Saturday, 2011-02-19

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termiesandywalsh: how well does python-cloudservers currently work against our api?00:49
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MikeZ2Could I trouble sombody to give me a link to doc on how to create a machine image for openstack.   I want to run something besides what came in images.tgz and everything I've tried doesn't generate 3 image files (running on ubuntu 10.04.02)00:54
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termieMikeZ2: gut instinct says you can probably copy two of the existing kernel/ramdisk files00:55
termieMikeZ2: but you may want to wait for somebody who has actually done this recently00:56
MikeZ2termie: Thanks for the response.   I'm shocked that it's so difficult to find00:57
termieMikeZ2: i think it is one of those things where everybody involved assumes some common knowledge that isn't actually common00:58
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kpeppleMikeZ2: do you really want a custom image or just a more functional image ?01:07
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MikeZ2kpepple: I was hoping to create a a std ubuntu tiny image with some minor customizations, but if it's more std, then I can install the rest myself01:45
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kpeppleMikeZ2: i'm using the maverick-server-uec-amd64.img and then customizing with chef/puppet01:47
kpeppleMikeZ2: i am assuming following the UEC image creation ( would work for openstack also ...01:48
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sandywalshtermie, the cloudservers branch on github works great. The stock one won't work since you can't change the Auth URL01:55
sandywalshtermie, use novatools from github ... it's a fork of cloudservers that supports everything.01:55
xtoddxIt looks like quite a few xml libraries are in use, but there are comments to move everything to etree (from minidom and libxml2), and we already use etree.  Should I file a blueprint to "Standardize XML library" or just assign bugs to the people that wrote TODOs in code to make the change?02:00
kpepplextoddx: did you see the earlier question about logging ?02:09
xtoddxi've been chatting with vish about it a bit, but i missed any irc convo02:10
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kpepplextoddx: ok ... it seems we have more than a few bugs logged on logging (very meta) ... just thinking we should take a consistent approach to the problem and not the symptoms.02:11
xtoddxkpepple: are these all related to verbosity?02:11
xtoddxkpepple: i've seen soren's patch for rotation, i'm assuming that is unrelated, since it has landed02:12
kpepplextoddx: yes, log.level02:12
xtoddxkpepple: so the problem is the log setup, and having it know how verbose it should be BEFORE other modules are imported?02:12
xtoddxkpepple: would INFO and a default StreamHandler solve the problems?02:13
kpepplextoddx: exactly ... we are parsing flags after creating logs handlers and setting logging levels02:13
kpepplextoddx: not sure ... we would need to set all the logs to DEBUG, then reset the levels once we parse the flags02:14
xtoddxkpepple: defaulting to debug seems bizarre.02:15
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xtoddxkpepple: what vish and i proposed was to make log.basicConfig safe to be run multiple times.  run it once on import to default to INFO on STDERR, and run it again after flags are parsed to actually do what the user has configured in flags02:16
kpepplextoddx: ahhh ... got it. but how do we tell the libraries to re-run basicConfig ? it's currently run during import ...02:17
kpepplextoddx: i'd be fine with do away with log handlers for each support library (they don't add much since we get file and linenumber) which would also fix our problem02:18
kpepplextoddx: just logging everything (,, etc) under nova.root ...02:19
xtoddxkpepple:  it shouldn't be up to the libraries to re-run it, the binary should do it, since it has the responsibility for loading flags02:19
xtoddxkpepple: we could just make sure basicConfig is run during calls to getLogger02:19
xtoddxkpepple: we may need to reorder imports to put log above the other nova libraries (maybe?)02:20
xtoddxkpepple: i'm not well versed in the ways this actually rears its ugly head, so its hard for me to be too sure02:21
kpepplextoddx: am okay with any of these solutions ... we just need to standardize so that we can close out the bugs. can you send something to the alias about the proposed resolution ? most of our binaries will need tweaks to support this ...02:21
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Code_Bleuim still having issues with connecting to an instance.  One thing i have noticed is that it is not taking the settings i have in the network table of the database for "dhcp_start" address.  I have edited and restarted about everything i know, and it still doesnt seem to work.  I basically want to set the networking up so that the vm instances will obtain and ip addr from my dhcp server on my local network.  I first tried the default VLA03:03
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uvirtbotNew bug: #721632 in nova "Incorrent images date format of OS API w/ Glance" [Undecided,New]
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vishyCode_Bleu: it is a bit challenging to make it interface with another dhcp server04:27
Code_Bleuvishy: i have read the documentation a 100 times and from what i understand the FlatDHCPManager uses dnsmasq to do a dhcpdiscover and is pulling ip addresses to the instances via the bridge interface04:29
Code_Bleuvishy: im trying the FlatDHCPManager configuration again to see if i can get it to work.04:29
vishyare you running all on one box?04:34
jarrodso does VlanManager04:34
vishythe configuration should be pretty simple04:39
vishyyou should just be able to set the flag and create a network04:39
vishyi suggest you start with a clean db though04:39
jarrodvishy: is there anyway to not use dnsmasq but to have the public ip assigned directly to the instance?04:39
vishynot easily04:39
Code_Bleuvishy: yes, im running all on one box.  How do you recommend i start over? how do i get a clean db?04:45
Code_Bleui have one physical interface eth0, the bridge interface that was created br100, and virbr0 and vlan100 interfaces04:47
Code_Bleuim still having trouble getting this to work, so any help would be appreciated04:48
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Code_Bleuvishy: when you said start with a clean db...did you mean just clean out everything in the networks, ips, floating_ips tables?04:49
Code_Bleuif im using the FlatDHCPManager, do i need to run the nova-manage network create <cidr> n n command?04:49
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Code_Bleuvishy: what do i need these settings set to...or do i even need them set at all? --flat_interfac=   and --flat_injected=   I have the --public_interface set to eth004:54
vishyi meant rm nova.sqlite04:56
vishydrop the table in mysql04:56
vishyif you use mysql04:56
vishyyou do need to use network create04:56
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vishythe first two don't matter on one box04:58
vishyjust leave them04:58
Code_Bleuvishy: i just cleared out the network table.  so when i run the network create, do i use my local network settings?  My local net is when i run the network create, use that?04:59
Code_Bleuvishy: everytime i do the network create with 2 255 it errors out and puts wrong info in the table and i have to manually edit it.  it makes my broadcast instead of 255, and it makes my subnet instead of
vishythat setting makes no sense05:01
vishyi mean that command05:01
vishynova-network create 1 25605:01
vishyis what you want05:01
vishyone network of 256 addresses05:02
Code_Bleuvishy: but my default gw is, not 105:02
vishydoesn't matter05:02
vishyyour host has a 10/x ip?05:02
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vishyyou are going to have route conflicts between guests and hosts then05:03
Code_Bleuyes...i know thats not a private range address..but its all internal natted behind a firewall05:03
Code_Bleuvishy: how is that?05:03
vishywhat is the ip of your host machine?05:03
Code_Bleuits on the
vishyok so you want to use a different range for fixed_ips of instances05:04
vishyif you want public addresses, use floading_ips05:04
Code_Bleuim confused...can i not just have the vms i create bridge through the host interface and get dhcp address from my local network?05:05
vishyit will mess up a number of things05:06
vishylike metadata05:06
vishyfor example05:06
Code_Bleui dont care about public addresses on the vms..i would just nat to them05:06
uvirtbotNew bug: #721646 in nova "vpn image fails to pick up kernel and ramdisk" [Undecided,New]
vishyyes but if you use floating ips you can give them ips on the
vishyand they can still have private fixed_ips05:07
Code_Bleuvishy: ok, so what do i need to do to get this to work?05:07
vishypick a different range for your fixed ips05:08
Code_Bleuvishy: i thought you said i could use the same
vishynot for fixed_ips05:08
vishyfor floating_ips05:09
vishyso use --fixed_range=
vishyin your flagfile05:10
Code_Bleuvishy: so can i use floating ips and specify the range that my internal dchp server doesnt use ( so there wouldnt be a conflict )05:10
vishythen create your network with something like nova-manage network create 1 25605:10
Code_Bleuvishy: sorry im just not getting almost getting it.  thanks for trying to explain all this05:10
Code_Bleuvishy: i thought you said i could use
vishyonce you get that working05:11
Code_Bleuwith floating05:11
vishywe'll deal with floating ips05:11
Code_Bleuvishy: ok.   im just wondering if i used fixed of how my other servers on the network would communicate with them05:12
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vishyyou're going to give them floating ips05:15
vishyon the host you can add a route to on the host05:16
vishywow I'm from the department of redundancy department05:16
Code_Bleuvishy: sorry...ok ill just do it and maybe i will understand better once i see it working05:17
Code_Bleuvishy: ok so what do i need to do first?05:18
vishydelete your db05:18
vishyrm /var/lib/nova/nova.sqlite05:18
Code_Bleuim using mysql05:18
vishyok drop and recreate the db then05:19
vishythen add --fixed_range= to /etc/nova/nova.conf05:19
vishythen do nova-manage db sync05:19
vishynova-manage network create 1 25605:19
vishyand you should be good05:19
Code_Bleuvishy: ok i will try and let you know05:21
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Code_Bleuvishy: what manager?  FlatDHCP or Flat?05:23
vishyFlatDHCP (or vlan)05:26
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Code_Bleuvishy: the status of the instance is staying on "networking"  I will try to restart the host and see if that fixes it.  I didnt put any network manager settings in nova.conf because the default is VLAN05:37
vishydo you have fixed_range set?05:38
vishyis there an error message in /var/log/nova/nova-network.log05:38
Code_Bleuvishy: yes the fixed range is set.  also i see entries in the fixed_ips in the sql db too05:40
vishyand error messages?05:40
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Code_Bleuvishy: here is the error messages:
vishyare you running from ubuntu packages?05:48
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Code_Bleuyes, i installed this via the documentation for manual install..and im running it on ubuntu 10.1005:50
vishylooks like you need to set --dhcpbridge and --dhcpbridge_flagfile05:50
vishythey are set usually in the default conf05:50
vishyin ubuntu05:50
vishymaybe you lost them somehow?05:51
Code_Bleuvishy: thats my fault then..i thought since i wasnt doing the dhcp, that i didnt need those i removed them05:51
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Code_Bleuvishy: ok, now my instance has an ip, now im back to my original problem.  I cant ping or ssh to the instance from the host05:57
vishyany messages in nova network log?05:58
vishyyou should see leased ip messages05:58
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vishyalso if you do ps ax | grep dnsmasq you should see two processes running with long command lines05:59
Code_Bleuvishy: i dont see any new errors06:02
Code_Bleuvishy: i have 3 processes running06:02
vishythat is a problem06:03
vishykillall dnsmasq and restart nova-network06:03
Code_Bleu2 are for the 10.128.0 network..and one is for the virbr0 interface that i guess was automatically created06:04
vishythat other one is probably interfering06:04
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Code_Bleuvishy: ok there are only 2 now, and it still doesnt work.  where did that virbr0 come from then? I have a feeling that when i restart networking on the host that it will come back in the dnsmasq06:07
vishyit is a libvirt thing06:07
vishyok did you start a new instance?06:07
vishytry euca-get-console-output <instance_id>06:08
vishyand see if there is anything interesting there06:08
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Code_Bleuvishy: yes, i keep terminating the instance and creating new ones.  i just tried to reboot the instance this last time and it still says rebooting06:11
vishyis this a 64 bit host?06:11
Code_Bleuthis is what i get from console output: euca-get-console-output i-0000002906:14
Code_Bleu2011-02-19 06:13:42.03786306:14
Code_Bleuno, its 32bit06:14
Code_Bleuvishy: just ran the get console again..and there is a bunch of stuff now...maybe i should just give it a few min and try pinging again...i do have this on a server that prob doesnt have enough not wanting to use this host in production...i just want to test and play with openstack to learn is all06:20
Code_Bleuvishy: here are the last few lines from the console output:
vishywell there is your problem06:24
vishydo you have a 32 bit guest?06:24
vishydoes your guest actually run dhcp?06:25
vishyyou should see dhcp requests showing up in syslog06:25
vishyon the host06:25
Code_Bleuyes its 32bit guest.  I downloaded the image from ubuntu's site.  I would assume its dhcp06:28
Code_Bleuvishy: syslog:
Code_Bleuvishy: just noticed that log says instance i-00000028 but the instance currently running is i-0000002906:32
Code_Bleuvishy: ok that syslog pastebin i just posted is from a previous instance.  there is nothing new in the syslog for the current instance06:34
uvirtbotNew bug: #721660 in nova "api is incredibly slow with ldap due to user.is_admin() lookups" [High,In progress]
vishyexample: DHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 6707:04
vishyDHCPACK of from
vishythings like that07:06
Code_Bleuim not sure what size the ramdisk is or anything about this image.  i just downloaded a 32bit image off of ubuntu's uec site.  I dont think its going to boot.  its been stuck at a bunch of udevd errors for a while now.07:17
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vishyi would suggest doing it on 64bit07:23
vishythen you can do super easy tests using ami-tty07:23
Code_Bleuunfortunately i dont have any extra 64bit machines...i was hoping to test it out on what pc's i have...oh well.07:26
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Code_Bleuit probably doesnt help that the image im using is an Alpha 2 of Ubuntu Natty server either.  prob should try it with a non Alpha/Beta OS07:30
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widodhI've been reading about OpenStack, but one thing is not completely clear to me. The images are provided via a S3 service to the machine running the Virtual Hosts08:54
widodhdo writes get commited back instantly to the S3 service?08:54
widodhor does a image get copied to the node where the VM will run, and will the diff's get commited back after it shuts down?08:56
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kpepplewidodh: images are copied to the node where the VM will run (usually via a subsystem called glance)09:08
kpepplewidodh: for persistent data, you have a volume service in nova09:09
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vishywow has_role is incredibly slow09:30
vishymust fix09:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #721701 in nova "time reported by ec2 log is incorrect" [Medium,New]
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #540: SUCCESS in 1 min 39 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Calculate time correctly for ec2 request logs10:03
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widodhkpepple: tnx! So there is no real distributed storage in OpenStack. If the node where the VM runs burns down, you loose your data11:43
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MarkusTI'm a little confused with release names and numbers. Is up to date (bexar)? Because the packages are "a lot" older than the release date of bexar.16:09
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dsockwellMarkusT: how are you measuring the age of the packages?16:53
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MarkusTdsockwell: Via the "Uploaded by" date. But nevermind, I somehow confused the numbers, they're up to date :-)16:57
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MarkusTdsockwell: But it seems some people at Open Stack might have the same problem. states: Released February 3, 2010, when it should be 2011. :-)16:59
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dsockwellyes, it seems like openstack has the classic open source problem where the documentation isn't quite up to speed with the code.17:05
dsockwellthe Official Manual seems better than the wiki though17:06
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uvirtbotNew bug: #721867 in nova "Use latest pep8 in pip-requires" [Undecided,New]
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if_Still looking for info on dual NICs configurations for nova...19:40
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #541: SUCCESS in 1 min 35 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: added elif branch to handle the conversion of datetime instances to isoformat instead of plain string conversion20:17
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #542: SUCCESS in 1 min 36 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Fixes vpn images to use kernel and ramdisk specified by the image.20:47
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #543: SUCCESS in 1 min 34 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: If there are no keypairs registered on a create call, output a useful error message rather than an out-of-range exception20:53
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #544: SUCCESS in 1 min 35 sec:
openstackhudsonTarmac: Various optimizations of lookups relating to users.21:42
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MarkusTI'm currently running nova bexar on Ubuntu 10.04. It's working great with a local IP range (192.168.x.x) and now I'd love to connect it to the internet (via euca-associacte-address, etc.). I'm able to use 4 public IPs my hoster provides me, but I can't figure out how to configure networking (bridge, routing). Any pointers to a similar configuration?22:33
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NewClouderHi everyone22:37
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