcar: looking21:02
devcamcarttx: thx21:02
ttxdevcamcar: I'm ok with it, you can get it merged21:03
devcamcarttx: awesome, tip o that hat21:04
*** hub_cap has quit IRC21:04
*** hub_cap_ is now known as hub_cap21:04
*** reldan has joined #openstack21:05
*** desai has joined #openstack21:07
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*** hub_cap has joined #openstack21:10
*** perestrelka has quit IRC21:13
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk21:15
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates21:18
sirp-dubsquared1:  restart rabbit?21:18
devcamcarkpepple: want to do a few reviews for dashboard stuff?21:19
*** lvaughn has quit IRC21:19
dubsquared1sirp-:  yeah, hung on that too :|21:19
sirp-dubsquared1: /etc/hosts file set correctly… that's usually a cause of rabbit hanging21:20
*** lvaughn has joined #openstack21:20
*** miclorb_ has joined #openstack21:21
*** spectorclan has quit IRC21:23
kpeppledevcamcar: sure …21:24
devcamcarbtw, who can i talk to about helping to set up jenkins for openstack-dashboard? still having to merge by hand for now21:25
dubsquared1sirp-: as much as i hated to do it, i bounced the box21:26
sorendevcamcar: mtaylor usually does it.21:26
dubsquared1sirp-:  things are looking more right again...21:26
dubsquared1no messages in queue21:26
dubsquared1hmm, i would assume we need rabbit_ip in nova.conf21:27
*** mray has quit IRC21:27
sorendevcamcar: if it can wait until tomorrow sometime, I could also do it.21:27
devcamcarsoren: i can live without it a bit longer21:27
devcamcarsoren: so if you feel up to doing that, it would be greatly appreciated21:27
sirp-dubsquared: only needed it if it's not running on same box, ie. not localhost21:28
sorendevcamcar: is it just a tarmac job or something more than that?21:29
dubsquared1ah ok…in that case…i present you:21:29
devcamcarsoren: ideally it would build the virtualenv and run the django tests21:29
devcamcarsoren: thats all it needs for now21:29
sirp-dubsquared1: uh oh, check rabbit err_logs ?21:30
mtaylorsoren: arooo?21:30
mtaylordevcamcar: I would be happy to help21:30
sorenmtaylor: Meet devcamcar.21:30
sorendevcamcar: Meet mtaylor.21:30
devcamcarmtaylor: excellent!21:31
mtaylordevcamcar: let me poke at it briefly and I'll come back to you with questions21:31
devcamcarmtaylor: great, its at
dubsquared1hmm, rabbitmq logs look good21:32
openstackhudsonProject nova build #481: SUCCESS in 1 min 34 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Enabled modification of projects using the EC2 admin API.21:32
*** nsatterly has joined #openstack21:34
*** dprince has quit IRC21:40
dubsquared1sirp-:  back to no output to nova-compute.log… broken pipe was in nova-network…issue that was earlier … rabbitq = 021:40
sirp-dubsquared1: hmm,  not sure, seems like it might be a transport-level issue; i'd start debugging rabbit with a small pyamqlib test script that just pushes and pops messages (does that succeed?)21:41
*** littleidea has quit IRC21:47
mtaylordevcamcar: when you say "run the tests"...21:48
mtaylordevcamcar: how does that work?21:48
*** nsatterly has quit IRC21:49
mtaylorantonym: could we get a hostname that points at the same thing as ?21:50
antonymmtaylor: sure thing21:51
kpeppledevcamcar: in lp710868, can we somehow parameterize the 'OpenStack Dashboard' references to a customized string like in lp710866 ?21:51
devcamcarkpepple: for email templates, convention is to override the template in the container project if needed21:51
devcamcarkpepple: for the other stuff, yes, we can eventually.  for today i just need to fix the references.  on the nebula dashboard side those are just overridden templates as well21:52
kpeppledavcamcar: ahhhh … more RoR than Django. looks good.21:52
devcamcarkpepple: it would be worth opening another bug for the non email template references to clean that up21:52
antonymmtaylor: created, should take a while to go into effect21:52
mtaylorantonym: cool. thanks21:53
antonymmtaylor: np21:53
devcamcarmtaylor: i need to find an easy way to integrate django-nova into the tests, i am probably going to merge those projects soon (they will still be separate entities but in the same project container)21:53
devcamcarmtaylor: this will make testing actually have some real meaning21:53
*** kbringard has quit IRC21:54
devcamcarmtaylor: let's treat this as an incremental process for now and just set up the most basic case with automated merging21:54
mtaylordevcamcar: well, another option is you could just release django-nova to pypi and make the other depend on it ...21:54
mtaylordevcamcar: but yeah, I'm thinking for now simple is good21:54
*** jfluhmann_ has joined #openstack21:54
annegentlehow can I get code hosted at - for the OpenStack docs source?21:55
*** pvo is now known as pvo_away21:55
*** reldan has quit IRC21:55
devcamcarmtaylor: yes, also planning on doing that. the trick is when you hack on one you end up needing to hack on the other at the same time, so pulling in a pypi version isn't always going to be effective.  they are very intertwined21:55
mtaylordevcamcar: but two questions: a) is there a way to run syncdb without it prompting about superusers21:55
devcamcarmtaylor: yes:  python syncdb --noinput21:55
*** rcc has quit IRC21:56
mtaylorb) what command runs the tests?21:56
devcamcarpython test21:56
desaiquick question: in, it says that currently there can only be one network right now. Is that still accurate?21:56
mtaylordevcamcar: thanks21:56
devcamcarall the tests exist in django-nova right now, so testing only openstack-dashboard isn't terribly useful (yet)21:56
desaiif so, running nova-manage network create 10 256 would be a mistake, right?21:56
devcamcarmtaylor: openstack-dashboard uses similar method to build its virtualenv as nova: python tools/ <path to django-nova checkout>.  this will  be simplified soon once they are re-combned21:58
mtaylordevcamcar: does that look sensible to you?22:01
mtaylordevcamcar: (I'm fine at the moment if it's not a _useful_ test)22:02
*** CnC has quit IRC22:03
xtoddxannegentle: i think the wiki start page would benefit from not having nova and swift at the top of the columns.  it makes it look like each column should be about the different projects that are at their top22:03
devcamcarmtaylor: awesome, progress is progress. when diff updates i'll check it out22:03
dubsquared1sirp-:  New error —> Stdout: 'Error: Error opening /dev/xvda: Permission denied\n'22:03
sirp-dubsquared1: need to run compute as root22:03
sirp-new requirement since the move to running in domU22:03
*** pvo_away is now known as pvo22:05
*** pvo is now known as pvo_away22:06
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*** imsplitbit has quit IRC22:07
devcamcarmtaylor: looks good, i have one tweak to it in the comments22:08
*** pvo_away is now known as pvo22:08
sirp-dubsquared1:  working for you now?22:15
dubsquared1got pulled on a conf call…will try as soon as i get off22:16
*** lvaughn_ has joined #openstack22:20
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*** lvaughn has quit IRC22:21
desaiis there some doc someplace that describes the plumbing on the network on vlanmanaged instances?22:22
*** arcane has joined #openstack22:22
*** brd_from_italy has quit IRC22:24
*** adiantum has joined #openstack22:28
*** vvuksan has quit IRC22:29
mtaylordevcamcar: ok. fixed that.22:29
devcamcarmtaylor: yep, that looks good. let me merge that in for you22:31
mtaylordevcamcar: thanks!22:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #710959 in nova "FlatDHCP workarounds don't work because linux_net uses ifconfig" [Undecided,New]
*** littleidea has joined #openstack22:33
devcamcarmtaylor: that is merged now22:33
anticwswift q; when doing a PUT directly to an object-server which headers are required?22:35
BK_manppl, does anybody have a some kind of chart with pros and cons for raw-vs-qcow2 formats of disk's images for instances?22:36
vishyBK_man: qcow2 will lead to much faster boot times and way less space usage22:48
vishyi don't know of a chart though22:49
* BK_man know going to read about libguestfs to replace missing NBD in RHEL622:49
* BK_man s/^k//22:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #710998 in swift "req.content_length can't be None for WebObj 1.0" [Medium,Confirmed]
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